Marshall – Mode Earphones – / : Nice !!

These were expensive enough and the clip is annoying. Also, i can hear the wire rubbing on my clothes etc and its annoying. Durability is ok, i havent used them as much.

Great price and product does exactly what it promises to do.

Great sound quality but the build quality could be improved. And also the addition of a volume control wouldn’t be great.

Good price all give stars☆☆☆☆☆.

These are excellent earphones, if you like top quality audio at a reasonable price marshall is the best.

I never got so excited about headphones before. The plastic used and the detailing is flawless. I’m not an expert on sound but so far it’s been sharp and clean. Dark brown color plus magnet lock plus the fit.

Good quality product, easy to us.

I’ve had way over 50 different headphones in my life from different labels as i use them nearly nonstop. This is the best pair i had so far and still works perfectly after a year and half.

  • Amazing sound
  • Looks wonderful, sounds fantastic, but with one problem
  • Excellent

Marshall – Mode Earphones – Black / White

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I bought this earphones for my boyfriend and he likes them so far. The design is just as in the pictures. I will comment further if he finds anyhing unusual. But for the moment, they are a good gift for a metalhead.

I have somewhat mixed feelings about this set of headphones. On the one hand they score very well on sound and build quality, on the other there are one or two questionable design choices that more annoying than you’d think. Pro’s– the really do sound great. Probably one of the best sounding pairs of earbud style headphones i have owned, and really stellar for the price. A crisp, clear and relatively flat frequency response throughout (which is what i generally look for). – very robust build quality. The cable is well insulated, and feels strong. The jack itself is insulated with a brass coil that looks like it will prevent damage for years to come. – the design of the earbuds is distinctive and makes it easy to orient which side is which. Helped by the fact the the microphone is clearly visible on the left side.

With an awesome design, excellent sound quality and a great eq mode, these earphones are definitely one of the best products on the market. Perfect for all types of music, although they perform best with rock and metal, i would highly recommend these earphones to anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive and excellent value for money product.

Fast delivery and sound good, but can’t feel the different between eq mode on or off.

Very good product and sound quality no doubt. Not sure what the purpose of the equalizer is as it doesn’t seem to work. Also the the mic hasn’t worked for me yet although i am certain that it is meant to. Not a big fan of the chord as it continues to remains in this semi swirled shape after untangling. All in all a good purchase but there are better option out there for this price.

One month and it already stopped working. The quality not worth the price though.

The product was bought as a gift to my nephew who loved it.

Nice looking earphones, good sound. A bit tricky to find the right buds to fit, also the inline control is in an awkward place.

  • Amazing sound
  • Looks wonderful, sounds fantastic, but with one problem
  • Excellent

Marshall – Mode Earphones – Black / White

Good quality and high sound quality, like the style of it and the switch button is very cool to use.

If you want quality earphones, then these are for you. Comfortable fit, excellent quality of sound and overall a beautiful looking pair of earphones 10/10.

Great headphones and last a long time.

Great sound and just what i was looking for.

Only downside is no volume control on remote.

These are very decent buds and good value for the sound and build quality.

So i searched and searched and searched, then finally i found a brand of headphones on which i can rely. I bought these, along with the major ii’s and the monitors. Fantastic sound, great fit, flawless experience from the entire range.

I bought them as i thought they’d be better, however they sit awkwardly in my ears, dispite changing the ear buds, the sound isn’t brilliant when i use them as my hands free kit, i’m yet to use them for music but am hoping they improve, if not it will be money wasted and a return to a separate hands free and separate head phones.

Impressive sound and good build quality / bass boost function does improve the sound. Packaging uses no plastic which is unusual and very welcome given how much plastic most companies use.

After a year of using them they broke just at the very time the warranty expired. However , i must admit that they’re good.

These headphones are very good. The qualities amazing and for the money, extremely good price – in fact better than my £200 bose headphones.

They are supposed to be a good brand, i have been using them daily but, sometimes i feel the sound fades away like when you have a pair of headphones that are starting to break.

Arrived promptly and in good packaging. Protected and had no damage. The earphones are packed in a very nice and strong box and held in properly. The drivers are angled every so slightly for those with wierdly shaped canals. They fit perfectly for me with small-medium ear tips. The sound is fantastic; not too bassy and not too strong highs, just about right. They sound fantastic even without burn-in-time. The build of the earphones is very good, sturdy and durable. They are rather large and do take some time fitting perfectly in your ears, but when they do fit, it is comfortable, isolating and very enjoyable. However, there is one gripe i do have with the earphones; since i am using a nexus 5, i am not able to skip tracks using the in-line controls, which is a downer as i was looking forward to changing songs without having to use the phone.

Good sound quality for the price, can sound strange if not fitted properly. Components seem to be durable (e. Cable has protective spring at the end and metal protection around the right-angled jack).

Good quality earphones but the microphone button control doesn’t work. Could be an isolated defect on my product.

Love it, been using for almost a month now i think, still good as day 1.

I use them to listen to all sorts of music styles, and also audiobooks and everything sounds ‘alive’. Some people complain that they are uncomfortable, and they may be for some, but i find them good, even for extended use (30 min to an hour even). You do notice that they are in your ears, and they’re not perfect, but they’re not uncomfortable. The volume knob is interesting, but i prefer separate buttons for separate functions. Sound quality is the main selling point.

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