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Love these blenders and have been using them during my professional time in kitchens. . Just not sure that some of the things you feel would have been tweaked to make it better. The main bowl for instance has some ridges on it for the switch mechanism that are right where you would pour a liquid out, and overall it seems you need to clean all the parts when you use it. The centrifuge also seems a bit ‘off’ i can’t let it run smoothly unless i press down on the top. I had 2 previous magimix machines, neither of which had the centrifuge issue, and the same niggle above. As it’s not the cheapest and in the end it works for my needs i’ll convince myself it fine, but i do ponder on having bought a kenwood or similar.

Purchased this for my wife’s birthday. I know i know but she really wanted one to replace one she previously had. Anyway this will do any kind of chopping you want and comes with lots of different choppy accessories.

An excellent kitchen aid for small or large families. It has a small boul for quick mixes or soups and larger bowl for cakes and pasteries. It’svery easy to clean , and fits snugly on my kitchen work top.

I lost the blade to my old braun food processor, made in the mid 80s, and could not get a replacement, so i needed a new machine. I chose the magimix as it was one of the few processors on the market that is still made in the developed world and a lot of the leading brands seemed a bit flimsy when i looked at them in shops, although i was not entirely certain whether the extra cost of a higher-end machine would be justified. On arrival the first thing i noticed was the weight of the thing and it’s reassuring solidity. There is a fairly comprehensive set of blades and three mixing vessels which helpfully nest to save space. Since owning it i have given it a fairly thorough test. For fine chopping, the small blade in the smallest vessel works very well. This is best done on pulse to avoid whatever you are chopping getting pulpy. The grating and slicing blades also work extremely efficiently, reducing carrots and courgettes in seconds. There is always a few small pieces left between the top of the jug and the blade, but it is not a major problem to fish these out. The fine grater is excellent for parmisan cheese.

I’ve only used the food processor a couple of times since i’ve bought it, but i’ve been immediately impressed by the build quality. It really shows over the two cheaper food processors i owned before, both of which didn’t last more than two years of moderate use before the bowls and/or switches broke. The bowls in the magimix are supposed to be made of a very tough plastic, and it certainly seems that way. They don’t reccomend putting them in a hot dishwasher or in the dishwasher drying cycle, so i’ll probably keep hand wsahing them to keep them in good condition. They clean very easily anyway. The motor in the magimix is very impressive too, and clearly a step-up from the machines i owned before. It’s very quiet and powerful and seems to perform jobs in significantly less time that i was used to. It’s also worth noting; this is a fairly handsome machine and looks fine if you need to leave it out on a counter-top. My expectation is that this is one machine i won’t be replacing after two years.

Yes, it is as good as people say. Having been without a food processor for some weeks ( couldn’t get a replacement lid for my old kenwood), i decided to go for the robust magimix and am not disappointed. It is, however, taking some getting used to to juggle the bowls but no doubt will get used to it.

This is great, i paid a good price here on amazon & can safely say it is leagues above what i have owned previously. If you are looking to spend over £100 on a processor i would say look no further, it’s not the cheapest but the quality in undeniable & it will last far longer. It’s big enough for prepping food for parties of 8 & easy to clean afterwards.

Sturdily built and simple to operate, the magimix comes with bowls of three sizes. Apparently a citrus press accessory is available though annoyingly nobody seems to stock it. It makes short work of grinding breadcrumbs, making pastry and mayonnaise. The machine is rather heavy (hopefully a sign of strong construction) and the mixing bowls either have to be washed by hand or will fill your dishwasher. Overall i’m glad i bought it. Mine is white and unless you really want the silver version to go with your decor it’s not worth paying the extra for it.

  • Magimix 3200- Perfect for my needs
  • Delighted with the quality
  • A great successor to our last Magimix

Magimix 18326 3200 Food Processor, White

Product Description, The Magimix Compact 3200 White Food Processor is ideal for the average family. A space saving and versatile food processor with all the functions you need every day in the kitchen. The Blendermix attachment makes blending more efficient in terms of speed and smoothness of blend than has previously been possible in a food processor, because the three legs of the attachment, which fit flush to the inside of the bowl, continually push food and liquid that is centrifugally thrown to the top and sides of the bowl thus creating a vortex as in a traditional blender jug and is therefore ideal for producing finely blended soups, cocktails, smoothies or milkshakes.
The Blendermix attachment is ideal for blending varying liquid quantities. When blending to the maximum liquid capacity, the Blendermix attachment is simply pushed to the inside of the lid and then the lid is fitted on top of the bowl, but for smaller quantities simply place the attachment inside the bowl. The stainless steel sabatier blades stay sharp for a lifetime. The three work bowls mean you have the right bowl for the job in hand and the accessory box keeps all your accessories safely stored.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x food processor
  • 3 x work bowls
  • 1 x dough blade
  • 2 x sabatier blades
  • 1 x egg whisk 1 x blendermix
  • 1 x 2mm reversible slicing/grating disc
  • 1 x 4mm reversible slicing/grating disc
  • 1 x recipe book
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    Wonderful product,it does everything i want .

    I chose this rating because the 18328 3200 magimix is great to use, and ideal for people who have limited space in their kitchen, and want a more compact food processor. It is very versatile, and does what it says it can dothere are lots of functions, and for people who like to cook, particularly baking, is a great help in the kitchen.

    Very pleased with this – the 3 bowl system very useful for differenct quantitiesthe extra gadget in the box [for smoothies] was an unexpected bonusit is much more sturdy than my previous processor, and lives out on the worktop where it is in regular use. Would recommend it – worth paying for.

    The magimix 3200 is an excellent food processor. It took a little getting used to – it was counter-intuitive to have all 3 bowls on the machine when just making a small quantity of mayonnaise in the little bowl. However, there was no splash-over so it was only the bowl that was used that needed cleaning. The motor is very quiet and appears more powerful than it’s rated 650w and the blades are all extremely sharp. Highly recommended for a couple – for a family, i would go for one of the bigger models.

    I love my magimixthe blades are so sharp, i have made so many things in it already, eacj thing easier than the last. I bought it to replace a smaller food processer i had and for the blender function. I was slightly nervous about the blender function making a nice smooth smoothie but i had nothing to worry about. I love this product, it’s worth every penny.

    The mixer was delivered on time and was well packed. The package included easy to follow instructions and a number of recipes. Having now used the mixer a few times it is a really powerful and efficient mixer and was well worth the purchase price.

    The handle is in a stupid position; pointing out forwards and turn clockwise. Alright if one is left handed – i am not .

    Excellent, i use it everyday. Sturdy, easy to use and clean. I am glad i decided to spend a little bit more on my purchase and buy the magimix.

    • Magimix 3200- Perfect for my needs
    • Delighted with the quality
    • A great successor to our last Magimix

    Magimix 18326 3200 Food Processor, White

    Having used the 1st magimix model (r1) for 35 years and having researched the market for processors, this one is just as good as the old one. It is robust, powerful and quiet and does all it says it does. This model is probably more suitable for a 2 – 3 person household in its capacity.

    I purchased my magimix 3200 some years ago. The price back then was £135. It has grated whole blocks of catering cheese, made huge amounts of egg mayo, sliced potatoes for lancashire hotpot, mixed cakes, made pastry, minced beef and chicken, made pesto, shredded veg for coleslaw, sliced salads, made bases for cheesecakes and pureed veg for soups. Out of guarantee, i melted the buttons. Magimix collected the machine, put new buttons on it, serviced it and delivered it back to me. It cost me £50 but was much better than buying a new machine. I would definitely buy one again although they are so well made i think it will be some years down the line.

    Good value and prompt delivery.

    Ideal, smaller version of the best make in the food processor market. More than enough for two people. But really good if you want to try out some of the recipes on the cooking programmes.

    I bought a new magimix as the previous one died after 35 years use. The extra tools with the new version make it even more versatile.

    I bought a magimix in 1976; used it endlessly whilst my family were growing up. I moved to my present abode 5 years ago, living on my own and didn’t use the magimix. My neighbour inherited mine recently from me, since her cheap machine died. Suddenly i’ve got into cooking again and realise what a fool i’ve been giving it away. Out of all the appliance i have, the magimix is the best and does everything you could possibly ask of it. I now have to purchase another. Anyone out there thinking, i don’t use mine, don’t give it away. You will regret your kindness.

    If its good enough for jamie oliver it good enough for me and i love using his machine/ this and my new garlic press are the best companions for my kitchen.

    I have a magimix at home (le micro) and a 3200 in my restaurant. After 16 years and commercial abuse the motor is still going as good as ever. I did at one stage buy a cheaper and bigger processor for home but it’s absolute rubbish and my cracked, no handle le micro magimix beats it hands down. The only possible match to magimix would be robot coupe, which are also excellent but they’re five times the price and really for commercial use. Stick with magimix, they’re unbeatable.

    I have had this machine for a while now i did not want to spend as much as i did since i have a second bigger one, was i impressed by the quality of the attachments, the three bowls which fit inside one another is very clever the motor is quiet and very strong at first i was worried that i did not have a blender but i have not missed it you can pulse to a very fine texture (soup) i do not regret spending a little more it is quality all the way. I would really recommend this product.

    Love my magimox compact – looks good, makes light work of everything from shredding vegetables to making cakes. Easy to store and clean – love the box of accessories. My last magi lasted 20 years and this one feels as good.

    This is a lovely piece of machinery. It’s so simple to use and works a dream. I’ve only tried the slicer accessory up to now (processor only arrived 3 days ago) but it really just does the job. I made some shortcrust pastry to try out the bowl and wow. The motor is quiet and the weight of the processor means it doesn’t move at all. I would have no hesitation in recommendng this product. The storage container is a boon in that it keeps the accessories and sharp blades all in one safe bundle.

    Made of durable materials and easy t clean.

    Fantastic product, worth every penny. Use it as often as possible for various dishes. I am a beginner so apologies for the lack of ‘technical teardown’ of the product.

    I have had the big magimix model for many years but it was beginning to have problems so i switched to the compact version. Can be used much more easily as it doesn’t weigh a ton, doesn’t take up so much space but still works like a champ. I use it all the time now since it is so much more convenient.

    Sturdy, versatile and easy to use. Well worth the extra money and makes life in the kitchen much easier.

    I bought this to replace an old kenwood processor. I like that it is so compact and fits neatly on my work top. It is easy to use and my 9 yr old granddaughter has also used it and made some super cakes. It comes with different size bowls and graters & slicers which i have also used. Would recommend it to anyone who like cooking.

    I use this processor almost every day for one thing or another. It is very easy to use, comes with a great recipe book and a selection of accessories and cleaning is simple. I love the size of it as it fits perfectly onto my kitchen counter. I have had this about four months so far and it has tackled everything i have thrown at it.

    Features and Spesification

    • Blendermix attachment
    • 3 work bowls
    • On/off one touch pulse buttons
    • Stainless steel sabatier blades
    • Quiet induction motor