LINDY BNX-60 – Bluetooth Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones : For the price these are very impressive

Bought these off the back of the recommendation of a complete stranger. And i would like to thank him. They don’t have the expensive name on them but they do perform like they do. I compared them with a high end pair who we will name “dose” and we’re just as good only noticeable difference was when turning on the noise cancelling it was a sudden change with the lindy’s apposed to the gentle fade of the “dose”.

With the electronic noise cancelling feature turned on (which does an adequate job of muffling repetitive background noises) these sound surprisingly decent for the price. The treble is probably too sharp, but if you can adjust your eq settings or run them in for a while, they’ll probably lose that harsh, bright edge. Comfort-wise, they’re not too bad at all. They sit on my ears rather than over them, but they take a good two hours to get hot and uncomfortable. My only concern is sound leakage, which is pretty extreme. Even at what i’d class as a moderate volume (i. One where you’ll be able to hear your music over traffic as you walk) you can hear everything with the headphones held several feet away from your ears. This makes me quite paranoid about using these for their intended purpose: train and plane travel. There’s a very real risk that they will annoy anyone sat in the adjacent seat – or even one across the aisle.

What a fab pair of noise cancelling headphones for £40 the noise cancelling is amazing. I have just finished a 16 hour flight. A toddler 3 rows ahead was screaming for hours. No pair of noise cancelling headphones could completely eradicate this, but it certainly saved me a lot of aggitation. I love the touches, the hard case, the plane adapter, the 3. 5 to quarter inch jack adapter. The batteries lasted my 16 hour flight and seem to have more to go. I have a pair of £100+ sony studio monitor headphones, and these sound almost as good. The only thing is, without the noise cancelling switched on they sound like garbage.

Listening to music over bt, these cans sound great, and are worthy of their what hifi award. You need to turn up the volume on them when not using noise cancelling as the volume drops considerably otherwise, but i find acoustics are good when used as a music playback device. What is slightly disappointing is the bluetooth headset function when paired to a phone or computer. I found the callers sounded muffled when using the headset for phone calls, and the microphone picks up background noise in the room as well, which is a shame given the effort they have clearly put into them for listening to music. Additionally, the noise isolation you get from these means that you tend to shout a little as you cant hear your own voice so well with them on while talking on the phone. I’ll keep them for music and travel, but my quest to find the perfect headphones with perfect bluetooth phone support is not over yet.

The noise cancellation isn’t perfect, but it’s as good as any of the high-end headphones i’ve tried, and definitely makes a difference when flying. With them switched on it is easier to hear audio in a noisy environment like on a plane or train, so perfect for watching in-flight movies or listening to music, but you can use the noise cancelling alone for a quieter, more pleasant journey without audio. Makes falling (and staying) asleep much easier. You get what you pay for – these don’t come in a slick case, the travel bag you get with them is fairly cheap, and there’s no microphone or remote on the cord – but for the price these are effective, compact and perfect for air travel. The battery lasts a very long time, the cord is a decent length, and it also comes with an adaptor for armrest headphone slots, so on a plane you can watch the films on offer without having to use the headphones provided by the airline, which is a bonus. In a nutshell, these won’t cancel out all ambient noise but they reduce it significantly and make air travel quieter and easier to relax.

I bought these as a first pair of noise cancelling headphones. Firstly to make flying more comfortable but also because i can’t justify paying €300+ for the leading brands. I used them on a recent flight and they cancel out a lot of the engine drone, even if not listening to music they are comfortable enough to wear to sleep. They are quite durable and feel well made, the matt black finish feels amd looks good. I don’t claim to be an audiophile but the sound quality is quite good, i mean it’s not mind-blowing but surprisingly good. No distortion at high volume and good bass and treble response. I would recommend these headphones especially if, like me you are curious about noise cancelling but unwilling to re-mortgage your house to buy a pair.

A gift bought for someone who does regular transatlantic flights – they block out sound wonderfully- and music and films etc crisp & clear – can’t recommend enough. Very competitively priced & much better than the big names.

I want to start by saying the price per performance for these headphones is incredible. For £80 you’re getting bluetooth, active noise cancelling (anc) headphones which is always going to be a bargain. With that low price you should however expect some drawbacks and unsurprisingly you can notice them. Sound:- the sound is decent, i’m no audiophile, just a regular music listener and i was completely content with these from a sound point of view. At the extremes (full volume or super lows) you do notice distortion but nothing you shouldn’t expect. If like me you listen for enjoyment as opposed to perfection then you’ll be happy with these. Noise cancelling:great anc for £80?. The noise cancelling works but don’t expect it to be excellent. Constant and dull hums are eradicated and all noises are muffled but you can just hear it working in the background.

  • Great for Music, but so-so as a bluetooth headset
  • Impressed! 16 hour flight, screaming toddlers, thumbs up!
  • Cracking headphones

LINDY BNX-60 – Bluetooth Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with aptX

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I got these real fast so thanks to the delivery and amazon for speedy service. Overall impression is these headphones have a super sound when the noise cancelling is on. However when the nc is off it sounds poor. If you wear glasses then be prepared for the over ear phones cause a few problems with your glasses lifting. The positives are that they sound amazing in nc mode, lovely mids and bass in really nice for all music. Very comfortable and buttons on headphones are easy to use. A volume wheel is great instead of pressing buttons for volume. Get them though as you will be impressed with the solid look.

This has changed my life when travelling on a plane; the price is very low for this type of product, so i was not expecting them to be that good. In fact, they are perfect for the money. Ok, they don’t stop all the noise, but i would say 80% and having just used them on several long-haul flights they are a must.

I think for the price these are very impressive and really cut back on noise levels. I have used them just as noise reducers (requires no cable) on the train and in the office and also with music. I never realised how noisy my office was until i put them on. I have no complaints and look forward to seeing how they perform on a plane (which is why i bought them). Sometimes there is a little interference from mobile phones but the phone has to be quite close for this. I will need to buy a longer cable.

I bought these headphones eight months ago, and have been using them daily since. I’ve used the active noise canceling on a bunch of flights and it’s really good, it doesn’t block out all of the sound of an airplane but it blocks most of it, making it a lot easier to hear music or films and sleep on the plane. I use these every day to walk to and from work and can’t find any faults. I don’t use the case to carry them around, i just shove them in my backpack, and they still look as good as new. The battery currently lasts at least 20 hours using bluetooth but not active noise canceling. I am so surprised at how good these are for the price.

Used it for about 2 weeks, in office environment. 1- comfort: they could squeeze a little less my head, but actually i can use them for a couple of hours without turning really uncomfortable. 2 – noise cancellation: it improves your isolation from the office noise, bu it really does not cuts 100% of that noise. Once you hear music, you will be able to forget outside world. 3 – sound quality: first of all, forget the position ‘off’ of the noise canceling button. Therefore expect to use only these headphones with noise cancellation ‘on’. Well, that was the main idea, right?. And those conditions i can say that they have a very decent sound. Good treble, voices are smooth and clear, and enough bass.

Product works fine, bought to replace a cheap £20 set that lasted me a few years. The sound is fairly weak in bass, although most bits of software have an eq you can tweak. It does sound good once it’s been messed around with though. The noise cancelling does remove a little outside noise, but is more of a ‘treble booster’ than anything else. The biggest hassle i have with these is unpairing from one device and connecting to another. Switching from my phone to my ipad or the tv is a pain, i have to turn off bluetooth on my phone to force the headset to look for another device. The old set had an ‘unpair’ button to easily switch. Tldr: good sound if you’re willing to mess with the eq on spotify/prime etc. Can be a pain though if you have multiple devices.

I did extensive research before purchasing a pair. These have a great battery life (around 8 hours) when using the anc function. I use them daily for studying. The audio is really good, both bluetooth and via cable. Unlike many other headphones the anc is extremely functional when listening to audio through the aux cord. They were a good price for what they offer. Not as amazing as a pair of sony or beats headphones but i didn’t expect them to be because of the price. If you’re looking for a great pair of headphones for a good price this is definitely the option to go with.

Like: the volume control on the ear piece, the snug fit around my ears, the noise reduction even before switching on the nc, sound is clear without nc. Not liking: sometimes my upper ear lobes hurt after wearing for a while, when the nc is switched on the sound loses all the bottom end and becomes more ‘treble-ly’, the bright blue light which illuminates the whole room when switching on nc in the dark. All the dislikes i can live with or find a work around for. These headphone are superb for the price. I debated for a long time whether to get these or not. I also have a pair of sennheiser hds and i prefer my lindy for light listening.

  • Great for Music, but so-so as a bluetooth headset
  • Impressed! 16 hour flight, screaming toddlers, thumbs up!
  • Cracking headphones

LINDY BNX-60 – Bluetooth Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with aptX

These headphones are superb quality – great sound especially with anti-noise on. Micro usb charging connector so universal charging – which they do quickly and last log time. Only niggle is quality of instructions -could be a little more comprehensive, but fairly intuitive to use so not a deal breaker. Very comfortable, easy bluetooth setup and excellent sound quality over bluetooth – and you can wire them with supplied jack lead if run out of battery.

I love these headphones – when they work. Sound without noise cancelling is meh but switch it on and the world disappears and the sound seems to open up. Blue tooth works seamlessly and they are very comfortable even on my xxl head. Sadly not all good news,,, i took them on an 8 hour flight recently going out great no engine noise all the way worked great, battery life not an issue even with noise cancelling on the whole time. On the return journey a fault developed when the noise cancelling was on it started making an interference noise over the music. Worked ok without noise cancelling so survived the journey. I have arranged a replacement (sent very quickly by amazon) but the jury is out. I will test extensively over the next month and hope they are reliable. If they fail again i might have to stump up bose or sony money :-(.

Nice quality pair of headphones quite large over-ear much too hot for me. Little bit tinny until you switch on noise cancelling then it has lots of bass. Paired easily and had about a 20 ft range. Comes in a hard plastic case and holds all of the nessesery lead’s and connection wire’s neatly in a pouch in the case. If you can handle the warm ears and want lot’s of bass.

I use the headphones in the office as i’ve got quite noisy and chattery neighbours in our open office space, which distracts awfully in my work, which requieres concentration. The headphones absolutely fullfil the objectiv of convertint their conversations and phone calls into murmuring. Hence, some colleague still succeeds in overdoing this headphones noise cancelling capacity. But that’s rather because of the colleague than the headphones. The silence produced when turning on the noice canceling function is very strange for me. By turning on some ‘5 hour concentration music’ or similar soundtracks that you don’t actively listen, the noice cancelling effect is stronger and background noises disapear almost completely. The headphones are very tight though i am not a ‘big head’ at all; after an hour the pressure hurts. If you wear earrings they hurt earlier. (of course they have to fit, but they don’t need to hurt).

Connects well with my android phone and laptops. Sound quality is reasonable, obviously not on par with the best, but very good for the price. The anc works well enough – again, not quite ‘industry leading’, but about what you’d expect in this price bracket. Comfort-wise i find the headband a bit too short (meaning, even when fully extended it sits snugly against my head), but then i do have a very large head. The ear pads are comfortable, but after a couple of hours one of my ears starts hurting a bit; whether this is because of the size and/or shape, i don’t know.

The pros:* lightweight and comfy* bluetooth is very convienent* buttons are good* good sound quality without noise cancelling activatedthe bad:* noise cancelling is poor, compared to bose etc, but you get what you pay for. * when noise cancelling is activated, everything sounds high pitched and tinny. You need to adjust your audio device eq to compensate (i. I just keep a ‘noise cancelling’ preset. * if you aren’t in a noisy environment and activate the noise cancelling, then the noise-cancelling can feel like it’s adding a lot of pressure to your ears, unlike the noise cancelling on bose etc. * occasional bluetooth glitches, but nothing off-putting really.

Comfortably padded, slightly tight but better than slipping off. Bought them to try to cut out sound of neighbours slamming doors really early in the morning while i’m still trying to sleep. It definitely muffles the sound with noise cancelling on. I find the noise cancelling relaxing and, once on, i’m able to go back to sleep until i have to get up. Only problem i’ve found is there’s a loud hum when i plug them into my clock radio, if i have the noise cancelling on, which i need to look into. Fold up nice and compact in their little pouch if you’re going to use them out and about.

Recently bought these headphones as a replacement for my on ear headphones that had fulfilled their use. Overall i’m very happy with the purchase. Lovely comfortable fit and nice sound and easy to use. Pros:comfortablenice battery lifeeasy to usegood casecons:headphones do not fold up. Being very harsh for the cons, it comes with a great hard case that holds all the leads etc but the headphones don’t fold down to compact. Overall the folding doesn’t effect me. I love them so far and highly recommend them.

This headset was highly recommended in one of the hifi magazines last year and they haven’t disappointed. They are well constructed with quality feel; the noise cancelling is clearly discernible when activated although i’ve found that with some music the sound quality is better with it turned ‘off’. The carrying case is sturdy and i like the extra touches such as including an adapter that will fit into an airline seat’s audio socket. My one criticism would be that the control buttons on either earphone are perhaps a little too small for those with either large or insensitive fingers.

You can listen to music quietly as the anc blocks out the majority of back ground noise. They are very comfortable and light. They are easy to pair and good battery life. People always ask me about them etcbest headphones for the price. Compatible to bose quiet comforts. But who would want to walk around the streets with £350 quid branded on your headbuy them.

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