Michael James Direct New Large 17 Litre Premium Convection Halogen Oven Cooker 2 Year Warranty : Wouldn’t be with it

I’ve been using halogen ovens for several years and this is as good as it gets. I had a hinged onebefore this but this has a removable lid which allows scope for an extra extender ring for air frying larger quantities of fish & chips etc. I couldn’t do that with the hinged lid. It’s versatile, and cooks everything i need.

Watch out for burning the top of food if heat is too high or cooking for too long but after using it a few times you get to know how it works.

Brought for mother in lawshe loves it so easy for her to use.

Very good packaging and good quality product.

A very handy piece of equipment. Makes wonderful roast or jacket potatoes.

Love this at every level – cooks fantastically, so much more room (up to 17l) than an air fryer. Economical – fyi, 1 hour at 200c uses just under 1 kw hour (1 unit) of electricity.

I cooked my sunday roast including yorkshire pudding and every was perfectthis is definitely the way to cook.

  • what really pushed me to buy was cleaning the oven (which I hate! ) I have had this for nearly two
  • Does what it says!
  • Why have I only just discovered this ?

New Large 17 Litre Black Premium Convection Halogen Oven Cooker 2 Year Warranty

✔Large 12/17 Litre Premium Convection Halogen Oven in Black FREE extras and full TWO YEAR WARRANTY !!. ✔ 1 High Rack 1 Low Rack ✔ Lid Holder, nice to have somewhere to stand that hot lid! ✔ Extender ring to adjust you cooker from 12 to a full 17 litre capacity ✔ Tongs, specially designed to lift out the racks when hot. ✔ High capacity 12L/17L Quality Halogen Oven allows you to roast, fry, steam, grill, bake and more. ✔ Powerful halogen heating and convection system circulates heated air evenly around your food cooking it quickly and evenly. ✔ Features a handy 0-60 minute timer. Great for cooking low fat foods or for those on a Diet as it seals in natural nutrition, moisture & flavour of the foods. Michael James Halogen ovens come complete with a full set of accessories including Tongs, rack & lid-holder and instruction booklet. Main Features of the Michael James Premium Halogen oven: * Timer Function. * Can be set to cook for 0-60 minutes. * Safety switch, *The Michael James Premium halogen oven switches off as soon as the handle is moved into the raised position, ensuring the lid will not operate when the lid is removed. * Variable Temperature Control Ranges from between 65 – 250 °C. * Ideal for Steaming, cooking, grilling, baking, roasting and air frying Build Quality: Michael James Premium oven has a stainless coated bulb cover. Many competitors have painted covers which start to flake in time and fall in your food. The cable has heat resistant cover on first 250mm of cable to prevent plastic cable from melting if in contact with the glass: Package Contents: 1 x Premium Halogen Oven 1 x Extender Ring (adds an extra 5L capacity) 1 x Lid Stand 1 x Tray removal tongs 1 x High Rack 1 x Low Rack

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We have had convection ovens like this for the last 20 years and love them. We literally use them every day– they cook things so well and so quick. Unlike our built in convection oven, this halogen one even browns the food. They are fairly easy to clean, it just gets repetitive as you constantly have to clean out the glass bowl where all the liquids (fats, etc. That said, this one is no harder to clean than any other we’ve ever had. The one complaint i have with this particular machine is the halogen light is so bright and shines through the top of the glass lid so you need to make sure you’re not looking at it when it goes on. Other than that, we love it.

This is an excellent oven, especially for the price. Easy to clean and appears to be lasting well. I use it in place of the conventional oven – much less energy and great results.

The bowl and the racks easy to clean but the and heater difficult to keep clean instruction must only use a damp cleaning rag does not remove 100% of dirt.

I bought this as a gift for my sister and she says it’s the best thing she’s ever received. She only has good things to say about it. She says it’s a great alternative to using the main oven when cooking a smaller dinner for her daughter. It’s very quick and efficient and easy to clean.

Bought for mum as present she well impressed.

Good little cooker , cooks well and fast , tho i will admit if you have gaps in your kitchen door , it does look like a nuclear explosion has gone off with the light it gives. So save on lights when cooking , cos you got enough light.

Very quick delivery and only had it this a week but has changed my life after getting by with a microwave for 2yrs with a temp kitchen. Wish had bought sooner and so much easier to clean than a micro. Obviously food doesn’t heat as quick but loving crispy jackets and roasted veg again.

Arrive earlier than expected. Got it for my mum & she’s chuffed to bits with it.

  • what really pushed me to buy was cleaning the oven (which I hate! ) I have had this for nearly two
  • Does what it says!
  • Why have I only just discovered this ?

New Large 17 Litre Black Premium Convection Halogen Oven Cooker 2 Year Warranty

Can’t do without my halogen oven cooks quicker than a normal oven bought all my family one and they said they wouldn’t be without it. You can even do a roast dinner in them, cooks, joints quicker than a normal oven and grilling tastes better and doesn’t dry meat or fish out.

This oven looks really nice, good add on’s, easy to clean, just a bad experience unfortunately the bowl cracked while cooking sunday beef joint.

Its cheap and yet good quality.

Good cooker only problem is lack of accesories only 1 tray unable also you cant use both high and low rack together high rack doesnt fit over low rack as a 17ltr only good if cooking large items.

It takes a little to get used to as it does cook quicker, it’s so easy to clean and looks great in my kitchen. The only design flaw i can see is storing the hot lid in the stand it’s a little clumsy and you have to be careful not to burn yourself, in my view it would be better to store flat and i’m going to make or look for something to use to do this. The instruction booklet is very limited and its best to buy a recipe book for it. Energy efficiency can’t be judged as it is instant heat so no wasted energy getting up to a cooking temperature. Overall i’m very pleased with it and would highly recommend it.

Best crackling i’ve ever seen.

I bought this because my cooker broke and i needed something quickly it arrived on time, was easy to use and cooks brilliantly i would highly recommend it.

Handy to have , just wish i ordered the one with the lid on a hinge.

Would have loved a few more accessories like a steam tray and a baking pan but for the price. Done chicken wings, ribeye, shrimp and a half leg of lamb. All within a couple hours. I said that already right lol.

Have used this appliance a lot very good for the money and heats up quickly.

I have a new way of cooking without all the hassle.

Just as good as the previous models that i have bought over the years. I tend to replace them when they get crusty and hard to clean. This one performs well, and is reasonably priced.

First started using these ovens when my own main oven broke, and i wouldn’t go back. Easy to use, easy to clean and i can genuinely cook a roast dinner, including home made yorkshire puddings, for four people in this oven. I use it every day and wouldn’t be without it.

I find these halogen ovens great to cook with ,particularly in the summer months when you don’t want to be putting the oven on.

Bought this as a christmas present, and so far the recipient is very happy with it, great value for money.

The halogen is fantastic it comes with an array of extras. The extended ring to make the bowl higher is fab idea. Have had to use the warranty for a couple of issues, excellent response and replacement no issues. Great company with a great product.

I have had a few of these halogen ovens and they are brilliant especially for single people who work late – it does a lot of things and cooks excellent.

Lovely product have used these before bought this one to replace my old one. Really good price and delivery very quick i would deffo recommend.

Features and Spesification

  • Roast, Fry, Steam or Grill with the Michael James Halogen oven.
  • Save on electricity with immediate heat no waiting for oven to warm.
  • Free two year warranty.
  • Convenient 60 minute timer.
  • Free accessory pack.