Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer Food Saver Kitchen Vacuum Packing Machine Sous Vide Cooking Bags – ‘s All New Pro Style Model : Nice and light not to technical and does a great

This is a great product that works exceptionally well. Would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep food fresher for longer.

I bought this for my husband as a birthday present with a sous vide water bath. It is excellent, i definitely chose the right one, i did look at cheaper models that don’t have the bag cutting facility but i am so pleased i chose this model. My husband loves it, he said it is easy to use and an excellent product, i would definitely recommend, delivery was fast too.

I bought this some time ago, when i got it i could not get it to work so i contacted them and they were the best customer service i have ever spoken to. I don’t know how i lived without this, it is great, i would recommend this product expecially if you freeze your food as it last longer.

Nice compact machine, good for domestic usage.

Really good way of preserving food. Just for anyone purchasing the suggestion of ‘ press lightly ‘ should say ‘press firmly’. Other than that it is great.

This is one of the best sealers i have used. Because the heat sealer is close to the edge of the unit you do not waste so much of your food bag. Also you have good control of the amount of air you want to expel. I would buy this unit again.

Excellent customer service – machine went faulty after 9 months, on contacting luvele the machine was replaced within 24hrs under warranty. Their web site says it wants to make warranty claims as easy as possible and they did – thank you tim.

This product for me is the top one,it really performs well.

  • Luvele Vacuum Sealer – Video & Photo attached
  • I highly recommend this fantastic and flexible food sealer.
  • This vacuum machine does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer Food Saver Kitchen Vacuum Packing Machine Sous Vide Cooking Bags – Luvele’s All New Pro Style Model.

The Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer is our premium vacuum sealer with the added convenience of a built-in bag roll cutter and bag roll storage system. It features exclusive vacuum pressure controls, providing the flexibility to choose the right vacuum pressure for each vacuum sealing job. The Luvele Vacuum Sealer range will keep food fresher for up to 5 times longer that conventional storage methods. It can also be used to protect valuable items such as jewellery, photos and important documents etc…

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Sturdy and durable product, very easy to use with perfect results. One push on the button and the machine does the rest. Definitely a must in every kitchen. It is also nice doing business with kate (luvele).

Fast delivery, great service, and the product does exactly as you expect. Very easy to usevery pleased.

Just used this machine and it’s brill i think i will save money and as well keeping my food fresh the machine is so easy to use and would recommend it to anyone thanks.

Seems to do a good job and saves loads of room in the freezer. It won’t end up in the back of the cupboard anyway.

Provides an excellent seal that lasts a long time, great for sous vide cooking or ingredient storage.

Had this almost a week and used it several times to seal, curry, gravy, roast veg, works perfectly. Roasting a tray of veg, and doing extra sauces is a real money savour. Being able to make them last longer is a plus. Boil the veg in the bag, mantains the flavour. Simple to use, winder why i never bought this before.

 great product, service and value, i would recommend to everyone. The vacuum sealer is easy to use and every thing is well explained in the simple but effective documentation. We have used it for many different products, working well with dry and moist foods alike. There is enough control to allow effective use across a wide range of products with a simple to follow layout/instruction. The sealer looks so stylish we keep it out on top of our worktop to show it off – see attached photo. Lots of useful tips come with the instructions, we particularly like the one about using it on cheese and cooked meats kept in the fridge by initially using an extra long seal so every couple of days you use it, you have enough length left to reseal it, keeping the products fresh in the fridge for weeks and saving on sealing materials – play the video to see how effective it is. Latest tip of the day, if you do a lot of walking, why not vacuum seal a pair of socks so you always have a spare dry pair in your ruck sack when it gets very wet – don’t just think food it has so may practical uses.

Had problem with seal but problem resolved efficiently and quickly by luvele.

  • Luvele Vacuum Sealer – Video & Photo attached
  • I highly recommend this fantastic and flexible food sealer.
  • This vacuum machine does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer Food Saver Kitchen Vacuum Packing Machine Sous Vide Cooking Bags – Luvele’s All New Pro Style Model.

I have recently purchased the luvele vacuum sealer and i must say it is fantastic. The machine is robust and is a nice looking price of kitchen equipment. It has a built in cutter which is great as i could never cut the bags straight, and there is room inside to house the special bags. It can just seal a bag that has been opened ie a large bag of crisps or a bag of frozen peas or it can suction out the air and vacuum the item. You can use it on dry food or moist food where the suction power is different. Overall a brilliant piece of equipment which i use all the time and would certainly buy again.

Thanks kate for all your help with this. Arrived super fast and is exactly as described, it has already been used and my husband is made up with it. Its a fantastic product that will be well used for all sorts of thing, my husband enjoys marinading everything so this will be perfect for him the seal on the bag is really strong and the product looks good and sturdy too. We have seen some that just look cheap, this does look like something from a professional kitchen and it is so easy to use too. I have even used it as another reviewer has said to re-seal food packets (salad bags when you have only had half the salad)overall i would recommend this product to anyone, based on both price and performance, and would just like to say thank you to kate for a very easy, friendly and professional attitude towards her customers.

I ordered the luvele supreme sealer after hours of research/review; i’m very glad that i did. I have successfully used it to seal my home-cured, home-smoked produce (salmon, ham, bacon, duck, cheeses, nuts, eggs etc). I have also used it for vegetables and for sous vide cooking. I am very impressed by the flexibility it offers for sealing items with very different requirements i. Dry vs moist, gentle vacuum for delicate goods, use of canisters for storage and the use of canisters for marinating. The sealer also offers a ‘seal-only’ option and the ability to ‘shut-off’/override the vacuum at any point to ensure you have full control. Bags and rolls from various suppliers work well. Finally, the roll-storage and cutter are far more useful that i had expected; no more scissors and poorly cut bags/rolls.This product is far better than my older, more basic sealer. I highly recommend this product.

After researching a lot of machines i settled on this make. Excellent quality and works very well.

I have had several of these machines and this is far by the greatest machine for its purpose i have owned. Top buy and great value for money.

I was really pleased with this food sealer i would highly recommend it.

I have bought this few weeks ago and it is an excellent machine. Works straight from the box. Instructions are ckear and easy to follow, item feels well build and you get plenty of bags to start with.

This is possibly the most effective vacuum packer on the market. Others i have owned have failed to seal properly or weren’t strong enough to successfully remove all the air in the bag, this one completes both task extremely efficiently. Excellent product especially when you take into account it will work successfully using most types of bags available.

Small plastic ‘locking system’ too fragile. Suction system goes on too long sucks a lot of liquid out of the bags?.

Marvelous product wanted to buy one for myself however not for sale anymore and on luvele web sold out 🙁 hope will be avaliable soon. Very good product worth the price.

Well what a wake up call as an 80 year old buying and throwing away lots of food. I decided to purchase the lovele supreme,it’s a well made product simple to use the most sensible buy for a while,the help and advice from kate was an added bonus many thanks keith.

I have had two vacuum sealers from other manufacturers previously, but neither has been satisfactory. This one from luverle is very different however. It feels like the quality item it clearly is, and gives the impression that it is pretty unbreakable. Quite unlike the flimsy ones i have had before. In terms of performance, it does exactly what is described in the literature. It seals perfectly, and the vacuum performance is fast and strong. I have been using it to prepare bags for sous vide cooking, and it simply does the job, quickly and efficiently. I cannot fault this machine, and i confidently recommend it to anyone looking to purchase a sealer that would not be out of place in a restaurant environment.

Does everything it say’s on the box.

Nice and light not to technical and does a great job far more than an application for sous vide cookinga great buy.

Really quick delivery 5 star easily.

I have just upgraded to the luvele supreme vacuum sealer and i am extremely delighted with my purchase. With two settings for the vacuum pressure and a choice of dry or moist settings, i have found it so much easier to vacuum pack a wide range of cooked and uncooked items. I have even vacuum packed home made beef gravy to freeze rather than throw it away. The luvele supreme vacuum sealer is very effective and very simple to use and clean. If you are looking to start vacuum packing, the luvele supreme vacuum sealer the one that i would recommend.

After reviewing many machines available, i decided to buy this model. Having not used anything like this before i spoke to kate for advice. I am so pleased with this model and have used one roll up already. It does as they say exactly what is says on the tin. I held off from writing a review straight away as i wanted to see how the machine performs. Really pleased with it and exceeds my expectations. I would like to know when the hose accessory and container becomes available. Thoroughly recommend this machine to others.

I have just up graded to this luvele vacuum sealer. Money well spent as it is easy and simple to use. Good control for different types of foods, i. Meats vegetables and fruits. You can choose two different vacuum pressures. Very pleased with the luvele vacuum sealer. I have had this for over a month before righting a review.

Features and Spesification

  • Brand New Professional Model – Exclusive bag roll storage and cutting system. Large 30 cm sealing strip – Keep Food Fresher for up to 5 times longer
  • The specialized ‘FOOD’ button gives you the ability to choose the most suitable seal time to match the food being vacuum sealed.
  • Different foods require varied vacuum pressures when sealing. The specialized ‘PRESSURE’ button allows you to control this.
  • Includes one roll of 22cm wide bag roll by 3m + one roll of 28cm wide bag roll by 3, a total of 6m – vacuum seal food for sous vide cooking
  • Genuine British power cord – CE APPROVED – 1 Year Full Cover Warranty – 220-240 V / 50Hz / 130W