LinkWitz Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones : Not premium as others say. Questionable value for money

These are excellent headphones. Just back from trip abroad and they worked great on the plane. May not be quite as good as the more expensive sets but more than good enough.

Quality of item was fine until the bluetooth stopped working after less than1 hours use, total. It’s a pity because it has decent sound quality and is a comfortable fit. Apart from the bt not work however, when you switch to noise cancelling mode the bass drops dramatically. Update – i have since got a replacement. Thanks to the really nice customer support. I been using my replacement non stop for weeks now and although the bass still drops on the nc setting. They are really comfortable too. I’ve sometimes wore for hours without any discomfort while working at my desk.

Very comfortable headphones with easy to use controls at one side. Noise cancelling certainly removes background noise but unfortunately it also removes much of the bass in music. Adequate sound but not as good as the sennheiser i had previously.

Excellent headphone, best i have purchased for my children (3 of them) and they have been through a lot of them. These are really good quality and durable.

I would recommend for any one.

I bought a second hand pair from ebay, saving £20 over new. At first i wasn’t sure about the sound; without anc seemed a little bass heavy making for a muddy sound. But with anc it seemed a bit light on bass. Volume is ok, clear with minimal distortion at high levels. However, after going through loads of different musical styles, and watching movies i found that i was liking the sound more and more. Almost as if the headphones needed running in. . Something i have read elsewhere. So in conclusion, i think the sound gets better with use and i am now very happy with my purchase. Blade runner never sounded so good.

No delivery problems and headphones were as advertised. Good quality sound and comfortable. Don’t expect to much from the noise cancelling, at best it just makes any noise seem like it’s a few feet further away. Works best with engine type noises and little effect on chatter. A very good buy for the price.

Only gripe i have big fingers and find adjusting sound a bit of a job.

  • Fantastic headphones for the price.
  • Creaking noises
  • Well designed but not the best sound

Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, LinkWitz Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with NFC Functionality, Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Headset-Grey

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Just love it, very good built quality and confortable.

How i wish this headphone has a mic attached to it.

Best fitting and most comfortable over ear headphones i’ve found for a reasonable price. If you’re listening to anything for a protracted period of time i would highly recommend these. The noise cancelling mode is a little lacklustre but altogether an excellent well built high performing product.

It cancels the noise quite well, only thing that i have noticed is that in a moving vehicle it makes creaking noises.

These are very well made headphones. Everything about them looks well designed and built to a good standard. To my oldish ears they sound very good. The bluetooth connection to my samsung phone was completely reliable. The noise cancellation clearly works but, in my experience, was of limited value. The close fit over the ears and the nature of the padding means that normal external noise is almost completely cut out without needing to use noise cancellation. However, i reluctantly had to return them. I found the removal of all external sound a bit odd. As a result i was constantly lifting one side slightly off my ears so that i could hear what was going on around me. I also found them too hot to wear for anything more than a few minutes.

A few months on and very much enjoying this product. Im using it for editing sound work in the office.

Look and feel of the product is superb but i cant comment on the sound quality as they were bought as a gift.

The item feels very plasticy and does not give a premium feeling as some other reviews said. The noise cancellation is not effective and i can hardly feel the difference when it is on as the noises around me, like tv, kids, street cars are still very clear. Do not be mislead by the provided dual-plug adapter(for airline), as noise cancellation cannot be used when connecting the set using the provided 3. 5mm cable, which limits its usage during travels. The set is however comfortable to wear, and sound quality is acceptable for the price.

  • Fantastic headphones for the price.
  • Creaking noises
  • Well designed but not the best sound

Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, LinkWitz Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with NFC Functionality, Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Headset-Grey

Got them on sale and they are very solid, battery hold time is great. Overall you getting good value for money.

This is definitely one of the best bluetooth wireless headphones that i have used. I think the sound quality is as good as the very expenses branded headphones. I used it and tried it at the full volume in my phone and on this and tried a song with beats and the voice and beats were perfect. The looks and the sound quality of this headphones is so good that it is actually worth the price. It came in a lovely box and even inside the box is the nice cover to keep this safe and sound. It is very comfortable to wear and use and can be used for long time. It is very easy to connect and has a good range plus good battery life too. 5mm that is generally used in airplanes so it can be used there too.

These headphones are described by the seller, and possibly the manufacturer, as noise-cancelling. This is a fallaciousdescription. These headphones are only noise-reducing, in that they reduce the volume and the bass of external noise (noise outside the headphones). So this means that you cannot expect to wear these headphones and expect to enjoy silence. They will however allow you to experience either less external noise (an end you can better achieve by simply wearing foam ear-plugs), or to experience music without the interference of the normal level of external noise. The quality provided by the speakers is good, and of course with the blue-tooth connectivity it’s nice to be unencumbered by wires.

My main concern with these headphones is the fact that when you switch to nc (noise cancelling) mode there is a drastic loss of loudness/bass/treble. In a noisy environment this might not be a serious issue as you might prefer to reduce the outside noise, but the ‘price’ that you have to pay is significant when it comes to the quality of sound. I know it is not fair game to say, but this ‘issue’ does not exist with bose nc headphones (yep-the price there is 3 times more). Otherwise they are comfortable,easy paring, light weight and when not in nc mode have great sound quality. The range is up to 10 meters pending the transmitting device.

Look nice, comfortable, solid bluetooth connectivity, and the noise cancelling works superbly on the train. Maybe the sound isn’t the best but these aren’t £200.

A bit heavy but brilliant quality and excellent for the price.

Not quite as good as my previous bose qc2. But at a 1/3 of the price they are brilliant value. My bose qc2 ‘s broke at the earphone swivel, and spares are not available. As i was loathe to spend £200 + on new bose so i tried these instead.

You can do volume up and down; no problem; but the pause next track function is probably only available when connected to a bluetooth machine. At least that is my best guess. I was connected to my phillips radio cd player through the tao tronics bluetooth adaptor. Noise cancelling seems to work well; but i’m no technological expert. Really comfortable over the ears; which is important if you intend prolonged use.

Beautifully packaged and a good solid product, descent sound as well.

I use it also as handsfree on my mobile phone.

What i love about this is that it has an amazing metal headband and excellent leather earmuffs. Crazy bass and surround sound system. So comfortable to use these.

They work fine, stopped using them but only due to needing earphones.

These were bought to replace aged headphones that finally gave up on me. Excellent sound well worth the money.

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