Men’s Gift Guide

howick-tshirt gift-collage

Looking for gift ideas for men? Whether it’s your Dad, brother, boyfriend or a friend, it can be difficult! So, I’ve decided to do another Gift Guide style post as though it was the festive season once again. Instead, we’re now half-way through 2016 and with various birthdays and other occasions coming up for men in my life, I know just how difficult finding gifts for them can be. This post will feature a generic list of gift ideas for men, but with some suiting women too! So everybody wins…

Clothing may seem to be a typically gift idea, but sometimes that’s not a bad idea! This is the Howick Dillon Short Sleeve T-shirt* by the brand Howick at House of Fraser, and it’s available in a number of colours. We all love having those ‘basic’ items in our wardrobe, man or woman, that we can just chuck on without worrying whether the patterns are going to clash or not. The simple pocket tee is so soft, which is rightly so as seen as it’s 100% cotton! The slub texture lets it hang comfortably, without being too fitting or too baggy that it looks too big!

  1. Headphones are an accessory any person probably enjoys. If not headphones, then earphones with quirky buds on them! These particular headphones I picked out because of the design; sleek, stylish and the oil slick colour on them is pretty much a universal design wouldn’t you agree? These are the Frends Layla Oil Slick Head Phones by Very Exclusive.
  1. Next up is a notebook. Doesn’t sound exciting, but for as a gift for someone who is perhaps a writer, enjoys writing, or is constantly in need of a new work/school notebook, this is a design to get. Etsy are full of unique gifts as well as occasion cards which is the main selling point for me! With a wide variety of shops available to buy from, there’s something unique for any item you look for. Take this simple leather notebook, suitable for anyone, with a subtle astronomy design.
  1. Smart watches are an accessory that I see on practically everyone these days. For the men in your life that either love gadgets or need additional reminders that you’re basically trying to contact them, maybe this is what they need! This is the Apple Watch, which is probably the most expensive of the kind, but there are many varieties and brands out there!
  1. This is the most expensive gift item in this post, and probably the most expensive I’ll ever mention on this blog, but this is a piece of jewellery – yes, jewellery – which I’ve heard a lot about lately. This is the Cartier Love bracelet which is designed for men and women, this being the white gold version. It’s a simple bangle design which screws shut. That’s right, a screw. It’s a thoughtful gift that can be bought in a relationship for one another, so maybe this is one for the boyfriend? Or a subtle hint for him to buy you one…
  1. Last but most certainly not least, a hipflask. This is a vintage film camera design which is again, from Etsy. Like I mentioned before, they’re just full of fun gift ideas! Now hip flasks may not be for everyone, but they’re a quirky gift idea that can be paired with their favourite liquor!


*Gifted Product

*items may have been gifted to me for review purposes.