Lovely & Elegant Freya Necklace by Nikki Stark Jewellery


Where do I begin when it comes to jewellery? I wear fairly simple outfits each day, for work and leisure, so styling them with jewellery is what I like best. It’s simple, quick and it means I have a growing collection of jazzy jewels all for good reason.

Costume jewellery used to be the star of the show in my collection, but has since taken a back seat after discovering Nikki Stark Jewellery. Now before all the haters of people who buy/own more high-end products start jumping down my throat, Nikki Stark Jewellery may not be costume jewellery, but it’s not dear in price either.

The quality of her collection is top notch, yet the price for some pieces makes you believe you could buy them in Topshop, Dorothy Perkins or other high street stores. She has everything from rings to necklaces and all available as Nikki’s own little brand.

In November last year I laid eyes on the Sally rings, which came in two standard rings and two midi rings, each with different shaped waves along the band of the ring. I wear the standard rings everyday without fail. The simplicity of their design is beautiful, yet I’ve had so many compliments for them as opposed to a big rock on my finger. Simple is good.Freya Necklace

The real star of the moment though is Nikki Stark Jewellery’s new gem, Freya Necklace*. This could not have matched my Sally rings more perfectly. The Freya necklace is a small and again, simple sterling silver chain with two organic shaped pendants.

This is the ideal necklace for sticking to the casual look of t-shirt and jeans, but is the ideal accessory when already dressed to the nines yet you don’t want to go overkill with everything else.

Ps. Those pretty table fairy lights and gold marble coaster in the image are from Talking Tables. Mentioned in my photography backdrops post*