Luxburg® Luxburg 150-Inch 300 x 225 cm Full HD 3D Electric Motorised Fiber Glass Projection Screen : Good product

Brilliant just what we wanted perfect size.

I was initially unsure but im happy to say its great value for money.

Five mins to fit on a flat wall.

Originally had issues, but i kept screen and was given a partial refund. Overall happy with price and product,and customer services were quick to help.

First it came excellently packed which was very important to me since i wanted to ship to malta. The was easy to fix to wall albeit a little bit heavy for one person. The picture quality was good and sure there was gain than projecting on a wall although i doubt it is the 2. 6 gain mentioned on the website. For the price and money well worth it.

Fantastic, looks great and for a low cost screen its great quality.

Would have been 4 stars but it’s started to break less than 2 month alone the tensioning lines.

This is an amazing screen, tremendous value. It’s fully 8 feet square, works really well. Been using it weekly at our church for months now but when retracting it i don’t allow it to go right back into place, as it jammed a one end once. Highly recommended, supplied by ektor.

  • Projector screen that is almost perfect.
  • A great screen for a good budget price, easy to set up and silent in operation.
  • Superb Value Screen with a Few Issues

Luxburg 150-Inch 300 x 225 cm Full HD 3D Electric Motorised Fiber Glass Projection Screen

Size Name:150″ 4:3 – 300x225cm  |  Colour Name:Fiber Glass
Product Description, Luxburg Projection Screens Luxburg offers a wide range of high-quality screens, suitable for almost every situation. Whether at home or for everyday use in the office, screenings in large conference rooms, cozy movie nights, table presentations at external appointments – Luxburg is the perfect projection screen for you Luxburg Electric Screens. The Luxburg electric screen is easy and comfortable to use. It can be easily mounted on the wall or the ceiling, without cluttering the space. The electrical pull-down mechanism allows you to easily change the screen size and to make the aspect ratio of your choice. Built-in adjustable vertical limit switch allows you to regulate drop/rise settings.The electric motor allows quiet operation, extended service life and lower energy consumption. With the handy remote control, you can easily switch the screen on and off. Manual and remote control are included with the product. Specifications – Type: Electric Screen – Format: 1:1 – UHD – | 3D | HD | Full HD – Canvas: matt white – Fabric: 2-ply vinyl + 1-ply fiberglass fabric 0.42mm – Gain factor: 1.0 – Viewing Angle: 150° – Back: black, opaque – Size of the viewing area: 300×225 cm – Screen diagonal: 150 inches – Black border: side – 3.5 cm, lower part – 5 cm – Cleaning: possible, with a damp cloth – Weight: 13 kg – Housing: metal – Size of the body: approx. 332cm, diameter 7.6 cm – Packaging size: approx 13.8×15.2×343 cm, 15 kg

Box Contains, 1 x Projection screen

From the manufacturer

Key Features


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manual control

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wall and ceiling mounting

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RF Remote Control

Radio Frequency remote control allows fully control your screen, even without direct sight between the remote control and the screen’s receiver, which is perfect for hidden installations.

Manual Control

Manual control box is also a receiver for the remote control and has full control capabilities.

Wall and Ceiling Mounting Options

Metal end caps allows both wall and ceiling installations. Detachable cable makes assembly processes easier and allowes to hide the cables if needed.

Fibre Glass Fabric

2-ply vinyl + 1-ply fiberglass fabric 0.42mm. By reinforcing the fabric with a layer of fiberglass, which prevent static charging and – more importantly – stop wave and wrinkling, we have achieved greater dimensional stability with the same reflective properties compared with conventional PVC / vinyl material.

tensioned screen matt white fiber flass glass bead matt grey
Tab-Tensioned Screeen Matt White Screen Fiber Glass Screen Glass Bead screen Matt Grey Screen
Fabric Type PVC Matt White Reinforced Fiber Glass Glass Bead Matt Grey
Wall / Ceiling Mounts
Manual Control
Remote Control
Gain Factor 1.1 1 1.1 2.1 1.1
Additional Tension System X X X X
Aspect Ratio 16:9 1:1 4:3 16:9 1:1 4:3 1:1 4:3 16:9 4:3 16:9
Diagonals 92″, 100″, 106″, 120″ 80″, 90″, 100″, 113″, 120″, 136″, 150″ 100″, 113″, 120″ 100″, 120″ 100″

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Screen has a very good picture. The only issue is the screen is not as flat as it should be. Only noticeable with credits and some straight horizontal lines.

Although i personally think this this item is great value for money and it performs its function very nicely, it should be noted that the 4 pin connector is keyed for 1 way connection the plug will plug in easily in any position including live to casing so great care should be taken in aligning plug and socket.

The first part of this review outlines why i got this screen and reasons behind it and issues i had, however i can not fault the product as it works perfectly and is exceptional value for moneyi had tried to adjust my working original motorised projector screen when it was going down to make it stop a fraction higher that it was before and ended up messing it up so much i can no longer get it to go back down. So i felt it was time to order a new screen (which to be fair my old one is over 7-10 years old, it had been through a projector on non-hdmi then hdmi). My old screen was about 74inch diagonal, and this new one from luxburg was the smallest one i could get on next day that suited the budget. I can live with the extra inches on the right hand side. The issues i had were in hindsight – trivial but still caused me time trying to resolve – these were as follows:these are not the products fault, but issues i had. Firstly the screen can be hung “by cup hooks” (provided), which are on the end caps, or there is a back fixing to allow wall hanging. Alas my old screen allowed to use screws to fix directly up into the ceiling (which is wall board) so i needed special rawplugs to allow support as the screen is heavy, and the ceiling plasterboard will not support the weight. I used one original fixing point in my ceiling from my old screen, but had to visit the diy to get new plasterboard rawplugs which came with “bolt style cup hooks”, as i was unable to use the existing “screw in hooks”, luckily they did ones with the same bolt fixing thread, so once i had the second bolt in place, it was soon fixed securely. Secondly, there were some minor issues with the metal lip on the top edge where the screen rolls onto the motor, as the “lip” was uneven, it looked odd, however the metal is soft/pliable and easily straightened with no adverse affects. – i can see from other reviews that damage to the case is also been raised before, so it seems to be more a shipping problem.

Good screen-solid buildminor scratch on metal workout it visible when fittedgood value.

Absolutely love this screen, have it two years and not a single issue. We just boxed it off on ceiling and you don’t know it’s there until you press the remote. Has started to curl slightly at edges now, possible from being left curled up too long but doesn’t affect viewing.

Good product but had to send back as sizes shown are not the size including casing. Please check specification before buying.

Great size of screen, easily put up.

Fixings slightly different to photo but managed to install just as easily. Hopefully the creases will fall out with use.

  • Projector screen that is almost perfect.
  • A great screen for a good budget price, easy to set up and silent in operation.
  • Superb Value Screen with a Few Issues

Luxburg 150-Inch 300 x 225 cm Full HD 3D Electric Motorised Fiber Glass Projection Screen

The initial smell is strong but will subside over time.

Great screen, but has become lightly uneven lower down – no idea why this has happened.

I was looking for a mid range 110 inch 19×8 aspect motorised grey screen however i couldn’t find anything that size in the £400 range. For several years i’ve had a much smaller white sapphire screen with a 1024×768 hitachi projector, when i upgraded from a cheap glass bead ebay screen to the sapphire mat screen i was amazed at the improvement in quality. So, when i upgraded to a 3d full hd epson projector i was keen to get a good quality screen and as this projector is bright and my walls are light i decided to go for grey this time. Time was passing and my search turned up nothing, i was getting desperate to try the new toy with a 3d blu-ray so encouraged by some of the positive reviews i bought this screen, thinking if the mechanism was ok i could always reload it with different grey material if the supplied turned out to be rubbish. It arrived undamaged and much quicker than predicted even though i live in the middle of nowhere, it was very well packed indeed. Mounting it on the wall was a breeze (even though i didn’t find the supplied screws and plugs till afterwards). I decided to shorten the leads on the control box as i didn’t want it dangling down the wall. So being an electronics engineer ( and as i was committed to keeping it anyway) after checking to make sure it worked ok i opened the control box and was blown away by the circuit build quality, more like top quality european than cheap chinese electronics. I shortened and re soldered the leads and mounted the box on top of the screen case. Since then it has been up and down perhaps a dozen times, smoothly and quietly.

For the price this is very good value for money. The screen itself is huge which is what we were after for local film nights. There are no dents on the case and the motor runs very quietly.

Delivery was excellent as it was in our possession the very next day and it was perfect for what we needed. On the downside there were a number of marks /scratches on the screen housing. These could make you think that the unit had been used somewhere else before, when you first take it out of the packaging. However, as the unit is fixed some 12 ft up on the wall these are not noticeable and don’t effect the workability of the screen. All in all an excellent bit of kit for the price.

4 stars because the metal part in widest place is more than 7. 6cm big add another 5mm for a plastc bits at the end of it. Otherwise it’s worth the money.

Good product received within 48 hours.

The ’80 inch’ screen is actually 84 inches and its not perfectly 16:9 so the image from my projector doesn’t fill the screen perfectly. It’s weird becausr the other ones are perfectly 16:9 (eg the 90 inch).

This is a must for home cinema fans ,be careful on sizing make sure you measure correctly. Very quick service ,the screen very strong white small black frame on sides. Its robust well made and is remote control. So can be opened fully or to preferred size. I was amazed at the length of what i ordered but fits in very well. I was able to install it on my own so easy. If your sci-fi nut like me you will watch all those starwars again using your projector. Well worth the money and mega statisfied.

Firstly it was shipped to spain tracked and delivered extremely quick. It arrived with a spanish plug 😉 easy to install due to the sliding bracket options. Remote works well with auto stop. The screen quality is far superior than my last one, in 3d mode was amazed at the difference. Good value for money, the tensioning does help go along way to flatten the screen but i do still have some waving. Hopefully in time they will drop out. Hence 4 starts but good quality good shipping and easy of use. Good to have the wall and remote options. Very happy all round and at the price can not complain.

Brilliant fast delivery superb product 5 stars all the way.

. The packaging for this item is entirely inadequate for the job. If you buy this screen consider that you are likely to find a few dings in the casing. (i notice in one review the reviewer’s screen arrived damaged beyond use). In my case there were 2 small dings: one on the bottom bar which slightly distorts the material and one on the top casing which is just a small visual thing. Both are slightly irritating: but not enough to merit the hassle of returning the item. Luxberg need to look at this urgently. Secondly the instructions are worse than useless: couldn’t they find someone to translate for them?. A final negative is that the supplied 2 small wallplugs won’t hack it for a plasterboard ceiling mounting.I used 2 strong brackets and spring toggles purchased from screwfix and these worked well.

Fantastic product – competitively priced. I did find it weird that to ceiling hang it there are no hooks included, but beyond that it’s a great projection screen. I use it just for casual home entertainment use. I was unsure of whether i really needed a motorised one at the time but now i have it installed it’s very sleek, particularly with the remote that comes with it. Given how expensive other projection screens can be, i’m incredibly impressed how high quality this is.

I was worried that an £80 screen wouldn’t be great but took a risk. After reading a mix of positive and negative reviews i decided to see for my self. Firstly it arrived quickly and well packaged. No cosmetic defects on outer casing. Built solid and felt strong. Screen operates smoothly and at a decent speed. Edges have very minimal curl which isn’t even noticeable. Only one very minor white mark on the black border which can be hidden easily with a marker. For £80 it could have been a load of rubbish. You even get 2 sets of adjustment controls that allow to set drop height and rise height.

Brilliant screen, stays flat and good quality, only problem is that it shows me i need to upgrade my projector.

Delivered in good order to the uk, the package length was a good 3 metres long and i think around 18kg weight, i then transported it from there to cyprus using the cargo hold as part of my luggage allowance, so when i got it there i had my fingers crossed that it would work ok. Because of the weight i fixed it to the ceiling using rawlbolt fixings with circular ‘hoop’ heads, i fixed a hook to the screen bracket to mate with the rawlbolt. In order to fix the screen bracket to the screen you have to unscrew the end bracket, this was no problem and the bracket slid on easy. I got it mounted on the ceiling plugged it in and crossed my fingers, hey presto down it came, i have tried it out at various drop levels with and without the remote and can say that i am impressed with it’s performance, it gives a good clear picture with my optoma projector, which is approx. 3 metres away, this does not fill the viewing space so i will probably move it back another couple of metres or so in order to maximise the screen. All in all i think this is a good product for a reasonable price.

Good points delivered on time well packagedoperates well ie goes up and down fairly quickly around 30 secondsit is bright and am using with optoma ml750 projectorvalue for moneysmells a little of plastic but gone within a weeksome manual screens are more expensivebad pointsfixings are only some screws and wall plugs( however as i wanted to mount from ceiling which requires hooks which weren’t included or any plasterboard plugs ) so hooks i think should be providedthe black edges of the screen appear to be a kind of paint or coating which if you look really closely isn’t exactalso the right edge has started to curl a littlei think the less you put it up and down the better it will beoverall i think it represents great value for money and i am pleased with it and would recommend it.

Somehow i managed to mount this projector on my wall (on my own), i had spent ages trying to get the correct casing size for the designated spot in my living room as no two sides in my living room are the same and i wanted to make sure that it was a 16:9 ratio. There was an issue where it was slightly rolling up and down out of alignment, this now works just fine, to have this set up with the use of a projector beats going to the cinema anyday (especially if you have a very good surround system connected). It’s perfect as it hangs over my wall of pictures and my television without any contact or snagging, and you transform your living room into a cinema-style room in seconds at the touch of a button. If you do hang this screen on brackets i recommend that you get snap hooks rather than standard hooks.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Format 4:3 | Diagonal approx. 150 Inch | Dimensions 300×225 cm | suitable for other popular formats thanks to flexibly adjustable roll-out mechanism
  • 3-layer matt white canvas fabric with middle fiberglass layer, gain factor of 1.0 – ideal for Full HD 1080p and 3D. By reinforcing the fabric with a layer of fiberglass, which prevent static charging and – more importantly – stop wave and wrinkling, we have achieved greater dimensional stability with the same reflective properties compared with conventional PVC / vinyl material.
  • The material is designed so that no light is lost – means that the screen is basically compatible with any projector model. The back is black and opaque. Black edge masking is used for optical contrast enhancement. Robust white octagonal metal housing with metal end caps ensures stability.
  • The electric motor allows silent operation with low power consumption. It is controlled by the wall control or the supplied remote control.
  • Delivery by courier: UK – next working day; Europe: 2-5 working days!