Magimix Le Toaster 2 Slot – great for perfect toast

This is the first toaster i have owned that actually toasts from edge to edge. It is expensive and french but otherwise excellent.

Magimix le toaster 2 slice toaster brushed stainless steelgreat product,stylish, functional and easy to use. If there is any criticism, i’m getting a slight burning of the crust before the centre is browned, although i’m still experimenting with the adjustable knob.

Does perfect toast due to the ability to alter the time settings. Love the croissant warmer accessory, which makes warming a single croissant simple and quick. Looks good too, although with anything stainless steel it will mark over time.

I bought this after reading a which magazine on toasters and this came out as the best. I already have a matching magimix kettle which i’ve been really pleased with and so whilst this is quite pricy, i decided to push to boat and and go for it. It’s very heavy and solidly built and i love the click shut of the crumb drawer. Can’t think of anything to fault it really.

This is one of those rare occasions in which both form and function are excellent. A very handsome toaster that produces evenly toasted bread, right across the slice on both sides. Expensive yes but i’ve had more expensive toasters that have been very disappointing.

We got this as a wedding gift, and i love it, only that i am really annoyed at the numbers on the dial. We only had it a few months and they started to come off. A year later and only the number 4 remains. I contacted the manufacturer, to be told i would have to bring it back to where i bought it. It is a good toaster, but would have expected the numbers to stay on the dial.

After weighing up different toaster, although this one cost more, it was worth ever penny, in every aspect.

It’s a lot of money and i really hope it lasts. I’ve been using this one for a while and it’s still going strong, but frankly i want this toaster to last. This one appears to be well made (it’s quite heavy) in aluminium (sides) with a stainless steel front, back, top and crumb tray. The steel fingerprints really easily and it is a bit of a pain to clean. The control dial is made of plastic, which was a disappointment, so are the option buttons. Unlike the dualit, there is more stuff to fail on this one – we’ll see. I dropped a rack from my oven on to the top of it and and the metal in the middle between the slots dented, so the steel is a tad thin. I like the option of switching off the second slot if only one slice of toast is needed.

I went with magimix rather than the dualit equivalent because the magimix had adjustable slots (that centers thin slices), has a high lift for smaller items and you can end toasting easier on the magimix by just pressing the stop button. These are just my personal preferences and i think you cannot go wrong with either brand. The slow dampened rise of the toast at the end of a programme is a nice touch. However i found the mechanical bell makes too sharp a sound for early mornings so i have removed the bell by opening the cover and unclipping it. The heating elements are designed to be replaceable/serviceable hence the cover is quite easy to unscrew and remove. The unit is weighty and does not move about. The crumb tray is quite large and covers both slots nicely. The supplied warming rack i think is too narrow and not really of much use. It would be nice if the toaster remembered the button settings (programme) after each toasting or when the unit is switched off by the mains but it does not. So you have to repress the buttons if you want to toast with settings other than the default.

This is the most consistent toaster we have owned over a period of 30+ years. We bought it on basis of brand and how pleased we had been with other kitchen items by this manufacturer. A great buy – would definitely recommend this toaster.

I bought this toaster after returning two faulty russell hobbs machines (and well done to amazon for arranging the returns without fuss). The magimix is an expensive machine, but it makes great toast, very evenly coloured and crisp and the same every time. Unlike other toasters i’ve had i don’t have to stand over it in case the toast is either undercooked or burnt to a crisp. I like the choice of heating one or both slots. I haven’t found a problem with the numbers wearing off as some previous reviewers have mentioned. The machine has a good solid feel and i have high hopes that it will last many years. Update – december 2013four years on and the toaster is still going strong and producing the same crisp, even toast that it did back in 2009. A possibly helpful tip for cleaning – i found mine was looking a bit grubby – finger marks that wouldn’t come off with a sponge and so on. I took courage and polished it with solvol autosol and it’s come up like new.

I have had this toaster for nearly 14 years without a problem. The only issue is that somehow the little control knob has split but it still functions. It is well designed and solidly built and unlike our previous dualit model has never needed replacement heating elements.

A bit bulky but functions well. Even browning, reasonable speed with several choices of sigle slice, one side only, defrost and warming to cover all occasions. I don’t mind the loud bell that tells you toasting is complete but it will make my sister jump. Here are the specifications for the Magimix Le Toaster 2 Slot:

  • Quality long-life filament elements
  • Electronic controls
  • Variable browning
  • Extra high lift
  • Extra wide slots

I purchased this toaster from a high st retailer, only because i had a gift voucher as part payment, otherwise i would have got it from amazon. I have given the toaster 3 stars and would have given it five, but i think merchants ramp the price up when they get a bunch of five star reviews, just have a look at some of the stuff you have given five stars to a while ago. This toaster is our third in a year. I bought a bosch toaster which failed after a couple of weeks and the identical replacement also failed after a similar period. Both failed with an identical fault, half the elements failing to heat. Both getting a replacement for the first and money back for the second, from amazon, was painless and efficient. I normally like german kit as it is usually reliable, not in this case. The magimix, although expensive for standard toaster, is a well built bit of kit and the simple controls and lack of protuding fiddly bits and awkward crevices makes it easy to operate and keep cleam. I’m not a francophobe and thought twice about purchasing this item given the slating the french press gave us over the olympics, but it is an excellent product for the price. We use a panasonic breadmaker which we have had for years, another excellent piece of equipment, and regularly make french loaves (see, no prejudice there1) so a major consideration is that the toaster must take thick cut slices which this does admirably.

This toaster was ordered on free delivery ie 3 to 5 working days and it arrived midday on the day after ordering, outstanding service from amazon. The unit looks the part, it appears to be very well made, the toast is evenly browned, what more is necessary from a good product?. The answer is reliability and that hopefully, will take years to be demonstrated. The toaster that it replaces was much lower cost and lasted just beyond the warranty period.

Attractive to have in the kitchen, very eye catching and toast tastes great. Super for warming bread or croissants and the toaster holder comes in very handy. Breadcrumbs from the bottom tray. In addition the various settings for tasting behave as they read on the knobs.

Quality item that toasts bread to perfection. Appears well built and will hopefully last a long time.

Magimix 11526 vision toaster 2-slice glassfirst class toaster. This is a very versatile toaster which can accept a wide range of sizes of slice. Degree of browning is easily adjusted. It is quite heavy and seems to be an extremely well engineered product. Delighted that i chose this one to buy.

Old one of these died after five years. Might well be fixable, but had friends coming and needed toast. For me, this is the benchmark against which i’d judge all other toasters. It’s absolutely consistent, with full coverage of the bread and perhaps importantly, will do just one piece without both sides turning on. You get what you pay for, and in this case you get the best.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great toaster, worth the money
  • Looks good
  • Really pleased

Appareil manifestement très robuste et lourd ; on en a pour son argent en plus je l’ai payé 90 euros moins cher qu’en france il est évidement fourni avec une prise électrique anglaise, mais un adaptateur de voyage coûte trois fois rien. Une fois chaud, il toast très rapidement et uniformément. Depuis, je ne peux plus m’en passer .

A bit more expensive than other toasters, but worth it – great for toasting just the one slice evenly, even when using the defrost option.

Works well and does not exhibit any of the problems experienced by other buyers. I don’t understand the figures rubbing out or the problems with finger marks.

Really pleased with this toaster – best one we’ve ever bought. Bell takes a little getting used to when toast pops up.

Good toaster, does what it says’ borwns both sides equally. A litle time needed to work out the timer for the conditions, i. E, damp or dry bread, how soon after it is used is it being used again (less time). Once you have got used to this it is consistant. Altogether very satisfied in the few weeks we have had it.

Very good as what it does, i didn’t find the ping at toasting ‘complete’ annoying as i am usually doing something else while waiting for the toast. What is disappionting is the length of the toasting slots i would have preferred another 1cm in the length.

This toaster is in a league of it’s own, the build quality is superb and it looks great on the counter top, but none of that would matter if it wasn’t matched by the toast that it produces. Maybe at this point i should mention that ‘i didn’t receive this product as a freebie in return for a favourable review’ i’m not one of those ‘favoured folks’ who have received thousands of free products from amazon, i actually bought this machine, and machine is what it is, it’s better built than most cars 😉 solid as a brick and almost as heavy due to the heavy gauge stainless steel casing, it looks and feels like it could withstand a nuclear blast, but lets get back to ‘does it do the job’. Of all the toasters that i’ve had in the last 40 years this one is the only one that toasts evenly, no ‘patterns’ on the bread everything evenly and equally toasted. I like the ‘toast one side only’ too, great for hot cross buns etc, you just need to check that you put them in facing the centre to toast the side that you want toasted. The ‘toast from frozen’ does an excellent job, i never thought i’d be doing a rave review of a toaster, but credit where credit is due. If there’s a downside it’s the price, over £100 on amazon, but i thankfully i searched the www and found that selfridges had it on sale for £50, i could hardly believe my eyes so i snapped it up, and since it’s been here i’m ‘lovin it’ . Even at £50 it aint cheap, but if it’s cheap that you’re looking for then buy something else, chances are that when you throw the cheap one out that one day you’ll buy one of these. After using this ‘machine’ seeing how great it looks and how well it works if i couldn’t get it for £50 i’d pay the amazon asking price for it, it’s well worth the money, it’s in a league of it’s own, a product to be proud of, not to mention it’ll probably be the last toaster you’ll ever need to buy, it would make an excellent wedding gift.

My toaster has proved reliable and toasts well if somewhat slowly. But, as other reviewers have mentioned, the numbers on the dial have begun to rub off and this should not happen on an expensive toaster like this.

I bought this toaster to go with the kettle. For the price (a lot for a toaster it has to be said) i expected whizz bang perfection. And the toast it produces is great. Evenly done and soft in the middle; the single slot function is useful and probably saves a few watts. I am about to get a third replacement from our excellent local kitcen shop because the numbers on the dial keep rubbing off. In time, you would have no idea what setting you were on. Because the toast is so good, we are coming up with our own number-saving design (sticky plastic anyone) but really. Magimix should get this sorted if they are going to charge this much for a toaster. If our design-update doesn’t work then i am afraid this toaster will be returned along with the matching kettle and we shall have to find another make.

This toaster really is excellent quality. I had an identical one for many years before purchasing this one. The old one unfortunately succumbed to some exuberant prodding with a knife to extract a fallen crust, but without that i really think it would have gone on and on for years. I was pleased to still be able to buy this model and although it is pricier than others that might have the same appearance, it is worth paying the extra. The controls are simple and intuitive, and there are no fiddly parts which are vulnerable to overuse. I have never had problems with the number markings rubbing off, as other reviewers have mentioned, despite constant use from the prior model for over 6 years.

Great toaster in every way except the finish is difficult to clean.