Magimix 18534 5200XL Food Processor Satin Finish :

This is the third magimix food processer i have owned over the years. I love them for their reliabiliy, durability and efficiency. My last one had done eight hard years, and this is the most recent version of this model. It has a large capacity, and the smaller bowl is excellent for chopping small amounts of for example, herbs, nuts or garlic. I am delighted with it overall. It is however taller than its predecessor, and only just fits under the wall cupboards on my worktop. Another half-inch and it would have been difficult to fit in. The new wider feed slot (not shown in the photo) is brilliant for slicing things like cabbage for coleslaw or potatoes for scalloped potatoes. However, this makes the handle of the lid bulky to remove, and difficult to do single handed. This model also has a better selection of accessories – the previous model had several which cluttered up my drawers and were never used.

I did look at a lot of options before buying this, but i’m so glad i did. It’s super quiet and never feels like its labouring. A lot of reviews have pointed out that it’s a pain having to wash all three bowls if you only use the small one, and that is a niggle but it’s not always an issue. Definitely recommended if you cook a lot.

This is the fifth food processor i have owned and by far the best. It is simple to use and easily does everything you ask of it. Ok, it is a pain having to leave the big bowl in place to use the medium sized bowl and yes it does make extra washing up, but the machine slices and grates brilliantly. I believe, in this case, you really do get what you pay for.

It’s been a week already since i have this product and for now i’m happy about it. What i particularly like is the speed and accuracy with which can do anything you put it to do. What i don’t like: i find it a little noisy and big enough (besides the space occupied by all its accessories).

Replacement for us that improves on the original. The new additions give more scope and range to our cooking.

This is powerful and one up from my last one. It makes pastry— very quickly- be on your guard-wonderful for making bread. Unfortunately it will not fit in my cupboard so have to have the bowl in another place and not in situ.

The good things about it:- sturdy build- long warranties- many adaptors for nearly everything- clever designthe bad things about it:- glass containers / bowls scratch easily- short power chord- the dough-mixing adaptor gathers dough up the spindle on the inside, making it difficult to impossible to clean. As i bought it primarily to mix dough, a bit of a let down. – there is no slow / med / fast settings. Only auto, which proves to be too fast for some doughs. Next one is a kitchenaid i am afraid.

What an amazing piece of kitchen kit.

  • Wouldn’t be without it
  • Five Stars

Magimix 18534 5200XL Food Processor Satin Finish

Product Description, Magimix Food Processor 5200XL Satin 18534, The ultimate multifunction food processor.
Magimix Food Processor 5200XL SatinView larger Multifunctional food processor has become an invaluable tool for everyday cooking and special gourmet

A Comprehensive Solution, Magimix food processors are designed to make life simpler for the serious cook and combine good looks with ease of use. The ultimate workhorse for people who regularly entertain. If you slice or grate large portions, batch bake or cook for your deep freeze, the 5200XL gives you all the flexibility you need. With Magimix the most demanding tasks can be accomplished quickly, easily and quietly.

Safe Storage, Blade and accessory box provides compact and safe storage for the main blade, whisk and discs.

Versatile, This robust machine has an ultra-quiet, commercial-grade induction motor and automatically adjusts, varying the power for each task: slice, grate, chop, whisk, blend and bake. Each polycarbonate bowl functions independently, allowing you to carry out several tasks in succession.

Features, Offers maximum functionality in one machine, with three food processors in one (bowls are placed inside main bowl): mini bowl (1.2 L) for processing small quantities, midi bowl (2.6 L) for grating and slicing, and main bowl (3.7 L) for handling maximum quantities, with extra-large feed tube for even more convenience when slicing and shredding. The bowls are made of ultra-strong polycarbonate, while blades are made from Sabatier stainless steel. The 5200XL comes with a host of accessories.
Built better to last longerView larger

Capacities, Pastry 1.7 kg, bread dough 1.3 kg, brioche 1.1 kg, blending 1.8 L, chopping (meat) 1.4 kg, grating (carrots) 1.4 kg, egg whites x 8

Accessories Included:,

  • Blender
  • Dough blade
  • Egg whisk
  • 2 mm reversible slicing/grating disc
  • 4 mm reversible slicing/grating disc
  • Parmesan disc
  • Citrus press
  • Storage box
  • Instruction and recipe book
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    All good received in line with details on placing the order. The machine itself is excellent and is doing all i want of it.

    Bought as a present and really loved and used regularly.

    This replaced the twelve year old previous one that i had worn out. The large chute is a great addition. Value for price – yes because they last.

    Unfortunately i have a small kitchen. This means i have to put my magimix 5200 away between uses and as it is a heavy beast, this works against it. It’s brilliant otherwise- strong, quiet (compared to other food processors but not compared to say, the cat), good accessories, easy to clean, capacity (it’s huge-no need for batches of soup), quality durable materials. Perhaps this model wouldn’t be ideal if you were always going to live with a small kitchen but ideal if you could keep it on the bench top. I wouldn’t recommend a smaller model if you can avoid it.

    This is the best food processor ever made. Its not unknown for me to cook for 20 or even 30 people and this copes with just about everything. Don’t waste your money on the cheaper ones.

    Yes it is expensive but as always you get what you pay for, i was not aware of the magimix brand until i read about them in jamie olivers 30 minute meals book then went shopping for this but would definately buy other products manufactured by them, very robust, very powerful and does everything you”ll need. Also comes with a great recipe book, i have used the pancake recipe from it which is amazing also.

    Love this mixer, bought it to replace my very old mixer which was slowly giving up. This one is very sturdy, chops more finely, has three different bowls (the little one is good for baby food, the big one is a good big size if you like entertaining etc and the medium one is for grating and does a good job). I was a bit chuffed to spot this model on the great british bake off. My husband paled at the price (as did i really) but we bought it on a warehouse deal which made is slightly better and once we’d seen it we felt pretty confident it will last a long time like the old one and be worth it. Minor downside – the big bowl fits over the spindle and so when you lift it off there is a risk of dropping whatever you’ve mixed down the hole but once you know about it it’s not too hard to avoid and probably makes the spindle stronger (the old one’s spindle was giving out). A household of just two or whatever) would be fine with the smaller models but this one is lovely and big if you cook/entertain a lot.

    Its a lovely food processor.

    • Wouldn’t be without it
    • Five Stars

    Magimix 18534 5200XL Food Processor Satin Finish

    All my kitchen appliances are magimix, there might be expense , but there are worth every penny. I highly recommended these machine for everydayuse. I cant fault them in any way.

    I had very old magimix that served me incredibly well, but finally gave up the ghost. I was gutted, but this new one has proved to be an even better product (i just hope it lasts as long as the old one did). Very flexible system and great that you don’t have to use the large container when preparing a small volume.

    Expensive but should last a life time i hope. Although my last one only lasted 40 years due to the bowl repeatedly breaking.

    Its the best food processor i have used. Wont need to buy again in my life time.

    Good points:magimix do everything in one package and quickly with no fiddly or time consuming attachments to worry about that invalidate the whole point of using a food processer in the first place. Why anyone would take a minute of two to burrow through cupboards and assemble fiddly attachments when that time could be spent chopping a single onion on a board is beyond me (unless you are arthritic or for some other good reason). These attachments come in a box. They also cope with cake and bread preparation every bit as well as a kitchen machine does – although i do think some hand kneading is required after bread dough is removed from the bowl to get good results because the mm tends to gather and glue the mix together rather than knead it properly to activate the glutin. Think of the calories you’ll burn doing the rest by hand. The egg white and cream whisking blades aare perfectly fine with enough air incorporated to be fit for purpose. It may take a tad longer than a kitchen machine would though. The smallest bowl is ideal for making mayonnaise, particularly if you use the non-standard oil drip feed tub pusher instead of dripping it from a jug into the open feed tube, which can take the best part of 10-15 minutes, and this can be tiring on the arms. Fast addition of oil just makes mayo go too runny and greasy tasting.

    Features and Spesification

    • .
    • Citrus Press Attachment
    • 1.1kW Induction Motor
    • 2mm & 4mm Slicer, Grater Discs & Parmesan Disc.