Master & Dynamic MW50+ Bluetooth 2-in-1 Wireless Headphones with 40 mm Beryllium Driver for High Sound, Converts from On-Ear Headphones to Over-Ear Headphones, Michael Jackson Edition Black/Gold : Premium sound at a premium price

From the moment these headphones arrived i have been incredibly impressed. The packaging is stylish and practical, the headphones presented ina large box, the on ear pads attached and the over ear alternatives in their own leather case. There was also a charging cable included and another to make the headphones usable with non bluetooth-enabled devices. The sound quality master & dynamic deliver is impeccable. Whether listening to an audiobook or podcast and hearing the slightest background noise or discovering new layers on some of my favourite songs and albums it’s like hearing everything for the first time.

These are my first master & dynamic headphones and so far i’m impressed. What i love the most about them is the interchangeable over ear and on ear attachments meaning that i can adapt my listening preferences depending on whether i want more isolation and privacy or if i want to be able to pick up on whats going on around me. So far the on ear i’ve used at work and when the kids are about and the over ear to blot out my wife’s evening viewing preferences, but this isolation comes from the type of ear pad rather than active noise cancellation,the sound is warm and immersive but at lower volumes can feel a little thin and lacking when using the on ear attachments however the clarity is very good. What also i like is unlike the blue satellite earphones there is little or no buzz output when no music/sound is playing. Bluetooth pairing is exceptionally easy, turn on, press and hold the power switch to paring for 2s or more and search on your device. Changing of the ear attachments is a simple case of gently pulling off the attachments which are held on by strong magnets and then placing the new ear pads onto the earphones using the locator tagsthe build quality is very very solid in feeling with high quality leather surrounding the headbandincluded in the box is also a soft carry pouch that magnetises closed at the top and includes a pocket in side to hold the usb-c charging cable + the 3. 5mm jack cable for wired listening. So far i’m in love with these headphones and looking forward to more listening with them.

These are by far the best headphones i’ve ever used, they are also the most expensive headphones so this is to be expected. You definitely get what you pay for with a slick, extremely comfy and stylish way to listen to music. As well as the aesthetic of them being so nice the actual quality of sound is what really sets this product above the rest. In particular bass and clarity of songs has really made a difference and has even made some songs more enjoyable when compared to listening through speakers. They come with an additional pair of ear buds so you can change it to your preference. Having the option to have them wireless or with a wire is very useful, the battery lasts a long time but being able to plug them in when they run out of charge has made these even better. A fast charging usb-type c cable comes with it that is high quality and will last a long time, they come with a bag for both the headphones and cables to prevent any damage. Overall if you care about the quality of music then these headphones are definitely worth saving up for.

Have been using these regularly for about two weeks now and am really enjoying them. Thoughts as follows:proslovely build and quality to all parts of the product – packaging, cables, earpieces, the main unit, etc. Really very good (as you’d hope/expect at this price point). I listen to lots of genre of music, mostly flac, as well as a lot of radio. Not going to give detailed ‘sound signature’ descriptions as this is very subjective, suffice to say i am very pleased (and have used high end sennheiser and audio technica headphones, among others, in the past). Bluetooth transmission working very well and better than on other products i’ve used. No issues with flac files playing on mob in my pocket with no drops in signal etc. Fantastic that you get 2x options out of the box – on-ear and over-ear. The sound signature is really quite different depending on which you use. Easy and intuitive controls that work well.

There are plenty of detailed reviews already so i will keep mine short and punchy. +beautiful design and presentation, including carry bag for the headphones and box for the cables+excellent sound quality, which you will only truly appreciate if you use lossless audio. +incredibly comfortable, with the lambskin headphones sitting softly on your ears without that ‘squashed air and sound’ effect from cheaper headphones+very fast bluetooth pairing+long battery life-poor on-headphone controls (no way to fast forward / rewind that i can tell)-on-headphone buttons too small and fiddly for chubby fingers-microphone picks up too much background and wind (makes it poor for using with google assistant)-micro-usb c connection means chargers and cables commonly used for most android phones and many other devices cannot be usedin summary these are exceptional headphones with unprecedented sound quality. However for the price i would expect the design to be similarly flawless, which it is not. Are these headphones worth the price tag?. If you are an audiophile with the highest tastes and a lossless audio collection then quite possibly, however for most i am certain there are cheaper headphones with negligently less quality.

The simplicity of this product is evident right from the second you open the box. No leads or instruction books flying everywhere. All you see is the headphones perfectly molded to the case with a very elegant looking leather box containing two leads, a usb charger and a connection lead (should you wish to use the headphones without bluetooth). I got them working with my iphone via bluetooth in a matter of seconds. Connection is seamless and there are no issues (some headphones with bluetooth give an audible buzzing when connected which can be annoying. Material wise they are lightweight and it is very clear they are made from the highest quality components. The headband can be adjusted to the size of your head if needed. An equally as elegant looking pouch is included made of a really strong fabric with a magnetic close. There is even a smaller compartment to keep the leads separate.

Master & dynamic is a brand i have not heard of. Based in new york, their mission is to create headphones that embody superb build matched by superb sound quality. To ensure i was getting the best out of these headphones, i took over three months of continuous use before i could provide a review. The first thing to note about the mw50s is the build quality. The black and silver finish really stands out. The lamb skin ear pads are very soft. If one could have a sofa with the same material, i could sink into it and fall asleep. The headband is strong but way too stiff. By pulling the headband to its full extension, they fitted my head – just. The right earphone has three buttons which cover power/mute/pairing, vol/track selection. There is a discrete microphone as well. The black finish is beautiful. A small round box contains the usb charging cable and a 3. 5mm headphone cable so the mw50s can be used as wired headphones too.

These are beautiful looking headphones, and clearly very well made. Although they feel substantial they do not feel heavy on your head and are very easy and comfortable to wear. The sound has a very warm mid range, which is attractive and enjoyable for most purposes, but probably not best if you need precise sound for recording for instance – most people wont be using them for that though. Unusually they come with 2 ear pieces – one ear and over ear. These have very different acoustic qualities: the on ear phones offer a wide expansive soundstage, the over ear ones sound boxed in by comparison (i note another reviewer has this the other way round, so it may come down to personal opinion). The other big difference in the sound is between bluetooth and wired connections where the wired connection is unsurprisingly much superior. I think this reflects the limitations of bluetooth rather than the headphones, but for me, if you are going to spend a large sum on headphones of this sound quality, you’ll use the wired setting wherever possible (and if you just want background music, go for something cheaper). Overall, as with all expensive audio you need to be able to listen to it yourself, with your own choice of music and player to decide if these are the phones for you. These have an excellent sound but an individual one: personally i really enjoy them, but you should make your own decisions.

  • MW50+ review
  • Excellent sound quality but a little more padding in the headband would be nice
  • sound is excellent and build quality very good indeed

Master & Dynamic MW50+ Bluetooth 2-in-1 Wireless Headphones with 40 mm Beryllium Driver for High Sound, Converts from On-Ear Headphones to Over-Ear Headphones, Michael Jackson Edition Black/Gold

Colour Name:Black/Gold  |  Style Name:MW50 Plus
Product Description, The MW50+ is Master & Dynamic’s most versatile Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 headphone model. With this high-quality headphone, Master & Dynamic has married design with the high specifications to provide audiophile-level sound in the convenience of a wireless headphone. Featuring best-in-class signal range with Bluetooth, aptX and a patent-pending aluminum antenna, a powerful 40 mm Beryllium Driver, 5-30000 Hz frequency, 32 ohms impedance, omni-directional microphone and intuitive controls, these cordless headphones deliver a high-calibre listening experience.
Part of what makes the MW50+ wireless headphones so distinct is their ability to transform from on-ear headphones into over-ear headphones with a few quick adjustments. These headphones come with two sets of premium leather ear pads, interchangeable based on over-ear or on-ear listening preference. Made with memory foam and a magnetic design, these ear pads are incredibly easy to install and offer lasting comfort.
Built to Last Until the Final Beat
The MW50+ wireless Bluetooth headphones are crafted with care, using premium heavy-grain cowhide leather, soft lambskin, forged aluminum and stainless steel. Their heavy-duty woven cables are tangle-free and utilise oxygen-free copper to ensure pure sound and reduced noise. Master & Dynamic headphones create the perfect balance of aesthetics, strength, comfort and utility.
Additional Specifications
These powerful, over-ear/on-ear headphones maintain a 16-hour battery life and are equipped with a 3.5 mm connection plus micro USB port for charging or updating. Weighing just 230 g in their on-ear state or 262 g over-ear, these Bluetooth headphones are easily worn on-the-go or folded into their included carrying case. The MW50+ features an average sensitivity of 106 db [email protected] 1 mW and a main audio range distortion of less than 0.1 percent at 1 mW.

Box Contains, MW50 Wireless On Ear Headphone Canvas Headphone Pouch|1.25m Standard 3.5mm Cable Leather Cable Box USB-C Charging Cable Convertible On-Ear Lambskin pads

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There is nothing to dislike about this product. My father and my 9 year old son are the two that have been wearing these on-ear headphones and they love them. Both wear hearing aids: my father an in ear piece and my son a bone anchored hearing device. My father obviously has to remove his and as with some earphones he feels a little disoriented these balance the noise well. My son is able to still wear them on his ear as they fit so well to his ear he doesn’t need to remove the aid from his abutment unless he wants to. The bluetooth is excellent meaning i’m not worried about my clumsy forgetful son suddenly standing up and getting caught up in wires damaging the device he’s listening to music on. My father was most impressed with the actual packaging and got a little excited lol but seriously it was impressive all joking aside. A big hit from two different generations.

It was a real struggle to decide whether to give these headphones 4 or 5 stars. They’re so close to 5 but for every good thing there’s a negative. If you’re tempted to splash this much money then read on. Style and buildmaster & dynamic have built a reputation for excellent build quality and attention to detail. The mw50+ are no exception: the silver and black version looks great and there is no doubting the quality of the engineering. The soft case is very classy too. The downside, and i’ve seen this mentioned for every model in their range, is that they just don’t extend enough for larger heads. With the default on-ear pads, they sat on my ear but slightly higher than i normally wear on-ear ‘phones. The supplied over-ear cups were more of a problem as they would not go around my ear without squeezing the metal struts towards my skull first. But then they would gradually lift and push against the base of my earlobe.

You can see the quality of these headphones long before you hear it: everything from the packaging to the look and feel of the headphones and the smell of the leather, screams luxury to me. The ear pads are made of soft lambskin leather and feel really comfortable around the ears: they’re adjustable and also rotate so that they fit nice and snug around your ears. The metal parts are brushed stainless steel and add a real sense of contemporary elegance to the headphones and they also add some weight – but not too much that the headphones becomes cumbersome. You get a usb cable to charge the headphones but everything after that is wireless. I connected the headphones to my ipad, computer and other devices using bluetooth and this took less than 30 seconds. Once paired, you don’t have to worry about reconnecting the device as the headphones will connect automatically when you switch them on. The connections have always been stable for me so no issues with connectivity to report. The sound quality is truly fantastic: immersive, rich and full of depth regardless of what you’re listening to whether it’s music or movies. I’m a big fan of adventure, action and sci-fi films and these headphones have really enhanced my movie-watching experience. I’m actually slightly in awe of my new headphones.

You are reading a review for a pair of master and dynamic mw50+. Firstly i had to say that when i first saw these headphones on amazon’s pages. I was a little sceptical of these at the price they cost. So i decided to read the reviews seeing as they had a high rating. So i decided to gamble , and bought a pair of them. I have now been listening to them for a couple of hours now , and i have to say i’m impressed with the sound of these. I also own a pair of b&o h4’s. The big difference between both these headphones is quite obvious really. With the b&o’s , when you buy them. The sound is very flat , and you need to download the app onto your phone , ipad etc etc to get the sound balance adjusted to your taste.

To start with, just the box these come in has been crafted rather than just put together. There is clear craftsmanship in the design, the contents and the headphones themselves. I was very impressed before even getting them out of the box. The headphones have two sets of ear pieces – one to sit on-ear, and one to cover the ear for greater noise cancellation. These are held on securely by magnets – and are beautifully covered in really soft leather. The spare pair come in a tidy little leather-covered box of their own for safe keeping. The headpiece is also covered in padded leather, so is really comfortable to wear for extended periods. I often wear mine for hours on end in the office to aid with concentration, and certainly don’t suffer from it (unlike others i’ve had in the past). These also come with a cable for a wired audio link (not iphone lightning) – again, really good quality covered cable. Wireless – very easy to pair.

These are a really great set of headphones, they scream quality at you from every angle, whether it be sound quality, build quality or design. They are comfortable, easy to use and look good doing it. If you are in the market for wireless headphones then these should definitely be on your shortlist and are at least worth your consideration. I go into a bit more detail, and highlight a few small issues below. There is one gripe i have with these headphones, the power button on the left ear-cup rattles as i walk around, this forces me to turn the volume up to cover the noise. In my opinion, for a pair of headphones at this price and quality, these details should not be missed. Thankfully this is easily fixable so i’m not going to hold it against them. It’s clear that these headphones are made from high quality materials, from the moment you pick up their reassuring weight and feel the sturdiness in their frame, to the moment you feel the soft leather, you will be reminded that these are a well-built bit of kit. They are quietly understated in their looks, keeping things clean, simple and elegant but also tight, there doesn’t seem to be any wasted space. The packaging and presentation are all great too, the included usb c cable and the 3.

This is studio-level quality of sound brought into the everyday. By far the most impressive headphones i have ever used, this set is made of the highest quality materials – american leather and stainless steel – and delivers a richness of sound that is unparalleled in bluetooth devices. If i had to pick one thing, i would pick on the excessively masculine look of the headphones – which may make them excessively popular with the relevant demographic. However, apart from the white model perhaps, all headphones are designed along the same lines.

These were out of stock when i ordered, and the seller kindly offered (without request) to upgrade to the higher spec mw60 over ear headphones (wireless) in their place. They are superb (and stylish), sound is excellent and build quality very good indeed. In addition to which, i was kept in the loop as to how my order was progressing via email. I suggest checking your junk folder as emails occasionally end up there – no reflection of the seller, i assure you. I shall order from this seller again without hesitation.

  • MW50+ review
  • Excellent sound quality but a little more padding in the headband would be nice
  • sound is excellent and build quality very good indeed

Master & Dynamic MW50+ Bluetooth 2-in-1 Wireless Headphones with 40 mm Beryllium Driver for High Sound, Converts from On-Ear Headphones to Over-Ear Headphones, Michael Jackson Edition Black/Gold

The weight of the headphones given feel of good quality, synchronised. To bluetooth devises is straightforward when synchronised to adapted devises is easy and straight forward. The headphones tested for synchronised distance and it still connected when 40 metres away. In terms of quality it played most tracks with a quality output however in some instances there was distortion at very high volumes. Another exceptional feature is it is delivered out of the box with an on ear and over the ear ear-pads and replacement manufacturer ear pads are available online. In terms of comfort it does take getting used to but it is worth it for the quality of the sound output. I would ‎ give the headphones a 4 star rating.

Ok first off you need to warm these drivers up first. Like all good quality speakers and headphone drivers they start to perform better over time. Certainly these take 5 to 10 minutes to warm but omg once they are up and running what a sound. I am comparing them to b&o and b&w and included a picture of these. The only headset better than these would be grado rs1’s but they are 3 times the price. However lets talk about the sound. Use a decent source and you can hear finger tips running up guitar frets. You’d hear detail in songs you’re missed. Try acoustic soul from india arie. You can hear her breathing and every nuance in her songs. You can even hear her shuffle around on the seat before she starts to sing.

Excellent product delivered very quickly.

The mw50 wireless headphones come in a well-presented slip-cased box; you are provided with the phones, a round leather case containing a usb-c charging cable and a standard 3. Cable, a soft cloth carry-pouch and a quick-start card. The headphones are sturdily made of lightweight metal with a padded headband and lovely soft earpads all finished in soft leather – it is a beautifully designed unit and the earphones are comfortable to wear – even with my glasses on. They are bluetooth enabled and were easy to connect; after charging the battery (i think it took about 3 hours using a usb wall-socket charger) i paired them first with my tv then my computer with no problem. My main testing was carried out on my music centre cd player using the cable option; the noise-isolation provided by the padded earphones was very good indeed. So how did they perform?with orchestral music (i deliberately chose music with pretty extreme changes between loud, soft and detail) they delivered extremely well; they provided good warm sound across the dynamic range without any need for adjustments either to volume or eq controls; with opera they were – to my ears – quite astounding, capturing the natural balance between singers and orchestra while maintaining both the subtle nuances of the voices and the detail of the colours and textures of the orchestra. With modern small-group jazz, the same warmth and balance was clear, with instrumental inflections and colours wonderfully apparent. Rock, both electronica (chvrches) and guitar-led (paramore) had good separation and again, vocals and instrumental detail was clear in both cases. The phones were comfortable for the extended wear of two test sessions which took about two hours each.

I think there’s a distinct dollop of form over function here; beautiful product in lots of colour options but with a sound profile that is less audiophile than the physical engineering might have suggested. That said, if its a sound signature that you personally like then this is a perfectly good option. That sound has to be reviewed twice because it changes completely dependent on the set of ear pads you choose. Possibly that’s the problem here; trying to get a compromised between the two types?. You might think ear pads shouldn’t make much difference but in fact they are absolutely integral to sound; the on-ear pads are thinner and allow the drivers to rest very close to your ear canal, whereas the over ear cups lift the drivers away and introduce a resonant air chamber in between themselves and your ear canal. So lets look at the on-ear first. In this configuration, the sound is good especially for techno, dance and electronic music. It’s punchy and fun, with pace and musicality. Bass is great, a little muddy down very low but clear mids and a well controlled bright treble make up for that.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression and my first impressions on opening the box were that the headphones were presented beautifully. Even the cables come in a very smart cylindrical leather case. A helpful introductory leaflet informed me that the headphones are hand assembled from cowhide and lambskin, whilst the drivers themselves are made from beryllium. I have owned some top end loudspeakers by focal that featured beryllium tweeters which sounded superb. I also understand that these are significant more costly than the standard neodymium drivers used in the older mw60 headphones. The quick start leaflet explained how to switch on the headphones and put them into pairing mode. This worked really well and it only takes a matter of seconds to connect them to a bluetooth audio source. The headphones are equipped with the latest usb socket, the usb-c, which is becoming more common on phones, tablets and the latest generation of laptops. However, the supplied cable is usb-c to usb-a, which retains compatibility with the plethora of usb-a charging points that everyone has around the home. I inserted the usb-a end into an adaptor dongle and was able to charge the headphones using my 2017 macbook pro without problem.

Discerning users, audiophiles, studio technicians and professional musicians have specific demands for their private listening and there is a limited range of headphones that they would seriously consider; add bluetooth to the list and the options are significantly fewer. There are obvious comparisons to be made with selected products from the long-established brands of bowers & wilkins and bang & olufsen who are both relatively new to headphone production whose respective px and beoplay h9i models are personally known, support bluetooth, are over-ear and sell at broadly similar prices to these mw50+ from master & dynamic. All three offer a quality listening experience that surpasses most and provide similar levels of convenience without being necessarily encumbered by a cable although the option is available using that provided in each instance when necessary or there is a desire not to use bluetooth – it may be unavailable on a media source or the phones’ battery needs a recharge. All are rechargeable using a provided usb cable, most often micro- or mini-usb but usb-c with these, and feature metal construction (both steel and aluminium with these) with a leather trim around the ear-pieces and possibly elsewhere. The ‘master & dynamic mw50+ high definition bluetooth 2-in-1 wireless interchangeable on-ear and over-ear headphones, black/silver’ are from a brand not previously known through prior exposure and have the unusual feature of including interchangeable pads for both on-ear and over-ear wear to suit personal preference or to help reduce sound bleed where desirable. Attachment is magnetic and immediate with no lugs or other mechanical fitments to concern the user; they also have their own hard case while the obvious surprise is that there isn’t one for the phones. The change-over dramatically alters the physical appearance from that of a compact design to one that is apparently quite large and heavy-looking while barely changing their weight and also unusual in that the over-ear pads have straight sides rather than the expected curves. In terms of its design as supplied for on-ear use, it is ‘traditional’ in appearance as is b&o’s whereas b&w’s offering is rectangular and therefore itself ‘unusual’. The provided audio cable is of high quality – 1. 25m in this instance as stated on the packaging (their site claims it to be 2m) and finished in a woven fabric – but always of a modest length for use with a portable high-performance audio player rather than at home with a hi-fi set-up where a longer lead is typically required as bluetooth is usually not a viable option; a high-end 3.

These are by far the best headphones i have ever used. I’ve several pairs of headphones in the house as both my son and i are autistic and often need to shut out noise. These are excellent for sound quality but without full noise cancelling which is okay as sometimes i need. To be aware of what’s around me. These linked seamlessly with my ipad and all other devices i use (mostly android) nd i have had no issues with themi like the ability of being able to change from over ear to on ear and have used them both ways. Both myself and my son are using these and my son finds them helpful on school transport for the noise cancelling aspect, he says they are good on transport for blocking out noise of other passengers. Music is sublime listening via these and it’s a joy to listen to old favourites, the clarity of sound is stunning. They fooled flat for away storage too. In daily use here and will continue to be so.

Clear but rich, slightly warm sounding. I only use these at home so sound isolation is not a big thing for me. Very soft ear cups but little padding on the headband – could do with a fraction more. Very well build – solid but not too heavy.

Everything great except bluetooth – not a very good connection, keeps ‘ dropping’ in and out as i walk.

These headphones are beautifully made and packaged, so right from the off you know you are getting a premium product. From the box and inlay, through to the soft storage bag and the weight and build of the headphones themselves, this oozes quality. Either on or over-ear, the headphones feel substantial, and the ear pads are firm but comfortable, with plenty of room to adjust things. Sound-wise, you’ll hear lots of detail in your music that perhaps you’ll miss from other headphones. Sound separation and stereo imaging is good. The treble sounds crisp and punchy, the bass not too intrusive but certainly plummy enough to be heard underneath most tracks i tested out for review purposes. In the mid-range and when the music is particuarly involved and intricate, the sound occasionally gets a little muddy, but not all the time. Vocals are clear and easy to understand, even when there are multiple voices involved. The bottom line is – are they worth the £300+ price tag?.Before deciding, it is certainly worth comparing these headphones with some that are at least half the price, and then evaluating whether there is something like £150 difference.

Master & dynamic is a young audio company operating out of new york – who make pretty good headphones. These headphones, the mw50+, are the first product from them that i have come across. First off, great packaging and presentation, if that’s your thing. Inside the meticulous packaging, you will find a pair of headphones and accessories that have been manufactured with premium materials – forged steel and lambskin leather as well as braided cables. The headphone cups also have tactile real metal controls for bluetooth and volume – very nice. They also come with a cloth carry bag – which is the best cloth carry bag i have ever seen for headphones but if you’re paying this kind of money, you should expect a hard casethe ‘phones look the business combining retro and more contemporary styling and can be worn as on-ear or closed back depending on the magnetic earpads you choose (two pairs supplied, including a lovely little faux leather box, to store the set you aren’t using). I tried these for a period of 12 hours, 6 hours on-ear and six hours closed back over a three day period listening to a range of music and playing ps4 games, via bluetooth and 3. 5 mm cable from an iphone x and a yamaha hifi and was impressed by the audio quality – lots of detail in the treble and not too bassy. The on-ear configuration sounds slightly better but i prefer closed back listening – trouble is that these leak a lot of sound, so not so good for commuting or flying, either on-ear or closed back 🙁 (i have a large head and when wearing these as closed back i experienced clamping after a couple of hours)i always encourage people to audition headphones as the whole listening and comfort experience is very personal. I rate these mw50+ very highly but audition them against bang & olufsen h9i (more expensive but have anc) – the h9is are the most comfortable headphones i own, and the bowers & wilkins px (less expensive but have anc as well) – the px’s are the best sounding headphones i own.

Very smart to look at, bluetooth works well with reasonable range, but they’re no better than my sennheiser px200’s, that cost about £50 a few years back. Well…first off, i listed to disturbed “sound of silence”, and thought they were fine, until someone suggested i put the same track through my mini bose, and i realised this track is full of bass, and oomph, and rawness. For completeness, i then listened through the sennheisers – which were not as good as the bose, but noticeably better than these. Then tried a bit of sidney bechet (clarinet) through all three, and these again sounded fine until i listened to the others. These were a bit thin, and needed more volume power to get the same sound output as the senneheisers. Same with a bit of bach piano, and the tv. Sound perfectly adequate, but generally thin – they don’t stand up to comparison with my sennheisers. Bluetoothed sound versus cabled sound was poorer as you’d expect, but it was perfectly adequate. Physically, these a heavy lump, and in the on-ear format, not that comfortable.

Features and Spesification

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  • Technically superior: These wireless headphones feature best-in-class signal range using bluetooth 4.1. A 40 mm beryllium driver and 16-hour battery life present sound and reliability
  • Rich sound: Tuned to complement a diverse range of musical genres, these bluetooth headphones offer sound signature that captures the detail found in well-recorded music
  • Premium design: These high-quality headphones are designed to fit on-ear or over-ear to match your preference, made with premium leather, stainless steel and aluminum, they offer a timeless look
  • Industry leader: Master & dynamic is known for designing sophisticated headphones that look as beautiful as they sound, with a ces innovation award and high praise, the mw50+ series is no exception
  • Warranty: We offer a limited 2-year warranty against defects, register your serial code to receive priority service, only headphones purchased from an authorised reseller are guaranteed coverage