Luxburg® Luxburg 80-Inch 162 x 122 cm Full HD 3D Portable Freestanding Floor Pull-up Projection Screen – Matt : he loved it. i ordered late didn’t think it would

Provides a great surface for projecting onto. There when needed and hidden when not. It did have a funny smell at the start, but that has disappeared.

Good product, the edges curl a bit and distort the picture slightly but does not affect your overall enjoyment of the movie / program. Easy to setup and it does smell a bit for a few days, best to leave a window open for awhile.

Great projector screen for the money but should have went for the 80 inch one as this one is a bit on the large side for my living room.

Not the best, does the job, edges curl but most do of this type to some degree.

Easy to use, great price, prompt delivery. I does smell a little like reported but nothing that would put you off buying. My experience is they all smell slightly and i have got 6 over the years.

The case and frame are robustly constructed in metal. Fast and easy to pull up the screen or put it away. Good height and reasonably sturdy. Don’t expect the best screen quality for the price you paid. Debris from the manufacturing process was not totally cleared away from the case. There is also a kerosene type smell from the screen which will fade away with use. A well designed and constructed product which is also value for money.

Easy to put up and take down.

Lacking in space for a permanent home cinema, this screen offers a practical solution. Very easy to install and pack when finished using. The 100′ screen is large enough for the average room, it was actually much bigger than i imagined. One small negative point was the strong smell of plastic/oil, fortunately this dissipates after a few uses.

  • Look no further
  • Great picture. Great value for money.
  • Good product

Luxburg 80-Inch 162 x 122 cm Full HD 3D Portable Freestanding Floor Pull-up Projection Screen – Matt White

Size Name:80″ 4:3 – 162x122cm  |  Colour Name:Matt White
Product Description, Luxburg Projection Screens Luxburg offers a wide range of high-quality screens, suitable for almost every situation. Whether at home or for everyday use in the office, screenings in large conference rooms, cozy movie nights, table presentations at external appointments – Luxburg is the perfect projection screen for you.Portable Freestanding Floor Pull-up Projector Screen.With this high-quality full HD and 3D portable projection screen you will be able to watch presentations, sport matches, movies or tv shows almost everywhere. It stands on its own and you can place it wherever you want. With a crossing gas spring structure, you can stop the screen at any height you want, it works smooth and quiet. To set up the screen just twist out the 2 feet, un-click the 2 catches, open the lid, pull up to your desired height and it is ready to use! Durable and and lightweight due high quality aluminum alloy structure, with build in carrying handle It can be easily carried. The screen has black borders and back side to increase the video quality.Specifications – Type: Portable Freestanding Floor Pull-up Projector Screen – Format: 4:3 – UHD – | 3D | HD | Full HD – Canvas: Matt White – Fabric: 3-ply vinyl fabric 0.42mm – Gain factor: 1.0 – Viewing angle: to 150° – Back: black, opaque – Size of the viewing area: 163×123 cm – Screen Size: 80″ Inch – Black Border: Side – 3.5 cm, bottom – 78 cm – Cleaning: possible, with a damp cloth – Weight: 9.8 kg – Body: Aluminium – Housing Size: 170x12x14 cm – Packaging Size: approx. 182x17x14 cm, 10.8 kg

Box Contains, 1 x Luxburg Projector screen

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Negative: too much light reflection, it is very disturbing, it is not matte enough. It is not fully straight, you should put something under the support legs to make it straight. Positive: easy to lift up the screen and easy put it back down.

Bought just before christmas, with an optoma short-throw projector, appletv 4k and all have been superb. I needed a screen and projector that i could put up or away quickly. In under 3 minutes we’re watching superb hd movies. Stores easily under our couch – so no one knows we have a full cinema-quality setup just waiting for darkness to fall, a log fire on, then play the movie.

Had this for nearly a year now and the chemical/solvent smell is only just starting to dissipate. Had to leave it initially in the conservatory for days before it was bareable. However, saying all that the screen does what it’s says. The case is fantastic and generally quite robust. I have had to chuck in my car a lot and it seems fine.

Good product, quick delivery – does everything you want.

I’m very happy with this screen. It was expensive but worth it. Just to note, it is a little heavy and awkward to move.

Bough this for my boyfriend for xmas. I ordered late didn’t think it would be delivered in time but delivery was very fast.

I wasn’t expecting it to curl as much as it does, but it isn’t terrible.

Quality is ok for the price. The first few months it smells really bad. The screen is very white and easy to move/use.

  • Look no further
  • Great picture. Great value for money.
  • Good product

Luxburg 80-Inch 162 x 122 cm Full HD 3D Portable Freestanding Floor Pull-up Projection Screen – Matt White

It proved impossible to find out the actual weight of this 80″ screen. The weight shown in amazon is incorrect. 2kg; the weight of the screen without packing is 9kg or 20 lbs – quite an armfulas mentioned elsewhere the edges curl but the screen goes up and down quite easily.

“excellent service arrived on 10 june so well before estimated date and is exactly as described it does have the horrible smell that was mentioned in all the other feed backs but have put it up and will be leaving it up until next week when it will be required for use and hopefully by then the smell will have disappeared i am really happy with this purchase especially for the price paid however one small niggle the boxed weight is described as 1. 2 kg which is unfortunately wrong it is more like 12kg but other than that it is exactly as described “.

Very well packaged and prompt delivery. Check the dimensions when you buy as the white part of the screen is smaller than i thought. Although it’s portable it is quite heavy. It’s very easy to use and pulls up and packs away very easily.

Happy with it over all would have liked the screen material to be tight with no ripples in when fully erect. This is my only gripe really.

Very good screen, easy to take from one place to another – recommended.

Good size for the varied sizes of rooms that our club may use. Not too heavy so can be carried around with ease.

Arrived on time and as advertised.

Exchanged for a 80′ instead, as the 100′ was huge. As with other brands there is a plastic smell which should fade with time. Well made and strong, should last for a while. Quick delivery and good customer services.

We needed a screen for the local gardening club – this works fine.

It is truly portable, not heavy but needs a bit of care when moving as it is long. Very impressed with the ease with which it quickly assembles. For something that looks so big and well constructed the set up is done with a light touch and required very little effort. A good solution if you want to project in multiple locations and don’t want a fixed screen attached to a wall.

Great product, we are really happy, however, the items was delivered via ups who were dreadful.

I found this a quick and easy item to assemble for presentations.

Not had a projector screen before and was resigned to buying an expensive one that was fixed to the ceiling, giving no flexibility. Very large viewing area, great flexibility due to its floor mounted position. Expanding frame provides firm background to the viewing skin. No distortion or curl around the edges. Very competitive price compared to the fixed products. Can’t imagine being without it now.

The screen is very easy to use, taking only seconds to erect or take down. Height is just as easy to adjust. The tension on the screen keeps the central part reasonable flat, but the very edges do curl a little, but no more so that any other screens of this type. The screen is bright and projected images look good. The construction quality is acceptable for the price. I have seen similar screens from big-name brands that cost four times the price but are really no better. It is adequate for home use and for the occasional business or training presentation, but if the latter is your bread-and-butter business i would suggesting looking for something more robust. One problem is that the metal case contained quite a lot of metal swarf from the production process (cutting and drilling). I recommend opening for the first time where such debris could be easily vacuumed up, i.

Having struggled with screens in the past this one is fantastic–it is so quick and easy to put up and put away.

You need to get one of these just to read the instructions which were probably translated by a 9 year old. We have not stopped laughing.

There was a strong smell of chemicals when opened and this took a month or two to go away. I will be buying another one of a different size later in the year but will leave in cellar for a few months before use.

Features and Spesification

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  • Format 4:3 | Screen Size 80 Inch | Dimensions 163×123 cm |Suitable for other popular formats thanks to flexibly adjustable hydraulic scissor mechanism on the back
  • 3-layer 0.42mm matt white canvas with luminance factor / gain factor of 1.0 – ideal for Full HD 1080p and 3D. The material consists of 3 layers of PVC. The matt white surface provides perfect and uniform light diffusion and an angle-independent image quality, optimal color representation and excellent sharpness and it best suits for use in low light with highly luminous projectors.
  • The fabric is designed so that no light is lost – hence the canvas is compatible with virtually any projector. The back is black and opaque. The materials are fireproof and waterproof, not deform and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Black edge masking is used for optical contrast enhancement. Lightweight yet very robust aluminum housing ensures stability.
  • Very light yet stable thanks to aluminum alloy structure. Carrying handle allows easy transportation. Instant adjustment by the scissor gas springs at the back
  • Delivery by courier: UK – next working day; Europe: 2-5 working days!