How to Make Lipstick Last Longer

Help Lipstick Last Longer

I’m not one for piling on the products when putting my face on in the morning, but when I’m playing around with eye shadow and daring lipsticks I find new ways of applying them and making it look ‘fresh’ for longer. One product in particular I have started using is a setting spray by Avon, which really does make my foundation last all day long. Applying lipstick and keeping it in place for the same of amount of time however is another matter and requires following a few top tips to maintain that perfect pout.

Lip liner is a favourite of mine and my go to one is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Stay On Lip Contouring Pencil. This combined with the lipstick by Guerlain in Pinky Groove is a match made in heaven! I always put the liner on first then the lipstick, but what about the other way around? It works just as good and I find it enhances your pout when lining the outer edge of your lips once your lipstick is already applied.

For a 2-in-1 product, if you have a cream blush you can use this as a lip product also. I use brown eyeshadows for my eyebrows and cream blushes as a lip stain a lot of the time. It prevents needing to buy multiple products and with these two items in particular, you never need a lot to get the job done. The bonus, it gives a subtle pop of colour but also last really well. I use the E.L.F Cosmetics Studio Cream Blush.

My lips become chapped fairly easily, but lately have been pretty good. On those days when your lips are more on the dry side, exfoliate them by brushing with a toothbrush then applying lip balm or even a thin layer of moisturiser. This is one to bare in mind, particularly when wearing nudes. Lighter shades tend to sink into the creases on your lips more so than darker shades, therefore prepping and priming them ready is a good idea! Additionally, to help mattify the finish just hold one ply of tissue over you lips and lightly brush over it with loose translucent face powder. Not only will this give a matte finish, but the powder helps lock the product in place making it last longer than usual. 

What are your favourite lipsticks and most importantly, what are your top tips for applying lipstick?