LilGadgets Untangled Pro Children’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Shareport Pink : Good value

We bought these for my three year old to use on a flight to australia. They seem like great little earphones, well made and robust and he seemed happy enough. It good that you can use them plugged in as well as wireless so you don’t have worry if they run out of charge.

Bought these for my daughter at christmas time and she loves them. They’re well made on-ear style headphones and come is a small range of attractive colours (no white strangely). Nicely padded on the earpieces and decent padding on the headband. The body is made from sturdy plastic, and they aren’t too heavy. Sound quality seems fine – sound doesn’t go too high (i think it’s limited to 93db, which is a bit higher than the 85db of other kids headphones). They can be daisy-chained with a cable to allow 2 kids listen to the same thing. Pairing was straightforward, and they come with a 3. 5mm cable in case the battery dies, a soft carry pouch, and a micro usb cable for charging (no wall wart). Price is pretty reasonable, and i’ve just bought a second set for another kid.

Brought for my daughter (12 years old) for her birthday. Not given them to her yet as it is not her birthday yet. Hopefully they will work well. If not i will go back on to the review.

I purchased these for an airplane trip with two girls aged three and four, once i read the instructions properly and watched the youtube video, i finally got the headphones linked to the ipad. It was very easy and i was just being impatient . When turning on leave your finger pressed on the button and the sequence of lights change:) as the instructions kind of say. But they work great daisy chained and only one lead, less chance of incidents. They fitted perfectly and the girls loved them. Great product, will defo recommend.

Good quality, good sounding bluetooth headphones with the added bonus of a share port so you can link them together if the kids are listening to an audiobook or their music. Invaluable on long journeys. My only niggle is the design on the head band makes it easy for long hair to become tangled in these untangled headphones.

Bought these for my son and he loves them. They don’t make his ears sore like some headphones do and with the added benefit of being wireless he can leave the computer without worrying about still being attached to the speaker as he was quite prone to do. They keep their charge well too.

I’ve been really pleased with these. I bought two sets for my 4 and 5 year old for a drive to france from the north of scotland. Both pairs have survived well and the build quality is surprisingly good at the price point. I had considered buying purosound ones but i’m glad i did not. Both my children can operate them without much input. The only negative is one pair seems to loose bluetooth connection and have to be reconnected fairly regularly but that could be operator error by my daughter.

Bought 2 of these great headphones (blue and pink) for my kids and they are great. I did quite a bit of research on the best possible headphones you can buy for children and one thing that was consistent was that these lilgadgets headphones were at on every list as great recommendations. They were delivered on time and packaging looked good and was simple to get into. In the box you get:- the headphones- a large black drawstring bag that the heaphones easily fit into. – audio/microphone cable- usb charger. They worked straight out of the box and had no issues pairing with any of my bluetooth enabled devices which include:- a smart watch- multiple mobile phones- multiple tabletsthe sound is great, the kids love them which is the main point, they are designed for kids so love that the sound doesnt go high enough to damage their ears and the fact that they can be daisy chained together so they can sit together watching the same movie of a tablet. Another great feature is that if the headphones lose their charge they can be connected via the provided cable and be used as a normal pair of wired headphone. Great product that i recommend to anyone thinking of getting headphones for their children, you will not be dissapointed.

  • The best kid friendly headphone you can buy
  • You get what you pay for.
  • Fantastic bluetooth headphones for kids – even better than expected!

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Children’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Shareport Pink

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These headphones were purchased for my young granddaughter, she used them recently on a short flight and holiday and they were really great. Very easy to pair to devices, comfortable to wear and they cannot be turned up too loud to damage hearing. They are easy to charge and seem robust enough for a 5 year old to use, fingers crossed.

Great value headset with bluetooth and cable connection should you forget to charge. Bought these for my 11yr old daughter who says they are super comfortable and she is extremely pleased. Replaced some only recently purchased skullcandy’s that broke due to faulty cable – so these seem much better choice.

And so do we (no more listening to frozen songs, yay). These headphones are really easy to adjust and set up. Make sure bluetooth is turned on both devices and it automatically paired with the android device. There is a volume limit so i know my daughter won’t hurt her ears accidentally. The freedom of having no cables is great as she can dance around in them and isn’t confined to sitting down carefully with them plugged in. She loves listening to music and seems to find these light enough and comfortable to play with them a lot. Fantastic for long car journeys as well when game noises can be distracting, pop these on and we’re all happythe charge lasts for quite a long time, but as they are a favourite in our house they get popped on charge for a bit every evening.

Once you’ve worked out how to pair (i wasn’t holding long enough), they hold their charge a long time, and my two boys love them – using in the car, with some ipad back-of-seat holders. Love that they’re db-limited too, for kids. Also like they come with a fabric drawstring bag, charging cable, and non-bluetooth cable if needed. Sure, you pay a bit more, but they’re worth it.

I bought these for my ten year old niece and we both are utterly impressed. I searched for a long time for wireless headphones aimed at children and i am so glad i found these. In terms of manufacturing, the quality of the product is amazing. The headphones are very light and my niece wears them while listening to her music and dancing around the house. I tried them on myself and i could barely feel the weight making the most of the wireless feature. The headphones come with cables too, as specified, and a handy, soft pouch (very good material too). The quality of the sound is good. As a fussy adult myself, i could ‘hear’ room for improvement, but these headphones are aimed at children and the sound quality, in my opinion, is more than good enough. The wireless range is surprisingly wide, we paired the headphones with an ipod and i could keep the ipod in the living room while my niece practiced her dancing in her bedroom (two walls and a corridor away). The pairing process with the ipod was straightforward, no problems whatsoever, and it took only a few minutes.

We bought these as accessories to the fire hd 8 kids edition tablet, 8′ display, 32 gb, pink kid-proof case (previous generation – 7th), which we bought two of, to keep the kids occupied whilst travelling to portugal on our summer holidays. The headphones are brilliant value for money, they are easy to pair with a device & the batteries seem to last for everthe sound limiting feature works as expected and the ‘linking’ of the headphones through the (provided int he box) cable is a brilliant touch to allow multiple sets to be linked to one device – i hooked up my own headphones on the flight so i could watch the same film as my son. As with any over the ear headphones they can leave the users ears felling pretty warm and sweaty after a while – but that is the case with any headphones i have owned as well. The choice of colours is good too, as it means we can easily tell whose is whose.

Haven’t fully tested them out as for xmas but arrived promptly, perfect condition and size. Tested that they connected and sound is good. Would recommend for young children.

I received this item today and i am so impressed with the volume and how they drown out external noises compared to other childrens headphones. Actually considering buying myself a pair. Just about to order my other son a pair. Well done for designing a fantastic product 😁.

  • The best kid friendly headphone you can buy
  • You get what you pay for.
  • Fantastic bluetooth headphones for kids – even better than expected!

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Children’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Shareport Pink

My son loves them, very ideal for toddlers who are travelling, even around the house they come in handy. He doesn’t mind wearing them and it seems to block out enough noise for him. The design could be looked at as when he’s on my knee i occasionally get my hair stuck in the metal slider on the outer of the head phone. I am grateful for the sound restriction and the level seems perfect for his tiny earsi did read some bad reviews on here before i purchased them but i can say i haven’t had any problems, he does only use them occasionally for a few hours. But we used them a lot on holiday and i didn’t find any faults, and now nearly 3 months down the line they are still working perfectlylovely and soft on his ears and comes in some good colours.

A bit of a pain to pair with alexa and a bit hit and miss selecting functions accidentally skipping songs instead of changing the volume. Would be nice to be able to make the speakers louder if the surrounding noise is to loud. Listening to films in a car can be hard with road noise and radio on. That said, my daugher is happy, they seem robust and these are niggles.

Bought these for my 6 year old granddaughter and she loves them.

Very pleased with the quality of these headphones. Both my daughter’s find them comfortable to wear. The bluetooth has saved us a fortune in headphones as mine kept breaking the wired type. I have recently had a problem with the bluetooth on one of our pairs but customer support have been very helpful and, since the headphones are still under warranty (1year), they are sending a new pair. Headphones can be used with aux cable if wanted, also the share port is useful so children can both watch one device. Battery life is excellent and they do charge quickly. Overall a very useful purchase and highly recommended.

My 7 year old grandaughter loves the sound and even better ‘they are pink and shiny’. The strong cable cord is great. Much better than the flimsy plastic you sometimes get.

The headphones feel solid, connect easily to bluetooth and have some decent features. . But the onboard controls feel like they could fall apart at any second and the sound quality it pretty terrible. We bought these due to their ability to daisy chain using bluetooth so our girls can all listen to the same thing without trip hazards etc. Just wish they felt as quality in actual use as they look and feel in the hand.

After the cables breaking in three other sets of children’s headphones, i finally gave in and paid the extra to get the lilgadgets pro wireless headphones. I have no regrets, they have been worth every penny. Great battery life, quick charge time and there is a cable which can be connected that is strong and sturdy, for the odd occasion when you can’t use bluetooth or just before a charge.

I am a petite adult and i find buying headphones that are comfortable and fit over my head very difficult. I wanted to purchase a children’s set but better than something basic and without cartoon characters. I loved the choice of colours but eventually chose black as i felt they looked most like adult ones. The fit is very good, and can be adjusted if necessary. They are comfortable although personally i would prefer if the earpieces were a fraction larger but since these are designed for children i am being picky. The sound quality is very good indeed and pairing with my ipod was simple. The battery life appears very good and if it runs out there is the option of using the cable and having the choice of port left or right. All in all as an adult i am perfectly happy with my purchase.

If you’re buying headphones for a child it’s incredibly important to teach them to listen at a safe volume level. Most products on the market today have much more powerful drivers than headphones of the past, and if not used with caution will lead to hearing problems later in life. Thankfully, these headphones include a volume limiter so for younger children who are still learning the rules you can be fairly sure that their hearing isn’t at risk. Obviously they should still be supervised but for extra peace of mind these really are worth it.

Our 7yo just loves these headphones. She’s wearing them on the smallest setting and they will last her ages i think. I therefore think these are suited to older children rather than toddlers based on their size. They charged up quickly and lasted ages (yet to have them run flat). They were easy to connect via bluetooth too. Our daughter finds them comfortable and the volume limiter gives us peace of mind that she’s not doing any damage to her hearing. It’s great in the car as she can listen to her own songs or a story if she wants to.

Bought 2 sets for my little ones and they love them. Battery lasts ages and quick to charge.

Perfect children’s wireless headphones in my sons favourite colour. Paired up with his ipad mini in seconds. Like the fact it has the volume control so i don’t have to worry about little ears. Extremely comfortable to wear. We find the volume button awkward but use the volume control on the ipad anyway.

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