Melitta SOLO & Perfect Milk E957-103 – Great Value, Instant Brew following Steam

A great beans to cup machine. I find better than my previous delonghi.

Love this machine, coffee is great, i’ll probably rarely use the milk attachment but it works fine and good to impress any guests. Just note the dimensions though it’s very long compared to my last machine which was a bit surprising.

I truly loved this machine it’s stylish it’s practical and easy to use, a previously owned a de’longhi grind and brew coffee machine i gave this 5 out of 5 stars because i just think it’s absolutely fabulous i would recommend it time and time again.

I have had this for a month it’s a bit hard to set cleaning setup and descale so if you buy read instructions. Think i should have gotten one cheaper than i paid.

Like this so much, best coffe ever.

I’m very satisfy from this coffee machine.

I expected it to be a simple machine. Well, making cofee is simple but the maintanance is’nt. One has to refill the water tank every 3-4 cups, and empty the waste tank every 1-2 days.

Excellent product good price makes great coffee.

I am absolutely delighted with this product.

Having had a gaggia titanium for many years, we are used to dual boiler function allowing a brew straight after steaming milk. Most others at this proce level make you wait a few minutes. The solo is instant, the milk-froth is excellent. The cleaning process, a doddle, the space saving size, a welcome bonus. Down side; holds less water, less beans, so need to refill. Otherwise, highly recomended.

Good machine, easy to use with good features, but a few flaws. Pros :coffee is great (assuming you have decent beans) and has 3 strength settings, also depending on if single press or double press on the dispense button, you can get a single or double shot. There is also a dial for fine tuning the amount of coffee dispensed. Water well is small but easy to fill with a nice little handle to remove it. Milk frother works well and puts a nice big head of milk onto your drink, you can also choose just to warm the milk, or for steam only, you can even set it to dispense just hot water. All in all its very easy and convenient to use. Cons:the warm milk feature doesn’t warm the milk up nearly enough for my liking, around 30°c. I usually put it through 2 times for a warmer drink which still takes it up to only 50°c, any more times than that will add too much water to the milk and kill the coffee. Although it doesn’t tell you in the sparse instructions (also contrary to what people have said in the q&a section), you can set the machine to dispense steam through the wand to warm the milk up the traditional way, the problem is the steam wand on the cappuccinatore is very short and it makes it awkward to use it properly, though it can be done, its very fiddly. All in all a good little machine which makes great drinks.

The coffee is great, but the milk froth adds far to much water, it actually adds water to your coffee. You also need to clean it after each use, and it impossible to clean the pipe that leads the milk. I disconnected the milk frothing and use the too short valve to froth milk. Here are the specifications for the Melitta SOLO & Perfect Milk E957-103:

  • Enjoy your daily coffee just the way you like it, Choose between an expresso or an americano, Suitable for cups up to 13.5 cm (5.3 in) thanks to height-adjustable coffee outlet
  • Preparation of coffee, hot milk, cappuccino, hot water and hot or cold lattes, For expresso, americano, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and lattes, Melitta Companion App: Tips and tricks for delicious moments of coffee, as well as numerous service features
  • Exceptional taste: Genuine fresh coffee enjoyment cup after cup thanks to the Aroma-Extraction-System for maximun coffee enjoyment, 3 settings for adjusting coffee strength, Double-cup mode
  • Simple and intuitive operation, Prepare your coffee with a touch of a button: 3 strength intensities, Adjustable water quantity (30-220ml), Valve fir steam and hot water dispensing, LED display
  • Preserve the machine and coffee taste with automatic cleaning and descaling, Compatible with Melitta filter cartridges, Easy to clean interior thanks to the removable brewing unit – Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Germany, High quality, Comfortable to use, Compact design, Noise reduction system, Conical steel grinder, Energy saving: Energy saving mode and programmable automatic shutdown, 0 Watt switch
  • Contents: 1 Melitta SOLO & Perfect Milk E957-103, Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Weight: 17.8 lbs, Dimensions (L x D x H) : 7.8 x 12.9 x 17.9 inches, 3.2 ft. cable, Water tank (1.2 L), Grain compartment 125g

Brilliant machine well worth the money.

I love my coffee and over the years have purchased a few coffee making machines at varying prices. However, i recently purchased via amazon the ‘ mellitta solo’ & perfect milk e957 -401 , it being a bean to cup coffee making machine. It is a machine that deserves far higher than the ‘five star’ rating than i am able to award it. This mellita solo coffee making machine is absolutely ‘brilliant’. The picture shown looks bigger than what it really is and will fit on the work surface or low shelving of practically any kitchen – it takes up very little room – depth, width or height. As for cups, mugs or tall tumblers it will take them all, thanks to the height adjuster to take the size of coffee of your needs. There are so many selections you can choose from to press, such as the strength of your liking to make the perfect coffee, and i mean the perfect coffee; a coffee that will match the good tasting flavours and quality of the renowned starbucks and costa coffees when you have got used to the mellita solo & perfect milk e957 – 401 coffee maker and found the right selections of your choice. If you enjoy cappuccino coffee, then this machine will make the perfect cup with very little effort or complication. It has an excellent milk frothing system. No need to buy cream – the milk frother will produce it for you.

Excellent easy coffee machine if you like espressos/americanos, milk drinks are easy too.

It is easy to use and i like it very much.

Good water reservoir, good coffee bean reserve also.

I have owned a few bean to cup machines in the past. It makes a nice cup of coffee and easy to make a cappuccino. I have found the taste of coffee to vary among different machines, but the melitta really makes a nice tasting coffee. It is also hot as well which is important. I would recommend this machine.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice cup of coffee
  • Great machine
  • Great all round machine

Had it now for several months. A very stylish looking machine that makes tasty coffee with a lovely creme. Watch out, the machine is surprisingly deep, though both the water reservoir and bean compartment are quite small. Operation is a little mixed, only a few buttons and dials, but in order to initially set things up, all sorts of combinations may have to be pressed. Well it could be a lot easier to understand. I would recommend downloading the melitta app. Things are then so much easier. As for maintenance – cleaning and de-scaling – the app gives step by step instructions and guides one through a somewhat bewildering order of pressing buttons. I think this is a result of it being a ‘less endowed’ machine ie cheaper and not having dedicated buttons or a led or lcd display. So, coffee – very good and tastyon board storage (water & beans) – a bit lackingmaintenance – slightly head scratching (definitely need the app)am i happy with my purchase?. Makes much better coffee than my previous bean to cup machine (krups). I can’t comment on the milk frothing etc, as i haven’t used it.

So far has proved a reliable and effective machine which looks good in my kitchen. I do worry that some of the parts seem to be made of flimsy plastic so i will have to see if they prove durable.

Excellent machine and excellent service as always thank you very much.

Very good and comfortable to use.