Magimix 18471 4200XL Food Processor – Very strong and has a lot of options but the

The beast of all food processors.

Very strong and has a lot of options but the fact that all the bowls are nested together means you have to wash them all after any use of any one of them.

I thought long and hard before investing in this machine. There are no doubt very good alternatives but the combination of the long guarantee and quiet operation (my young son hates the sound of the blender we already have) won me over. Very pleased with it so far. It’s clearly very well made and has worked effortlessly through several jobs using a few of the different blades – and with my son sitting near-by with no complaints. My only niggle is that all parts of the lid need rinsing even if you only use the small bowl. I’m sure magimix have considered it; hopefully that small improvement can be designed-in at some point in future designs.

I have just started using it, but it does everything it is supposed to do and quickly. It stands proudly on my countertop being red and shiny. The motor is very powerful and the basic accessories are enough for me. But: when i prepared lemons for my lemonchutney, it has effected the minibowl. I expect a machine of this quality to use the best materialsand 2 tips for the manufacturer make some holes in the bottom rims of the large and minibowl. After washing up the water will disappear easier and it might be a good idea to add a solid pusher, because the one that comes with the machine always needs a lot of work cleaning and drying.

Fab product worth every penny.

I received a magimix 4200xl today purchased from amazon warehouse described as ‘very good’, it arrived in its original box that had the label stuck to the front of it. The box is in terrible condition and looks like it has fallen down many hills in its journey. The product inside had no protective support around it and is damaged as result. I am awaiting amazon’s response. I have bought many items from both amazon and the amazon warehouse where everything to date was fine and well packed for safety but this is very poor and completely unacceptable.

The food processor works really well unfortunately after 2 months it stopped working so i’ve had to send it for repair already which has disheartened me and i don’t trust the brand like i did. I tried to make pesto in it but found it didn’t get it chopped into as smooth a paste as i’d like (especially giving it to a toddler). Apart from that it is quiet and very sturdy.

Have used mixers before, so getting used to a processor has taken a while. Had several disasters with over mixing so am practising.

This was bought for a friend whose ancient magimix had finally passed away. We recommended this model as it has served us well.

You name it this marvellous machine makes it, well almost,.

Fantastic food processor – since i had one 10 years ago it has so many refinements that make it even more effective and efficient. Only down side is that it generates quite a lot of washing up and even a significant proportion of a dishwasher.

How did i ever cook without it. A great piece of kit that is incredibly powerful.

Have had cheaper food processors and you can see and feel the difference with the magimix. Excellent build quality and well designed with the three bowels. All blades/ attachments come in a very convenient storage case. I would recommend this to any cook . Here are the specifications for the Magimix 18471 4200XL Food Processor:

  • Multifunctional – perfect for slicing, grating, chopping, kneading, whisking and blending
  • Powerful 950 W motor automatically adjusts it’s power depending on what’s in the bowl
  • Large 3L capacity, ideal for large families
  • Quiet Mark accredited
  • 30-year motor and 3-year parts guarantee

The magimix is very efficient to use, a bit clumsy and a bit difficult to wash and dry.

I have had my magimix for a few weeks and bought it on the recommendation of friends who are serious cooks. It has been great for making bread, cakes, pastry, pate, and recipes with shredded or grated vegetables (e. The only downside, and the reason it doesn’t get 5 stars all round from me, is that it is a bit tricky to clean – i would describe this as a niggle rather than a serious problem. Otherwise, i am very pleased with this high quality product.

Blender function is not great especially if you are used to a good dedicated blender. It sometimes sounds like the blade is scraping the edge – i think it’s because the alignment off in the centre shaft connecting the motor to the blade. Most likely a unique minor fault and if i hold it in a certain way it sounds perfectly smooth. Otherwise this a great bit of kit and i wanted to give it more stars as it is really worth it even with minor issues i don’t regret purchasing it.

I had high hopes about this item, but it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. It developed a fault after 6 months of use – the plastic rod connecting the engine with the blades wore off and the blades stopped working, also started sliding off the rod (which can lead to injury. Based on online reviews and enthusiastic ‘i bought a magimix 20 years ago and it’s still going strong’ stories, i expected higher quality. But maybe a magimix made in 2017 is not the same as magimix made in 1997.

Brilliant machine – does everything i wanted. Ive had other food processors over many years and this is head and shoulders above them and worth the extra cost.

This was a replacement, our original we had for 14 years and more. Replaced a few parts and has been great, so looking forward to using our new one.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love it!

  • Does the job, so powerful

  • Rolls Royce of food processors

The best purchase you can possibly think of for your kitchen.

Brilliant machine, copes with anything you throw at it.

It’s the best one i’ve ever had.

Great food processor & makes meal prep time such a breeze – not quite sure how i survived without italso, pleasantly surprised by the recipe app, it seems to have new recipes added on a regular basis.

Great food processor, solid build and heavy so it doesn’t move around. Bigger than i expected, doesn’t fit on my kitchen counter under my wall cabinets which is a bit of a shame.

I did a lot of research when choosing which food processor to buy and am really happy with this so far.

Replacement for an older model (had for over 20 years), same make – excellent machine, just taking me a bit of time to get used to all the attachments.

I’ve waited many years to buy a magimix food processor. I looked at 3200xl, 4200xl and 5200xl. I looked at the weights of recipes that i make on a regular basis and used this as a gauge to help my decision. The 4200xl handles my 600g bread dough recipe with ease. I’m new to food processors, i’ve always used my kitchenaid stand mixer for making bread dough. Which seems to take between 8-10 minutes to reach the perfect consistency for bread dough. I used my magimix to make bread last night. In just over 1 minute, my bread dough was ready. It made beautiful bread too.

I have taken awhile looking at reviews and considering the cost. Enjoying trying new things and making sure that i use all the attachments to make full use of the machine. Loving the soup it makes and the speed of preparing the veg. Also done meringues and made nut butter.

I love my magimix, it’s a brilliant food processor and really well worth your money. I have used it for many food processes and it works superbly every time.

So quite and easy to use although be aware that the lid is anti-clockwise to shut so i had to get use to that. I personally don’t think it’s too heavy as others have mentioned. I store it away and get it our when needed. All the tools are great and it is very easy to clean. Definatley worth the money and investment if you bake every weekend as i do. I make pate every week and it chops and smooths out lambs liver no problem. It also copes with 300g of soaked quinoa and 300g of courgettes mixed with chia seeds. This was the test for me as the mixture becomes very thick and binding and it coped fantastic and quicker that i thought.

Very sturdy food processor, this is my third in 36 years. I think they are well worth the money. It arrived with excellent packaging from amazon and exceeded my expectations based on how much i loved my previous two magi mix food processors.

Using at the minute and use every day -very versatile -love it.

We received this item earlier than expected, very well packed and a good quality item.

Works really well very powerful and strong , now my daughter in law wants one.

I was so upset when a bit fell off my old magimix which i could not replace because it was obsolete. Machine was over 20 years old and had been a stalwart in my busy kitchen for all that time. So i had to say goodbye to an old friend that had served me so very well. However, when the new one arrived, i was astonished at how much the magimix had evolved. It is an absolutely superb machine, so powerful, intelligent, versatile. . I am no longer grieving for the loss of my old friend.

I’ve only had this for a few weeks, but it has done the job. It’s so powerful and can crush up nuts with no water in no time at all. Quiet for the power behind it. Heavy, but found a place to store it that doesn’t require much moving. Lots of different blades and bowls to work with.

I had to get used to this machine. It was not just unpack and go. But now, after a few weeks of collecting experience i use it almost daily.

A large high powered processor. There won’t be much this monster can’t handle. Chucked my old knackered magimix into the recycling plant and bought this.

Quiet and powerful motor, good price from amazon, especially as magimix sent the spiral expert attachments a couple of days later which was a free gift/offer at the time of order, so a good deal especially given the high quality.

This magimix was bought to replace an original 4100 which i had and used constantly for 20+ years with very little trouble. I have a small catering company, used to write cookery books and articles and now run a bed and breakfast in sussex and i use the machine constantly for numerous tasks. This machine is more sturdy than the previous one and i hope will last me for as long as the last one.

Grating veg and slicing veg is absolutely great and is not as noisy as my last processor.

Replacing forty year old well worn but working magimix.

Perfect good price and arrived very quickly.

So far i have only used it twice but am impressed with it, especially when making pastry – so easy.

This appliance is ferrari in my kitchen.

Keeping it clean means washing several parts all at the same time, but so far the novelty hasn’t worn off because i hate grating veg and apples, as i usually add some of my own flesh() however, this machine does the job efficiently and quickly. I have also mixed puddings and cakes in it and it’s been great. I’m hoping it will be robust enough to last me for some while. The blades are in a lovely compact compartment and it also comes with a properly bound instruction/ recipe book, though interpreting the symbols involves sitting down and reading it properly. While there are some youtube videos about the machine, i would have appreciated a magimix video that showed each part of the machine clearly and what it was for.

My wife absolutely loves this processor, its really well made and quiet in operation, and the three bowls are an added bonus, very good buy.