Maxview MXL012/65 Precision Single Satellite Kit – light weight and very portable and great

Simple to set up and worked straight out of the box.

Great satellite dish once you locate the right satellite. There are so many satellites in the sky finding the right one just isn’t easy. However, 3hrs later i located astra 2, and i then set a calibrated compass (silva field compass) against the lnb arm so that i didn’t have to go through the challenge of searching all over next timei also purchased a great and fair priced signal /satellite finder – ‘vmade satellite finder meter dvb-s2/s’, also bought on amazon for less than £36. Used the dish in switzerland and brilliant. With the compass it only took about 2min’s. We received all the usual uk channels and uk freeview too. One thing, spending this much money on a dish makes it easy picking for someone to ‘loan’ it overnight. So i bought 10m of 4mm plastic coated steel cable & clips (b&q) and made up a securing wire to fix the dish to the motorhome.

For years we have used an old suitcase type dish 40 cm. Finally we bought this maxiview. Then set it up as instructed. In 10 mins from start to finish we where sat in our caravan watching freesat. Remenber there are 3 english speaking satellites so if your satfinder has a full signal it may not be the freesat. Freesat was to the far left. We found the other two first and still it only took us 10 mins. We just returned from a european trip the max view worked holland. (arnhem) germany (bielefeld). And in the bottom of the mosel valley(bruttig). Where even sat navs have hich ups, with out problem a very good bit of kit maxiview.

Ideal for using with the caravan, light weight and very portable and great signal.

Great product, once you get the hang of setting it up.

Maxview are a very good company that have an excellent after sales team.

Bought for use in caravan to link with sky box. Initial set up straightforward once you realise that the cable supplied is compatible with the f style connector on caravan – it just pushes on rather than needing to be screwed. We needed to use the map on the back for angle and found the astra 1 settings were accurate for sky. Used both the audible signal and the signal section within the sky services menu to lock onto the strongest signal & found it very simple to use; picture was perfect and no issues in very heavy rain. The tent pegs supplied were strong but we also found the holes drilled were big enough for heavy duty pegs if on v hard ground. We took the dish part in at night and left the stand up.

Easy to set up even though compass is hit and miss. The wind plays havoc with reception as it catches dish like a sail, may be better if holes type mesh design like sky but did find a bungee strap from lnb arm joint to stand helped. Really overall though i was more than happy with it. Her indoors got to watch strictly come dancing so all was good in the world😉.

I am really in two minds about this dish. I suspect it is going to be fine for the uk, but we went to france, belgium and germany recently and only managed one successful hook up to the satellite. It is fiddly getting the right satellite, and tuning in properly, but i was disappointed that around dijon it managed to see the channels, but couldn’t actually pull the pictures in – too weak. I thought with a 65cm dish it might have done better than this. I appreciate that you get what you pay for, and in northern france and belgium we had a good picture, but overall you have to accept that it is limited going abroad, and that it can take a little time to set up, with some help of someone watching for the tv picture. If you are intending to stay in the uk, then this might be ideal, but if you are abroad a lot where the astra 2e signal is weaker, you may want to invest in something more expensive, powerful and easier to set up.

Great piece of equipment bought at a competitive price.

Strong and sturdy light weight and easy to useonly set up once so far but did it easily well recommended.

Here are the specifications for the Maxview MXL012/65 Precision Single Satellite Kit:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Simple and intuitive manual operation
  • Single LNB and twin LNB variants available
  • Includes satellite compass
  • Easy adjust manual skew system
  • High quality, durable and robust construction

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best for the UK Only
  • Delighted with this product.
  • Why have i not bought this before. It is so Easy!