MAJORITY Darwin 5 PACK – Smart Speaker – *Plugs into my mirror’s shaving socket*

Great plug in device for using with alexa in a different room.

Bought because i liked the plug-in option and because there’s such a long wait on echo dot at the moment. What it does it does quite well. The microphone is amazingly receptive (almost too much as it picks up wake up word spoken in a different part of the house, which wouldn’t be a problem if it could do all of the standard alexa actions). Sound is acceptable for the type of device, but i wouldn’t want to listen to music on it for long. It’s a bit bigger than i expected but that’s not too much of a problem for us. Ability to create wi-fi hotspot is useful (if i could get it to connect well). Biggest disappointment is inability to change wake up name, inability to join a play everywhere group with other alexa devices, and inability to run routines, which for my usage means it’s not what i wanted and will be replaced by a dot when they are available and i can justify the cost.

Maybe its me, but when i read the product description and reviews, i was under the impression this unit connects to an amazon alexa device and streams from that, it doesn’t. This is a stand alone, wifi speaker which uses the alexa technology and terminology to play music. I have two echo’s one called echo the other called alexa, this unit only responds to the wake up word alexa, which mean’t my alexa echo kept waking up and chipping in. This is not what i wanted from my device, so i have returned it and can’t comment on other features or usability. I did connect and power this unit up in my bathroom, using the shaver plug attachment, it wasn’t a great fit, the speaker hung at a lobsided angle from the socket. Also when the speaker was removed from the socket to use it, the speaker lost all connection details and needed reconnecting to the network again. I suppose it all depends what you want from this soeaker?.

Bought purely for bathroom use.

Very responsive, it picks up my voice from other rooms (often over other echo devices).

Bought this on a whim as wanted an alexa that could be put in the bathroom, very pleased with this very easy to setup and link with amazon alexa, would recommend this for anyone wanting a cheap alternative to amazon’s dot.

I needed something alexa echo dot type for the ensuite, meaning no electric power. This was the best i could find, plugging into the two pin shaver port. It does mean, for my house, that i have to have the shave light on for it to work. It is a bit fiddly to set-up with wifi and you need to download their app and configure. Once up and running, it does work but sometimes it doesn’t recognise your alexa commands. We also have an echo in the main room and that works faster and better. Most of the time, it’s good, but there are times when it doesn’t work or works intermittently. This isn’t because of wifi cold spot as we’ve meshed up for sky q.

Good for bathroom, limited in things you can do. Just a pity sound isn’t that good.

A fantastic add on device for alexa dot and all commands seem to work in the same way. Simple to instal all within a minute or less of downloading. May buy one for the bathroom and bedroom, this one is in the kitchen.

Easily hooked up to my alexa system giving me tunes in the bath :-).

Very easy to set up once all elements are in place, but you have to scratch your head a bit to work out which app to download from the ones featuring the word ‘majority’. You are simply told ‘ majority app’. It may be my age (rather ancient) but i had to scratch my head even harder to work out assembling the power plug attachment. Once done though, everthing else was a breeze. Not always immediately responsive to the voice – but perhaps the close proximity of a large bunch of bananas on the kitchen worktop doesnt help. I’ve only just started with this but am very impressed. I also have an echo dot and two onkyo p3 speakers, so i can compare different devices directly. This cheap, attractive little unit is looking good (1 cm less in diameter than the dot) and a 3-year warranty is reassuring; i hope to update this review in the near future.

It works with my lights and sockets and tunin and is a bluetooth speaker , dozent work with all alexa skills but its not amazon.

Only problem is you cannot call other alexa’s from this device but that’s a minor issue. Sound is good and perfect for our shaver socket in the bathroomtop product. Here are the specifications for the MAJORITY Darwin 5 PACK – Smart Speaker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • AMAZON ALEXA, SPOTIFY CONNECT AND BLUETOOTH: Connect the Darwin speaker to your WiFi to begin enjoying Amazon Alexa services and apps, or stream your favourite radio station via TuneIn such as BBC stations, TalkSport, Heart, KISS, Gold and many others. Connect to your Spotify Premium account or via Bluetooth to play your own audio and playlists.
  • SUPERIOR, COMPACT AUDIO: Enjoy Alexa services and apps, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth and many other services with the bass-enhancing compact speaker. Save space by plugging in any room, and enjoy room-filling spectrum audio quality.
  • PLUG-IN DEVICE FOR ANY ROOM, INCLUDES CHANGEABLE PLUGS (UK/EU/BATHROOM): The Darwin speaker allows you to plug the speaker into any room in your home, including the kitchen, lounge, bedroom or your bathroom via the supplied UK 2 pin bathroom adapter. You can now begin enjoying Alexa in any room.
  • MULTI-ROOM LINK AND PLAY: Connect two or more Majority smart speaker products via the Majority App to begin multi-room speaker play. Play the same media in every room or play something different in every room!
  • WARRANTY: Majority offer full technical support for every item, as well as including a comprehensive 36 month warranty (registration required).

What a brilliant product, had spent hours trying to work out how to get my alexa dot to work in my bathroom so to comply with electricity/steam cable power etc etc then found this. Either of the 2 pin plug adaptors fit into the shaver socket (eu or uk) and because the plug pins when fitted to the darwin unit are off-set from centre it means there is no contact with the unit and the wall and fits perfect with no wires to hide. It connected easily to my wi-fi and i’m no expert in that department. To my ear the sound quality is no different to my amazon dot 2nd gen.

This is agreat little device – alexa controled and much louder that the dot we had in the bathroom.

I bought this speaker to add to my alexa set-up to use it in my kitchen so absolute sound quality wasn’t the top priority. The unit neatly made and well put together was easy to set up. And the sound quality better than i expected. It also doesn’t look out of place either and for a small unit really does perform well sound wise. I may well buy another one to use in my bathroom as it comes with an adapter to use a shaver socket. I have to say at this price well done majority.

Items great sounds is good no issues with set up and works with other alexa speaker s we have at home would recommend.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent first impressons and super price!
  • Important to download app. To phone
  • More than I expected.