Make Water Pure Water Distiller : Update;

This is a brilliant distiller wouldn’t be without it .

Product was exactly as expected, fantastic build quality safe and easy to use.

I love my water distiller,i boil the water before using it and the water is tasteless as it should be. A little vinegar overnight to clean and sponge away the residue ,ready for use again.

My entire family uses this and everyone’s amazed at how good the water is. Also it makes u realise how damn gross tap water really is.

Small filtered water container a problem – could do with being half the size again.

I’ve noticed a big jump in my electricity bill, but still worth it to me.

Good and efficient, water comes out clean.

I ended my virgin pure water subscription afer buying this distiller. It is such a great feeling to know that the brown sludge that most people drink unknowingly from tap water is no longer ending up in your body when you use this distiller. Excellent value for money and a great investment towards your health.

  • Purest Tasting Water I’ve Had!

  • Surprised at what we drink from tap!

  • Pro’s and Con’s of Water Distiller

Water Distiller, 100% Stainless Steel, New Deluxe 2019 Machine by Make Water Pure

Water Distiller by Make Water Pure – Europe’s leading water distiller supplier This Stainless Steel Water Distiller comes complete with a 4 Litre glass collection jug, 3 years worth of activated carbon filters and 200g of water distiller residue cleaner. The Water Distiller will turn your household tap water into absolute PURE WATER by removing ALL chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, pharmaceuticals and other contaminants. The Make Water Pure Water Distiller Machine is your one stop tried and tested solution to providing pure water cost effectively in your home.

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Great product very pleased only not happy with the top bit i don’t know how to clean it properly without damaging it -_-thanks.

I love the taste and quality of the water this produces.

I purchased this distiller last week, and i really am very pleased that i did so. It does an amazing job and and operation is very straightforward. The end product, distilled water, is absolutely crystal clear and the taste is phenomenal. In addition, it does the distilling at a far faster rate than i expected. Besides drinking distilled water, i also use it to make colloidal silver, so this is perfect. I would certainly recommend this product, and cannot praise it enough. A really satisfied customer, you might say.

Good quality product for purifying water.

The smoothest water i have tasted. This was so worth the money when you see how much crap is in water actually shocked me and to think we were drinking that. This will also save us a lot of money no longer buying bottled water and be better for the enviroment of course.

Works very well and is easy to set up if a little on the expensive side.

Firstly the fan is quite noisy, it takes about 30 mins for the water to steam, so i set a timer on the cooker and plug the fan in then , saves 30 mins of fan noise. 5 hrs to complete a full cycle). I haven’t had an electric bill yet, so not sure if it’s expensive to run. At first the water tastes odd, because there’s no chlorine/impurities/etc, i guess, however i’m used to it now and tastes fine. My kettle and iron are getting cleaner by the day. The pure water boils far quicker now which is a bit odd. I haven’t noticed any benefits health wise but it feels good to know the water is as pure as can be.

Really happy with this, use it to distill water for my coffee machine which means i no longer need to descale it and pay for filtersthe amount of gunk collected at the bottom of the tank is a little disturbing. The device as expected kicks out a lot of heat from the fan on top, i normally set this off at night before i go to sleep as it takes a few hours to fill the container.

  • Purest Tasting Water I’ve Had!

  • Surprised at what we drink from tap!

  • Pro’s and Con’s of Water Distiller

Water Distiller, 100% Stainless Steel, New Deluxe 2019 Machine by Make Water Pure

Just updated my old one that i got four years ago with the new 2019 model from make water pure. Super quick next day delivery, easy to put together as was the old one. This one seems even quieter too. Nice looking machine that distills my water. We do two cycles, one through the night and one during the day for both me and my husband, we both love it and wouldn’t be without it now.

I have recommended two other people.

Kettle looks like new, much better than filtered water. Taste results tea / coffee definitely taste better. Have tried filtered water, supermarket spring water and tap water in unit. All leave a sediments so don’t waste money just use tap water distilling does the rest. See attached photos first filtered second spring water third tap water. White vinegar and sponge cleans the unit after use.

I’ve been using this distiller now for a good few weeks. The water where i live is very hard and tastes like it has a lot of chemicals in it, not least chlorine. My first sip of water from this distiller tastes so pure it’s quite difficult to accurately describe. I remember when i was younger, and in the summer time it would rain heavily in the afternoon in africa. As kids we would drink the rain water straight from the heavens. The water from this distiller is the closest i’ve ever had to water that tastes the same as that rain water from all of 25 years agothe only downside to the distillation process (and this is more a design issue as opposed to distilling water) is that if you don’t turn it off manually after all the water has boiled off, you get a slight burned taste to that batch. As you can see in the images, that’s the residue left over from a single distilling cycle. Some of it is carbon from the water burning, but a lot of that is what would be going in my body straight from the tap. I still give it a five star if only for the benefits i get from using this product. For anyone on the fence about purchasing this, i’d say think if it as an investment in your health.

Since writing my review i have been contacted by the company. I feel it is only fair that i update my review with honesty. They have been very understanding and more than willing to resolve the issue with me and have advised me that they have upgraded their machines from the one i purchased. I have been assured that it supersedes the problems that i have mentioned. If this is the case then i would now say that the unit is value for money, and it also distilles the water pretty quickly compared to some other units. I also will take the opportunity to say that i can’t stress how important i believe it is that we distil our water before we use it for consumption. Including pasta, rice, teas and coffee. I’m surprised how many people don’t do this. If you are thinking of a filter please don’t waste your time or money. A distiller is second to none.

I’m really impressed and shocked buy the junk left behind, we are in a hard water area and this picture was taken after one round. I read an earlier review about switching of early to avoid it drying out and leaving a burnt taste and that’s a good tip, i found letting it run to the very end means you end up with the sediment drying out and sticking to the bottom. I’ve been putting the timer on for 3hrs 30 mins and that seems about the right running time and then it’ll turn off before it dries out. Really pleased with it otherwise. It’s a bit cheaper than the others on the market.

I use it to get a constant supply of pure water and to help me keep more hydrated. The taste takes a while to get used to, but it can be flavoured to make it more acceptable to start with. Once i got used to it i found it easy to fit into the daily routine, making a fresh supply each day.

Good quality build on the distiller unit but the glass collection jug was cracked. Attempted to contact the company customer service but with no response after 4 days so had to return to amazon. Found almost identical items for less on amazon so ordered them to replace this item.

I was blown away by the amount of residual muck the distiller removes from water, even water previously run through a famous brand charcoal filter in a jug. Makes for super tasting water and you know your kidneys aren’t having to filter out all that limescale and brown gunge in the uk south central tap water.

I’m a nutritionist and personal trainer, im also a professional referee so am a huge fan of the benefits of distilled water. Love this machine, would highly recommend this distiller and the company make water pure.

First time using a distiller, shocked to see how much rubbish it removes from the tap water. Water tastes great from the machine and i feel much better knowing there’s no fluoride or chlorine in it.

Great machine – gets all the metals etc out & tastes like it should do.

Does what it says and is quicker than the other water distiller we own.

Features and Spesification

  • New 2019 Water Distiller Model!
  • Fastest Machine on the Market
  • Complete 100% Quality Stainless Steel
  • [included] 3 Years FREE Filters, FREE 200g Cleaner
  • [included] 2 Year Warranty