Mezone Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Earbuds Mini Bluetooth Earpiece Noise Cancelling Headphones : Not bad

Fast delivery,great and fantastic product very recommended to you.

I love this earbuds it’s very easy to connect and the size very comfortable for methis earbuds has a good battery lifei used it to listen music for more than 2hours and still have power which can be automatically charged when put back in the casei especially like another feature that can charge my phoneso i love this.

For the money these are very good earbuds, giving a fairly full sound. I have to say i didn’t find the noise cancelling terribly effective and the box is larger than comparable sets for some reason. The buds connected easily to my phone and tablet and the batteries seemed to last forever.

I have received the bluetooth earbuds about a week ago. It feels ok when i use it last week, the first time i was wearing it incorrectly, it was easy to slip down. My son said that it was wrong to wear, which allowed me to use correctly. When i read the instruction, there are more functions and features were found, which surprised me. Its very handy, earbuds without any wires and made by lightweight materials were stored in a small box, on the other hand, noise cancelling was nice,its easy to drench myself in music. Batteries was nice, i bought some earphones before, its my first time to buy earbuds,i was worry about the batteries because the small batteries, however, this one is better than expected, it can support me to finish gymwork and cooking together.

The idea of integrating a powerbank that can charge both your phone and the earbuds is a genius idea, saving you having to carry two separate power banks. The first signs were all good, from the box, to the build of the powerbank and the earbuds looks all good. The powerbank uses a usb-c connector and it comes with a tiny usb-c to standard usb-b (pc type socket) adaptor. Since more and more phones are moving to the newer usb-c standard, this means the powerbank will be able to share the same cable as the phones, saving having to carry yet another cable. So far so good, the design seems to be well thought out. So why the 3 stars?unfortunately the good package design does not carry through to the sound quality. The sound coming from the earbuds seem very distant, i kept taking them off to check if the sound was coming form my phone’s speakers or from the earbuds themselves. It didn’t matter whether it was music or audiobooks, it just didn’t sound right. The sound also seems to lack any bass, even cranking up the bass on the music made no difference. So 5 stars for convenience, but deducting 2 stars for the less than satisfactory sound.

This a really handy set, combining the bluetooth earbuds with a power pack for your device. The earbuds are more straightforward to use than others i have had which makes me much more likely to use them. Once out of the charger they automatically pair with each other and with my iphone. Music quality can be variable and they can sound tinny if not pushed into the ears far enough. This isn’t so easy to correct if you have tiny ears. They do come with several sizes of silicone tips but are still reasonably big. Battery life seems good so far, they’ve lasted me a couple of days christmas shopping and not needed to be charged. As a battery pack it seems promising. However, the connection is usb c (the charging cable included is standard usb to usb c) and so to charge an iphone would require a usb c to lightning cable which i don’t yet have. A shame because otherwise this would be a pretty good package.

It is a very cute headphone and easy to use, now i can listen to the music when i doing house cleaning or traveling on a bus and no bother other people. Now i can free my hands when i make long time phone call with my families. The music come from the headphone is clearly without noise , if i set it a little bit louder i can’t even hear my son calling me. I am so happy with this purchase.

True wireless earbuds, love enough for these earbuds pick. They sound great, feel comfortable, and they offer the overall experience you might expect from the bluetooth earphones with the bonus of no wires running between your ears and the case as a power bank.

  • great product
  • Can also be used as a power bank
  • Earpiece + Phone Charger

Mezone Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Earbuds Mini Bluetooth Earpiece Noise Cancelling Headphones with Mic and Charging Case (Can also be used as Power bank) for iPhone and Android Smart Phones(Black)

Bluetooth Earbuds

How to pair:

Dual Earbuds Connection Mode

  • If take out 2 earbuds at the sametime,then two earbuds will connect automatically in 8 seconds.
  • If take out right earbud at first which will connect automatically in several seconds.Then take out the left one out and keep press the button for 3 seconds which will connect to the right one.
  • Turn on the device Bluetooth,choose the B5-P and they will connect sucessfully.

Single Earbud Connection Mode

  • Take out right earbud, then the earbuds will connect automatically in several seconds.
  • Turn on the device Bluetooth,choose the B5-P and they will connect sucessfully.

Wireless earbuds


* Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth V5.0+EDR Profile supported: A2DP, AVRCP, headset, Handsfree

* Frequency range: 240.0-2480.5MHz

* Operation Range: 30m/98ft

* Talk Time: Up to 3 Hours

* Playing Time: Up to 3 Hours

* Standby Time: About 40 Hours

* Stand Charging Time:1.5 Hours

* Earbuds Charging Time:15 Mins

* Battery Capacity: 60mAh

Wireless earbuds

Why Choose Mezone Wireless Headphones ?

* Hi-fi Stereo sound with noise reduction.

* Lightweight and invisible,ensure comfortable wearing for all day.

* Simply one press to play/pause /switch music,answer /reject          phone calls.

* Bluetooth V 5.0 & EDR skip-free true wireless up to 98 feet .

* Anti-Drop Out design & comfort fit, IPX5 waterproof protection.

* Big Capacity Charging Box – provide 6 rounds of charging.

* Super Long working time : 3-6 hours working with with 60 minutes charge.

Wireless earbuds

Bluetooth earbuds

bluetooth earbuds

Color Space Gray Silver Black Black Rose Gold Silver White
Weight 138g/4.9oz 138g/4.9oz 138g/4.9oz 138g/4.9oz 138g/4.9oz
Package Dimensions 6.5*2.0*3.75in 6.5*2.0*3.75in 6.5*2.0*3.75in 6.5*2.0*3.75in 6.5*2.0*3.75in

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I fed up of using head phones with wires, especially in gym,i browsed on line for quite a while and finally decided to buy this one, it’s not cheap but meet all my needs. The product arrived promptly. I could not wait to try it, it’s so easy to connect to my phone by blue tooth, sound quality is amazing, i can hear nothing but music, it helps me to ignore all distractions in gym, will never use head phones again, which is encumbrance. I used to suffer from the ear tips, most of them are too big for me, the good thing is there are 2 spare ear tips, i used the small size, which fit me perfectly. Red/gray color looks elegant. In addition, this is also a power bank, when i put the head phones back, it charged automatically, no need to worry if i forget to charge the head phone. It replaced my current power bank, which is an extra. Overall it’s great product, highly recommended, it worth the price.

The delivery speed is very fast, this bluetooth headset package is very beautiful and i like it very much. Can’t wait to open the phone to connect the headphones and try to listen to the song, it feels pretty good. I want to go swimming with headphones, but this head phones can not be waterproof, a little disappointing. I have been wearing headphones to go to work these days. When have a rest and take a bus, it is so good to war headphones to listen to music, this feeling is really great. After listening to the song of the day, the headphones still have power. When not in use, thy can be placed in the charging box, so there is no need to worry about the earphones being out of power. A very good wireless bluetooth earbuds, it feel very fashionable, i want to buy one for my friend as birthday gift.

If you can set your phone equaliser as shown in my photo the sound is increased in volume and bass. And it is not clear from product page that these buds do not change track as even the cheapest buds can do. So, not as good as the half the price qingta bluetooth earphones i recently acquired. Playing dire straits live: your latest trick enjoyably sat indoors in the quiet. Still running them in but i’m sure on a walk i would be frustrated having to unruffle my phone on a winter’s day just to change the track. I don’t use the phone for phone calls and have never bothered about noise cancellation living out in the country. Comes supplied with a very nice connection converter so usb can go into charger/holder.

These earbuds are really simple to set up and charge. You basically connect on e earbud to your phone and then the second earbud to the first. However, a really, really loud voice tells you that bluetooth is connected. My problem with the earbuds i received is that there is a constant static noise in the background which is very jarring and annoying when i’m between music tracks or am listening to something quieter such as an audio book, or podcast. Feels like going back in time sound quality wise. So, on that basis i don’t really rate these. I also worry about one or other bud falling out and getting lost as i move around, in this respect the wireless buds with a wire to go around your head (and usually a magnet to clasp them together when not in use) are actually of more practical use. The battery life seems good and they are easy to charge. Perhaps i had a defective pair but the background noise makes them a thumbs down from me.

Pro’sthey set up really easily and connect both to each other and to my phone quickly. There is a choice of inner ear fittings to help you find the right one for youthe case charges them automatically when you put the ear buds backthe sound quality was really good and sounded well balanced to meif you tap on the power button on either bud it pauses the music automatically. Con’syou have to plan, ensure the charging box is charged before charging the ear buds, you cannot do both at the same time. The ear fitting wasn’t perfect for me and i did have one drop out here and there. I think the optimum ear bud is one that fits around the ear and provides that extra security (but you would have to shell out over £150 if you wanted them e. Short of wanting that, these are a really good option and did surprise me (i wasn’t bowled over by the concept at the start but really am enjoying them now).

On the plus side they cancel out noise, so would be good for the gym where they play rubbish music over the tannoy. They are comfortable and don’t hurt your ears. The absence of wires makes them more convenient, especially for working out – you could go running with them. However, not much bass so not very good sound quality and bluetooth is never as reliable as wired connections.

I cant in good conscience recommend these, as there are – at similar and lower price points – much better options available. The sound quality is average – its not terrible, but its no better than the cheap wired buds you can pick up in a supermarket for like a fiver. The buds are light and comfortable, and sit well in the ear – but again, nothing better than any other pair. The initial connection isn’t a problem but they do fall off bluetooth quite often unless you stay still – i use my buds for walking to work, so this isn’t ideal for me. The best element of this set is the mobile powerbank – the dock charges the earbuds, but also provides emergency charging for mobile phones. Which again though, is a feature on several other bud sets; so while its the best feature here, its not a reason to buy these over something else. Basic summary – if these were like £20 i would say they would be an ok option to have as a light use or spare set, or a set you didnt mind losing – eg for use in the gym/ keep on your desk at work – but for the quality of sound and overall performance (specifically the dropping connection) – these are too expensive.

An excellent pair of ear buds, well balanced and a great sound. They quickly bluetoothed to my phone and fit great, thanks to the supplied extra sizes of buds, included is a carry bag and a usb/mini usb adaptor. The case doubles up as a power bank so i can even charge my phone. A great battery life and a great sound, at a reasonable price.

  • great product
  • Can also be used as a power bank
  • Earpiece + Phone Charger

Mezone Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Earbuds Mini Bluetooth Earpiece Noise Cancelling Headphones with Mic and Charging Case (Can also be used as Power bank) for iPhone and Android Smart Phones(Black)

These headphones almost set themselves up right out of the box. They come in a nice looking charging case which doubles up as a power bank for your phone. This is a really nice feature as you don’t have to think about charging. On the downside, i find the sound a little dull and i miss being able to control the volume and skip back and forth through my playlist using controls on the headphones. I rate the noise cancellation good (although it isn’t anc). There is also a monitoring headphone feature, which turns up the volume which is the opposite of noise cancellation; it amplifies sounds around you (once i turned this on for testing, i couldn’t turn it off again) and might be useful if you’re worried those around you are talking about you or, more seriously, if you’re running outside.

I bought this for dual use as wireless earphones with charging dock and as a power bank. Firstly, the earphones are small and comfortable to wear. Make sure to change the ear pads for the best fit. The sound quality is better than i had expected. There is no interference noise that you can sometimes hear with some bluetooth earphones. I also haven’t had any issues with connecting this to my iphone or signal dropouts. The charging box capacity is huge just for use as earphone charging. It can also charge iphone x up to 90% from a single full charge.

This bluetooth earphone is really fashion designed with pinky colour which is my favourite colour,quality sound aswell.

I have three sets of different bluetooth earphones and these mezone ones have by far the best sound. The sound quality is really excellent and that is what makes them stand out from the crowd, the trebles are well balanced (no high squeaks, no tinny echoes) and the base is deep and powerful. Really good for any kid of music and great for live / concert recordings as they really reproduce the ;hall’ atmosphere. The battery life is around 4 hours and the case can hold multiple charges – thus very good for travelling. They are easy to setup and they hold in ones ears very well. They are medium sized, perfect for adult and older teens, but a bit big for small kids. Overall really really happy with the product.

Purchased (4th april 2019 | £49. 99 – no offer)really great but with one really annoying issuejust a bit of background on me, i have £200 bose headphones, i have some £30 head phones and other some £40 sennheiser earphonesand in terms of audio they are right where you would expect them to be for the pricethe big issue:the case you use to charge it in cannot charge the earphones if it self is on chargethat may sound confusing, but basically it means you have to unplug the cable from the case before the case will charge the earphonesreally annoying if you are low on battery on the earphones and the case.

I didn’t have high hopes for wireless earphones, i don’t know why, but i envisioned them falling out all the time. Sound is good and the case charges them as well.

Excellent product, good for listening to music and as a hands free kit too.

Ok so this comes in a nice fancy white box and inside is a black case which i imagine is a lithium-ion battery used to keep charge in the headphones. You slide out part of the case to reveal the headphones which cleverly turn on as soon as they are removed from the base station. They connect easily via bluetooth. Wouldn’t say the instructions themselves are great and written in broken english in places but that aside, they are easy to connect to. I stopped short of using these while at the gym as even moving round the house caused them to come loose a bit. On top of that i looked like i had a set of pat butcher’s earrings on. The sound was great but as soon as i walked away from my phone by more than say 4 metres with a charged battery and plasterboard walls i experienced degredation in the quality to the point of annoyance. Good if you are in the same room as your device and quite a submersive listening experience. At this price i think they should be a bit better.

This ear piece is well made and sticks to ear very well ,good sound quality ,definitely recommend this.

This bluetooth headphones design is very special, and it is really perfect to deliver a charging box. And the box is very snall anod light, i can easily put it int ny pocket. I want to bring it wherever i go, so that i can listen to music and make calls anytime, anywhere. When i was on the subway today, y friend called me. I cculd listen to what my friends said in such a noisy place as the subway, so i felt that the noise cancelling function of this earphone was quite good. I also talked with my friends for a few hours, and the headphones still have power i is really useful in the future, whether i travel cr go to sports, i will bring this headphones, whi ch does not occupy the space of my backpack. If the seller can enhance the effect of bass, it will be better and bring a better usic experience today, several friends have asked ne where to buy this headphones, it feels very good. I recomend the seller to my friend, and thank the seller for providing such a novel product.

Sound quality is good but the box is quite not small so hard to carry but it has goot fit in ear can be use for working out it does cancle the noise. Lovely shape of the earbuds.

The buds are lightweight and come with a number of alternative silicon tips to suit different sized ears. There is no mains charger in the box, just connect the charger to a usb port to power things up. Once they were powered up, they paired quickly with my device and worked immediately. The sound is clear although the lower end is a little light and there is a little too much emphasis on the higher frequencies which can warble a little. They are probably better suited to speech than musical playback, but they manage to do an impressive job given their size. The noise cancellation is also fairly good, you can detect missing frequencies but the effect isn’t as intense as with some other models out there. Volume levels are surprising. I find the default volume uncomfortably loud but i haven’t yet been able to find an app or any other way to adjust this to make them practical for prolonged use, which is disappointing. If i could find a solution to this then i’d probably give them a 5-star rating.

These are very comfy, they found bluetooth immediately and present a very impressive audio experience, with noise cancelling very effective. They are very safely protected in the case, which is also a power bank, which also has a little pouch to store it in.

Decent wireless earphones with the noise cancelling functionality an added bonus. Got these for my teenage son as a cheaper alternative to airpods and they’re pretty good – sound quality and battery life are both not up to the level of the airpods but these are less than half the price so it isn’t entirely fair to make direct comparisons. The recharging dock has the advantage of being able to charge up your phone but, as a consequence, it is fairly big (approx 10x5cm) and fairly heavy, which makes it too big to be pocket sized. I’d say go for these if 1) you’re on a budget, 2) the size and weight of the case isn’t an issue, 3) you don’t expect to use these for extended period, when the battery life may become an issue and 4) you’re not bothered about paying a premium for the ‘coolness’ of brands such as apple, beats and bose. Overall this is a decent product for a good price.

This mezone product has a really nice build quality for the price – very substantial for a £50 pair of buds with a strong and secure charger and case. The description will give you a clue as to quality of the written guides and instructions – not great, but adequate. In truth, you don’t need much information to get going as the buds are very intuitive to use and set-up. If you are looking for more information, i can’t tell you where to find it because the mezone website is very sparse and as of today (29/11/2018), these buds don’t even feature on there. The one area i’m really not sure about is the purported ‘noise cancelling’. Noise cancelling (nc) is an active process which uses up power and typically flattens the dynamic range of sound. Nc is great for use in noisy environments and especially on flights, but in general, i don’t like it because i want as complete a soundscape as possible and some ambient noise while i’m out and about, and i just don’t travel as much as i once did. The literature doesn’t give any indication of how to turn the nc on/off and the buds don’t have an associated app to control them, or adjust the sound profile or settings. There is the option to only wear the right side bud, which does of course leave your left ear open to external noises, but you need to decide if mono sound is ok for you (i don’t like it). When i first used the buds, i found the sound flat, so i assumed that there is nc.

These bluetooth earbuds arrived in an apple-esque box, and first impressions once opened were good. The aluminium charging case feels high quality and the earbuds fit into their allocated sections secured by magnets so you know they won’t fall out. Charging is via usb c which for me is a bit of a nuisance because i don’t have other usb c devices although i know that this connection will become more widespread in the future. One of the unique selling points of this package is that you can also plug your phone into the charing case and use it as a power bank – you’ll need a usb c to normal usb adapter for this. There is one in the box, which can be attached to the charging case with a small cord but it’s a bit of a nuisance when it’s attached. The earbuds were easy to pair with my apple devices; i’ve used them with a macbook pro as well as an iphone and ipad and they sounded ok. There isn’t that much bass and i found the overall sound a bit insubstantial and thin. They are ok – i’m not keen on bass but i thought that the upper ranges were a bit indistinct. They were fine for watching video with no annoying lag between sound and picture. I also tried them with my amazon fire and was disappointed that with this, there was quite a bit of hiss which made the listening experience quite unpleasant.

My current favourite earphonesthese are a very pactical set of earphones. The battery pack carry case is the best part about them. The case both protects the buds as well as recharging them. When they are in the case they are automatically switched off and as soon as they are removed they are switched on. A single one can be used alone (i think it’s the left one) so if you like to use a single bud for whatever reason you can do. I found that on initial listen (mainly audio books but also music), it took a couple of seconds to synchronise sound between the buds but then it was perfect without any dropped connections or desynchronising. The battery pack can also be used to plug other usb items into, really handy for recharging your phone while on the go. They don’t noise cancel other than block some noise. Sound quality is excellent, easily as good as buds many times more expensive.

I was looking for a pair of earbuds and i came across this product. I like the fact that the case also works as a battery pack. I helped me massively as i do not need to keep my battery pack with me anymore. The sound quality is decent. Both earbuds are magnetic and can be tightly placed into the case. The whole thing feels premium. The charger cable came with the case is type c which is very handy. Coneection to the phone is easy. Just select the earbuds and it will connect. I am not sure if it is true active noise candceliing but the way they are designed is pretty ‘sound proofing’. I think it is a great product for the price.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ❤Truly Wireless & As a Power bank for mobile phone: Enjoy the real true stereo wireless earbuds, which will set you free from the long cable and busy hands. Chrging box built-in 2600mAh Lithium battery. Please usecharging cable connect with the charging box and mobile phone
  • ❤Smallest & Super Sound Quality: Latest Bluetooth V5.0 with TWS technology on both earbuds, provides faster pairing, stable connection and signal transmission (30 meters no-obstacle range). Noise cancellation technology reduces ambient noise and echo, enable clear sound no matter in calls or when listening to music
  • ❤Durable and Standby Time: Simply put your wireless bluetooth earphones into the charging box magnetically which will charge automatically.The 2600mAh charging box can charge the earphones for 20 times. Remain full charge for a whole day. One for 4 hours, a pair for 3 hours as for working time
  • ❤Multi-channel Mode: The in ear bluetooth headphones with microphone contains two pieces which can be used separately by you and someone you want to share it with, meaning you can share the same music/movies/TV(within reasonable distance), and can enjoy the stereo sound by using both earpieces. You can also use one of bluetooth phone headset, and enjoy the music world with just one earpiece
  • ❤Ergonomic Design & More Lifestyle:: Fashion and Ergonomic design with the two compact earbuds which are well built ,With S/M/L three size ear tips, Suit for most people’s ear, providing comfortable listening experience. Ergonomic Design Allows for Ultimate Wearing Comfort to Match any Active Lifestyle, Such as Running, Jogging, Cycling, Driving, Camping, Hiking, Gym Exercise, Business, Relaxation and More Lifestyles