Magimix Work Bowl & Lid : Perfect replacement

Great my last one broke and this fits even better as i think the old had stretched somehow.

The items arrived promptly and were exactly right. Not much to say as it does exactly as it says on the tin so no problems at all.

We have had our 5100 for over five years since last needing to replace our lid. Considering the replacement options, purchasing the top and the bowl together was hardly more expensive. We now have a virtually new 5100.

Perfect for the first magimix 5100 marketed, years ago. Excellent replacement for an irreplaceable machine.

This is a useful bowl and looks really great when unscratched and transparent. If you use any kind of abrasive cloth on it to clean it the bowl – even a soft abrasive cloth it will go dull and opaque with tiny near-invisible scratches, making it quite ugly to look at after a while and you can’t see the ingredients either that easily if you rely on not taking off the lid whilst using. The only way to use it is to wash it up whilst ingredients are still soft and easy to remove or can rinse away easily, not caked on that requires elbow grease that requires rubbing. Having said that the 5100 bowls are worth getting rather than getting a new machine altogether, which may have newer more robust bowls that don’t scratch. The newer 5200, which looks plastic and more flimsy in weight. My chrome 5100 machine is solid and heavy and that is why i want to hang onto it for as long as it lasts. It is a real workhorse which i have had for about 15 years now. I swap my all of bowls over every couple of years routinely now, whether i need to or not, – costing me nearly £100 each time. That’s because the grooves in the lid can be tough to clean at times and with the best will in the world the bowls still look a bit dull and jaded. The small bowl blade goes a bit blunt too.

My magimix is years old but this is my third or fourth replacement bowl and lid. The lid keeps cracking and you can’t buy a replacement without the bowl as they have made changes since mine was made.

Glad to find a replacement for my faithful magimix.

Just what we needed and arrived quickly.

  • Five Stars
  • just right

Magimix Work Bowl & Lid for 5100 Series Food Processor by Magimix

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Fits exactly even though the food processor is some 10 years old.

Simple product – no problems.

Arrived a day before it was due, so happy with the early delivery. Fits perfect on my 5100, considering the machine is now some 20years old. Nice and shiny, sure it will dull over time. Hope this lasts as long as my last bowl.

  • Five Stars
  • just right

Magimix Work Bowl & Lid for 5100 Series Food Processor by Magimix

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