LOUTYTUO Upgraded Food Grade Silicone Travel Foldable Electric Kettle Boil Dry Protection Portable – Good!

This kettle is really my favorite. Every time i travel, i am afraid to use the hotel kettle for fear of its health. With this portable kettle, i can boil water outside in my own pot. And this pot is good for making tea and coffee.

Boils very quickly used it in a hotel in austria. Slight smell on purchase (no taste when brewing though) but a recommended overnight soak with a tea bag sorted that. This’ll now sit in my camper van and my old one is off to the charity shop.

It’s very suitable for traveling. Most of europe hotel doesn’t have it, so it is difficult to find the hot water. But chinese people really like to drink hot water, and is very easy to use.I brought it to a lot of places, not only in england but also in europe. And it is light and small, very easy to carry.

 this kettle is very cute and useful. As you can see in the video, it can be folded into a smaller size, so it is convenient to use. Be careful when unplugging the kettle though, as it is very hot. I wasn’t able to show it on video, but it took around 1minute to boil the water. One thing that i didn’t quite like about it was that the first few seconds of boiling water, i noticed that there was a bit of a plastic smell, but i’m sure that it will disappear after a few times using it.

Exactly what i needed compact and light.

Small and handy, boils water fast. Tested it on a two day ferry crossing and works brilliant.

Did a perfect job but was quite heavy.

Like the fact this folds down so takes up less space. Haven’t taken it away yet but have boiled it to get rid of the smell. The only dislike at the moment is the lid doesn’t clip down so when pouring it does open up abit but not enough to cause a spillage.

This product is lightweight, easy to pack in a suitcase. Just boil the kettle a few times. Once you have boiled the kettle for a cup of tea make sure you disconnect it because when it clicks off you think that is it, but it will boil up again and if you don’t have enough water in it will burn itself out. I suggest you buy the cups as well. You can get the cups in sainsbury’s cost £10 each.

I love to travel, but not all hotels have kettles. I have a bad stomach, so i really need this. This kettle is very convenient to carry. It is of good quality and beautiful color. I’m very happy with shopping this time.

This was a super space saving kettle. Easy to fold away after use. Lightweight and holds more the 2 large mugs of water. The only issue i had was the build up of limescale, not present when using scottish water but was not in scotland when using it, it didn’t make any difference to the taste of the tea/coffe. Comes with 3 pin plug and 2 pin addaptor.

Nice quick boil, compact when collapsed. Do have to remember to turn off once boiled tho.

I was so satisfied with the baby that i burned the water twice for a few minutes. Small and beautiful love, i would like to introduce it to my friends, let everyone pay attention to you. Here are the specifications for the LOUTYTUO Upgraded Food Grade Silicone Travel Foldable Electric Kettle Boil Dry Protection Portable:

  • Safe Food Grade Protective: Made of safe food grade protective material PBA free. Stainless steel kettle base with heat-resistant silicone body and plastic handle; kettle body and heating plate with metal.
  • Various knobs: With different Knob type temperature adjustment for different drinks, can not only preserve heat, but also cook milk, coffee, tea and noodel.
  • Heat Preservation Function: Once the temperature below 85 degree, water will be self-heated. Boil dry protection can automatic switch off when no water in.
  • Dual voltage optional: 110V/220V dual voltage optional, take along for readily accessible hot water on any continent!
  • Detachable power cord and handle: You can separate power cord from kettle body, more convenient to store and more unimpeded to pour water.

Perfect little kettle for travelling.

I have just returned from america and found this kettle invaluable. It smelt to begin with, so i first boiled plain water in it and then added a lemon. When using the kettle make sure you remove the plug from the wall socket. If you hold the kettle in your left hand, and pull out the plug at the kettle end, you will squeeze the kettle, and boiling water will come out. Also make sure you change the setting on the base if needed. It took up very little space in the suitcase and was lightweight.

My room is small so the size is very suitable for me.

Very good and very lightweight boils quickly.

I like this folding kettle very much. It is very convenient to take it with you when you travel. You don’t need to worry about the safety of the kettle in the hotel any more.

Great item for holiday, i particularly like the fact it folds down. It also has different settings to use.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • easy to take

  • Useful!

  • Compact and useful

I recently was set to go off on a week long retreat. I was unsure as to what facilities would be available at the centre. This was a concern given my tea addiction. I wanted a kettle that would be both functional and compact as packing space was limited. The kettle proved to be highly effective. It is very cleverly designed and neatly folds down for packing. The kettle had several boil settings but i have only used the tea/coffee setting. I am glad i spent a little more on this kettle compared to cheaper alternatives. It will definitely get used again.