Magimix Le Micro Mini Chopper 18115 – Satin : Annoying usability issues

So easy to use, perfect for chopping herbs, onions etc and for making sauces.

I hope it lasts a long time.

Feels more robust than slightly cheaper alternative brands and the capacity is slightly larger too, which is either a pro or a con depending on what you need it for – as with all food processors i’ve ever tried, it performs optimally when more or less full. I have taken two stars off because:• when blending liquids, the liquid comes out the hole in the lid. I’d rather have a lid without a hole. • getting the container onto the machine is such a hassle. Imagine you are chopping some veg to put into the machine and you place the container next to you to fill up. You then try to attach it to the machine. As soon as you do, the blade lifts up and then you have to move your vegetables around to get the blade back down, then turn the container to the “safety” position whilst holding down the blade to stop it rising up again. The solution is to attach the container empty and then take your food to the machine but i find this a less preferable way to work. Nb although the machine can make sauces and dressings like pesto, it can’t super-smooth liquids. You’ll need something more high-powered for that.

I decided to learn to cook, having reached the decision that i was eating far to many take aways. So i bought a few cookbooks and some high end appliances to make the process of cooking easier. This was one, and features – metal die cast body – powerful quiet 290 watt motor – sturdy robust feel – ultra sharp metal sabatier blades – plastic blade – spatula – comprehensive recipe book- 3year warranty – easy to clean – small footprintthe le micro gets daily use from chopping vegetables, making sauces, dips, to creating masalas with perfect results every time. Having bought a number of cuisinart products, the cuisinart ch4 bcu was another option for me but having seen it at lakeland its plastic lightweight feel was not for me. I bought a used le micro from amazon warehouse which turned up complete, in like new condition, for the same price as the cuisinart which was a “no brainer” for me. If you do decide to buy a magimix le micro you will not be disappointed if your needs are to chop and blend time after time, in small quantities with the minimum fuss. As a footnote i am not in anyway affiliated to magimix, just a guy who now enjoys the joy of home cooked meals and puds.

I have had mine a number of years and still love the fresh, garlicy taste of home-made basil pesto – the shop varieties just don’t compare. I have had no problems despite some rough handling, and not having been stupid enough to try to use it as a liquidiser, have never suffered any leaks. One of my best kitchen machine buys.

I purchased this food processor after much deliberation. I was a little disappointed with a couple of the features. If you are making a sauce, mayo or dressing you have to hold your hand over the top of the open piece on the lid or the mixture jumps out. I would have returned but i had accidently thrown away the box. It does chop things pretty well but personally i would not purchase again.

I bought this thinking that the magimix name would ensure this product is really more than satisfactory. I am disappointed because it leaks around the lid, when you put the ingredients in and whizz it up. I followed the quantities in the recipe book for houmous and mayonnaise, when making the mayonnaise, the oil came out the join in the lid and the houmous came out as, well, not houmous. Even when following the recipe, it didn’t come out the way it described or showed in the photos. The blade doesn’t reach completely the bottom of the bowl so you have to have quite a bit in there and a liquid to help the blades process into a puree. I haven’t managed to achieve this puree consistency yet, which is sad because i intended to use it for weaning. Overall, i’m not sure how you can get ‘food processing wrong’ but i am either not doing something properly or it’s just not that great at the job.

I love this processor and use it everyday. It is perfect if you want a small processor that won’t take up much counter space. I use to make sauces, marinades, dips, grind coffee (corse for french press) and nuts. The finish is quite nice so it looks good in the kitchen.

  • Great for dips but not for chopping veg
  • Five Stars
  • Annoying usability issues

Magimix Le Micro Mini Chopper 18115 – Satin

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A fine product , safely delivered.

Bought this as a present for my wife. So far she is very pleased with it. Does an excellent job, she has made some beautiful sauces and dips. Very robust, powerful and good quality little machine, easy to clean and sits out of the way on the work top when not in use.

Love this mini processor although i would have loved the bigger one but just couldn’t justify the cost as i don’t use food processors that often. I bought this especially to make deliciously ella’s energy balls and this is the right size to make 12 perfectly.

This is my first magimix and its perfect and really good quality.

Amazing product, great value and super fast delivery.

Its a good food processor/ food chopper 2 blades chopper and blender. For one person its more than ideal having worked in a electrical discount store chain for on 15 years i have sold many of its more expensive models. Easy to clean and store etc. Only complaint is chopping is blade is extremely sharp so care is needed when being used. I assume with lots of use it will become less sharp. Yes chops potatoes ,carrots and onions very fine so makes excellent soup.

I really wanted a magimix food pro as they are endorsed by ella mills. I couldn’t afford the bigger version so had to make doplus sides- compact, easy to clean easy to use powerfulcons- a bit too noisy and is very plasticy lookingoverall i’m plz ed and would recommend.

This little mixer is one of the best things in my kitchen and i use it most days. I think what is even more important is that it is produced by magimix who are an absolutely brilliant firm to talk to when there is a problem. My model was used continuously and after three years when i have a problem with it and got in touch with magimix i was absolutely amazed when they said they would send me a new one despite the fact that i couldn’t find the receipt not could i remember where i bought it from. I wish more companies were like maginex and i have no hesitation in giving it five stars and the company to produce it also.

  • Great for dips but not for chopping veg
  • Five Stars
  • Annoying usability issues

Magimix Le Micro Mini Chopper 18115 – Satin

This is an excellent little gadget=works very well indeed and compact and easy to store.

I already have the magimix 5200 which i use every day. . This was bought as an addition and not only does it look fabulous on the work top. It is the heavy quality you would expect from magimix. Perfect for chopping up a quick salsa or whizzing a salad dressing. It is so simple to use as it has one button, the pulse. Magimix has become my favourite kitchen appliance by far.

Perfect little machine for 1 person.

Really love it for sauces and dips but not so good when chopping veg.

Button split after only a few weeks use. It spits liquid out of the top unless you cover it with your hand. It doesn’t do a great job of small batches or dry products that just stick to sides or the blades go over the top of them (or onions). Good for hummus and other soft things. Much better products out there. Our one broke after a few years. Smoke came out of the back and it was just outside warranty period. It’s not terrible but given the price vs lack of quality i would avoid.

2 carrots 2 onions 2 large sticks of celery – wizzed separately in a couple of minutes. I was worried that it only was for sauces.

This was a gift from my mum after my 10 year old kenwood chopper broke. The magimix le micro is surprisingly powerful and sturdy. It has a nice heavy base that stops it jumping around while chopping and the blades are super sharp. It comes with an alternative plastic “blade” for sauces and a convenient mini scraper to help get all the last bits of sauce or chopped stuff out of the bowl. I have a thing for red appliances (see photo) and it goes perfectly with everything else in the kitchen. You can see the size of it compared to my kmix, it’s small but you can get a surprising amount in such a small thing. The only tiny gripe i have is the lid and this is a problem my mum also has with her full size magimix. You have to get it lined up right and then turn until you hear a click, it takes a few tries sometimes but it’s not something that will stop me enjoying this machine. Everything comes apart easily to clean which is a big plus over my old machine.

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