LINDY NC-60 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones : These are for you, trust me!!!!!

The noise cancelling allows me to watch something on my tablet while some one else is watching tv in the same room. And they were also perfect on a long haul flight. Even when i wasn’t using them to listen i something they cut out the drone of the aircraft brilliantly. If you haven’t used noise cancelling headphones before don’t expect them to cut out every noise but they do greatly reduce it so that it does not disturbed you quite so much.

These headphones are one of the greatest purchases i have made. I bought them for use on a coach trip, and as expected the coach was noisy – people shouting, radio blasting. Once the music is playing and the anc is switched on, you’re in a world of your own. Sure, they don’t block all sound with no music playing, but they do enough that you could sleep or have some quiet without disturbance. Much much cheaper than their competitors as well. All in all a fantastic pair of headphones.

I was looking for a good value set of noise cancelling headphones and these did not disappoint. After reading a few online reviews, i chose these and have been impressed- good battery life and sound quality.

Perhaps not quite as good at nc as bose, but at close to a tenth of the price, i’ve no complaints. These took out the background noise on a flight quite effectively, even in the window seat (often loudest for airframe noise) resulting in me landing three hours later without the usual rotten headache. Audio quality for normal use isn’t audiophile but it’s fine. They pack up reasonably small, but watch for the battery compartment cover falling off while they’re packed away.

I can’t fault these headphones one bit. A good price, the bass is knocking, you can pay more attention to the beat and other sounds which have been programmed in tracks (i listen to rap/hip hop and electronic dance music (edm)) during development. This has noise cancelling technology so if you are in a mall or somewhere else with a lot of background sound you don’t want, activate the noise cancelling with a flick of a button and enjoy the music you are listening to without anything else interrupting the experience. A good buy for those who want quality at a more affordable price.

Excellent set of headphones for the price, equally as good as more expensive phones. The sound is rich and deep with no loss of sound when either wired or via bluetooth. The finish and quality of the headset is so much better than i imagined. It has a soft rubberised finish with very soft ‘wear for hours’ ear pads. The noise cancelling so far seems to work well. I wear them whilst playing an electronic drum kit and i can hear very little in the way of background tapping of the kit, which is exactly what i wanted. All round great headphones for the money and i can’t wait to use them on a plane as they come complete with protective ‘hard’ case (again not expecting that in the package).

Ive bought two of these for longhaul flight to oz and they were excellent for the price. Noise cancelling was superb and they were very comfortable. I have bose at home but wanted a cheap pair in case they were lost or stolen on my journey and these were perfect.

As they are enclosed ear headphones the sound when the noise cancelling is off is not great, but they are pretty good as noise cancelling ones on the plane. So use the noice cancelling all the time?.

  • Overall great headphones, with some minor downsides.
  • Is that all? Is there a digit in the price missing?
  • These are for you, trust me!!!!!

LINDY NC-60 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Best i could find without spending hundreds of pounds. Noise cancellation (whilst i am sure not the best) was still a great help on a long haul flight, or whenever the kids have been driving me potty :)intuitive to use. Great to have cable option for back up and peace of mind.

They lack a little treble with noise cancelling off and have a bit too much with them on, that’s my only possible complaint. Great set of headphones that are comfortable for long wear, good quality bluetooth sound as well as wired, long battery life, simple controls. They come in a hard shell carry case with a pouch for the accessories. The noise cancelling works surprisingly well but don’t think you can flip a switch and turn the room noise off because what it does do is remove the worst of any constant background droning, like a housemate, train, bus, car. Long battery life and reasonable quick charging seal the deal nicely. One of those slightly more expensive purchases that you make unsure of what you get and then are pleasantly surprised when you have no buyer regrets.

. One word ‘amazing’ i’m no expert on the technical side as such but i had some other headphones from amazon and returned them at a similar price to these but these lindy bnx 60 are as i said, amazing. I read loads of reviews on other review websites and even considered digging deep and paying 2 or 3 times more, but after drawing a conclusion on overall value, i arrived back to these and now i have them and currently listening to music with them as i write this review, all i can think is completely the right decision 5 *****+ a m a z i n g.

Buildthey are very well made with a rubber type of feel on them the same goes for the cables and case all feeling very nicely made and quite solid. Soundso far im very impressed the sound range which seems very good after listening from everything from jazz to trance. A very controlled and clear sound with the bass being very controlled rather than the usual overpowered boom with no quality. Noise cancellingthis has surprised me how good this actually is having had some other makes of headphones that just had a continuous annoying hiss. Its been really good for working form home with the kids running around in the school holidays. Scream away kids :)bluetoothall good sound seems clear over the bluetooth. My only unknown is if you can have them paired over multiple devices. Accessoriesyou get the carry case all good with that. Then a wired cable assuming for when the batteries go flat, or a device that isn’t bluetooth enabled. Then a plan adaptor, and a charging usb lead as well as a converter to go from 3.

I doubt you will find a better quality pair of over-the-ear noise cancelling cans within this price range. The lindy nc40’s have the look and feel of a higher-end brand whilst retaining an impressive build quality (again, at this price point. Without the noise cancelling switched on they sound muddy and subdued, but once activated the nc feature brings these babies to life; improving music and spoken audio quality across the board with a level close to that of £60-80 sennheiser headphones. Tested on overground and london tube train journeys the first weekend of owning and they subdue all but the loudest carriage rattles & standard rail travel din. Currently my only complaint is they are not the most comfortable pair i have owned, with mildly sore ears after 2-3 hours, but this is a minor issue. If you are looking to dip your proverbial toe in the swimming pool of entry point noise cancelling headphones; these are an excellent starting point. Also, the provided case is also excellent quality and very useful.

I recently travelled to hong kong and found these really reduced the engine noise, even voices and children crying were significantly quieter (although this is not what they are designed for). Unlike other noise cancelling headphones i have tried, you must have the cancelling turned on or the sound quality suffers, so make sure your battery is fresh.

These headphones are very good overall, i will now go over the things that you need to know if you are considering buying them. Sound quality:i am impressed with how they sound, although they do sound different when noise cancellation is enabled/disabled. With it enabled, there is a lot more treble and i tend to prefer it in this mode. With it disabled the soundstage becomes much more flat and there probably isn’t enough treble. The perfect solution is using an equaliser and playing around until you find your perfect settings, but if you are streaming from a mobile device, not every app will allow you to use an equaliser. In that case, listening with noise cancellation enabled is your best bet. Other than that, the sound quality is very clear and enjoyable to listen to music or podcasts. They provide a good amount of bass but don’t buy them if you absolutely love loud bass. The noise cancellation does work and makes listening to things at lower volumes much easier in a room with a lot of background noise. Sometimes you don’t want to have to turn up the volume so loud, with these, you can listen at a reasonable volume without background noise interfering.

I was pleasantly surprised with these when they arrived, looked good, sounded ace and the active noise cancellation was mega. Would probably get rid of the l and r inside the ear pads but i have them on 90% of the day so really not an issue. Any bugs with them are usually fixed with pairing and unpairing with the device.

  • Overall great headphones, with some minor downsides.
  • Is that all? Is there a digit in the price missing?
  • These are for you, trust me!!!!!

LINDY NC-60 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Only used a couple of times so can’t comment on lifespan of product but these are as good as my other half bose ones that cost around 6x as much. He’s quite put out by how much less i paid for something that we can’t tell the difference between. I mean, his are slightly lighter and the head strap is more padded, but the noise cancelling is where it counts and they seem to do the same. Takes about 80% of airplane drone away, and then with a film playing you don’t hear a thing from the plane.

I truly never expected these to work based on what i needed them for and the reviews but very pleased to say they drown out the blasting, bassy music from neighbours very well. Enough to enable me to keep my sanity. I still feel the floor vibrating under my feet occassionally but i find i have to keep switching them off just to check that the music is still actually playing. Hardly ever connect them to music, just use them for much needed ‘almost’ silence. Unfortunately the doorbell goes unnoticed while wearing but hey ho.

Bought for a transatlantic holiday. I’ve demoed the bose equivalent and while the noise suppression was amazing, so was the price at over £200 :)sound quality is pretty good, fit is comfortable. They don’t feel super luxurious but the build seemed ok. Being closed back and with padded earphones they block a lot of external noise to begin with, switch on the noise suppression and all the bass noise from the engines and air con on the plane drops out. Leaving them on without playing anything was pretty restful and connected to the seat back screen using the supplied adapter i could watch movies without interruption. Overall i found i was less tired by the journey compared with previous long haul trips and the £30 odd price was great value just for this single trip. I’ve previously used in-ear buds on long haul and while they block a lot of sound i find them uncomfortable after a few hours. The noise suppression uses a single, supplied aaa battery which lasted both ways – total of at least 16 hours – and may last longer. They come with a bag, decent quality 3. I would recommend them to anyone with an occasional long haul flight who can’t justify more expensive options and doesn’t like in ear phones.

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