Melitta Varianza CSP F57/0-102 : Great looking machine and great tasting coffee

I have only had this a week, and i love itfirst impressions – it is a good looking machine and is relatively small and compact. It doesn’t take up too much space in the kitchen and is quite discreet. Setting up the machine was very simple – it pretty much comes ready to use (just remove a few bit of tape which hold everything in place. Just fill up with water and beans, and away you go. I was initially a bit sceptical about the external milk container, but the hose is long enough to tuck it round the side. The supplied container is not insulated, so the milk very quickly warms up to room temperature – in the summer months this could be an issue. However, a stainless steel insulated container is available, and although not explicitly listed as being for this machine it seems to work fine. The default drink setting are pretty good – my only initial reservation was the amount of coffee and the temperature. However, these can all be customised to produce a full cup of piping hot coffee – i would urge anyone to read the instructions beyond the first few pages as they do give some hints on how to change the settings to suit your preferences. Mine didn’t come with any coffee beans (i am sure the listing said it did come with some trial packs.

Bought on black friday £299 cheaper. Makes great coffee, lovely and creamy. The only downside is that it uses a lot of water for making coffee, cleaning, rinsing etc so we have to fill the water tank couple of times a day.

When it arrived it was wonderful. It’s easy to use, it makes great coffee, it’s easy to (re-)program to get the strength, quantity and temperature of the beverages to your liking. It’s neat and compact and has good style. So, if i’d written this review 2 years ago, i’d have given it a 5-start rating without question. But, 2 years on, i’m not so sure. 1) it’s very picky about the type of bean you use – you can’t use oily ones as they stick to the sides of the hopper, so high-roast ‘espresso’ beans are a no-no in an espresso machine, unless you’re prepared to feed the ‘my bean select’ bypass every time. That rather defeats the object of a bean-tocup espresso machine2) the picky nature seems to extend to the size of bean as well, in my experience. Robusta beans don’t feed as well as arabica which is ok as arabica tend to be finer-flavoured, but some blends come with robusta and if that is your taste, you’re in trouble3) the machine sometimes decides not to work. Grinds coffee then empties it into the waste bin without brewing a drink. That seems to be an indication that it needs descaling, but you can waste a lot of coffee before you realise that.

Really smart machine and the smell of freshly grounded coffee in the morning – wow. The coffee tastes delicious. After few months from the purchase – i am really happy that i chose melitta.

This machine is great, easy to use (once you have it figured out) with plenty of options. Milk could be hotter but that’s not the end of the world. As it cleans itself regularly it needs a bit of attention (emptying the drip tray etc) but all good.

So far so great, wonderful coffee and a good solid machine. Pricey though – so it should be very good.

  • Great looking machine and great tasting coffee
  • Great coffee maker!
  • I love this coffee maker

Melitta Varianza CSP F57/0-102, Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Cappuccino Maker, One Touch Feature, My Bean Select, Milk Container Included, Black

Style Name:Varianza CSP  |  Colour:Black
Product Description, We have stood for coffee pleasure since Melitta Bentz invented the first coffee filter in 1908, thereby laying the foundation for the modern coffee enjoyment. This coffee pleasure was then and is now our inspiration to always offer the best quality and unique coffee enjoyment with competence, inventiveness and a love of the product.

Box Contains, Contents: FS7/0-102 Varianza CSP fully automatic coffee maker, black

From the manufacturer

At a glance:
  • Best Aroma System Plus
  • My Bean Select Technology
  • Easy to use thanks to the intuitive control panel
  • Choice of 10 pre-programmed recipes
  • Double-cup mode
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling
  • Easy to clean thanks to the removable brewing unit

The innovation for an unlimited variety of indulgence

Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

With the new fully automatic coffee machine Varianza Melitta offers you real innovation. The exclusive single portion system My Bean Select makes it possible, for the first time, to choose cup for cup from the whole variety of coffee beans at any time – giving you a limitless variety of flavours.

Pure coffee enjoyment of the highest quality.

Four generations of coffee tradition.

The passion of coffee! This is the value that Melitta has embodied since 1908, the year that Melitta Bentz invented the first coffee filter, revolutionising coffee preparation. This joy in coffee was then, and is now, what drives us to consistently offer the best quality and unique coffee enjoyment, with our coffee expertise, inventiveness and a love of our products.

My Bean Select

The My Bean Select gives you a free choice of coffee beans from the whole variety available with every new cup of coffee. As well as the standard bean container (125 g capacity), with this innovation, you can try out different kinds of beans with each individual cup. It’s really simple with the practical measuring spoon, which is integrated in the bean container. Simply pour the required quantity of your choice of coffee beans into the bean chute, press the button and enjoy new types of coffee.

Best Aroma System Plus

The Aromasafe seal on the bean container means that the diverse flavours and aromas of your coffee beans are even better protected. The grinder runs until empty each time to prevent mixing different types of bean. The unique pre-brewing and extraction process (A.E.S.) ensures that the coffee flavour develops perfectly.

10 varieties of coffee

Thanks to the product buttons you can call up the 4 classics – espresso, café crème, cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a single button. Using the recipe feature you can create 6 further coffee specialities: ristretto, lungo, americano, espresso macchiato, café latte, café au lait.

One Touch Feature

Whether you want one of the programmed varieties of coffee, warm milk, frothed milk or hot water – pour your favourite drink with just one touch.

Varianza CSP SOLO SOLO and Milk SOLO and Perfect Milk Passione CI
Double-cup mode
Number of pre-programmed recipes 10 coffee specialities 2 classic specialities + 10 specialities 4 classic specialities +
Height Adjustable Coffee Outlet
Adjustable Coffee Intensity 5 settings 2 settings 3 settings 3 settings 5 settings 4 settings
Melitta Companion App Melitta Companion App Melitta Companion App Melitta Companion App Melitta Companion App
Autocleaning/Descaling program
Milk/Foam Preparation System Auto Cappuccinatore
My Coffee Memory Max. 4 people
Dimensions (HxWxD) 25.3 x 40.5 x 38 cm 20 x 32.5 x 45.5 cm 25 x 39 x 40 cm 20 x 45.5 x 33 cm 25 x 39 x 40 cm 25.5 x 35.2 x 47.3 cm

Filter Cartridge Liquid Descaler Milk System Cleaner 2 Lungo coffee glasses Insulated coffee Mug Care Set
Description Filter cartridge for preserving the taste of the coffee and your machine, Ideal for freshly filtered water at each preparation, Easy insertion: screwing the filter into the bottom of the water tank, Without altering the taste of the coffee Liquid cleaner thoroughly removes all limescale deposits, Regular cleaning helps keep your coffee machine fresh and energy efficient, Optimise your coffee pleasure and ensure your coffee machine has a long and happy life Liquid cleaner gently removes milk deposits through the system, Regular cleaning helps keep your milk system fresh and energy efficient 2 glasses for Lungo coffee made of borosilicate glass (Height 11 cm), Double insulating wall and anti-burn, Capacity 200 ml, Microwave safe, Dishwasher safe 100% airtight insulated mug 350 ml, Silicone anti-slip handle, Preserves warm temperature for 2 hours, Dishwasher safe Everything you need to keep your machine running smoothly and looking good, Regular cleaning helps keep your coffee machine fresh and energy efficient, Optimise your coffee pleasure and ensure your coffee machine has a long and happy life

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  • Great looking machine and great tasting coffee
  • Great coffee maker!
  • I love this coffee maker

Melitta Varianza CSP F57/0-102, Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Cappuccino Maker, One Touch Feature, My Bean Select, Milk Container Included, Black

Features and Spesification

  • Enjoy your daily coffee just the way you like it, Choose from 10 pre-set coffee specialties from original recipes, Suitable for cups up to 13.5 cm (5.3 in) thanks to height-adjustable coffee outlet
  • Preparation of coffee, hot milk, coffee with milk, hot water and cold or hot milk drinks, 4 classic specialties: espresso, long coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato and 6 more, Possible to change the type of coffee beans between cups
  • Exceptional taste: Genuine fresh coffee enjoyment cup after cup thanks to the Best Aroma Plus System for maximun coffee enjoyment, Menu button, Recipe button for 6 coffee specialties, My Bean Select Measuring spoon, Frothed milk or warm milk
  • Simple and intuitive operation, Personalise your coffee with a simple touch of a button: Adjust levels of hot water, milk, foam and coffee, 5 strength intensities, 3 temperature levels, Simultaneous 2 cup function, TFT colour display
  • Preserve the machine and coffee taste with automatic cleaning and descaling, Compatible with Melitta filter cartridges, Easy to clean interior thanks to the removable brewing unit – Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Germany, High quality, Comfortable to use, Compact design, Noise reduction system, Conical steel grinder, Energy saving: Energy saving mode and programmable automatic shutdown, 0 Watt switch
  • Contents: 1 Melitta Varianza CSP F57/0-102, Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Weight: 18 lbs, Dimensions (L x D x H) : 25 x 39 x 40 inches, 3.2 ft. cable, Milk Container Included, Water tank (1.2 L) with filter, Grain compartment 125g