MEE audio X6 Wireless Bluetooth Sports In-Ear Headphones : Five Stars

These headphones fit nice and snug and do stay in whilst running on a treadmill.

I was looking for headphones that wouldn’t fall out when running. I first bought the sennheiser/adidas cx 680 high-performance noise-isolating ear canal headphones (sports-optimised design) but although the sound quality was excellent and they had a very nice deep bass they were useless because they kept falling out of my ears. I’ve tried a bunch of other headphones but non would stay in my ears. These are the only pair of headphones that stay in my ears when running.On a good day i’ll forget i’m even wearing them. The sound quality is great and the bass is even better than with the sennheisers in my opinion. Although the bass is better higher sounds can get a little muddy and overall i’d have to say that the sennheisers win in terms of sound quality. These headphones come very close though and it doesn’t really matter when running. If you’re looking for headphones for running these are the ones to buyedit: after having used these for quite a while i have actually begun to have problems with them not fitting properly. It happens some times on every run but it’s not too annoying.

I have had these earbuds for six months and i cannot fault them. I have read lots of reveiws on the quality of sound and the tones of earphones, but i was not looking for the best sounds, all i required was a set of earphones that i could take to the gym and listen to my music. These fit the bill perfectly, they are very comfortable and never fall out when i am running. The one thing i really like about them is the way the memory wire goes over the top of the ears. The first couple of times i used them it felt strange, but now i would never go back to the normal earbuds. An added bonus that i have found is that you cannot put them in the wrong ears, as i wear glasses which i do not were in the gym, if i take them out to talk to anyone in the the gym there is no problem putting them back in the correct ears. The case for them and the selection of ear fittings are second to none, also there is an arm strap and the wires can be shortened, which i find great feature. I would highly recommend this product.

Lovely style, the memory wire is great to keep the earphones in my ears (had lots of issues with standard running earphones), love the little case and selection of sized plugs.

Does what it says on the tin.

Good base and mid range response and they fit well well (large choice of different size earbuds come with them) better than the ipod earbuds, which are well known to be poor in sound quality. These improve matters greatly and stay put when going for a run. Only down side is they do cut quite a lot of surrounding noise out, so you have to be more vigilant on whats behind you on the road as you cannot hear it well. Recommend them i like them and the sound bargain at the price.

What a set of excellent headphones at an amazing price, once you have found the perfect fitting from the array of ear buds, you will find these totally comfortable all day everyday no matter what your doing, these will not fall out and they sound great as well as blocking out background noises.

I got these so i didnt have to worry about my headphones while i run and they are really good but i find they bend out of shape and now the left ear one doesnt sit properly.

  • Better than you might expect.
  • Outstanding headphones for running
  • Perfect for the gym

MEE audio X6 Wireless Bluetooth Sports In-Ear Headphones with Secure-Fit Technology Memory Wire – Black

Product Description, LOCKED-IN FIT: Flex-wire earhooks conform perfectly to your ears, providing the most secure fit for any activity, while the ergonomic earpieces and 4 sizes of included eartips block outside noise and ensure all-day comfort. SWEAT-RESISTANT DESIGN: Advanced sweat-resistant nano-coating provides protection from damage due to sweat, moisture, and the elements. RICH AND CLEAR SOUND: Ergonomic design secures the headphone in place and offers high quality sound with good base and sound clarity. BUILT-IN HEADSET: Seamlessly takes calls and controls music playback using the built-in microphones and remote. LONG BATTERY LIFE: Built-in rechargeable batteries provide up to 7 hours of talk/music playback time.

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I was looking for some earphones for running and have tried a few models which have either been uncomfortable or kept falling out. They are a perfect fit – you can choose from several tip sizes to suit your ears. They also come with an armband, extension cord and carrying case.

These lasted for a while, but not as long as expected before breaking.

Bought these to use in the gym, used in over half a dozen gym sessions so far, very comfortable, perfect fit haven’t slipped out of my ears so far definitely recommend these.

I needed headphones for the gym, the ones that i had before where low quality and painful as i got really small ears. After reading reviews i decided to buy these and i’m so happy. This are the the first headphones that really fits my ears (really small apparently) and there are enough attachments to everyone. The headphones stay in my ears even after one hour of proper jogging and sweating and on top the quality is really good, i’m a big music lover but not a sound freak and for me it sounds just fine. It comes also with a cool case (which became my portable hard drive case), the memory cord is great and they also look good, i normally write reviews either if i’m really pleased or really dissapointed and this one is one of my top amazon purchases.

Ok i’ve done a fair bit of research into budget priced earphones , and found that all have their good and bad points azt this price level , however i decided to settle for these which arrived superfast , i found that after trying all the various sizes of earbud , the ones that actually came fitted to the earphones suited me perfectly. The other triple bud began hurting my ears after a few minutes , although they did improve on the sound cancellation compared to the rest of the buds. When first putting these on and listening to some of my music , i basically listen to classic rock , i found the bass to be way too big , and slightly woofy , the mids and trebles aren’t too bad , but the trebles may appear to sound slightly tinny. However after dialling back some of the bass on my mp3 players eq , and reducing some of the highs , i came up with a perfect compromise , i do a fair bit of running in the gym , and as such needed to have sound cancelling earphones to get rid of the other crap coming out of the telly’s on the wall , and machine noise , these do the job perfectly , and most importantly they do not fall out which was one of my main concerns. The memory wire is a good idea , and adds to the secure fit of these phones , all in all a great buy for the price , and a good overall sound once tweaked a bit.

My second pair of meelectronics m6p’s. For the price, they’re decent sounding, and you’d have to spend a fair bit more money to improve on the sound. These are best when listening to pop/hip hop types of music, as opposed to rock/metal. Don’t bother getting the version with the remote control – it’s a cheap, plasticy slider that i’m positive will be a failure point.

I wanted heaphones to use while running, these took a little while to get used to but with so many options of earpiece rubbers to try, eventually i found a perfect fit. After a short while i was able to fit them without needing a mirror, they don’t budge when i’m running, even at faster paces or if i’m sweating, sound is good so pretty good overall.

They mould to fit your ears really well, loads of accessories to meet any combination of clothing – especially the different rubber bits to fit your ear size.

  • Better than you might expect.
  • Outstanding headphones for running
  • Perfect for the gym

MEE audio X6 Wireless Bluetooth Sports In-Ear Headphones with Secure-Fit Technology Memory Wire – Black

I have read the mixed reviews for these, so wasn’t sure what to expect. I needed a cheap pair of headphones for the gym. My ears do get a bit sweaty but that’s not the fault of the headphones. I think they are ok, not acoustically brilliant, but do the job as described and only cost £15.

I have had several in ear headphones, however this one has the snuggest fit. The sound is great and for the price, they really are a quality pair of headphones. The smart case also adds to the value.

Very light headphones , good performance during my long runs. Fully equipped with useful accessories. Armband , one of the best on the market.

Excellent headphones great for when you are on the plane and jogging.

I love these for the gymi was finding my ear buds were always falling out when i train in the gym so i wanted to find some that looped behind my ears without hurting or falling outi have quite a few piercings on my ears so i was worried that the looped part of the wire was hard plastic but it’s like a bag tie so it can be straightened then looped behind your ear however you like. The sound quality is good and it comes in its own little carry case which is handy as i have an ipod shuffle which fits perfectly within the same casehighly recommended.

I needed some headphone similar to iem’s but wasn’t prepared to pay. Looking at what you get in this pack and the price, it was amazing, i thought why not i can’t expect them to be top but the bass enhancement and the clarity was amazingnow on to sports. I’m in the gym allot and running these days due to rugby and the earphones stay in without needing adjustment, and with the arm band its comfortable and works perfectlyall i can now say is buy it.

I needed new headphones/earphones for the gym and spotted these on special offer so thought i’d give them a try. First off, the sound is great, but they don’t stay totally in place when i’m on the treadmill so not convinced about the memory steel parts that go over the ear. They come with a wide range of ‘in ear’ silicone covers which again is great. And the other great selling point for me was the case. It is quite hard so provides great protection and easily accommodates my ‘old style’ ipod nano as well as the headphones when in my gym bagall in all, i’m happy.

I previously had bought the monster i-sport in ear headphones in the belief that because they were so expensive, they must be pretty good. After a few uses, i had to return them as they had developed a problem which meant that the volume would shoot up half way through a workout. This was not only potentially damaging to my ears but extremely irritating. Sound quality was good but build quality was dreadful. So i tried these out at a fraction of the cost. I have to admit that i absolutely love these headphones. They are more comfortable than the monsters and provide a better fit to my ear. Crucially though, they survive being immersed in moisture as i regularly run with them. The sound quality is very good and i use them for all my exercises routines as well as watching films on my ipad. They also come with a pouch to put my iphone in which was a nice bonus.

I bought theses about 8 months ago. Awesome sound on them but only now the are starting to not work crackle in the left ear or not work full stop. Would have given a 5 star but becouse of that i am looking to buy more now becouse they simply don’t work now.

For the money you get a lot and for running its a decent bundle. Pros -good arm band – nice that it has the extension cable – good selection of inserts (or what ever you call them) – look nicecons – cable feels cheap – headphones feel a little cheap – the tie clip feels like it will split the cable if you take it off. Over all not bad but if i was to buy again i would probably try something else just to see what else there was out there.

These are the best sports headphones i have purchased, the case is handy, the ear phone shapes and sizes are the best i have come across they stay in place and isolate external noise but they can also withstand sweating which is important in sports headphones.

Good for running and train journey, the earphones do not cut out all road noise etc. So you can still hear noise around you, but they certainly reduce it more than other earphones.

Rapid delivery, great product.

Really happy with these the sounds good and fast delivery happygirlie 😀.

Not that great when compared to the cost i paid.

I predominantly listen to rock and metal through these and the sound is good, not too treble-y. Just make sure the equaliser settings on your portable media player or phone are appropriate for what you’re listening to and you can’t go wrong. Plus – i love that these come in orange.

I received this item today and tried it straight away. What a difference from my old phillips. The sound is absolutely amazing. The bass are strong and trebles thin, it’s very clear and crisp. The memory wire adapts very quickly to any ear shape and is very easy to adjust. The 6 in ear adapters are perfect for an adapted fit. 5 hour at the gym today and could have easily forgotten i was wearing them.

I’ve only had these for a couple of months and they’ve already failed. The right speaker is fuzzy so not happy and would like a refund but don’t know how to go about this?. Sound is pretty poor to be honest but on the plus side they do stay in place when out running. They also come with a nice armband.

Features and Spesification

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  • Lightweight and ergonomic wireless in-ear headset delivers unparalleled freedom of movement for your workout
  • Over-the-ear fit with flex-wire ear hooks provides the most secure fit for any activity, Splash-proof Nano-coating protects from damage due to sweat and moisture
  • High-performance 10mm drivers bring music and other media to life with enhanced bass and crystal clarity
  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology with built-in microphone and controls for phone calls, volume, and music playback
  • Dual batteries deliver up to 7 hours of talk/music playback time and comfort fit with 4 sets of ear tips and charging cable