LifeBasis 600ml Ultrasonic Polishing Cleaner 42 KHz : Sparkling spectacles

I purchased this after having my engagement and other rings professionally cleaned with an ultrasonic clearner i was so impressed with the results i looked on amazon that day and came across this one from lifebasis. So i bought this to clean jewellery, gold, silver and costume jewellery so we started on the silver much of which was not only dirty but tarnished, used tepid tap water and just a few drops of washing up liquid. I then pressed the button and away it went, almost silent running and just three minutes later opened the lid water was very dirty emptied the jewellery onto a piece of kitchen roll and wow clean and sparkling beyond expectation even removed light tarnish. Tried on very intricate and gold and silver chains, these took a couple of goes but again amazed at results, these items are normally almost impossible to clean. I would be careful with costume jewellery as a lot of the stones are glued on so they will come off but its perfect for any diamonds and other precious stones like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, ameythyst etc which can’t go into the traditional diamond cleaning liquid. I’ve also used it on dirty metal watch straps with great success and the pack includes a stand for holding the watch face out of the water if you need to. (our watches are waterproof but i still use the stand to keep the face dry just in case)once you have finished cleaning all your bits, unplug the unit remove from the water, rinse and dry with a lint free cloth. You will be amazed at the sparkle and everything looks new and fresh. You can see from the colour of the water how filthy everything was, its pretty horrible but you can see that the cleaner is working hard to remove all that dirt.After a quick inspection with a lupe you can see if they need another clean to get rid of any stubborn dirt but usually a single clean is enough if you clean weekly or bi-weekly.

Came with eu plug and no adaptor.

This is a fantastic bit of kit. I use it to clean my spectacles once a week, just in warm water with a bit of washing up liquid. The lenses come up sparkling. But more importantly, it removes all the grease that tends to build around where the nose pads connect to the frame, which is really difficult to deal with by other means because the components are so small and fiddly.

I use it to deep-clean my vape atomizers and it does a great job. Despite other brands, even those with a ton of good reviews, this model cleans for real, manual even suggests to test ultrasonic effectiveness with tin foil and the results are amazing a plus for me are the spout to drain the dirty water from the unit and the detachable power cord (there is no on/off physical switch on most of these small cleaners) which allows the unit to be disconnected before touching the water (electricity and water should not be mixed in these budget cleaners). I cannot comment on reliability as i had the cleaner for only a week. If used for cleaning a collection of rebuildable atomizers it’s invaluable, dismantle tank, wipes off leftover juice, wash with long cycle w/ drop of fairy, take out basket and leave to dry on a cloth, done.

I use this unit mainly for cleaning my eyeglasses. It does a very nice job, even without any cleaning detergents added. My wife loves it too, to clean her jewelry. She said they have never shined so much.

Great machine, works for cleaning vape things.

Absolutely delighted with this. I brought it to clean my spectacles. I have tried all gadgets and gizmos to no avail. However, i would whole heartedly recommend this product. Quick easy and does exactly what it says on the tin.

Excellent all our jewellery is now sparkling.

  • Worth every penny.
  • Sparkling spectacles
  • recommended

LifeBasis 600ml Ultrasonic Polishing Cleaner 42 KHz with Touch Button and Cooling Fan for Cleaning Jewelry Eyeglasses Watches Coins Razors Dentures Combs Tools Instruments

LifeBasis Ultrasonic Cleaner Make Your Life Easier If you are looking for an economical and reliable solution to cleaning and cleansing your possessions of tough gunk, stains or dirt, Life Basis Ultrasonic Cleaner is your better choice. Life Basis ultrasonic cleaner provides you 5 cleaning mode, allowing you to choose a light clean for fragile items like glasses, or a tough clean on encrusted jewelry. It is perfect for eyeglasses shop, jewelry shop, clocks and watch shop, repair shop, laboratory electronic workshop, office and household use.Effective Cleaning Stains Life Basis ultrasonic cleaner generates 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound waves for a powerful yet gentle clean that won’t damage your valuables while making shiny as new. Enjoy the professional jewelry cleaning results.Used for cleaning various items You can use this ultrasonic cleaner to clean your eyeglasses, watches, denture, jewelry & accessory (Like rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, brooches, tie pins, cufflinks, combs, etc.), shavers head, metals, or other small parts (Like ancient coins, small metal accessories, bearings, etc.) Most hard, Most hard, non-absorbent materials (metals, plastics, etc.) not chemically attacked by the cleaning fluid are suitable for ultrasonic cleaning. Ideal materials for ultrasonic cleaning include small electronic parts, cables, rods, wires and detailed items, as well as objects made of glass, plastic, aluminium or ceramic.Notes: The ultrasonic cleaner can not remove the oxide layer.Features: Cleaning mode: 5 pre-set cleaning cycles(90s-180s-300s-480s-600s) you can choose for all your items Touch-screen and Digital display: easy to operate and read Detachable power cord: safe and Mini-size: Easy to store and carrySpecification: Power Supply: 35W (AC 100-120V, 50/60Hz) Tank Material: Stainless Steel SUS304 Ultrasonic Frequency: 42 KHz Product Size: 7.8”x4.7”x4.7” Tank Size: 6.34”x3.39”x1.97” Tank Capacity: 600ml Net Weight: 0.98kg

What will affect the ultrasonic cleaning result?1. Cleaning solution – Ultrasonic activity (cavitation) helps the solution to do its job; plain water would not normally be effective. The cleaning solution contains ingredients designed to make ultrasonic cleaning more effective. So if you want to get better cleaning effect, adding some dishwashing liquid is necessary.2. Water Temperature – Solutions are mostly used warm, at about 50–65 °C (122–149 °F), however, in medical applications it is generally accepted that cleaning should be at temperatures below 45 °C (113 °F) to prevent protein coagulation. Water-based solutions are more limited in their ability to remove contaminants by chemical action alone than solvent solutions; e.g. for delicate parts covered with thick grease.3. Time – Depending on how dirty the items are, this time usually varies from 1 to 20 minutes. After the cleaning is done, leave your items inside for another 5-10 minutes so that the dirt particles that were knocked off your pieces by the sound waves can fall to the bottom of the tank.How to test if your ultrasonic cleaner generate enough cavitation? 1. Take a clean aluminum foil 2. Fill up your ultrasonic cleaner with water 3. Turn on Ultrasonic Cleaner 4. Dip the foil inside the tank and keep for 3-5mins If the ultrasonic cavitation effectively pierces the foil to make many tiny holes and see foil pieces floating on the water, it shows the ultrasonic cleaner is working fine.

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Simple / powerful / easy clean+ powerful. + has an internal fan to keep the water cool (stops bacteria forming). + two simple feather touch buttons ( easy to use ). + easy cleaning: unplug, empty items, dump water, clean with towel and store away with cable inside. + looks good, very heavy and feels well made. + for vapers: it fits around 5-8 rda/rtas and its perfect for cleaning all your stainless steel gear.

Neat, quiet and efficient, the cable unplugs from the unit to make it easier to carry and empty, recommended item.

  • Worth every penny.
  • Sparkling spectacles
  • recommended

LifeBasis 600ml Ultrasonic Polishing Cleaner 42 KHz with Touch Button and Cooling Fan for Cleaning Jewelry Eyeglasses Watches Coins Razors Dentures Combs Tools Instruments

Features and Spesification

  • POWERFUL & EFFICIENT – Professional Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner 42,000 Hz frequency yet remain harmless to what you put in, even the most subtle pearl jewelry.
  • WIDELY USE – It’s an ideal device for laboratories, electronic shops, glasses shops, jewelry shops, clocks and watches shops, mobile phone repair shops, hospitals, dentistry, office and home use.
  • EASY TO USE – Simply on/off, Sensitive control panel with digital 5 time settings for different degree of cleaning:180s,300s,480s,600s,90s, usually you can use tap water or add a few drops of dish soap to enhance cleaning result.
  • SMART DESIGN – With a unique cooling fan at the bottom, it will help cool machine during working. This one comes with a transparent lid which you can see thru what’s inside the stainless steel tank, and a handle to easily grab the lid. Also the power cord is detachable from the main body, easy for storage.
  • MORE CONVENIENT – With a 600ml large stainless steel tank and a removable watch stand, ensures that your valuables are cleaned thoroughly and safely.