Melitta 1015 Aromaboy Filter Coffee Machine : And I am getting a good cups of filtered coffee out of

Tiny and beautifully formed. Just right for one person and looks very neat in my office. The plug sticks out a bit, though although it doesn’t matter in my set up but i still may cut off the plug and put on a uk one. The company does provide the adaptor with the machine so i can’t complain.

Makes fabulous coffee and very simply and efficiently designed.

It’s maximum capacity makes one 300ml mug of very good coffee. You will need the size 1 (100) filter papers or cut down size twos. You don’t get a “crema” froth, but i want good coffee, not bubbles. I fill it to capacity and use 15 grams of ground coffee. I put one shallow teaspoon of coffee mate in. The plug has a decent looking black adaptor which makes it a bit bigger than our normal uk plugs. It’ small, seventies chic (i got the beige and brown one), easy to clean, perfect for one person with a 300ml mug and really good. A bit expensive but i’m very happy with my purchase.

Takes up little counter space, easy to use and clean.

Like a toy one but i love it. 2 cups or one decent mug full. I used less coffee than normal and got a good strong cup.

Despite its simple and basic design, the machine has met my expectations. And i am getting a good cups of filtered coffee out of it.

Big enough for one mug of coffee.

Makes one big cup of coffee, which is ideal since my fiance left me. Comes in pre-nicotine stained beige which perfectly fits in with the decor of my london bedsit. Works like a charm and makes a flawless cup of coffee. If you are entertaining, it takes about two minutes to fill up a jar, so easy to make coffee for friends/lovers/dodgy tinder dates. Highly recommended for the single man about town.

  • Cute and useful.
  • Tiny but perfect!
  • Does the job

Melitta 1015 Aromaboy Filter Coffee Machine, 2 Cups, Glass Pot, Automatic Switch-Off Black

The classic from Melitta
Small and irresistible: Aromaboy, the tried-and-tested 2-cup machine is always ready to serve up tasty, fresh coffee at the table.
– 2-cup coffee maker. – Transparent water container. – Glass jug with filter insert. – Illuminated on/off switch. – 500 Watts. – Filter bags: size 100.
-Width: 180 mm -Depth: 150 mm -Height: 220 mm Power
-Power: 500 W -Auto power off: Y Ergonomics
-Water level indicator: Y -Illuminated on/off switch: Y -Visible water level: Y Other features
-Case design: Freestanding -Product type: Drip coffee maker -Colour of product: Black -Built-in display: N -Reservoir for brewed coffee: Jug -Control type: Buttons Performance
-Capacity in cups: 2 cups -Coffee input type: Ground coffee -Coffee making: Y -Ristretto making: N -Espresso making: N -Americano making: N -Cappuccino making: N -Latte making: N -Hot water system: N -Latte macchiato making: N -Mocha making: N -Lungo making: N -Caffe crema making: N -Hot milk making: N -Tea making: N -Hot chocolate making: N -Chocolate milk making: N -Orzo making: N -Built-in grinder: N -Water filter: Y -Number of jugs supported: 1

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My husband loves it , it is just big enough for his morning coffee.

Simple little machine that makes one big mug of coffee. Love the retro feel as well. Just wish it had a uk plug (i was sure it said it did in the description), but i had an adaptor handy so it wasn’t a problem for me.

A diminutive coffee machine. Largely plastic, hinge on lid looks a bit vulnerable. Makes one 300ml mug of black coffee when reservoir is filled to ‘max’ mark. This is said in the instructions to be two and a half cups. Unfortunately i bought six months supply of melitta 1×2 filter papers before the 1×2 melitta machine was delivered only to find that it actually takes smaller melitta size 100 filter papers. Would be a good idea for amazon to mention this in the specification. A nice moulded german continental plug was fitted. The only option was to chop it off and fit a uk 13a plug. With respect, don’t be tempted to use a razor adaptor.

Ordered this machine for the second time which speaks for itself.

It is tiny, it is super fast, it looks and smells like 1979 and it can easily fit on a desk, next to the monitor. Bought it for 5 reasons:i wanted to move away from supporting a company like nestle. (nespresso)i couldn’t be bothered to invest in and maintain a proper espresso machine. I wanted to try the full range of available coffees instead of a selection of capsules. (obvioulsy you need to get the beige version)now i’m 5star happy. It does everything you might expect it to do: quickly makes two cups (not mugs) of coffee, keeps it warm for 40min (unless extended) and does not have to be cleaned other than just removing the used filter. Perfectbear in mind that the power cable is short (less than 1m),you might need a uk adapter, depending on which shop you order it from,you’ll need the ‘melitta 100 filters’,you should use medium-fine ground coffee. My favourite coffee so far is the ‘lavazza qualita oro’.

  • Cute and useful.
  • Tiny but perfect!
  • Does the job

Melitta 1015 Aromaboy Filter Coffee Machine, 2 Cups, Glass Pot, Automatic Switch-Off Black

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