Marshall Major Headphones : Woah!

Marshall major headphones are great in many ways. They are, first of all, really beautiful, the sound is really good, the price is quite reasonable. One thing that made me give them 4 stars instead of 5, is the fact that your ears hurt a bit after wearing them for too long, but that’s okay if you move them a bit. Great choice for headphones, and they work great with iphone and any mp3 player or smartphones.

Audiosound is amazingly clear and i’d say generally well balanced but, as of a personal taste, too much treble in comparison to the rest – i had to change my ipod’s eq settings to find the right balance. Other than that, very powerful sound. Can be very loud but without distorting and at low volume also extremely clear. The bass is good – i listen to a lot of hip hop so good enough.I reckon these are probably at their best when listening to rock (given that it is marshall it’s understandable 🙂 )i won’t give it a 5 star rate because isolation is relatively bad – but bear in mind that i used to use in-ear headphones so you cannot top that isolation. I can hear people talking around me and cars passing by on the street but i guess for this price range it’s acceptable, and also, the quality and clarity of the sound make up for that. Also, above about 2/3 of the volume everyone around you can hear what you are listening to but the good news is that above 2/3 my ears would explode lolbuildthe build is fantastic. Unboxing is a great experience and love the details. Specially the golden plug and spring to protect the wire. Also love the spiral wire as it still gives the length but doesn’t get all tangled in my bag.

Excellent sound for a variety of music genres (especially heavy metal) and decent noise isolation, so you don’t need to crank up the volume too much on the tube. The look and feel is typical of marshall, a perfect bent between modern sleek and simple retro. One problem is that if you wear glasses then long periods of use can cause slight pain around the ears where the legs are pushed into the side of you head. But they are really great for all uses, the packaging is even 100% recyclable.

These headphones are undeniably stylish, with good materials, the iconic but understated logo, the jim marshall signature and the gold finishes on the connector and the inside frame. However, if you have ‘meat head’, it’s definitely not for you. It only fits my reasonably normal head at maximum size. It is quite comfortable, but not compared to over the ear headphones. The sound quality is very good though for the price, especially for guitar based music. You can pump some drum and bass or dubstep into them and the the bass is quite reasonable, and treble is very clear. They fold up nicely for travelling with too. Overall, a decent, stylish and reasonably priced set of cans, but for home use i would look elsewhere for some over ear sets with better sound production and comfort.

Okay, i am no great sound enthusiast. I like my beats, sometimes i play some soundtracks and other times guitar based stuff. I have just found these headphones to be great. They sound great, well balanced, not ridiculous bass, but good bass and handle different types of music well. When i first got them, there were a little tight from time to time on the ear, but not painful. After a week or so my large head must of broken them in as they are are really comfortable. I didn’t buy them on amazon, only because i think the newer version has a controller and mic on the cable, which works a treat on the ipod/iphone and means you don’t have to take them off to take calls/change tracks. Also these headphones elicit looks of envy wherever i go and i’ve never looked back on buying them. They sound great and look great.

I am being a little stingy because i have only just received them today and you are paying a little for the label here. That said, when i looked at professional product reviews for these headphones they all seemed to suggest that they were uncomfortable for extended wear, something to do with the band being too tight. I can only assume that these people have large, bulbous, over sensitive heads as i’ve been wearing them for several hours now and whilst you get the expected sweaty ear syndrome from headphones of this type, there is none of the painful discomfort that these people suggest. So the most important thing – the sound. I’m no audiophile but i do have a little knowledge. The best i can describe the sound as is ‘warm’. For the price you get a great treble detail and well balanced bass, an overall great sound for the money – i’ve heard better (but not by much) but i’ve heard significantly worse too. I’ve listened to a bunch of indie, classical, metal, rock and folk in the last few hours and all of them sound just great through these phones. These ‘phones aren’t just for show.

Every thing as expected, arrived well on time and the item is everything that we expected,great quality for the price.

  • Great sound, terrible hinge design.
  • very nice headphones
  • Present for husband

Marshall Major Headphones

Product description, Marshall Headphones The Marshall Major Headphone in Black and Gold, Headphones for Unisex:

Manufacturer’s Description, Rock ‘n’ roll has created the world and no brand has shaped rock ‘n’ roll more than Marshall. Like all supreme forms of life, rock ‘n’ roll and Marshall rests on top of creation not as a result of conscious calculation but has gained their symbiotic power by trusting instincts, being unpredictable and keeping both ears open.
Marshall was spawned in the early 1960’s by Jim Marshall who, by request from young guitarists Pete Townshend and Richie Blackmore, started selling guitar equipment in his drum store.
Jim soon begun building his own amplifiers and thanks to his unprejudiced mind combined with certain twists of electrical fate the Marshall amplifiers were blessed with a sound much heavier than anything heard before. The Marshall sound was born and the tone for the future of rock ‘n’ roll had been set.
The revolutionizing Marshall amplifiers were soon picked up by the era’s most progressive rock ‘n’ roll rebels. The Who, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton were some of the legends to be who felt that they could use the Marshall sound to change popular music into something completely new. Marshall’s keen ear to the demands of these artists together with unforeseen changes in production and materials kept the Marshall sound evolving, entangled as one with that of rock ‘n’ roll.
Rock ‘n’ roll has changed a lot since these days but its soul remains the same. With Marshall Headphones it is now time for Marshall and rock ‘n’ roll to introduce yet another bold push into the unknown.
The Marshall heritage of big stage performance is expanding to the individual enjoyment of good music.
The heavy sound of Marshall has been carried over the world for nearly 50 years. Breathless roadies and roaring trucks have worked hard to make Marshall heard all across the globe. Now, time has come for you to carry this magnificent burden of rock ‘n’ roll all by yourself.
Spending half a decade on tour with the most prominent and untamed musicians builds experience and a feel for what really works. This unparalleled amount of wisdom has been distilled and fused into every part of Marshall Headphones.
Nothing has been compromised when expanding the Marshall heritage of big stage performance to the individual enjoyment of good music. These headphones are conceived from Marshall’s time-tested fundaments of performance and endurance, designed to thrive on daily use and to render music the way it was meant to sound, no matter what your flavour is. The greatest of effort has also been put into the aesthetics, making the headphones ooze of that iconic Marshall look.
The Major encloses vast amounts of the massive Marshall legacy. The exterior of the headband is made out of the same vinyl used in Marshall amplifiers and it bears the original Marshall texture. Besides being straight up dazzling.
The Major is a solid workhorse with great stamina, designed with non-stop, all-day listening in mind.

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I’ve no idea why so many people have had issues with the size of these headphones, i mean, really?. I don’t have a tiny head and i need to have them pretty tight. Concerning the aesthetics and feel, woah, such soft leather, cups your ear beautifully, genuinely awesome fit. I listen to a severe range, from portuguese reggae, to rolling stones, to indie/electronic remixes, to hard hearted european electro acts. The base is deep, the rifts are sweet and vocals are crisp. These are well worth the price and significantly better off than the asking price for those ubiquitous electronics brands. After all, you do get marshall inscribed on the side of these cuties.

Nice sound balance, good bass, with details. It fits snuggly on your ears, but comfortable. It is on-ear (supra-aural) closed-back headphones, not over ears (circumaural), so it does not completely shut down outside noise. So it may not be suitable for office use or recording, but perfect for just listening to the music on-the-go. It is super-cool retro minimalistic looking, and i am really satisfied with price and quality.

I bought here for my husband’s birthday. He has been thrilled with them and says the sound quality – as you would expect from marshall – is superb. There is no leakage so he can listen to his music to his heart’s content now without disturbing me – apart from the foot tapping and the humming along.

Superb sound – works especially well with rock music as expected.

Very comfortable to wear great value.

Had to return headphones due to a crackle whilst in my pocket. They were fantastic however, and i may have just received a faulty pair. The sound quality was phenomenal and they look great; i received many compliments about them from fiends.

Bought these earlier this year. Was actually suckered in like many people by the marshall logo, but so glad i was. Like some reviews say you have to listen to them for a good number of hours to burn in but onces has been done you will be very pleased. Also some reviewers has said they have had to fiddle about with the eq on there iphone/ipods, dont bother listening to this if you dont have an ipod because after having an ipod for about a year,realised that the sound quality produced from them is very inferior to most mp3, i realised this when i got a nokia mobile phone and the sound quality on my cheap mobile was better. Sound is great and look awesome but give them time before you judge them.

I had these headphones before but they now come with mic. So get the cheaper ones because you won, t get these without the mic. The 2010 model is unavailable. The older model was much better and as described.

  • Great sound, terrible hinge design.
  • very nice headphones
  • Present for husband

Marshall Major Headphones

I was going to purchase a mobile amplifier, but find i don’t need it with these cans, they’re awesome, bangin’ bass with no loss of mid or high range clarity. Truly my new favourite thing at the moment.

These, based on sound and looks, are some of the best pair of headphones i’ve had. They are understated with a nice, tasteful design. I have bought four pairs of these, every single pair broke on the hinge, i kept buying because i love them, this is quite clearly a design flaw that marshall needs to sort out. For sound, i’d give these a 4/5, for the poor hinge design, a 1/5.

I am very pleased with these headphones i tried these headphones on at a well known music shop with my ipod i liked the build. Real quality i have a pair of bose quiet comfort headphones and i find i prefer the marshall headphones i find the bass just right for me.

I’ve had a pair of these for about 2 years now. On the plus side: the sound quality is excellent, they have a classic design and although i use them almost every day, there is almost no sign of wear & tear whatsoever. I related this 4/5 purely for the reason that they get a bit uncomfortable after extended use. Well worth the money in every other way.

I really like these headphones, they have strong and clear mids, which i’ve not really seen in any headphones before, the bass is tight but not as prominent as other headphones, probably because the mids are the main focus. Really good for anything where the guitar is one of the main focuses. The cushions are comfy but can get a little uncomfortable during long periods of listening( approaching an hour wearing them for me). Adjusters are a little loose so i have to adjust them before every listening.

There are a lot of point that make these headphones a great buy. Attractive, fantastic sound, fairly priced (consider the alternatives) & carry a well known brand name. It was brought to my attention that these are produced by zounds industries. While browsing reviews on these headphones i gathered that they weren’t a company that was very well received. Also common was for these headphones to snap at the joint where they fold for compact storage. Nevertheless, i took the plunge. These have a year long warranty, so if they do break, you’re covered. I have tried beats by dre, rza, & various street phones that sound hollow and are very over-priced. These were the first part to stand out among the rest. But i feel these handle the hi’s & low’s well but really come into their own around mid-range. I’d certainly recommend these to someone looking for a great deal on headphones that provide looks and sound.

Cheaper than dre beats and just as good. Robust build, solid sound and very loud. I would recommend them anytime.

So, i got these through on wednesday, and as soon as i put them on my ears, i just didn’t want to take them off, they’re seriously comfortable. They do however, ache a little after a couple of hours but if you move the position a little, you’re good to go. I’d seen a few reviews on them and i can confirm that the sound quality is pretty awesome – vocals are crisp, background riffs are clear, bass is great. Bear in mind that obviously if you’re listening to dubstep, the bass tends to fill up about 85% of the song and that in itself can be handled by the headphones fine, but in another sense is ridiculous because that’s an overkill of bass, and you can only expect studio quality headphones to really handle that. I’m a metalhead and it’s a perfect for that and pretty much every other genre. Now, for the whole ‘they were a lot smaller than i thought’ – yes they are, however, they do cover my ears, and you need some enormous ears for these to stick out of. Oh another thing – holy hell, they look amazing. Seriously one hell of a good looking pair of headphones. They are durable too, nice and strong build, there is a spring on the back of the 3. 5mm jack which helps the wire to avoid being bent and severing the internal wiring, which actually does seem to work pretty damn well.

Bought as a present, brilliant quality.

Like many here my headphones have snapped at the hinge. If you are going to use these treat the very carefully as they are not very robust. I hope marshall fix this major problem in later versions as otherwise they’re comfortable, sound good and look nice. Plus they have no leather so are vegetarian/vegan friendly.

I used to have them, forgot them in the plane, bought them again, very nice quality of sound, nice fit, solid construction and portable.

Ordered these just before xmas and as starter headphones they are good quality for the money. Good rich but not overpowering bass balances out with the mid tones and subtle but clear high’s. Not as good as grado for the same money but lushous looking with the leather strap gold plated 3. Very comfortable to use , wore them all night without noticing that they were there. If you are looking for a good place to start then these do not disappoint.

Brilliant service ,total lifesavers as i needed this item so quickly and will definitely use again.

I mostly listen to music on my htc desire hd smartphone. Up until now i’ve been disappointed with the sound from a variety of headphones from the likes of sony, panasonic, sennheiser & beats by dr. Bass & volume have always been somewhat lacking. A phone doesn’t have the power to drive a full-size set of headphones, whilst small truly portable headphones don’t isolate the sound well enough. Not so with the marshall major headphones. They deliver on all fronts with all genres of music. Finally the very experience of listening to portable music is no longer a compromise. I am revisiting all my favourite songs & artists & picking up nuances i’ve never previously heard.

I’ve had my pair for two years now and they are the best pair of headphones i’ve had. Previous headphones have had jack problems or have broken/snapped. The design and build of these a first class. They look great, are extremely comfortable. They sound fantastic, which given their reputation for producing excellent amps since the 60s is not surprising. They sound far better than those ridiculous looking beats headphones that cost twice as much, so if you’re serious about your music, get these.

Three years in, i’m still very happy with these headphones. Their low impedance helps battery powered kit drive them well, yet they seem well matched to my rotel amp (via the included adaptor) too. They’re a little leaky in a quiet environment, but nothing compared to any number of open-backed designs, both small and large. I do find they squeeze my ears a little uncomfortably after about three hours of continuous listening, but it’s rare i listen that long in a stretch so not a big concern. After owning these for over three years, the first thing to fail on me is the soft vinyl covering the ear pads – it’s started to perish and crack. The hinge has not broken on mine, although i am fairly careful with them, and use smaller headphones for listening out-of-doors, so these are restricted to the house or the office at different times. I do think that once they become uncomfortable to wear, i’ll be picking up another pair of these though, so that’s quite some recommendation i guess.

Good headphones consdering no batteries are needed like a lot of over ear headphones of late. Plus they just look cool, if you like rock/indie these are the phones you need. Good bass and treble, listening to metallica through them are a treat.

Comfortable- well built- excellent sound- in-line mic with pause, play, next and previous functionality. – fold-away stylei brought these marshall major headphones to replace my sennheiser cx 300-ii precisions. I’ll never look backthey look and feel well built, they sit comfortably on my dumbo ears and have to be heard to be believed. 5mm jack has cool spring that protects the cable entering the jack from being damaged. There is an in-line mic which doubles as a media controller with pause, play, next and previous function. My only concern is how much noise is leaked. People around you will hear what you’re listening to and in the rush hour commute it can be antisocial. This alone prevents the 5 star rating.

Features and Spesification

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  • Super soft ear cushion
  • Fully collapsible construction
  • 1m extension cable
  • Compatible with any 3.5/6.3mm music player
  • 6.3mm adapter included