McMurdo FastFind 220 PLB – Programmed : ) so I feel great supporting them as well

I’m a pilot so i bought this in the hope that i’ll never have to use it, but good peace of mind for me and my wife.

If you leave the shore and take to open water then this plb is a must. It is easy to operate, waterproof and won’t sink if you drop it overboard (providing you keep it in it’s neoprene buoyancy pouch) it also came with a very handy bright yellow carry pouch and lanyard so it can be fitted very simply to your life preserver. At this price it was a no brainer for me, less than £200 for the knowledge that if all else fails, i have a reliable backup for dire emergencies. It compliments my inshore flare pack and handheld vhf radio which are my first line of help but what if that fails?.Vhf only work reliably over a relatively short range and require line of sight, flares are only any good if someone happens to be looking in that direction. No matter why you take to the water, be it kayaking, fishing, sailing of other, keep yourself safe and buy one of these.

Thankfully my wife read the instructions and spotted that the lithium metal batteries are too large to fly with. I checked out with the caa website which confirms this. Not a problem if only using in the uk or sailing but no good for me as i bought for solo trips to south america and the alps/pyrenees. Returns process seams painless.

The item arrived promptly – you need to register it with the mca which i did on line and got an acknowledgement back within a few days. If unregistered it will still function but registering gives sar some additional information which may help them. Of course i cannot rate how well it works and i hope i will never have to test it in anger. One real advantage of this model over some other plbs on the market is that there is no annual fee. The battery should last for around 6 years but it does need to be returned to the maker for battery replacement. One thing to bear in mind is that the unit is not positively buoyant and needs to be in a buoyancy wrapper which is supplied. One would also need to be conscious to trigger the device and be capable of holding it in the air for transmission.

You’re never alone with a mcmurdo fastfind, for quick rescue at sea or anywhere else for that metter.

Works just as described and is another vital piece of safety gear when out on a kayak.

Bought this before kayaking solo around ireland and it is made by a company in my home town portsmouth 🙂 so i feel great supporting them as well. Fantastic product which gave me ( and my family at home) great reassurance that if things did go ‘pear shaped’ off the west coast of ireland i always had this device to depend on ( the nuclear option as i called it) fortunately never had the need to use it and i hope i never will but it was there and is always attached to my buoyancy aid. After 62 days of paddling covering the 1200 miles i can wholeheartedly give it the big thumbs up. Well done for a superb product and thanks for making such a device.

The only way to fully evaluate this product is to end up ditched in the middle of the english channel. If it works you’ll live, if it doesn’t you wont i hope never to find out if it works but it appears well made so i’m going to stake my life on it.

  • McMurdo Fast Find 220 PLB – a small price for peace of mind!
  • For peace of mind, it’s great but
  • Can’t legally take on passenger flights

McMurdo FastFind 220 PLB – Programmed for UK Registration

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Seems to be just the job very small and easy to carry, also use it scuba diving with special belt fitted case.

The real test would be in an emergency. In my case i activate the plb and wore it religiously on a recent atlantic crossing: gran canaria to cape verde, cape verde to barbados. Most of us, a crew of six, had the save device. Typically attached by a strop to our life jackets then the plb popped in a pocket.

This is kind of odd writing a review for this. The unit arrived on time and made me feel good. It is an emergency locator beacon. I felt good wearing it – i hope i never have to find out if it actually works.

This is one of those odd purchases that whilst requiring a reasonable outlay of funds you hope you will never have cause to use it. The way to look at it is that it is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that it provides. I hike alone in areas such as the lake district, snowdonia, peak district, scotland, and on occasions in europe. I enjoy the peace and solitude of being on my own in the wilds but that does come with risks. While i am confident with a map and compass, do not extend myself beyond my capabilities and am careful of where i venture if the weather is inclement accidents can happen. I have been very aware that if i did suffer an accident in a remote region my situation could be potentially very serious and also life threatening. This device provides a means of contacting the sar services from anywhere on the globe and as such supplies significant peace of mind, not just for myself but also for my family, in knowing that i have a much improved chance of summoning help should the need ever arise. Do not be put off by the fact that this model is marketed primarily for marine use. Having spoken to the manufacturers about the differences this is exactly the same internally as the ranger model which is marketed at overland use, and this one is cheapera worthwhile purchase for the peace of mind it provides.

Potentially a genuine life-saver. I always wear one when sailing. Never yet had to use it, but it’s a great reassurance. Now my daughter has one too.

What can i say – well built, small and light; test functionality works – hope i never have to use it for the purpose it has been bulit.

Mcmurdo 91001220a fast find 220 plban excellent product. No subscription service, free rescue by the emergency services despite each rescue costing more than the amazon charge for this item. A helimed rescue or a mountain rescue team, or volunteer lifeboat shout are all provided by voluteers. However these plbs are available for much less than amazon are charging. Just do a search on the web for personal locator beacon. If you can afford what amazon are charging just donate your £60 difference to your most appropriate rescue organisation.

Small, waterproof and a backup. I have recently been injured in a incident unrelated to being caught out on the hills alone. So set my mind thinking, if your alone on the hills and something happens, like a medical emergency rather than stupidly going out in the wrong conditions, this little box could save your life. You don’t always have mobile phone coverage. Not to be activated for fun.

  • McMurdo Fast Find 220 PLB – a small price for peace of mind!
  • For peace of mind, it’s great but
  • Can’t legally take on passenger flights

McMurdo FastFind 220 PLB – Programmed for UK Registration

Purchased this for peace of mind when my student and i were working on the greenland ice sheet far from help. We could have rented a sat phone for less, but my rationale is that if disaster strikes it’s much easier to activate this than try to dial for help (maybe with frozen fingers) and try to relay gps coordinates etc. The unit was thankfully not needed but it has a long battery life (2025) so we can rely on it for future trips at no extra cost. One thing to note: the registration process with falmouth coastguard was easy to initiate but took a very long time. I purchased in may for late july field work and the coastguard registration came though in early november. This is presumably because the coastguard are swamped with registrations now that these units are affordable to the masses. On the plus side, i read that the emergency services will respond to a device even before it’s registered (check this yourself before trusting this advice though).

Much needed if you are travelling on costal routes, i haven’t used it as of et, and will hope never to use it. Its worth the money for peace of mind.

I feel much safer just having this sitting in my daysack as i travel, it is the size of a mobile phone so no problem to carry.

Purchased for land-based emergencies, and particularly a skiing trip. A device like this deservedly receives a 5-star rating – but if i have to ‘eat my words’ i may not be able to update this review. But i do have some reservations, so only a 4-star. So to assess the product itself, it came with a neoprene pouch which assists with floatation. It also came with a bright yellow belt pouch, which secures the ff220 inside a velcro flap, and there is a closed belt loop on the back. It also came with a replacement cover and screw should the fitted one be used/removed in an emergency. Of course this isn’t a toy, and the cover should only be removed in the event of a life-threatening situation. Pull up the ‘red cap’ release and pull the whole cap assembly away from the main body. Unfurl the antennae, and press the on button which was previously covered by the safety cap/cover.

The one product i never hope to use. Very well constructed with easy to understand instructions.

Provided it actually works when needed then.

Excellent piece of kit compact very pleased with it and would recomend.

Small and compact, no contract and works across the globe, waterfroof and with a float jacket. For anyone going off the beaten track this is a no brainer. My only criticism is that the feature to test that the battery is charged up and that gps locator is functioning correctly isn’t that easy to use or clear.

Yes, this is an ok piece of kit, but, and its a big but. . Battery life is only guaranteed for 24 hours. If you go over the side of a boat in the atlantic (and are wearing the correct gear) you may well be able to survive longer than this, yet the emergency people cannot easily get to you beyond 1000km offshore and so really you need min 48 hours transmission. The mcmurdo fastfind ‘max’ apparently offers this. For dis-believers, read the investigatory report on the cheeki rafeeki where plbs stopped working prematurely.

Hope ill never have to use but its a good feeling knowing your safe out at sea – highly recommend – its a life saver truly.

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