Love Me Beauty October 2017 Review

I’m slowly getting back into buying monthly subscription boxes once again, but there are a solid three that I always seem to come back to over and over again, every time I have a ‘spending break’. They are: LookFantastic, Latest in Beauty and then this little pot gold – Love Me Beauty. My Favourite? In all honesty, it has to be Love Me Beauty. I’ve raved about them in the past when they first introduced deluxe mini’s of everything that was Kat Von D, and I shall rave about them again.

I love the element of surprise with beauty boxes, but I also like to know what exactly I’m going to get each month at the same time – you see my dilemma here? That’s why I enjoy Love Me Beauty’s service so much. For £10 a month (excl. £3.95 postage), your account is topped up with 60 credits. With these 60 credits, you simply head on over to the Shop on their site, which is updated each month to give you a whole array of new goodies to choose from. Brands and products differ all the time, but each individual product is worth so many credits; 10 credits, 15 credits and some even being worth 25 credits. It may sound like you wouldn’t get many products to try for the sake of a grand total of £13.95 for a standard month, but the products are worth it. I’ll take you through what I got last month…

Love Me Beauty October 2017Love Me Beauty October 2017

Okay, so firstly I should mention that I actually topped up my account so I could get 120 credits to spend in October. I hadn’t used the site in a while and the moment I looked at October’s shop, I knew I had to treat myself. That’s another reason I love Love Me Beauty so much – you can essentially buy more if you really want to, just as a little treat. You’re not restricted to x amount of products. Use the code KAYLE481 to receive 30 free credits on your second order with Love Me Beauty. If you sign up with this code, make your first order, then come your second order you’ll have a grand total of 90 credits to spend! So here’s the breakdown of what I got in October 2017 and how many credits each product was worth, just to give you an idea of what exactly you could get if you stuck to the standard 60 credits.

So Susan Lip Dome in Mango = 15 credits
Bareminerals Foundation Sample = 0 credits
Kat Von D Perfume Sample in Sinner, 4.5ml = 10 credits
Kat Von D Perfume Sample in Saint, 4.5ml = 10 credits
Caudalie Foam Cleanser, 50ml = 20 credits
Nuxe Makeup Gel Remover, 15ml = 10 credits
Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Dolly, 1.5ml = 15 credits
Nuxe Micellar Water, 35ml = 15 credits
Nails Inc Nail Polish in Claremont Street, 14ml = 25 credits

Love Me Beauty October 2017 Love Me Beauty October 2017

I will admit, October didn’t offer the greatest amount of product choice in comparison to previous months, but with Christmas on the horizon, I’d like to think bigger and better products are soon to arrive! Don’t forget to use the code KAYLE481sign up if you , to receive 30 free credits on your second order.