LIVIVO Professional Espresso Cappuccino Coffee Maker Machine – great money saver.

Always wanted one of these machines, but never wanted to invest heavily as i wasn’t sure how much i would use it. Given the price tag, it is a good entry solution. Some learning with it on how it works, but it is straight forward.

The piece looks good, is relatively robust for the price. But it’s a very right handed piece which i fond difficult to use. I did all of the recommended cleaning procedure a number of times, but i can still smell and taste plastic. I am prepared to to give it some more time and use to see if it seasons in. At the moment i can’t recommend it.

We wanted a coffee maker that can froth milk as well. Because it’s just two of us, we wanted something small and nice. We’ve been using it for over two months now and i have to say we are 100% satisfied. I have mention how responsive and helpful home emporium customer service is. We had a speciel request two months after the purchase. They could’ve said no easily but instead, they replied quickly and solved our problem. We can highly recommend both the machine and home emporium itself.

This is an excellent product in every respect.

Excellent little unit for the price. Saving a fortune making a latte instead of going to costa. Control knob can be a bit fiddley to get used to at first but once you do its an ideal item to have.

Lovely machine, cant go wrong with it.

Great coffee machine worked well for a while a bargain for the price, at least i thought. After 3 months it has stopped working properly. If you put water for 4 cups in only 2 are dispensed , after a long wait.

Made my first decent cappuccino at home with this product. Does exactly what it said on the box. A very good buy made easy by amazon .

Arrived within estimated time, conditions as described. I’d only complain that the espreso looks and tastes more like filter coffee instead.

Excellent machine makes a mug sized coffee so no waste one of my better buys.

Returned faulty and didn’t re-order.

Works well & for the price really cant go wrong.

This is a great machine for the house. I use a grinder for beans or buy ground coffee. It brews from cold water in about a minute producing a coffee to whatever strength is desired. It will take a few attempts until you get the right ground quantity based on how strong you like your coffee. The steamer is quite powerful and works very quickly if you want to froth or steam your milk. I bought a stainless steel milk jug to do this which i would also advise to purchase. Highly recommend this based on its size and price. This will last me a good few years.

A low cost machine that works well.

Although this item is not of the best build in the world it does what it’s supposed to and is excellent value for money.

Ok, i really like a frothy machiatto an americano and an espresso. One thing you realise with that level of consumption, is how much waste you are producing. But i’m a lazy boy and the pods are just so easy. I was all set to pay the cost of a fridge freezer for a bean to cup machine, when i spied this little thing, and thought hang on. It’s small , cute, and red , so it fits with the wife’s kitchen poppy fixation.

Great espresso coffee maker. Compact but makes great coffee. Milk frother is brilliant too. Very quiet compared to other machines. Well made and looks good to op.

. Cant see how much water is in the tank.

Very pleased with product, would recommend to others.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Goodbye to Dolce Gusto Pods
  • excellent machine
  • Disappointing, so far

Fantastic little product for the money.

Product came on time, good packaging. Quality of product wasn’t the best. But works ok and does the job can’t complain for the price.

Great little espresso and frothie milk maker. Some of the instructions could do with doing abit in-depth.