LinkWitz Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Headset : Quality sound, poor build.

These were a present for my husband, who seems very pleased with them.

These headphones are a mixed bag. Using bluetooth without noise cancelling activated the sound can be very good indeed, depending on the device one is connected to. They sound really great with both my samsung phone and tablet, but less so with my dell laptop. But the latter is, i think, because they take over the sound setting and negate any equaliser software on the dell. But as i say, excellent sound on the samsung devices – crisp and vivid with enough bass and excellent definition. However when one flicks the switch to activate the noise cancelling mode the sound becomes thin and distant and is seriously degraded. I tried them on a plane recently and finally stuck with regular bluetooth, non-nc mode (and was happy enough). Also in their favour is that they are very comfortable indeed and can be worn for hours without hurting ones ears (a rarity), they fold flat and have a nice carry case, and do seem to last for a long time on a charge (haven’t timed it but have been very impressed). Overall, considering the price, i feel they represent real value but if you require excellent sound quality and noise cancelling at the same time i would look elsewhere.

I bought these primarily for use on long haul flights. Running on bluetooth, the connection is reliable and the noise cancelling works reasonably well (although i was expecting more from an around-ear headphone compared with my aging on-ear sennheisers. ) you do have to position them reasonably precisely to get the maximum benefit. The sheer bulk of them made that a bit tricky in the cramped confines of an economy seat. Another niggle is the blue light on the side of them i could see quite visibly illuminating the face of the passenger next to me when the aircraft blinds were down – could imagine that would not be pleasant if they’re trying to sleep. The biggest problem is the the noise cancellation doesn’t work in wired mode, rendering them a bit useless if you’re using the in-flight entertainment system. (plus, although it’s generally accepted as safe by the aviation authorities, many airlines don’t allow use of bluetooth in the cabin so all you end up with is a very heavy set of rather average headphones.

No auto turn off feature available.

Not yet used noise cancelling function which is important on flights.

These headphones are great, but you have to have small ears for them to fit over the ear. If you don’t, you’ll get sore quite quickly because your ears will get squashed. I cannot use them (i tried, oww), but they were bought for my lady, who is very happy with them (and, who has small ears, unlike me).

These sound pretty good and do a good job of removing outside noise without the noise cancelling turned on, sadly when you do turn it on it just seems to provide a bass cut and mid boost effect and completely ruins anything you put through them. The bluetooth range is good as i was able to listen to music while cutting the lawn and the only drop out was when i went probably 80 odd feet away behind my shed, no complaints there. I haven’t tried connecting to my phone for the purpose of making a call yet so i can’t comment on that function. Overall i’m happy with these despite the crappy noise cancelling system, just don’t use it.

Better than my sony earphones. Very comfortable feel strong. Not heard of this make but i’m happy with them.

  • Not good for flying
  • Great sound but not when using NC mode
  • So far so good

LinkWitz Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Headset, Built-in Microphone and Soft Earmuffs for Music, Gaming, PC, Mobile phone, Carry Case Included

No Matter How Noisy The World Is… QS1 Wireless Headphones ON. World OFF. Private Listening Experience Just For You.Parameters:Driver:40mm NeodymiumFrequency Range:20Hz~20KHzBattery:3.7V 800mAh RechargeableMusic Playing: 8hrs(ANC ON)/20hrs(ANC OFF)Functional Specs:Bluetooth, Hand-Free, ANC, NFCBluetooth distance:10 Meters Size:166x92x181mm Package Contents QS1 Wireless bluetooth Headphone*1 USB Charge Cable*1 3.5mm Audio Cable*1 Dual-plug Adapter(For Airline)*1 Hard Travel Case*1 User Manual*1Friendly tips: As an electronic device it wants to be treated carefully.Please do not prolonged expose to extreme heat,cold or wet places,it is not waterproof. The device built-in removable rechargeable lithium-ion battery.Please do not dispose of device into a fire.And dispose of batteries as household waste. The device can be only opened by qualified personnel. Have any quality problems or other problems contact our customer service to support.We provide free consult and warranty.Warm tip: For the ear health, it is strongly recommended that after 1~2 hous hearing music by the headset, please take it off and let your ear to be free to hear the outside world.

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After going through so many reviews on amazon and other places i decided to buy these headphones. All reviews on amazon are five stars and dont know why evrybody has given five stars. The reason for four stars arethese headphones are a bit bulkycharging lasting upto 8-10 hrs maxquality of the sound is not great lacking bassnoise cancellation is averageon positive side good quality of built and price.

Great set of noise cancelling headphones, unfortunately battery cover was loose on arrival and would not click back on.

I’ve been really impressed by this. Great sound (i’m not a sound engineer and don’t pretend to be) and the noise cancelling works really well.

Apart from sound quality and noise cancelling (which works a bliss), the big plus on this one is it’s shape. I have a rather large head and all other headphones make my ears hurt after a while. This one comes wider already and the pivotal mechanism allows the user to have the pressure applied equally across the ear. Bluetooth range is also phenomenal.

 i’ll preface this by saying that i have bought these for the more rough and tumble environments that i am in at times. I have a set of bose qc15’s that i have been using for the last 4 years but i am always wary of taking them out of the house due to the cost of them (also, a major downer for me with the bose is that they are only wired and not bluetooth). These on the other hand offer both anc and bluetooth at a price that really means i am happy to wear them in my day to commuting. The benefit of having the bose set already though is that i have something to compare the quality of the audio and the anc to. These are easy to charge and easy to pair. I switched them to bt and searched for them on my microsoft 950xl, they were there and paired easily. The first thing i tried was to have the anc working without any music playing (i have this on if i am on a train or plane and want to reduce the background noise to sleep). If you have never used anc, the main thing you need to realise is that they do not cancel out all external noise, they reduce dramatically the low end, base noise that is usually mechanical/engine noise. If you want to cancel out high pitched conversation or kids screaming, anc will not do that. These when switched on, gave that familiar ‘pressure’ feeling in your ear drum that comes with the cancelling effect.

These are sturdy and feel well made but are a little plasticky, as well as being huge (well, on my tiny head anyway) so i did feel kind of silly wearing them but it does seem to be the style to have huge headphones at the moment so what do i knowi was a little disappointed that the noise cancelling only worked when using them wirelessly, but the comfortable ear-pieces completely covered my ears and blocked out a fair amount of noise even when using them via the included cable. They are slightly lighter and tinnier sounding than the in-ear headphones i’ve previously used but as i mostly listen to spoken word audiobooks & podcasts it’s not a huge issue for me but if you are after more bass then you may be better elsewhere. So, the fact that these cost just over £50 meant i could overlook the minor issues and overall i’m happy.

I have these headphones for a while now and so believe i have some experience to share. If this was a mark out of ten then it woulds have received nine. They have a good sound and are easy to control through the pause, next track, previous track buttons. The material has come away from bottom of the head set, which is no great thing. The one thing i don’t like, and i have only just found this out, is that if you use the cable (travelling on an aeroplane), the noise cancelling does not work. However, for the rest of the time the noise cancelling is excellent, and at the price they are worth a purchase.

  • Not good for flying
  • Great sound but not when using NC mode
  • So far so good

LinkWitz Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Headset, Built-in Microphone and Soft Earmuffs for Music, Gaming, PC, Mobile phone, Carry Case Included

Features and Spesification

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  • 【 Significant Noise Reduction & Bluetooth 4.1】 This wireless headphones built-in active noise cancelling technology remarkably eliminates low frequency background noise under 20dbs.Provice you the peaceful and quiet space for you in busy environment.Feature the latest bluetooth 4.1 technology ,making pairing quick and easy with your choice of device.Pairing can also be done via the NFC functionality.
  • 【 Excellent Audio Performance】This bluetooth over-ear headset feature Hi-Fi audio quality with a built in CSR chip,giving out plenty of bass and transforming it into crisp and full rich stereo sound.You can use it for PC game, music and movie.Compatible with iPhone series,Android, Tablet, iPad, Samsung, and most bluetooth enabled devices.
  • 【Comfortable & Portable】This wireless headset is designed with flexible adjustable headband, which almost fit all head sizes, and protein memory breathable foam on the ear cups makes it soft and comfortable on the ears. The stylish foldable ergonomic design gives a fashionable look. 90 degree swiveling ear-cups make more comfort and durability.The headphones are fold-able making it more compact when carrying it around.
  • 【Battery Durability & Wireless/Wire available】Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery Provides up to 30hrs(BT MODE) music playing time and calling time. It is bluetooth headset, but also is wired headset with the 3.5mm audio cable do not interrupt your enjoy music experience when the battery runs low.Have build-in Mic and volume control, it’s very convenient for you to pick up any incoming calls when you are listening music.Note: The microphone only works in the wireless mode.
  • 【Satisfaction Guaranteed】With☆bluetooth transmitter☆,you can use this bluetooth headphones as TV Headphones, no worry about disturbing your family when they are sleeping.And we promise that all orders will be dispatched in 24 hours, 1-2 business days delivery,45 days money-back for quality and 18-month worry Guarantee! If you are not satisfaction for your purchase,please contact us via [email protected] for help.Any problems would be easy to get support for you.