Magimix Le Glacier 1 – 21 years later, still going strong

This ice-cream maker is really easy to use. It is true that the parts are a little clumsy, but with only 5 components it really isn’t difficult to put together. If i was buying again i would purchase the larger version, though obviously this would take up more room in the freezer. We have made literally gallons and gallons of ice cream and visitors are never disappointed- it’s the easiest dessert to make with a little prior organisation. The important thing is to get your freezer cold enough (we freeze the bowl for at least 12 hours at -25c. ) the recipes that come with it are not very good- get the ben & jerry’s ice-cream book.

Easy to use and easy to clean. The reciepe book is very useful and with lots of nice ideas.

Purchased this item, as the price was right and the amount of ice cream it makes. An excellent product but would have liked more recipes included.

I’ve been making ice cream for over 20 years, sometimes twice a week, and this is my 3rd machine, and the one i like best. All 3 machines have made good-textured ice cream, but this one wins over the others because of its practical design. It seems to have been road tested by cooks in real, working, kitchens. What i like about this machine is* the stainless steel bowl is very smooth and it’s much easier to chip off and scrape the solid, fully frozen bits that stick to the side than with my previous machines. Plus, i usually put the bowl straight back in the freezer after use, when it’s still partly frozen, and this is the first bowl i’ve had that doesn’t end up with tea towel fibres stuck to it. * the paddle is flat, making it easier to scrape all the ice cream off. When you take any churned ice cream out of its bowl you have to work fast, stirring and mixing the frozen bits with the mushier bits to get an even texture. Then you need to get it in the freezer quickly to finish freezing, to avoid ending up with sharp ice crystals when the melting bits re-freeze; both previous paddles were twisted and had lots of places that collected ice cream, which meant it was not time-efficient to scrape them completely. * the paddle doesn’t touch the bottom. In my last machine, the plastic paddle had a nipple at the bottom which rested in a little indentation in the bowl; the plastic wore away.

We had amazon vouchers given to the kids for christmas. The kids couldn’t decide what to spend them on so i suggested we club together and buy the ice cream maker. Cos who doesn’t like ice cream. A friend suggested the magi mix one as she has one and they use it all the time. Making your own is so much better and much more fun for the kids. Be prepared for some crazy flavours when the kids get involved (just think of it as a fantastic edible chemistry set) and stock up on your cones and sprinkles. The downside is that you can only really make one batch every 1/2 day to a day so careful planning needed if you want lots of flavours available or having a party. The other downside is that when you wash it make sure the little holes at the top where the churner attaches is dry otherwise ice will form there and you will not be able to get it on and work it.Even with these two downsides i would still not mark it down from five stars.

Only problem is we now have to eat too much ice cream and it is costing us fortune in cream etc. Have to remember to lift it out of the freezer before we need it as it is too cold.

Quite frankly i cannot believe some of reviews of this gadget – it’s only got 5 pieces including the bowl, how hard can it be to put it together. Honestly, if you can’t tie your own shoelaces then don’t buy this, it’s not for you. For everyone else it’s dead easy to put together and use. Leave the bowl in the freezer, make your mixture, chill the mixture in the fridge, get the bowl out of the freezer when ready and off you go. 15-30mins later you will have gorgeous soft ice cream. Make sure you whisk the mixture well, one vital ingredient most of the recipes miss out is air.

Yoghurt with any type of fruit is yummy. Sorbet’s brilliant, especially the old standby, lemon. Whilst creamy ice cream is something else.

Very good ice-cream maker lovely for summer and parties or treats economicalwell instructed easy to use i was okay with it.

The ice cream maker is so easy to use. We have made some lovely ice cream in such a short time.

Product is very good and service was excellent.

There are several approaches to ice cream makers; hand-churned (probably no longer made), motor-churned with pre-frozen bowls, motor-churned with built-in freezer, and industrial. Not too many will opt for the latter but many may opt for the next lower option although these can typically cost £2-300 so would best suit those making several batches a week. The majority will probably opt for one with a pre-frozen bowl as the older hand-churned ones were exhausting needing up to an hour of vigorous churning and thus needing 2 or 3 people to work in several shifts of about 5 minutes each, by which time you were exhausted. There is a similarly conceived device that is an attachment for some of the top-of-the-range food mixers that use the mixer to churn but a similar pre-frozen bowl to chill the mixture. I bought a prior model to this many years ago to replace a manual one when the handle broke off. I recently received this model as an award from a web site for my submissions during a limited promotion period. This is the most basic of the magimix range and there is another which is rather similar in concept but with a 1. 1 litres or very nearly 2 pints). Either would suit most household’s summer needs and can be used for ice creams and sorbets, or even semi-fredos.

I purchased this ice cream maker because i knew from expwrience that it was first class. I would recommend it to anybody who wants a normal domestic quantity of icecream on a regular basis. Here are the specifications for the Magimix Le Glacier 1:

  • Pre-freezing in a 3-4 star freezer
  • Non-stick bowl interior
  • 20-30 minutes Average preparation time

I bought it having read all the reviews – positive and negative and have to say that some of the tips are vital (like making sure you’ve got the ice out of the little crevices or the top won’t go on). My own final tip would be to pour your mixture into a jug before putting it into the running machine – the pouring hole is quite small if you are pouring your mix from a bowl (or you need to be very accurate). Being armed with information, i was able to decide to buy the larger of the two machines, but i have a chest freezer. Once we’ve made a batch of ice-cream, the bowl goes back into the freezer for next time. You can only make one batch of ice-cream per day really, because after making a batch, the bowl has cooled down to such a degree that it isn’t efficient enough to make another – you still need another 4hours minimum in a big freezer or overnight in a smaller one. If you follow the instructions this works perfectly and with excellent results. The recipe booklet is fairly limited and the quantities are for the smaller machine, so you need to experiment a little – ben & jerry’s recipe book gives perfect quantities for the bigger machine (1. Even when stored in the freezer for some time, it is still ‘soft scoop’ type ice-cream.

I bought this exactly a week ago, and love it. I’ve already made the strawberry and vanilla flavours in the manual plus one of the recipies from the ben and jerry’s book. It is easy to use, freeze overnight, prepare your ice cream mix, pour it in and in 20 minutes it is ready. One tip though, you need to make sure it is bone-dry before putting in the freezer as the tiny holes on the top will get ice in and block the motor switch. The machine makes pleanty and i have found myself putting the leftovers in the freezer to have the next day (just leave it in the fridge for 20-30 mins to soften and it is still really lovely). The best thing about it for me is i know there are no dodgy colours, preservatives or nasty chemicals in my ice cream.

Great product – makes great ice cream – especially strawberry. Very easy to use – only problem is having to replace the paddle which broke.

Sturdy, easy to use, makes wonderful ice-cream. Recipe book has some good recipes. Everything included just needed the base freezing overnight.

Have made some lovely types of ice cream with this and my kids ate the lot in no time at all.

Had one before which leaked all the freezing gel, so replaced it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Perfect every time
  • Ice cream
  • Ice cream maker

This product was purchased to replace a previous ice-cream make whose plastic parts had failed. For those wanting the taste of home-made ice cream, this product should certainly be on your short list. The plus features are the stainless steel construction, the ease of use, and the way that the mixing paddle sweeps the entire mixture rather than leaving some on the wall of the tub as our previous mixer did. In addition, the recipes provided worked the first time, and gave us delicious results. The only minor point to observe occured when we used it the second time. On the top of the bowl are two small holes that act as locking detents for the lid. On our second attempt, the lid would not lock into position, and when we examined the bowl we found that there was ice frozen into the detent holes. It was easily removed, but clearly one should take care when cleaning the bowl to ensure that these detents are completely dry and free of water droplets. Overall, an excellent product, well made, easy to use and very satisfactory.

I bought this for my mum as a birthday present. It was a good price and it works really well. The ice cream we have made so far has tasted really nice, but would recommend that it should be made and eaten on the same day. I would also recommend that any ice cream recipe that needs to be heated first should be done in the morning and then cooled in the fridge well before putting in the machine as this speeds up the process. I think that this machine is a really good buy as it was reasonably priced, works well, is solid in construction and not very noisey (although it only really needs to be on for 20/30 mins anyway). The only thing you really need to worry about is whether you have enough room for the bowl in the freezer as it needs to be kept upright.

This was a replacement for a previous model that leaked after many years of use. It is easy to use and holds 1 pint 2 oz of icecream. If you read the instructions you will have success every time. It comes with a few basic recipes but you can adapt these to your taste.

I am new to ice cream making but have already made mango ice cream and a citrus sorbet. The machine is very simple and i’m really impressed with the results. The bowl is perhaps a little larger than i was expecting but as i have a chest freezer the size wasn’t really an issue. My top tip is to properly dry after use before putting back in the freezer. This prevents ice forming in the holes where the top slots in. Very good value, easy to use and produces great ice cream.

This is a great piece of kit. I bought it in january 06 to replace an old, smaller magimix ice-cream maker with a coated insider (like a non-stick surface) which was starting to peel off. This one has no coating and it just a pure and rather stylish stainless steel. I chose this one so it could double up as a ice bucket, which is does well as there is no branding on the main tub. Oh, and the ice-cream is very nice too. The paddle is nice and large and works well, getting all the way to the edge of the tub. The mixture usually doubles in size (which is not something you can easily achieve without a machine, so you get more servings too. The recipe book is useful and reliable and like all magimix products, it’s tough and good quality.

Having great fun experimenting with the recipes. The rich chocolate is the best so farif you want to make for more than 2/3 people at one time you would be better off with the larger model. We have taken note of other reviews and make sure the bowl is completely dry all over before putting it back in the freezer.

Having put up with shop bought ice cream for years, i finally decided to buy a machine and make my own. I can really recommend having your own machine and making ice cream to your own taste one of the best purchases i have made for years.

I love this little machine, it does just as it said in the book. Easy to put together and clean (just rinse under warm soapy water). Keep the bowl in the freezer so it is always ready and make sure your mixture is chilled before you put it in the frozen bowl for churning. Makes great tasty icecream, quickly and easily. Tip – make sure you dry the bowl properly before placing back in the freezer.

It does the job but i have an issue in that on the box it says ‘make delicious ice cream in just 20 minutes’ what it doesn’t tell you is that the ice cream bowl has to be left in the freezer for at least 12 hours before hand in order for it to transfer the low temp of the bowl to the mixture in order to make the ice cream. So in conclusion ,you would have to plan ahead if you want ice cream.

Easy to make and worked very well.

Brilliant ice cream maker, easy to use, very very helpful customer services, although out of warranty, they replaced my ice cream maker without any fuss. Fantastic service by magimix.

I have the larger version of this machine and have found that it makes excellent ice cream. Not sure why the other reviewer found it so bad. I’ve not had any problems with it.

This was bought as a present for my sister-in-law and she loves to use it, producing many different flavoured ice-creams. The size is perfect as it is big enough to make puddings for a reasonable number of people but not so large as to leave you with loads of ice-cream jamming up your freezer.

This excellent kitchen gadget is easy to use and clean and makes a modest amount of ice cream which is of a lovely smooth texture. It takes up quite a bit of space if you keep it ready for use in the freezer but it’s worth it.

Just bought the smaller version last week and was impressed at how easy it was to make delicious fresh ice cream and sorbets. Fresh yoghurt and vanilla with a dash of honey has become a firm favourite. I do recommend that you poke out the ice that builds up in the little slots that the lid slides into. Only takes seconds to clear so no major gripe.

I’m just about to replace my magimix le glacier having been given one by my mother-in-law when she was downsizing. I will get the same product again. I’ve had this one for about 6 years and never had a problem, but when i used it this time i noticed it had a crack in the casing and thick fluid leaked out when it was defrosting. I think it is entirely my fault – they tell you to make sure it is thoroughly dry before you put it back in the freezer. My guess is that there was some water lurking somewhere and when it froze it expanded and caused the casing to crack. I’ve always had really great results from the ice-cream maker, it’s quick to make, simple to put together and there’s a helpful q&a in the pamphlet which makes suggestions about what to try if something didn’t come out as you expected. I’ve never had a problem with the quanity but i’m not making ice cream to feed a family, i only use it when people come around to dinner and usually serve it with another dessert.

The plastic stirring piece broke in one point but it’s still functional. Very happy overall although can’t compare with other similar products as this is the first one i use.

I found the service very good the goods are for a birthday gift i think its been well received thank you.

Unfortunately we need to replace the plastic transparent attachment that fits into the lid as it’s cracked. Unable to find any info on this particular spare part.

This does exactly what it says – makes real ice cream in a very straightforward manner. Follow the instructions to the letter and you can’t go wrong. So far i’ve made vanilla, banana and raspberry yoghurt. All had very intense flavours – ideal for family meals and dinner parties alike.

I’m in love with this little machine already. Does exactly what you’d expect, turns out great results and is easy to clean. The instruction manual has plenty of recipe ideas to start you off. 5 litres is plenty of capacity since home-made ice-cream is much richer than the shop bought version. Nb – and this is speaking from experience. – chill your mixture well and have the bowl rock-solid frozen before you start.

It’s true – there’s a discrepancy between the named 1. 14 l capacity – but it does make a fair amount of icecream, although i’ve not measured precisely i think it’s more than just 1. The bowl isn’t so big and does fit in our very small freezer. It makes icecream quickly – usually in 30 minutes. The machine is easy to clean and although i initially had doubts about the sturdiness of the plastic paddle and spindle, they’ve stood up to purpose so far. Even with chunky ice cream additions. I don’t know if it’s the best icecream maker ever – i’ve only used this one, but i’m not in a hurry to replace it.

An excellent machine – i would have given 5 stars but having to remember to put it in the freezer a day before can be a nuisance, it is a bonus if you have room to store it there permanently. Knowing exactly what goes into the product is a bonus but i use mine to make dairy-free icecream which is really expensive to buy from a shop. This machine pays for itself in no time.

I have had this exact ice cream maker for more than 21 years and mine is still going strong. We go through phases of making ice cream every week and then not using it for a whole year. It’s a simple model , easy to assemble once you’ve realised the knack. Don’t let the little holes in the bowl fill with water because then them motor won’t clip in and consequently won’t start. I leave the bowl in the freezer all the time so we’re ready to go if we decide to make ice cream, otherwise you need to plan a day ahead really. Make sure the mixture is really well fridge chilled before putting into the machine and we get great results from this. Home made ice cream is the best . And you know exactly what went in there yourself. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 only because the motor would benefit from a bit more power, but this is an inexpensive model , so you get what you pay for.