Melitta SOLO & Milk E953-102 : Best bean to coffee machine available

Till now everything is perfect, easy to clean and work :). Only i didn’t find water filter inside :(.

Lovely coffee, can’t fault it.

Looks good, works well, small footprint and most importantly the coffee is great.

Been using this for 2 weeks, simple to use and makes excellent coffee, highly recommended.

I have used a model of this bean to coffee machine that my son is austria had and was very impressed with it but could find very few available in the uk most were more than £450, i could buy on in austria from hoffer for 300 euros so when a reasonably priced melitta machine was available from amazon i bought it. Very please with the machine and am enjoying great coffee now.

I spent a long term researching which bean to cup machine to buy, i’m so pleased i went with this one as a huge coffee fan. Features:3 x bean strengthmilk faoming/heating armdifferent cup sizes from espresso to full cupthis machines likes to tell you when something needs doing:filling the water tankempty the grounds / overflow drawerdescaling the machine (approx every 4 months)decalc the machine (approx every 200 cups/ 3months)i would recommend buying the correct cleaning solutions/tablets for the last two options. I picked them up on the marketplace at a reasonable price.

I did not like the process to descaling.

Absolutely brilliant machine which makes perfect coffee and lovely frothy milk.

  • on the tin
  • Splendid espresso
  • Love this coffee machine.

Melitta SOLO & Milk E953-102, Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, with Milk Steamer, Silver

Product Description, We have stood for coffee pleasure since Melitta Bentz invented the first coffee filter in 1908, thereby laying the foundation for the modern coffee enjoyment. This coffee pleasure was then and is now our inspiration to always offer the best quality and unique coffee enjoyment with competence, inventiveness and a love of the product.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x Melitta Caffeo Solo and Milk coffee maker silver and black

  • From the manufacturer


    At a glance:
    • Aroma-Extraction-System
    • Height-adjustable coffee outlet
    • Melitta Companion App
    • 3 settings for adjusting coffee strength
    • Double-cup mode
    • Symbol display with red LEDs
    • Automatic cleaning and descaling

    Pure coffee enjoyment meets milk.

    Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

    Excellent coffee enjoyment combined with creamy milk froth – experience with SOLO & Milk the whole variety of aromatic coffee specialities made by whole beans and milk.

    Pure coffee enjoyment of the highest quality.

    Four generations of coffee tradition.

    The passion of coffee! This is the value that Melitta has embodied since 1908, the year that Melitta Bentz invented the first coffee filter, revolutionising coffee preparation. This delight in coffee, then as today, is our impetus to offer you always the best quality and unique coffee enjoyment, with our coffee expertise, ingenuity and love for the product.

    Companion App

    The app includes tips and tricks for delicious moments of coffee enjoyment as well as numerous service features. In addition to information on the perfect coffee, illustrated step-by-step instructions take you through the maintenance programmes. The app also gives you help with understanding the functional status of your coffee machine with the aid of the diagnostic tool.

    Special brewing process

    For maximum pleasure SOLO and milk is equipped with a pre-brewing-function: the coffee is rinsed with water before the proper brewing process starts to release maximum of flavour from the coffee during this phase. For optimal cleaning the entire brewing unit.

    Individual coffee preparation

    Indulgence without compromises: Choose your brewing temperature and coffee strength. With only one single rotation you can adjust the amount of coffee to the preferred cup size (30 – 220 ml).

    Removable milk frothing nozzle

    The powerful milk frothing nozzle provides an easy preparation for wonderful airy milk froth and hot milk. It can be removed and cleaned in a convenient and easy way.

    Companion App

    Special brewing process

    Individual coffee preparation

    Removable milk frothing nozzle

    SOLO SOLO & Milk SOLO & Perfect Milk Varianza CSP CI Passione
    Double-cup mode
    Number of pre-programmed recipes 2 classic specialities + 10 coffee specialities 4 classic specialities 10 coffee specialities
    Height Adjustable Coffee Outlet
    Adjustable Coffee Intensity 2 settings 3 settings 3 settings 5 settings 4 settings 5 settings
    Compatible App(s) Melitta Companion App Melitta Companion App Melitta Companion App Melitta Companion App
    Autocleaning/Descaling programme
    Milk/Foam Preparation System Auto Cappuccinatore
    My Coffee Memory Max. 4 people
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 20 x 32.5 x 45.5 cm 25 x 39 x 40 cm 20 x 45.5 x 33 cm 25.3 x 40.5 x 38 cm 25.5 x 35.2 x 47.3 cm 25.3 x 40.5 x 38 cm

    Filter Cartridge Liquid Descaler Milk System Cleaner 2 Lungo coffee glasses Insulated coffee Mug Care Set
    Description Filter cartridge for preserving the taste of the coffee and your machine, Ideal for freshly filtered water at each preparation, Easy insertion: screwing the filter into the bottom of the water tank, Without altering the taste of the coffee Liquid cleaner thoroughly removes all limescale deposits, Regular cleaning helps keep your coffee machine fresh and energy efficient, Optimise your coffee pleasure and ensure your coffee machine has a long and happy life Liquid cleaner gently removes milk deposits through the system, Regular cleaning helps keep your milk system fresh and energy efficient 2 glasses for Lungo coffee made of borosilicate glass (Height 11 cm), Double insulating wall and anti-burn, Capacity 200 ml, Microwave safe, Dishwasher safe 100% airtight insulated mug 350 ml, Silicone anti-slip handle, Preserves warm temperature for 2 hours, Dishwasher safe Everything you need to keep your machine running smoothly and looking good, Regular cleaning helps keep your coffee machine fresh and energy efficient, Optimise your coffee pleasure and ensure your coffee machine has a long and happy life

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    Excellent, great value, good quality product.

    Ordered the product on saturday morning and amazon delivered it to me at 520pm the same day. Regarding the coffee machine it’s simply perfect for me. It’s compact easy to use and creates some sensational tasting coffee. The choice of machines is mind boggling but i think at £370 and for the quality of coffee it makes it’s a bargain.

    Found melitta machine easy to use makes great coffee and is a good attraction to any kitchen.

    We are totally loving this, as regular coffee drinkers we have tried all types of coffee creation from stove tops to cafetiere, all are good but this takes all the trouble out of making coffee. No more grinding beans either. We chose this machine because it can make a cup of coffee, all the others around this price are espresso machines. You will delve into a bottomless pit of information if you start asking whats best as “real” coffee drinkers insist espresso is the “only way”. Anyway this thing can do upto 220ml of coffee, a proper cup. We place two cups (with a dash of milk already in) under the dual nozzle press the go button twice and a minute later we have two ready to drink coffees. There are somethings to get used to, the midterm cleaning processes are a bit involved, but easy once you’ve understood it. And you need basic maintenance everyday, i. Filling and emptying various parts.

    . Coffee from this machine good, internally dumps quite a lot of water into the inside drip tray but easily emptied. The main problem with this machine is the same as most of machines of this size, the milk steamer doesn’t have any guts. By the time 200ml of milk is heated to 70 degrees it has become 300ml with the amount of condensate water added, sometimes i need to turn off the steam jet half way through, wait until the thing has caught itself up and steam again. Let’s be clear 200ml of milk isn’t muchin summary worth the £240 deal price, probably not worth the standard amazon price and certainly not worth the rrp (in my opinion).

    We bought this on a lightening deal. We have owned several of the all in one coffee machines which use coffee pods and a few of the other ones that require a coffee grinder. This machine trumps them all by a country milewe decided to buy the solo with milk steamer, as opposed to just the espresso option. Choices then of lattes, cappuccino, etc. We love it, on average we drink about 2/3 cups per day and so this machine is not used to its limits. I will be honest though and say, its a bit of a labour of love if you follow the instructions and on screen cleaning programme. It needs descaling at least every 3 months and its recommend you run a monthly cleaning program. Follow the instructions (which obviously is difficult for us blokes) as its laid out in there step by step. But kudos to the machine, the symbols tell you whats needed, and then follow the step by step instructions. Don’t bother with the branded descaling tablets and fluids nor do i bother with the water filter.

    I love coffee and over the years have had many varied machines for making itncluding cafetiere, tassimo, nespresso, espresso, filter jug, etc. All of these have their strengths and weaknesses -nespresso and tassimo it is the cost of the posd which is a major drawback, and the others it is the mess and cleaning. I have wanted a good quality bean to cup machine for some time, but have not been able to justify the cost, so when the melitta was featured as deal of the day i took the plunge and bought it, and how glad i amfirstly, it produces fantastic coffee. The strength can be adjusted from 1 – mild, to 3 -strong, and the volume can be varied from a small espresso up to a large cup. As a bean to cup machine, there is no faffing about tamping, measuring, etc. You just press a button and off you go. Cleaning is just a matter oe emptying the ďrip tray each day which is a very quick and easy job, and giving the brewing unit a periodic clean which again is not a difficult process. Unless anything goes wrong, this is the last coffee machine i will buy – i love it.

    Great coffee maker the wife hugs it more than she does me. Water container could be bigger.

    • on the tin
    • Splendid espresso
    • Love this coffee machine.

    Melitta SOLO & Milk E953-102, Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, with Milk Steamer, Silver

    It makes very good coffee which i suppose is what is required from it. My partner bought it to replace a magimix robot that we had for about 8 years. Compared to that the melitta doesn’t seem as robust, doesn’t produce hot milk as well and boy does it dump very wet grounds and a lot of water. It is however much simpler to use with very straightforward controls.

    I don’t know about this machine yet. I’ve left it a few months before leaving a review and probably brewed around 200 coffees in it. Prosone button controlfastgenerally tastes okconsthis dispenses a lot of water in the trayno idea what the 3 coffee bean types are for, seems to make no differencethe milk frother is uselessthe thing needs cleaning so often it’s unreal. I don’t know how long i’ll keep this before i end up chucking it on amazon and trying another one but i’ll give it another couple of months at least.

    Delightful choice bought in a promotion day for £300 , great value respect to the competition and one of the best coffee result seen so far from a home – machine .

    The product description on the amazon website does not tally with the actual coffee machine delivered. This has been a big disappointment to us. Product description says it has a cup tray to pre-heat your coffee cups (our machine doesn’t have this). Also says it dispenses coffee up to 220ml cup size (ours is only 170ml max). The drip tray is described as stainless steel. Ours is brown plastic (although the covering plate is s/s). So if you enjoy a small cup of good quality, albeit cool coffee, you will like the melitta.

    Just unpacked it and plugged it in. Well tried to, it came with a euro plug, not very good for a uk supplier, it even had eu stamped on the box, however i found a eu to uk adapter and off we go, it seems quite simple to work, the water level seems to have dropped a fair bit. It replaced an illi capsule machine, i think i may have to hunt down illy beans as i am quite used to the taste. So marked down for having a eu plug and me waiting 15 minutes on the melitta help line before i found the adapter.

    Fabulous coffee maker and so user friendly.

    Love this coffee machine, no hassle great coffee every morning. Some people have commented on having to empty the drip tray regular but it’s not a problem.

    I have had a few bean to cup machines over the past 10 years and this one makes the best tasting coffee of the lot.

    However, item turned up with a european plug on it which i had to remove/replace with a uk plug before i could use it. Apart from that i am very happy with it.

    So far this machine has excelled my expectations, easy to use, clean and coffee is just great, good bye gaggia, there’s a new kid on the block.

    When we got it it was missing one component and it was resolved quickly.

    Brilliant, easy to use, exceptional coffee (depends on the beans of course), and the self cleaning system is a dream.

    Easy to set up, use and clean. All you have to do is choose your favourite beans. Milk frother took a bit of working out but it turns out some milks are better than others.

    Nice coffee machine, works very well and make exceptional coffees. The only down side is, it is loud when making a drink.

    Features and Spesification

    • Enjoy your daily coffee just the way you like it, Choose between an expresso or an americano, Suitable for cups up to 13.5 cm (5.3 in) thanks to height-adjustable coffee outlet
    • Preparation of coffee, hot milk, cappuccino, hot water and hot or cold lattes, For expresso, americano, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and lattes, Melitta Companion App: Tips and tricks for delicious moments of coffee, as well as numerous service features
    • Exceptional taste: Genuine fresh coffee enjoyment cup after cup thanks to the Aroma-Extraction-System for maximun coffee enjoyment, 3 settings for adjusting coffee strength, Double-cup mode
    • Simple and intuitive operation, Prepare your coffee with a touch of a button: 3 strength intensities, Adjustable water quantity (30-220ml), Valve fir steam and hot water dispensing, LED display
    • Preserve the machine and coffee taste with automatic cleaning and descaling, Compatible with Melitta filter cartridges, Easy to clean interior thanks to the removable brewing unit – Dishwasher safe
    • Made in Germany, High quality, Comfortable to use, Compact design, Noise reduction system, Conical steel grinder, Energy saving: Energy saving mode and programmable automatic shutdown, 0 Watt switch
    • Contents: 1 Melitta SOLO & Milk E953-102, Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Weight: 8.1 kg, Dimensions (W x D x H): 20 x 45.5 x 33 cm, 1 m cable, Water tank (1.2 L), Grain tank 125g