Michael James Direct New Large 17 Litre Premium Convection Halogen Oven Cooker 2 Year Warranty – Handy piece of kit

Well made and works as expected.

Bought to replace one that had broken switch so expect it to be just as good.

This is my third halogen oven in just over 10 years, i use it continually. It’s just a quick and easy way of cooking just 2 sausage or a chop etc. It seems i use it every day for one thing or another. Cooks exactly the same as it does in the oven except it is slightly quicker. I love the fact that when the times up it switches off. In the oven i tend to forget even when i’m standing next to it. I’ve only bought michael james so can’t compare to any other brand. The first one i bought was exactly the same as this one, the second one i paid the price and had the lift up lid but found it bulky and took up too much room on my work top so third one i bought the same as the first one where the lid lifts off and i’m very happy with it.

I cook every think in this, excellent addition to the kitchen.

This is a great countertop oven for cooking smaller portions. The temperature control and timer are easy to operate, and the oven is easy to clean.

Good value white halogen mini cooker with extender, recessed switches. Suggest you buy a spare halogen bulb.

Its the second one i have have purchased as the original one broke,but i had it for about 5 years.

This a super fast halogen oven, highly recommend it.

Very convenient and easy to use. More economical than using the hob or cooker oven as you don’t to preheat it.

Outstanding piece of equipment.

Good for cooking pizzas and chips well worth the money i would buy this product again thank you.

Cooking a joint – heating frozen oven chips ect. Here are the specifications for the Michael James Direct New Large 17 Litre Premium Convection Halogen Oven Cooker 2 Year Warranty:

  • Roast, Fry, Steam or Grill with the Michael James Halogen oven.
  • Save on electricity with immediate heat no waiting for oven to warm
  • Free two year warranty.
  • Convenient 60 minute timer with Free accessory pack.

Good looking for the price and does what it says on the tin. You won’t be disappointed.

Very simple machine easy to use for large meals or small ones. Does everything that it said it would do.

Half the price of my last one and just as good.

Amazing product i wish i got one sooner, i cook anything from roast potatoes to joint of beef on this,.

I love this little cooker,i had one before and i think i wore it out i used it nearly every day,i had it a few years. Let’s hope this will last as long. I cook chips which don’t take long sausages chicken all kinds of things in no time at all, warm bread rolls croissants pasties etc, saves putting my big cooker on saves electric. If this one packs up i would definitely get another.

This is an excellent product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • simple and easy to use

  • Great

  • set the timer and leave it.

Excellent halogen oven so easy to use large capacity with a 2 year warranty.

Brilliant product couldnt be without it 😊👍.

Bought as a gift for my mjm, she absolutely loves it and can’t believe how quick it cooks lovely meals.

Much larger than expected, but all the better for it.

I have had a similar product before and i like them very much. They are quick and easy and energy saving.

This is the 3rd halogen we’ve had, it’s being used everyday, very pleased. The only down side is they last about 18 months.

Very easy to use doses good nicely.

Very easy and quicker than mane oven.

Best thing i ever bought so handy when you come home from work well with the money.

Just delighted with this product. Use it most days, its great.

I bought this for my mum and she likes it a lot.

Easy to use excellent quality won’t be without one of these.

It’s a good oven i use most days it’s quick and easy to use.

Does exactly what it says would recommend this product.

So apparently they are not designed to be used everyday. And the heating element is a consumable. . Even though the oven was only 4//5 months old. Your alternatives are:a) send top unit of oven back. A heavy section, made with glass. B) have the heating element sent to you to replace yourself (then what happens to the warranty?). I chose b) and it arrived broken in the box (box is too small). I have inform seller, no reply to date.

Although i haven’t had the oven long.

Very useful for quick and easy cooking.

This is my second one and can’t do without it. I hardly use my conventional oven. You can roast, grill ,bake all in one item. Only one problem with any halogen oven is that although it will washthe bowl itself, the top is rather a more difficult job. You cannot immerse it in water so any grease can build up and becomes harder to remove. I spray a bit of ‘ degreaser ‘ on a cloth and wipe as much grease away as possible. However, these are brilliant and would 100% recommend.

It perfect for cooking and it really saves energy compared to my ovenonly down side is you can’t really bake in it. Maybe brownies you can, but with a silicon tray mold.

Great for cooking when you don’t want to put your main oven on.

So far there is nothing to dislike. It is easy to use and has cooked everything perfectly including toasting tea cakes that are too big for the toaster. Roast potatoes and meats all turn out perfectly cooked and nice and brown. I am very pleased with the product.

Timer knob is very stiff on my cooker.

It’s great use it all the time.