Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine Motor – I got this on a deal

My son, a chef adores it, and so do the children.

Best thing i bought for making homemade pasts love it.

My wife loves this for her polymer clay it make it so much easier for her.

So much easier to use than previous cheaper models.

I bought this product for conditioning polymer clay.

Am still playing around with my pasta thickness, would recommend thickness at level 3-4 in order for this to be the most effective.

The marcato atlas pasta machine motor works very well although it would be better supplied with a three pin plug instead of a two pin which needs an additional adaptor.

Great build quality, will probably be the only one of these i buy in my lifetime. Makes excellent spaghetti once you have mastered the rolling out process and correct thickness. View a few youtube videos to get the gist.

It arrived before the due date which was great, it’s well made and easy to use. This was my first pasta machine and i think it’ll last for years to come.

The machine covering feels a little flimsy,however have used it twice now and works well,i thought it was a two speed motor by looking at the picture but it is on /off/ pulse, not sure why there is a pulse mode on the switch.

The spaghetti is round and once cooked looks like spaghetti should. All marcato products are easy to use and do what they say.

Great product, worth every penny, great when you can get so many different attachments to go with the marcato pasta machine.

Excellent product just don’t buy added insurance as if the seller is amazon it is already insured for 2 years. I have checked this with amazon themselves after paying £24 insurance for this and the motor. Terrible to be sold insurance which is actually already covered and only additionally covers theft when it comes down to it. Here are the specifications for the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine Motor:

  • Made by the Marcato family in Italy
  • Fits the following Marcato Atlas items: Atlas 150 Pasta Machine Classic, Atlas 150 Pasta Machine Pink, Copper, Gold, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Green and Black, Atlas 180 Pasta Machine, as well as the Marcato Marga Grain Mill
  • Features two speeds
  • Never wash the machine or any of its parts in the dishwasher
  • 3 years warranty

Works well and is superior to cheaper spaghetti cutters. Seems to work best when you set your pasta rollers to 4.

I roll my dough to setting no. 3 on the machine and flour each side of the pasta sheet lightly before putting through the spaghetti attachment. As others have said, the attachment is solidly made from stainless steel and should last a lifetime.

Really great addition to the marcato pasta machine, high quality and lives up to the expectations.

But i still have to find he right technique to get it to work well. Be prepared for plenty of practice.

Lovely quality but did not need as pasta machine can make spegetti so sent it back.

Really good for producing thin sheets of pasta for ravioli.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • My favourite attachment.
  • Five Stars
  • Pasta machine

I purchased this machine after reading comments from judges in cake decorating competitions. I now have difficulty rolling out florist paste etc to the required thickness and this machine has been a godsend. It rolls out the paste to any thickness i want, so now i can continue doing what i love. Having never used a pasta machine before it took a little time to work out the various rollers, and now i wouldn’t be without it. The rollers are non-stick which really helps when rolling various mediums.

It‘s fine, but smaller than expexted.

Amazing product, very high quality and exactly as discribed.

Sticking sheets together enables you to make dozens of tortellini, ravioli, agnolletti etc.