Luvele Ultimate Electric Meat Grinder Stainless Steel Sausage Maker 1800w – Great pridyct

I have minced 10 kilos meat today through a larger hole, no other mincer i have had has this size. It was quiet and it sounded no effort. This is my 3rd mincer in a year i bought it because it’s working parts are metal, the others were cheaper with plastic parts. So far worth the higher cost.

I have used commercial mincers like hobart and butcher boy. I have also used the kitchen aid attachment. I chose this mincer over the other brands on amazon like andrew james , caterlite, buffalo , etc the main reason for this was it is all metal , it has an 1800w motor but more importantly 700w rated motor. It also has metal gears to run the mincer worm the others seem to have plastic. I used it to mince lean beef and fatty sausage trim with great results. My unit also came with 3 plastic sausage filler tubes as well as the stainless steel ones so it was an extra bonus as such. It is all metal and easy to wipe clean and the mincer head unit easy to hand wash in hot soapy water. The sausage tubes were 16mm 21mm and 30mm the mincing plates are 7cms so slightly bigger than other brands this makes it quicker and easier to mince. 4lbs lean beef through it in under 2 minutes with the fine plate.

Its incredible advantage is the ability to make homemade sausages.

I have been manually mincing meat for nearly half a century and this machine is like a miracle and i cannot fault it in any way.

Quite good and easynto operate.

This mincer does what i hoped it would do and that is mince meat quickly and without fuss. There were 2 small marks on the body of the appliance but these were cosmetic and i didn’t feel the need to repackage it and send it back. I showed the link to a friend who’s husband was a butcher and he thought it was good value for money.

Strong, solid made item with all we need for home kitchen.

First assembly, even before i had used the machine, i had problems tightening the locking screw for the grinder body. The bolt just turned around in the receiving thread without tightening. This was either because the screw was a loose fit or the fitting was so weak and badly engineered, that the thread was shot before i even got to use it. Can’t be bothered to send the machine back to uk from denmark, so will have to somehow fix it myself. Otherwise seems like a solid machine. Hope i can get the crap to work.

Seems to perform well, however, it was disappointing to read in the owner’s booklet that the motor should not be run for more than 10 minutes at a time when the product info on amazon says ‘ the luvele ‘air-flow induction cooling system’, protects the motor from overheating. ‘ maybe all grinders need to be run this way but a little more openness in the product info would not go amiss.

Great step up from using an attachment, good value for money.

Can thoroughly recommend it.

Fabolous meat grinder very complete with all the complements you can need. Magnificent post sales service.

I loved the quality and the build of this little machine. I does just what you want with no drama. It wasn’t cheap but i don’t mind paying for quality. Here are the specifications for the Luvele Ultimate Electric Meat Grinder Stainless Steel Sausage Maker 1800w:

  • Demonstration video available on YT search ‘Luvele Sausage Maker’ – The Luvele Ultimate Meat Grinder combines superior performance with professional design features & premium metal gearing. With a new quieter motor, & a sturdy die-cast aluminum body, it provides a balance of strength, flexibility & elegance.
  • The unique ‘Luvele designed’ stainless steel sausage nozzles, feature the extra-large 32mm nozzle for extra-thick sausages, plus a 22mm and a 16mm nozzle. While the Luvele designed ‘Smooth-Flow’ sausage filling plate, allows for smoother sausage filling results.
  • The gearbox is designed with durable metal gearing, for added strength & longevity. While the Luvele ‘Air-Flow Induction Cooling System’, protects the motor from overheating. The ‘Extra Larger’ 7cm diameter grinder head, makes it easier & faster to push meat through the grinder.
  • Other features include; ‘1800w max locked / 700w rated’ pure copper motor – 3x stainless steel cutting plates – Stainless Steel Cutting blade – Non slip suction feet – Two speed controls, plus reverse mode – BPA free plastic Kibbe attachment
  • Genuine British power plug – 12 Month Warranty – Please note, no parts of the Meat Grinder should be washed in a dishwasher. Spare parts are available through Luvele UK

More than happy with its performance. Seems to be a good solid machine.

Fantastic professional looking toolall parts precision machined. Very powerful,and relatively quiet. Excellent communication from luvele.

Product arrived in good order within two days of notice from luvele that order had been processed. Uk>francetried for the first time today (22/01/2017) after some trepidation. ‘mes boyaux’ were filled ‘sans problèmes’ and no extra pairs of hands were required.

Great for mincing own lamb and beef. Really easy to clean, works very well. Top quality worth the extra cost.

The luvele meat grinder is really well made and super simple to use. It comes with various of other attachments, it not only a mincer, but a sausage maker (links). Us scots prefare lorne suasage. I used the luvele grinder twice since i bought it. As i,m a butcher and used to working with much larger and more powerful machine, i was really suprised just how good and powerflu this grinder was for it size and weight. It looks great sitting on worktop or easy to put in cupboard as its very easy to lift. It’s also a good talking point , as friends ask me what it is. Everything is very easy to clean and warmsoapy water will do the job, most of the parts can be disassembled so you can clean each part itself. Couple of tip when using you luvele grinder 1 put a couple of slices of bread through the grinder,when finished mincing, this will help when washing parts (mince plate,sausage funnel) 2 used end of wooden spoon to push through to get sausagemeat out.

This was a gift, but i have had feedback from the recipient and have seen them using it. They were able to produce 12 metres (over 39 feet) of one type of sausage in a single morning. The machine is easy to use (though i would advise two working on it – one to feed in the meat and one to control the flow into the skins) and because of its strength, the flow of meat into the skins is very consistent without difficulty in control. The stainless steel body and even the black plastic plunger are very robust and easy to clean even after sustained use. Everyone was very happy with this product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Mincer invincible
  • Seems to perform well, However, it was disappointing
  • Brilliant machine punches above its weight and really well made with excellent customer support.

Recently purchased this as a replacement for my old worn out machine. I was so pleased when it arrived and the quality of its design and build were outstanding. Its so simple to use and minces meat extremely quickly and efficiently even my son played with it and we now have enough burgers and sausages to last until november . I did need to contact the manufacturer over a minor glitch but this was solved straight away with no fuss at all. All i can say is if you need a mincer/grinder get one of these its brilliant as is the service.

Used a couple of times to mince meat, works very well , now for sausages.

Really impressive mincer, well worth it for the price.

Some bits are plastic and some are with scratches (quality control asleep. ) but if they replace them, i shall amend my review.

After many years as an expat i have finally bought a mincer and am now making my own sausages. This machine is just what i wanted. I can highly recommend this sturdy machine.

I bought the luvele mincer after seeing it used on a chef’s (john kirkwood) youtube video. The mincer arrived on time, it was well packed, and easy to assemble, and disassemble and clean after use. It looks well built with metal parts which look as if they will last. The first few times i used it were to mince pork (belly and shoulder). It was easy to use and minced it all quickly. It’s important, as with all mincers, to make sure that the meat is very cold before mincing. I also used the mincer to make sausages. This was much easier than i thought it would be. It needs 2 people – 1 to feed the meat in and 1 to handle the sausages coming out. We made a batch of lincolnshire sausage and a batch of cumberland sausage (casings and seasonings were from weschenfelder).

This meat grinder is extremely well made and super simple to use. Various amount of other attachments, though the best one i feel is the sausage making ‘pipe’ attachment, where you can pipe your grinding meat straight into your sausage skin. The attachments are made from heavy stainless steel and feels brilliantly strong. Everything is very easy to clean and warm soapy water will do the job, most of the parts can be disassembled so you can clean each part itself.

Excellent value for money, easy to use and food produced was lovely.

I have purchased this luvele meat grinder for a full price at the well known auction and was instantly impressed by its high quality. It’s obvious this grinder is made in the popular form factor; other makers produce similar products, but this one is different as it’s made from cast aluminium. What’s sealed the deal for me was the fact the gears inside are made out of metal rather than plastic (cannot imagine a plastic gearbox in the car:) )the grinder looks absolutely wonderful and i have a feeling this kitchen gadget will be irreplaceable in my home cooking for a very long time.

I’m so excited to work with this machine and simple to use. Very good service and communication.

This the first meat grinder i have owned and i must say i am very pleased with results it is easy to use and easy to clean.

Can’t fault the meat grinder from luvele. Powerful, well built and looks great i have the meat slicer for hams and bacon and that’s great, happy to be building up my luvele collection.

I have had and used 3 or 4 grinders in the past, ,cuisinart, hand crank and kenwood chef attachment, non compare to the luvele it is a solid build and for sausage making [ non industrial it is second to none in my experiance. ]

Good product, high quality and very quick delivery.

This is a great product which is well worth the money, no plastic parts very robust. We have made lots of different sausages with various meats and in various quantities and use regularly. We have had need of customer services who dealt with our enquiry with courtesy and efficiency. I would certainly recommend.

This is a great mincer for home made sausages and burgers. Do not put it in the dish washer it will ruin it. It is easy to clean in the sink with warm soapy water.

Brilliant customer service, great product.

East to use and helps to create the perfect sausage.

Great productvery good service and communicationwould recommend.

Luvelle ultimate meat mincerhaving purchased a luvelle meat mincer for predominately home sausage making i was impressed with the amount of cutting plates and various sizes of tubes that came as standard i have used the product for about eight months pretty solidly and had no issues whatever,however unbeknown to me one of the little ones managed to jam a small spoon in the grinding area and without checking unfornunately the grinder punched it through the casing. Upon contact with thier customer services department i was offered the part free of charge i think that was fabulous and cannot thank them enough cannot recommend there product or service highly enoughthank you m.

We’ve only used iy twice but so far great results.

We were looking for a new mincer to replace an existing older one. I was very wary when i saw this machine online, but when it arrived, assembled and used i found it superb. It has a built-in cooling system so barrel stays cool when mincing. When making sausages, the pipes supplied were really excellent; skins slid on easily and so easy to clean after use with a bottle brush. I found their customer service response to be very good. Initially i had a question on cleaning the barrel that was answered the same day. Later, i incurred a slight problem (through my own error) and they responded very quickly and replaced a part i had damaged. We are now able to produce a better sausage shape and production has improved with the two speed forward and one reverse speed. My congratulations luvele on both an excellent product and a really good customer service team.

After a dreadful experience with another brand, i decided to go with my guiding sense of ‘you get what you pay for’ and bought the luvele machine. It is so worth the extra cost over cheaper machines. There is just no competition on quality. Its a very solid machine which does its job flawlessly and quickly. It sped through 4lb of pork leg cuts (+ garlic and sundried tomatoes) in no time at all. Making mince is really quick and easy, and at the end of the process no more than half the length of the screw had meat left on it. It was very easy to dismantle to remove and add the residue to the mince. Making sausages was also very straightforward. It was our first attempt and a very successful. We used collagen casings which needed no preparation and taste fine.

Great bit of kit and well made. Minced 5kg of both lean and fatty meat with ease to make boerewors. The sausage attachment works well, although fills better on the faster setting.

Very well made would recomend to any one.

Have not used the meat grinder yet,it looks like a well made bit of kit.

A well-built, study construction. First of all was not sure which way round the cutter should go in as was not too clear in the pictures. Food material tended to clog behind the grinding plates after use although the actual grinding continued unimpeded. The cleaning around the grinding plates was therefore a bit slow. This was my first time with this sausage making venture and i am delighted with the result.

Very good machine pleasure to use brilliant. I have used the grinder on beef, belly pork, pheasant, partridge and duck making burgers and game terrine. The grinder has performed effortlessly. All the grinding parts are easy to take apart for cleaning and storage. Glad i found this on amazone and purchased this meat grinder.

What can i say this machine punches way above its weight though my initial machine had a fault tim davy from customer support luvele uk helped me resolve the issue and i can only say i am so glad i bought this machine from such a company who has pride and value for its products and its customers top stuff indeed, now to the mincer itself i minced about 20kg of venison and it made short work of it even through the smallest plate the machine grinded the meat with ease now i have used some other reputable mincers of the similar size but none impressed me as much as this one its beautifully made in all stainless steel with an all steel gearbox which i find most important and with a 700w rated motor it will deliver a life time service if properly looked after and all backed by fantastic customer support from luvele uk 5 stars from me.

The all metal grinder with 7cm exit opening means higher work rate. I was a bit wary of paying more than the cost of a kitchen aid attachment but have nothing to fear. I can only say ‘highly recommended ‘.

I looked over quite a few meat grinders before going for the luvele. We use it in our bakery sandwich bar for forming the meat to go into our very popular sausage rolls. These sausage rolls sold at our outlet, the lunch box sheringham , are said by a lot of our many customers to be the best in sheringham. The machine itself is made from cast aluminum and is a masterpiece of design and functionality. It is a beautiful machine aesthetically very pleasing, easily assembled and very well packed. A little difficult to wash out but not that bad and i follow up the wash by spraying every part with dettoll sanitiser. It does what it says it will and has a great array of cutters and sausage tubes. Look no further this is the one to buy.

I have recently purchased a luvele ultimate meat grinder. I did a lot of research prior to opting for the luvele product. I am so glad i chose this grinder the whole machine is really well built it performs extremely well and the end results are amazing. The standard range of attachments is more than adequate. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product.

The feel of the machine is incredible. I have looked for months for a reliable mincer/sausage maker and i’m so glad i had the patience to come across the luvele. It has a great weight to it and feels robust. All the parts are quality made and most parts are made of metal. It is very easy to use and clean. I have tried all discs and have made my first sausages. On the low speed setting, anyone can make sausages and it is a pleasure to know exactly what has gone into my burgers and sausages. I have used weschenfelder for the sausage casing and recipe book. I would give more stars if possible.