Lickleys Snow Cone Ice Shaver/Slushy Maker Makes Home ice Drinks – Looks lovely

Easy to use and easy to clean. The only thing thats taken some figuring out is how much syrup to use as the recipes in the book are a little strongwe used ours at a family party, made slushies for the kids then used it to make a few cocktails for the grown ups. Will be well used in the summer im sure ☺.

Omg i brought this slush machine for my kids and we love it. We haven’t stopped using the it.

My daughter loves the slush machine it will be well used this summer.

I actually couldn’t believe that i could even get a slush machine so thanks amazon. It is perfect and i haven’t stopped using it. Crushes the ice quickly and mixes syrup really well. Not the cheapest but you get what you pay for.

Not used extensively yet but appears to be just the job.

Works well, takes a few to work out syrup consistency. Made some alcoholic ones also went down a storm.

The item does exactly as described. Takes up very little space in the kitchen.

Fantastic company explained our hard situation and met everything with more than was needed.

Great machine, so easy to use.

It does wat it says on the box , flavours tasty enough, great present.

The family are now obsessed with slushes.

I ordered this as a christmas present for my granddaughter. It arrived today well ahead of the stated time,well packaged,and looks lovely. It has the little cups with it,the straw/spoons and 2 bottles of slush syrup. Obviously i cannot give a review on how it works as it won’t be used for a little while yet. But,it looks lovely,and a great price,as everything you need is included.

Probably has paid for itself and it’s not june yet. Motor sounds super strong and more than up to the job. More importantly – yes you can freeze tonic water – just add gin – you’re welcome.

Works great, didn’t realise the machine would be blue.

Fairly expensive but all the kids and adults love the slush maker. A great buy, perfect for summer.

Used for teenager he likes it also tried for myself works brilliant.

Brought this for my granddaughter,arrived next day its perfect would highley recommend this item.

I was spending a arm & a leg on slushys for my 3 kids , decided 2 give them a summer treat with this slushy maker they love it . I’m now affically the best ‘mummy in the world ‘ easy to use so will allow my oldest age 12 to also use it to spoil his siplings.

This is actually really good for the price, pleasantly surprised.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • RIP Mr Frosty.
  • Five Stars
  • Great product for the money

Ok it’s not quite “slush” but my daughter has had lots of lovely flavoured ice drinks. It was used lots during her birthday party and performed really well.

Excellent item so far, makes great slushys, my daughter has now had one everyday since it was delivered.

First one blew up motor a bit tempremental could be made better,but second ones been brill kids love it,great communication from seller for returning product got second one out straight away.

Brilliant , my daughter loves it.

Makes amazing slush cocktails in no time.

Used it so much even my kids now hate slushy.

A gift for my grandchildren which they love. It arrived promptly and is easy to use and clean.

Brilliant ice shaver, very powerful and very quick.

Grandchildren love this enjoy there smoothies.

Easy to use and makes lovely icy cool drinks.

Made a slushy with in a few min. It is quite noisy but a hit with the children.

My son couldn’t be happier for his birthday present. Came with cups and stroons which i wasn’t expecting. Flavours are great ( haven’t tried them all yet) looks good in the kitchen not tacky.

Better than i thought – easy to use.

The children can use it themselves. Its easy to set uo, easy to use and easy to clean.

Bang on all i can say would recomend.

Great product,would highly recommend ☺.

Easy to use although it works better on the snow cone setting as it jams on the slushy one. The syrups make them taste just like the real thing though :p.

Great for making cocktails and so easy to use.

We ordered this for a christmas present, my daughter was thrilled. It worked for 2 days on and off and each time we used it it sounded like the motor was having difficulty in shaving the ice. Then it got jammed and sounded awful. Rang customer services who were fantastic and sent out a replacement the next day. The replacement works wonderfully and sounded miles better than the first one did from the start. Obviously we just had a dodgy one in the beginning. Brilliant customer service and amazing product. Produces slushies just like you buy from the shop. Well done lickleys and source 4 me :).

It’s ok, not as good as i thought. The ice isn’t really slushy consistency it bigger grains of ice.

Love this the first one i got only worked once but they soon sent out a replacement for it and never had a problem with it yet and the kids love it gets used daily great buy.

After some research, this machine seemed to be rated one of the best. On first use and following the instructions to the booklet, i couldn’t see a difference between fine and course shavings. I contacted the company and they were very quick to reply to try and solve the situation by offering to test it if i returned the item. My husband then tried it and discovered that by not filling the ice container as per instructions and only putting about four or five small cubes through at a time it produces fine ice. Customer services stated that we shouldn’t use shop bought ice to prevent these problems occurring. We don’t, our ice is home frozen. I now see other customers have had similar experiences. To conclude : a nice machine, could be better but does do what it states only if use a few cubes at a time and ignore the booklet instructions. Customer service was excellent and they would have let me return it without quibble.

Ideal for what it was brought for. Made lots of slushies quite.

Delivery was quick, comes with all you need to make a perfect slush.

Amazing gift for old and young, easy to use, clean and maintain. Every household should have one.

Not used yet as it is a birthday present for my 5 year old can’t wait to try it out really pleased super fast delivery packaged brilliant and lovely kind gesture of the free cups and straws.