Master and Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Earphones Headphones : Work with these and they will serve you well

As soon as you open the box you know you’re in for something special. Beautiful in design and more importantly for me is they fit perfectly due to the amount of extra ear gels and fit wings in the box – fit is very important to get to right audio quality. The mw07 sound better than my anc over ears. I don’t quite know how master & dynamic have done that.

These are everything that the senheisers that i ordered in the first instance should have been (momentum true wireless). Ignore the gripes about short battery life unless you are running marathons. Unlike the senheisers they’ll at least be charged when they come out of the box.

Ive used a number of wireless buds in the last year or two, and these for me sit firmly in the middle – not rubbish, but nowhere near as good as i expected given the pricing and overall look of them. Starting with the positives then; the dock (which stores and charges the buds) is extremely well designed, with a high quality chrome finish, indicator lights to show when its charging/ low charge/ charged – but also when the buds are charging – and holds a generous amount of power to keep the buds running. I wear mine for just under an hour a day, and found i only need to charge the base/ dock once a fortnight. It also fills up pretty quickly from flat – about 2 hours. The buds themselves appear quite large and in a sort of “meh” tortoiseshell effect – they’re not ugly by any means, but certainly not my preference; however cosmetics aside they are extremely comfortable, and that matters more to me: i can wear these for up to 2 hours before my ears even start to feel uncomfortable, which is essential if e. You’re travelling and watching a movie on your phone/ tablet. The buds also allow control of volume up/ down, and track skip back/ forward as well as pause/ play. This is a huge “must have” for me; i find it really frustrating when wireless buds have no control function – it kind of defies one of the main points of them being wirelessthe sound though is just ok. Considering the cost of these, i anticipated excellent universal sound quality, at the very least, or maybe a companion app that allowed you to manipulate the sound profile.

It was around this time last year when the first master and dynamic headphones came into my life, with the mw60s instantly taking the top spot against anything else i had tried for quality, sound and being pretty all round great. Would the same be the case for their in ear alternative?the immediate impression you get when you open the box is once again one of quality and great design. The case in which the headphones live (and charge) is a thing of beauty, despite the probability it’ll get plenty of fingerprints on, with subtle charging lights and a nice closing mechanism. A small bag is also supplied to hold the accessories – different ear tips, wings, the usb c cable for charging and the usb bluetooth adapter for use with a computer. Slipping them into your ears – though it’s less of a slip and more of a insert and twist – is straightforward and keeps one of the best fits i have experienced from in ear phones. This means that, despite being slightly heavier than others which i have tried they stay in well and remain comfortable. Pairing is also easy, while sound quality is excellent – clear across the range and also well balanced. This plus the design is where these really excel, living up to the predecessors. But what about where it isn’t so good?.The headphones themselves don’t hold charge for as long as others i’ve used, so it often means i found myself slipping them back into the case for some juice after a few hours of use.

I loved the sound quality it was fantastic, fits in ears well and the only downside is the stainless case which for me scratched from being in an empty pocket.

I have to say amazing!!!!!!the best true wireless earphone!!!!!.

The best audiophile quality true wireless headphones i have tried, soundstage is awesome and they stay in and are comfortable. Highly recommended and worth the price tag.

I’ve had these now for about 9 months and the sound is amazing. Fantastic base and crystal clear mid range. They knock the socks off my over ear bose and they are good. They are even better than my wired ultimate ears pro 5s and thought they were fantastic. I chose these over the sennheiser momentum which were the same price because the mds had buttons instead of having to tap. I’m glad i did they are so easy to manage and the case is so small it just slips into your trouser pocket it amazes me how something so small can produce such fantastic sound. I was’nt much interested in the phone aspect but it works perfectly.

  • Good sound, but expensive
  • Breakups and Bass
  • Best in class

Master and Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Earphones Headphones with Charging Case, White Marble

Colour Name:White Marble
Product Description, The MW07 true wireless earphones have been crafted to look as good as they sound. An impressive specification list is heightened by a gorgeous handcrafted acetate body that varies in pattern from earphone to earphone.
Sophisticated Sound Quality
Don’t be fooled by the lightweight feel of these true wireless earbuds. Small but mighty, the MW07 boasts high acoustics with custom 10 mm Beryllium Drivers that produce a rich, expansive sound. Optical sensors can detect when these wireless Bluetooth earbuds are placed in the ear or removed, automatically playing or pausing the music for you. Quick pairing technology, a 20+ metre range of Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, and minimum 3.5 hour battery life give you the power of high quality sound, song after song.
These innovative wireless earphones fit any ear, big or small. With five sets of ear tips, you can choose the size that works for you. In addition, two pairs of Fit Wings provide another layer of security by comfortably gripping the outer ear. When the true wireless Bluetooth earbuds are not in your ears, place them into their hand-polished stainless-steel charging case for an additional three charges. The case slides into its canvas pouch for easy mobility.
No Detail Left Behind
Every detail has been considered in the design of these contemporary wireless earbuds. In addition to the powerful features mentioned, these earphones have conveniently-placed volume, skip and multifunction buttons, voice control with an omnidirectional microphone, charge indicator lights and splash proof protection. A USB adaptor and USB-C charging cable are also included with the wireless earbud set.

Box Contains,

  • Earphones
  • Stainless steel charging case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Interchangeable ear tips
  • Cloth carrying case

  • From the manufacturer

    master and dynamic mw07


    master and dynamic

    Master & Dynamic

    Master & Dynamic is a New York City-based premium audio brand with a passion for building beautifully crafted, richly appointed, technically sophisticated audio products. Designed for decades of use, Master & Dynamic products utilise only the finest materials and are engineered to last, creating the perfect balance of aesthetics, strength, comfort, and sound. Our collection of headphones are tuned to provide a rich, warm sound that perfectly captures the exceptional detail of well-recorded music

    The MW07 True Wireless Earphones feature beautifully handcrafted acetate and a hand-polished stainless-steel charging case.

    These wireless earbuds contain technically sophisticated components such as custom 10mm Beryllium drivers, proprietary Fit Wings, advanced antenna technology, and optical sensors that detect in-ear placement to automatically play and pause the earphones. This demonstrates that when it comes to designing the ultimate true wireless listening experience, no detail is too small.

    • Acetate earbud body, stainless steel case
    • 10mm Beryllium driver
    • 3.5-hour battery life
    • Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX
    • Includes charging case for an additional 3 charges (14 hours)





    Sophisticated Design

    From the exclusive look of the acetate body, to the powerful interior drivers that produce an unmatched sound quality, these true wireless earbuds are sophisticated in every way. Key features include quick pairing technology, optical sensors that detect in-ear placement, and a customisable fit.

    Fit Unlike Any Other

    Outfitted with five sets of ear tips and two pairs of silicone Fit Wings, these innovative earbuds follow the natural curves of the inner and outer ear to create a seamless listening experience unlike any other wireless earphone. Customise your fit based on ear size and desired comfort level.

    Perfectly Tuned

    These compact wireless Bluetooth earbuds are equipped with 10mm Beryllium drivers to deliver the same powerful sound of an over-ear headphone. Tuned to convey a warm, rich and expansive sound, the MW07 wireless earbuds are truly impressive – catching every detail present in your favourite music.

    Functional Details

    Whether actively listening to your MW07 earbuds or carrying them with you on-the-go, these superior sound tools are packed with features that make your music experience more enjoyable. From convenient control buttons to a stylish case that provides three additional charges, these earbuds are power-packed.

    mw07 mw07 mw03
    MW07 ME05 ME03
    Driver Size 10mm 8mm 8mm
    Driver Material Beryllium Drivers Titanium coated diaphragm, Neodymium magnet Titanium coated diaphragm, Neodymium magnet
    Weight Earphones: 9g each, Charging Case: 76g 21g 16g
    Impedence 33 ohms 16 ohms 16 ohms
    Dimensions Earphones: 25mm x 22.2mm x 28.3mm, Charging Case: 64.6mm x 26.8mm x 45.1mm 21.5mm x 11.8mm 23mm x 10mm
    Body Stainless Steel, Acetate Brass Aluminium
    Ear Coupling In-ear monitor In-ear monitor In-ear monitor
    Headphone Connection Bluetooth 4.2 3.5mm fixed plug 3.5mm fixed plug
    Sensitivity Average 113dB, SPL at 1mW Average 105dB, SPL at 1mW Average 105dB, SPL at 1mW
    THD (distortion) Less than 1% @ 1kH for main audio range Less than 0.2% @1mW for main audio range Less than 0.2% @1mW for main audio range

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    Not sure where to start with this. In practical terms the first thing it to get a good fit in the ear. The earphones come with two soft rubber pieces that half loaded and hold the earphones in the ears. I immediately tried the slightly larger set that came with the kit and found the fit better. The second thing and possibly the most important is to get the eardrum/earpiece inset sized correctly for your ear. Earphones like this rely on a snug fit to help with base production and use the ear as an echo chamber. If you’re going to spend this kind of money on a set of earphones take the time to get the fit right. If you don’t then not only do you risk the earphones falling out but also a pretty poor sound experience. At this level neither is acceptable.

    I bought the mw07 to replace my jabra elite 65t as i wanted more deep bass, and the reviews said these had lots of it. Turns out they are no better bass wise or generally sound quality wise to my 65t’s and they cost 1/2 the price, and have better battery life. The case looks impressive at first but is a nightmare from the moment you handle it. The led’s on the front are good at telling you the charged status of the case and each bud. The stainless steel case is a fingerprint magnet, and scratches within minutes of use. I found the fit in my ear to be uncomfortable after an hour of use. There is no phone app, so no eq, or anyway to upgrade with fixes etc. I returned them and bought the sennheiser momentum true wireless instead, they sound better, fit better, with the eq set to 12 o’clock the bass is amazing, they sound nearly as good as my sony wh-1000xm3.

    Exquisite in-earphones – exqisite in materials, exquiste in design, exquiste in sonics and exquisitively comfortable- very impressed. Master and dynamics have pulled a blinder with these in-ears. If you are in the market for some high-end in-ear true wireless earphone these should be on your audition list. I have listened to mine for six days now, on and off throughout each day and i have marvelled and smiled at the sonics these produce – rich and mellow with an expansive soundstage. Mine are paired with my iphone x and i am extremely satisfied so much so that i have been re-listening to some of my more obscure music collection over and over again as i am hearing nuances i haven’t heard before when using an in-ears set before – alan parsons project, anyone?. They are very easy to set up amd the charging is achieved via a beautiful polished steel “pill-box” which also serves as the earphones storage case – you do get a cloth bag as well to prevent the highly polished “pill-box” from becoming scratched in your rucksack. My wife who isn’t into gadgets or music thought that these were amazing from a design point of view and thinks they will be a great match for her tortoiseshell rayban wayfarers – i said no – they’re not simply for decoration or adornment – but if you really want to listen to music and look good, these tick both boxes. I review lots of earphones and headphones and i have to say these are by far the best in-ears i have tested ever – one word sums up the master and dynamics – exquisite. The only negative, if it’s a negative, would be you need to try for size as to whether your outer ear space is capable of accommodating the mw07’s as they are quite square in shape – always try headphones for audio and comfort and with your own music.

    Some may find the mw07 more on the treble and less on the bass sound. I suggest changing to a larger earbud tip to prevent sound leaking out which contributes to reduced bass. Another option is to replace the earphone tip with comply foam tips which is great in isolating sound.

    I’ve never been a fan of earbuds, preferring full cup over ear headphones, purely based on the superior sound quality that they deliver. I’ve been happily using bose qc35 mk2’s for the past six months. Master and dynamic was a brand i was unaware of until i was offered a set of the mw07’s to try on vine. I was more than scepitcal that something costing so much could deliver a performance worthy of its high asking price. First impressions count and the packaging didn’t disappoint. Neat, compact and worthy of being on display in any high end store. In the box you will find the headphones within their highly polished charge/carry case, a soft velvet pouch to store the carry case in, an m&d branded usb charge lead, a comprehensive set of different size latex earbuds, product documentation and a concise easy to follow quick start guide. Both charge/carry case and the headphones themselves exude high quality and tasteful design. Before you first take the headphones from the case i would recommend opening the bluetooth settings on the device you intend pairing with and putting it in to search mode. Take out the mw07’s from their case and they automatically go in to pairing mode, instantly appearing on your device as ‘mw07’ – and just pair from there.

    I brought these after seeing a review which compared them with the sennheiser true wireless and saying that they had a better and more mellow base. They dont, they are very treble and almost tinny sounding in comparison to the sennheiser which will suit some people. The build quality is good and the controls and bluetooth connection are very good.

    Well, this item just oozes quality from the time you open your delivery parcel and find the neat box, to when you pull out the polished stainless-steel charging case and to the earphones themselves. I’ll start with the case, which is beautiful and even has its own fabric pouch to keep it scratch free, although note the mirror finish is not forgiving of fingerprints. And then you move onto the main attraction and they do not disappoint; the earphones themselves are also stunning with excellent build quality. Charging is done via the case, which plugs in via the supplied usb-c and lights up a mini display to guide re charge levels for both the case and earphones. The case comes fully charged (middle green light) but the earphones themselves had just a medium charge. A usb-c lead is supplied, along with an adaptor so you can plug into usb-a if necessary. The earphones come fitted with medium ear tips and small wings and four alternatives for the former and one for the latter are included in the box, so you should be able to get a comfortable fit. After a short charge of less than 20 minutes, the earphones had reached capacity, indicated by another two green lights on the case (so helpful). A full charge will give around 3.

    I decided to try this earbuds after trying other brands of the same level and after seen some comments favourable for the sound quality. After trying is i think they spent too much on fashion outfit and not enough for the sound quality, differently to sennheiser that did the opposite. Pro very comfy to wear, very good built and materials, very good connectivity. Con not exceptional loudness, bass not enough deep, prevalence of high frequences, so to be sometimes annoying. No dedicated app; phisical buttons not easily reachable. Conclusions a discrete audio but not worth the price; in my opinion it is an item to show as original and fashion but keep in mind that you are paying more for this then the sound quality. This earbud is good but it does not reach the level of audio quality of its direct competitor b&o and sennheiser.

    • Good sound, but expensive
    • Breakups and Bass
    • Best in class

    Master and Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Earphones Headphones with Charging Case, White Marble

    Masterful and dynamic, for sure. The quality of the sound, for starters, is amazing. It’s incredibly clear and the levels are balanced perfectly, they sound great for bassy tunes (they’re really bassy) and simple acoustic tunes alike. The pause and voice-control button on the right bud works fine and does exactly what it claims to, which includes re-pairing, and the volume control on the left is the same. The battery life is what it says on the box, 3. 5 hrs though i would say not to keep the in-ears in the case all the time because the case charges them and if they’re always charging it could ruin the battery life (of the in-ears, not the case). Other cool features like the connectivity between the buds work perfectly. They provide a huge range of bud sizes and grips for any sized ear as well as a very helpful guide on how to position the product incase you’re unfamiliar with in-ear buds. The packaging is neat, clear and compact with a simple box and concise instructions on how to use the product which is really useful for someone who’s never used in-ear buds before. Altogether it’s a great product, great quality (though i would expect as much from a £250 pair of in-ears) all contained in what is perhaps the coolest earphone box in the world.

    Master and dynamics’ mw50+ headphones are exquisite in terms of sound clarity and build quality -really rather special for over-ear or on-ear listening. The new mw07 earphones are in-ear devices which use a 10mm beryllium driver ( one of the reasons i believe the mw50’s sound so good is the expensive 40mm beryllium drivers they use)unpacking the mw07 earphones will be a unique experience for anyone unfamiliar with master and dynamic products – the attention to detail in design of the hardware, the accessories, the included instructions and even the packaging, is unparalleled in my experience. In the box is a beautiful stainless steel charging box, a soft bag to keep it in, a usb-c charger with adaptor, a range of fitting accessories if the default set-up doesn’t fit your ear very well – it fitted me perfectly so i was good to go – and the hand finished acetate earpieces which just ooze quality and style. The feel of everything about the mw07’s is premium luxury and you just know that when so much detail has gone into the design, the claim of “exceptional acoustics’ is probably going to hold up. The metal storage box has an input for the power adaptor and can hold up to 14 hours of charge – the earphones up to 3. Bright charge leds on the front of the box give charging status of both box and earphones. Mine were all fully charged up on arrival. And the acoustics – well earphones aren’t going to quite match the mw50’s – but these sure come very close – beryllium drivers really deliver something special in my opinion. Starting off with “key to the highway”, freddie king, the detail in the bass and percussion were amazing and the guitar parts were full of expression.

    I listen to a lot of music, and these headphones are an absolute delight. Crisp treble and a nice solid bass are packed into an incredibly attractive package. Presentation was absolutely immaculate, a nice solid box holding all of the components. Every single component feels well made and like it will last longer than i will. Overall i can’t fault a single thing about these headphones, i would solidly recommend them to anyone looking for a high end product for a reasonable price.

    Really comfortable and great sound quality, a bit pricey but worth spending the extra money in my opinion.

    These are officially my favourite pair of wireless earphones. Compared to the beoplay e8s they had a more stable bluetooth signal and set-up, and a slightly warmer sound which i liked. Against the sennheiser momentum true wireless, they looked more discrete and just natural looking. The finish on the mw07s is pretty cool actually, and put the sennheisers to shame. The metallic carry box is also a nice touch. So, apart from the aesthetics, and the near identical sound to the sennheisers, i found them very comfortable (able to wear for many hours). If comply tips were included i would give them 5 stars, but unfortunately simple rubber tips were bundled which i swapped out straight away.

    As others have noted, these are some of the best true wireless earbuds on the market so far, although the sector as a whole has some maturing to do. The build quality is fantastic, with the premium materials (notably the beautiful acetate) integrating well into a solid and sturdy product. I mainly use the earbuds for the gym and commute, where the noise-isolation and great (for true wireless) sound quality can be appreciated. The controls are simple and easy to use and the fit is snug and secure. On the less than prefect front: the battery life seems a little measly, compared to competitors. The fit, while excellent, can become uncomfortable over time due to the in-ear design.

    Quite large for ear phones, but they stayed in as long as no jogging is attempted or physical work. Very easy to bluetooth link to my iphone. Great sound when stationary, however when i loaded my car they kept cutting out. As the phone was in my pocket and a mere 3 feet away at any given time, this was unexpected. Have yet to try on a field or wood walk, but they have been nicked by my wife. Nice charging case, good leds to indicate power, logical. Tricky to change the ear cushions over, you need patience and small fingers, but i did it eventually only to be told to change them back as my wife wants to pinch them to walk the dog. Supplied in a posh black card box with all parts in little compartments,, therefor a great present.

    I found the earphones comfy, classy but just too quiet. I couldn’t get the volume high enough to enjoy any type of music.

    These are the best inner ear phones right now.

    These in ears are top quality.

    The sound quality is excellent,, the (fake) tortoise-shell is very stylish and the fit, for my ears is extremely comfortable. Overall, these have so many positives that it’s just a pity they didn’t add a noise cancellation option. The earphones paired with my samsung galaxy s7 edge with no problem. The little charging and storage box comes with a usb c connector to charge it, and the earphones charge quickly when they are sotred in it. Even the little steel box is stylish. It comes with a protective bag, possibly to ensure the magnetic closure doesn’t come open. I love the design and sound quality.

    Gorgeously presented, aesthically beautifully, incredibly easy to use and, most importantly, wonderful to listen with. From the moment you freshly open the box to handling the small charging case to finally popping the ‘phones in your ears, these are top-notch. I’ve used and tested plenty of headphones, and i’m aware i’m gushing praise, but until now i’ve never used such a fantastic set of ear-phone/buds as these. (just try to make sure you use good source files to get the best sounds through them).

    My personal preference is in ear phones for listening to music. . And in my opinion these mw07 are great. However, with something this size there’s always a compromise, in this case it’s battery life and the mic for making calls – but if you simply want superior sound quality for listening then this is tops in my earnest opinion.

    I really wanted to love them. I’ve been waiting for good true wireless sets to come out. The build, packaging and fit are absolutely perfect. But the sound quality is a shame. Another reviewer called them ‘bass-heavy’ but really the bass is loose and overwhelming, the tops are detailed but tinny and in the end, they just don’t make nice music. The last straw is the cutoffs when you’re outside. I have a note 8, so the signal should be strong enough. There’s no excuse – if you charge like this, you have to deliver. For the same price as my bose qc35s, it should be as good.

    It is very easy to be seduced by these earphones as they are achingly beautiful to look at, gorgeously presented, operate/pair/charge effortlessly and are made from premium quality materials. I just love the way it all works – particularly in relation to other bluetooth earphones i have tried. They pair straight away, automatically, every time you take them out of their swanky metal carry case. If you want to pair again, you give the button on the right earphone a push and it will sort it. I have had to pull my hair out in the past with other brands, so master and dynamic should be applauded for getting this most fundamental part of the process working right. There are, of course, no instructions, so you either have to feel your way with the enclosed mini leaflet (brief text and a few diagrams) or go online to get the manual. But essentially you charge up the carry case, then the carry case charges the phones. Lights indicate the charge level of each of the phones and of the case when you open the case up – i had to guess this, as the instructions don’t mention this point. Red, amber, green applies to all 3.

    Beautifully made, very secure fit and for me spot on sound balance and quality. These might be termed bass heavy but that suits me just fine. These easily show up a flac from a plain old mp3 recording. Charge up very quickly and the little chrome charger case they live in is a delight. Not cheap, but worth every penny.

    These earphones are really expensive but you can see – and hear- the quality. They fit beautifully into the ear, the sound is amazing, so you can listen to music to the exclusion of all surrounding sounds. The case is sophisticated, as it contains a charger pack. The overall design of the earphones is also very attractive. The tortoiseshell pattern is pleasant and the case is made from sturdy steel. I like the additional function whereby the buds automatically switch off when one is removed from the ear. This would be a great gift for a music lover who has everything. The only problem is making sure your hearing doesn’t get damaged from the very effective sound. I am conscious not to have the volume too high.

    When the package was delivered it had a lovely weight to it which, from my experience of the sennheiser momentum true wireless was a delightful change. The charging box is sturdy and expensive looking as are the earbuds themselves. They paired instantly to my new apple phone and they sound fantastic. I have just returned (from another retailer) a set of sennheiser momentum’s and these are in a different league all together from them and these do not charge down to zero in their charging box unlike the sennheiser’s.

    Features and Spesification

    • Make sure this fits
      by entering your model number.
    • Premium look: These durable yet lightweight wireless earbuds are handcrafted from eye-catching acetate and stainless steel, the handcrafted quality ensures no two earphones look identical
    • Exceptional acoustics: High-performance 10 mm beryllium drivers deliver a rich, crisp sound experience every time, enjoy the powerful quality of an on-ear headphone with the ease of a wireless earbud
    • Natural fit: Five sets of ear tips mean you can customise your fit and comfort based on ear size, two pairs of silicone fit wings add an extra level of security and stability in-ear
    • Superior connectivity: With advanced antenna technology, quick pairing, bluetooth 4.2, a 20+ m range and optical sensors, these true wireless earbuds offer incredible, reliable connectivity
    • Elegant and practical: Carry the earphones in a polished stainless-steel charging case that produces three additional charges for 14 hours of listening time, a canvas pouch offers style on the go