MEZE AUDIO Meze 99 Classics Walnut Headphones : Slight disappointment but pleased overall

Pros: comfortable (made more comfie by fitting brainwavz sheepskin pads), tonally warm and full, bass, mids, soundstage (especially considering closed back design)cons: not the most portable, metal band resonates if you move your head aroundi now understand what people mean when they describe headphones as “musical”. These things are truly enjoyable to listen to; by no means do they have the best resolution, clarity or separation they do however make things sound better. Before buying them my favourite headphones were grado sr80s, these are certainly challenging for that top spot. And they’re closed back, what a dreammmmm. Speaking of the closed backness, soundstage through these is rather grand, perhaps it’s something to do with the acoustics of the wooden cups, whatever it is it puts a big smile on my face. It’s impossible to hear anything shrill or sibilant through them, even when listening to a shoddy recording. The tone is organic and sweet. They have lots of bass and it’s real good. People complain about it being boomy, which i don’t get.

Must be the only quality sound equipment imported from romania. The designer (pronounced meh-zeh) , however, did his apprenticeship in uk and went back home to set up production for his designs (and that was well before brexit). The most prominent feature is the fine-tooled wooden shell, with a choice between walnut gold and maple silver: there is no difference in the sound quality, but i rather think the maple silver is a tad more feminine in appearance (‘scuse the sexism). They are light and comfortable, and look astonishingly cool, eminently suitable for both home and en-route listening. The sound goes into the fun-and-enjoyment department rather than critical listening: they are somewhat bass-heavy and don’t go too far up into the extended treble region, but there are very smooth and engaging transitions up through the lower and upper mid range. They are clearly more suitable for rock music and jazz, yet you can get decent enjoyment out of classical too: i just played through richard strauss’s “don quixote” featuring mainly the cello, and found it beautifully mellow. I otherwise use etymotic and sennheiser iem’s for more serious analytical listening, but in these you look good, the sound is good and on the whole you are high up in the enjoyment region. Splendid accessories come with them: two braided leads, one short with mic, the other long for lounging around on the sofa. There have been some reports on microphonics on the cables, but i have tried hard to induce them and failed. You also get a hard carrying case and pouch for wires and things.

I bought these to replace the sonically fine but constructionally flaccid focal spirit professionals. The main downside to these headphones is that you cannot easily audition them prior to purchase, so like i have done before, i took a bit of a punt and went off many reviews from people i have judged to have sonically parallel aural palettes to my own. Straight out of the box, they look the part, with real walnut ear cups, a metal headband, memory foam pleather ear pads and two cables; one longer for home use and a shorter one with an in-line mic for phone calls. After the disastrous build quality of the fsp’s these have a quality feel, which inspires confidence in their longevity. Indeed, the individual parts of the headphone are all replaceable and directly available from meze, although apart from the ear pads and perhaps, a set of spare cables, i can’t see that it will be necessary in the short term, fingers crossed ehcomfort i would describe as very good. They are light and i particularly like the self-adjusting headband, as this has worked perfectly for me. If i have a criticism, it would be with the ear pads, which can get a bit warm, especially in the summer months, or when doing anything physical, so bear that in mind. I don’t think this caveat is unique to meze though, as every headphone i’ve ever worn has had some issue with the pads. They come in a nice storage box, although to be honest, they haven’t gone back in them at all, having been in almost constant use. Straight out of the box, they clearly need some burn-in time.

I consider myself as an audiophile and these killers are as good looking as they are good sounding. Never been so satisfied with headphones, even with more expensive ones.

I just happened to get one with quite large woodgrains which did not look as good as the fine woodgrains seen in the picture. There are 2 very small surface blemishes where the wood finish has been chipped. Having said that, sound quality is great in my limited experience, lookes incredibly sleek, wires and adapters are very well designed and included in a neat package. Very unique product, i got this partly to support the work of the design team since i like the way it has been developed.

I have to admit the only thing i love about these headphones is the sound. They look awesome out of box but once the novelty wears off the design is actually weird and unpractical, they are cumbersome, definitely not portable by any means. What i like the least is the use of pu leather on ear-pads and headband, it literally feels like wearing plastic; in general these headphones do not feel like a premium product which is a huge shame as the sound is outstanding. The price is good, the reviews are good and on a plus side meze makes a balanced cable for these that works really well with my ak player, however for me that’s not enough to justify keeping these headphones so they are going back. I think if meze could deliver the same sound in a more portable and slender design, with real-leather pads and better ergonomics a lot more customers would gladly buy the 99 classics even at a higher price, at least i know i would.

Pros- very high quality in terms of materials- very high quality soundcons- uncomfortable. The earpads were too shallow, and after an hour of contact my ears started to hurt. Overall, i recommend it if your ears are small or if you’re ok with replacing the earpads, otherwise pick something else.

The meze 99 classics are some weird beasts – in a weirdly good way. It is not easy to express why or how they’re so special. You put them on and they sound good – in a ‘sellable-on-the-high-street’ sort of way, with a loud sound, plenty of highs and lows and spectacular grin-inducing sonic fireworks. Not always a good sign, if you’re looking for a serious set of phones – plus there are gazillions of high-street headphones displaying the same ‘winning’ gimmicks. So what’s the deal with the 99 classics – is there a catch, somewhere?. Yes, there is, but that’s only revealed after a longer discerning listen. If i were stupid enough to venture a description of their sound in one sentence, that would be: the classic 99s are like studio professional headphones tuned in for audiophiles (which could also be a blanket definition for audiophile home-listening equipment in general). The genius of the mezes comes from this tuning process – the balanced character of the sound, the way, for instance, bass was emphasised, but not too much, retaining a tuneful character that doesn’t drown the music and orchestral details in a deep grumble. The way that treble are extended to a degree, but preserve a silky quality to them, never detracting from the overall musical balance.

  • Go for it !!
  • A marvel of a headphone.
  • Excellent headphones. Not much more need be said.

Meze 99 Classics Walnut Gold Headphones (Gold & Black)

Product Description, The latest in the Classics series, the Meze 99 Classics promises to deliver perfect natural sound even to the pickiest of audio lovers.

Box Contains, 1 x Headphone3m cable1.5m cableadaptercarry case

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I collect headphones, usually buying 3-4 pairs a year. These headphones interested me first of all because of the way they look – there are very few wooden headphones out there. The next thing that piqued my interest was the fact that all the reviews i could find were positive. When they arrived, the packaging and general presentation are second to none. A hard case is a very welcome addition, and when it’s contoured to fit the phones very well. One slight (and it is only slight) modification i would make would be to give a bit more room below the headphones when in the case, as you have to remove the cables or bend them quite a bit in order to zip the case closed when the cables are plugged in. But obviously, that’s a very minor quibble. The headphones are about as comfortable as headphones can get. They self-adjust, and the headband is soft enough hardly to be felt, but sturdy enough to keep the headphones in place.

  • Go for it !!
  • A marvel of a headphone.
  • Excellent headphones. Not much more need be said.

Meze 99 Classics Walnut Gold Headphones (Gold & Black)

Features and Spesification

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  • Two detachable 1.2 m with Mic. and 3 m Kevlar cables
  • Frequency range: 15 Hz – 25 KHz, Impedance: 32 Ohm, Sensitivity 103 Db 1kHz/1mW
  • Real walnut wood earcups
  • Fully serviceable, only screws used in the build of the headphones
  • Hard EVA carrying pouch