Melitta Look Deluxe Filter Coffee Machine : Melittttttta look deluxe filter coffee machine

I bought this coffee maker from another shop on amazon. It is excellent value and produces a lovely cup of coffee at a great temperature. It is definitely hotter than my old machine, perfect for me. The strength dial is handy and i don’t miss a timer as the machine could be loaded at night if necessary and flicked on in the morning. There is no permanent filter but luckily the one from my old machine fitted.

It works ok but no instruction came with it . I may not be using it correctly .

It is a good coffee machine. I find it a bit expensive since it does nothing fancy. Does not have a clock, cannot programme a brewing. Just put the water, filter and coffee and that’s it.

This is a beautiful looking coffee maker that works well and is relatively cheap, a rare combination. I used it with melitta 1×4 filters. The coffee is just right; and the parts come out easily for cleaning. Features include no-drip if the pot is removed, auto-shut off, and strength control. The only niggle is that while the reservoir shows water level, the pot doesn’t have markers to show how many cups of water you are pouring into it. Once you get the hang of it, no problem. German engineering at it’s best, simple, clean design that works well.

Once i’d purchased a new adapter – it works well. It took me a while to work out how much water to put in for the cups size even though there is an indicator for this down each side. This filter goes well with my new melitta kettle – they complement my new kitchen colours.

I require a lot of the machine that makes it. When i read reviews that say ‘the coffee was madevery quickly,’ i think ‘yes the water goes throughthe filter so fast that it doesn’t have time togather any strength’ which is what happens with ourover priced, ugly, outer space ufo looking apologiesfor coffee makers/machines. This one’s differentfirst of all it makes superb coffee quickly. It doesn’tmake a ghastly noise and spit everywhere. The coffeejug can be filled up to pour into the machine and nota drop of water is spilled. Ditto when pouring thepiping hot coffee into the cup/mug. I personally like strong coffee and this machine givesme the choice of strength via a dial. The first time iused it, the dial was right up on strong, it wastoo strong for me. It is alittle more expensive than the ufo ones but on amazonyou usually find an acceptable price. To sum up, this machine is well mannered, it makes pipinghot coffee at the right strength for you, with no messto clear up. The jug is dishwasher safe, and it turnsthe switch off after a couple of hours.

Looks great, nice hot coffee but not scorched, like the auto turn offwould be helpful if the jug also had cup measure indicators. Plug has adaptor for uk that is neat looking.

I bought this coffee maker in early february and, so far, have been pleased with its performance. The adjustable strength dial seems to work effectively, the water tank is easy to fill and the auto switch-off function is a useful feature. However, there are a some failings which make this machine less than perfect. As others have mentioned, the level markers on the jug are too small to be of use and filling with the required amount of water is difficult to judge. In addition, although the water levels on either side of the machine are clearly printed in white, the background in the water tank is black and therefore the level of water poured in is very difficult to see. Finally, after the machine has finished its percolating cycle, there is always a trail of condensation which emanates from the top case release button and drips down the front of the housing onto the glass jug. Easily wiped off but irritating. So, a machine which works well but is by no means perfect and because of these deficiencies only worth three stars in my opinion. However, i bought my melita from amazon. De at a price of £35 (including postage) and it was delivered in 4 days, which made it a good buy.

  • Coffee Machine
  • Sleek and beautiful.

Melitta Look Deluxe Filter Coffee Machine, Red/Silver

Product Description, Look Deluxe: Best prospects for exclusive enjoyment. The aromatic fragrance, the mild flavour, the enlivening effect – Coffee delights our senses. And the Look Deluxe coffee machine will do so, too! Look Deluxe combines a special coffee experience with an exceptional appearance and features: Look Deluxe is designed for good taste.
Look de Luxe Product Features: Detachable filter unit, drip stop, glass jug with cup markers, transparent external water level indicator on both sides, integrated cable storage, 10 cups, filter paper size 1×4, illuminated on/off switch, brewing temperature 93C – ideal for full flavoured, hot, ready to drink coffee, 900 watts, Aroma Selector for an individual choice of coffee flavour from mild to strong, special finish on the sides of the filter housing and the jug handle – inlays in high gloss metallic

Box Contains, 1 x Look deluxe filter coffee machine red and silver 1 x Glass jug with cup markers 1 x instruction manual

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Just love the design of this coffee maker. It is simple to use and makes really good coffee. I would really recommend it to all coffeeholics as i have always had a coffee machine for years but this is the best yet.

Very pleased with the look and the results of this coffee machine. I’m fussy about my coffee and this delivers a very good cup of coffee.

This is a good machine, it makes great coffee quickly, relatively silently and keeps it warm until auto shut-off kicks in. There is an easy to use dial to fine tune the strength of your coffee on top of the machine. I find the gap to pour in the water a bit small, but i got used to it after a few days. I also like the dark red color, very classy and it matches my kitchen, but that of course is personal. For some reason it is cheaper on the german amazon site, with free shipping in europe.

We all love this coffee maker; not only does it look beautiful in our kitchen but it makes a great cup of coffee and is so easy to use. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

Didn’t realise it only stayed on for 2 hours.

Does what it says and makes great coffee. Has a manual on/off switch which we needed for use with a timer.

Im a heavy coffee drinker, believe me im from finland – the biggest consumers of coffee in the worldbeware, there are two versions of this coffee maker, deluxe and selection. I got mine from amazon spain, was cheaper including postage and was delivered in 3 daysthere is a strength/aroma selector on top, it basically allows you select if the boiled water drips down from the side or straight on top the coffee grounds. I use it as strong, as this would be same as most coffee makers – water will drop straight and filter throught the grounds sucking all the aroma on the way. I use melittas own filters and always filtered water. For this i have the brita jug bought from amazon, using it there wont be any hassle with limescale and it does give better taste for coffee. Tap water with chlorine etc is not good for your brew.

Just what i expected works very well.

  • Coffee Machine
  • Sleek and beautiful.

Melitta Look Deluxe Filter Coffee Machine, Red/Silver

Nice design, good price and easy to fill coffee machine. I hadn’t realised this machine didn’t have a permanent mesh filter but no big deal to buy paper filters. Coffee stays nice and hot,automatically switches off after a few hours, no problem with uk plug socket which was fitted as standard from amazon uk. Customer service were helpful answering that query (customer feedback raised this concern on the same make and different colour model).

Bought this as a replacement for another make of filter machine of which we have had at least four as they kept breaking down (we liked the design), usually after the warranty had expired. Got the melitta as the reviews were good and it looked good. Very pleased with it although the red is brighter than it appears in the picture, makes slightly less coffee than our previous model and had to try different strength setting before we got it right. I use 6 flat coffee scoops for a full jug with the strength setting about half way. So far so good, hopefully being german it might last longeri’ve just knocked off 2 stars as after just over 12 months the machine has stopped working, i suspect the heating element has packed up as the power light lit. Surely someone can build a filter machine that lasts more than a year.

I purchased this machine after having bought two tassimo machines in a year and both of them breaking down. This is a traditional filter machine and it produces piping hot coffee fast. I would highly recommend this product.

I have given this three stars because of the power switch shortfall, see below. In a separate report i have given the seller one star due to the fitted electric plug. Beware, my coffee maker came fitted with a european plug and a separate uk adapter was supplied. This is illegal under the plugs and sockets safety regulations 1994having said that this is the best coffee maker i have ever owned (i think this is the fifth over the last twenty years) the coffee brews quickly and the sole plate keeps it nice and hot. The unit is well constructed (typically germanic)and it looks good sat on my kitchen worktop. If i have one gripe it would be about the on/off switch. It is poorly located, too small and the warning on-light too dull. Update 21 march 2013i may just have been unlucky but the unit failed about three weeks ago. It just did not heat up, i guess the element burned out?.I obtained a returns authority and a postage paid label very quickly and despached the item back to germany.

My hkusbnd and i were very pleased with the deluxe filter coffee mchine, albeit a little expensive.

. Absolutely delighted with it. It only took two goes to get it spot on. It’s a job to see the water level without bending your knees.

I bought this a month or so ago and am very disappointed. If i use the same amount of beans to make the same amount of coffee as i did in my last machine, the taste is very thin. Even on the slowest setting, i think the coffee runs through to fast. I can’t think of any other reason. I would have to use twice as much coffee to get a good strong taste. I think i shall buy another of my previous machines and just give up on this one. Have you noticed how most of the reviews say how good it looks rather than the quality of coffee it makes.

My wife asked if i minded her using my account to buy this product, and fortunately for continued domestic harmony it’s proved a success. As a german national she takes something of a particular interest in coffee, and silenced my reaction when i saw the manufacturer of ‘oh melitta just want to sell their filter papers’ with a superior sniff. The system seems to work with unfailing efficiency, it looks easy to keep clean and all in all it’s faultless – so far.

Features and Spesification

  • Aroma selector for an individual choice of coffee from mild to strong
  • Metallic inlays on the sides of the filter housing and jug handle
  • Detachable filter unit, Drip Stop
  • Glass jug with cup markers, Transparent external water indicator on both sides, Illuminated on and off switch
  • Integrated cable storage, Brewing temperature 93 centigrade, 10 cups