Mileagea HD projector 2800 Lumens HD LED Home Cinema Native 1280×800pixels LED HDMI VGA/ USB/ AV /TV – Got for the hubby

Pleasantly surprised with the images good colourful and even very clear when the room is bright. Not too noisy and the speakers are ok. Really disappointed that it doesn’t work with phones or tablets or chromecast unless you spend another £50 on cables.

Present for my hubby and he loves it so far.

Easy set up and user friendly. Comes with a remote and hdmi cable. Good for multiple applications including gaming and watching tv. Well it’s a few days and i’ve been waiting on a stand to hold my projector the first one was very flimsy and i sent it back and got another, this one is much better. The projector is about 5ft away and as you can see from the photos it is crystal clear. I would recommend this product to anyone who like me enjoys entertaining at home.

I love this projector, i have removed my tv from the living room and replaced it with this. You are not going to get a crystal clear picture like you get from a good backlit tv (then again you don’t get this at a cinema). But if you are willing to make the compromise it is still a good clear picture and as big as your living room wall, it is great. Yes you do need to darken your living room with curtains, (cinemas do not have windows for a reason)however we have a free standing light which we put a lower watt bulb in and can still clearly see the image. I wired 1 of the 2 hdmi slots to sky and the other to my blue-ray player so i can have full surround sound while watching anything. I purchased a screen but never use it, i have white living room walls and play it directly onto them, it works a treat and i have a picture some 12 feet x 7 feet, it really is like being at the cinema. Like i said there is a bit of a compromise between picture quality and size when compared to a modern tv but you will never get the full immersion like you do with this bit of kit. The only minor design floor is that it needed a remote control sensor in the back, it has one in the front but for most people i would think that a sensor in the back would be better. I have this mounted on a small computer stand and barely even notice it in the room. There is a little bit of noise from the cooling fans but it is just a light whirring and if you are on surround sound you never hear it, and when you do you soon learn to ignore it.

For the price it’s a really nice projector. The only downside is its size being a bit huge. I kind of wish they’d have apple’s design but i know i’m just dreaming.

I contacted excelvan (the manufacturers) with a simple but important to me query about a week after i bought this product. They have a ‘support’ e-mail address on the company website where they talk pretty damn loud about how they are a ‘market leader’ and how fast the company is growing. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have the numbers to spare anyone to actually read the e-mails they receive. I sent a follow-up mail a week and a half after the first one to the same dead silence. Not wasting any more time on them. It does everything it says it will and, while the manual is unhelpfully slim, i would say it is a good projector for the price. Just don’t rely on getting any support from excelvan once you’ve bought it. They have no interest in you.

Did a lot of research into them and struggled to find a budget priced projector at 720p native resolution as most cheaper ones when you look at the specs are only 480p. Pros:pricedeliveryset upconnectablebright – i have black out blinds but works ‘ok’ in low artificial light. Picture – impressive picture for filmskeystone – good rangepicture sizecons -gaming – not the sharpest picture for playing ps4. Fan – not annoying but is loud enough to hearspeakers – they’re more ‘token’ speakers and i wouldn’t rely on them as only source of sound. Very easy to set up your own system. Overall i’m very happy with it and would recommend as 1st projector.

Image (good overall image that does go up to 1920x1080p @ 60htz)3. Connections (vga, hdmi, usb, av ect. Built in speakers (does the job and quite loud)5. Built in media player via usb. (works well and plays most formats)6. Fan noise (can be worked around with good speakers connected or head phones. )overall ; i have this projector and for the price am very happy with the purchase. The picture quality is very nice and media player works well, playing most video, audio and image formats. The image can be viewed during the day but this projector shines of cause in a dim or dark room.

The picture quality is nice and the speakers are pretty good. The fan is incredibly noisy and it emits a smell, but i think it might be because its new. I found that i cant flip the image or change the zoom when i use the digital tv, i dont know if i’m just doing it wrong but it will be annoying when i size it for the screen i have bought. For the price though, its a fantastic projector.

For the money this projector is pretty good. Much better than the other ‘1080p’ projectors, this at least is hd, not full hd but 720p. Only problem i have with it is the fan noise, its soooooo bloody loud, lucky i have a decent 5. 1 system to cover the noise.

Pretty we’ll does what it says however. . In hindsight i would have spent a little more and got something more powerful it struggles in sunny rooms.

Excellent quality for the price.

The projector is perfect , the quality of the picture is just brilliant , cheapest full hd picture i could find , the projector is light , tough and easy to use. Had a faulty remote but the seller replied to my email instantly and a replacement remote was sent over , could not be happier. Here are the specifications for the Mileagea HD projector 2800 Lumens HD LED Home Cinema Native 1280×800pixels LED HDMI VGA/ USB/ AV /TV:

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  • Native Resolution: 1280×800;Brightness:2800 Lumens;Contrast:3000:1;Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9.Suitable for business presentation
  • It supports projection size from 4 fts to 12 fts. Image size: 25-160 inches(best size 50-150 inches).
  • With keystone correction, adjusting the picture trapezoidal distortion, for the perfect projection
  • Operating system: Single LCD+LED lamp,220W low power cost.Multi languages support
  • Ideal for Home Theater Cinema ,Gaming ,TV ,Backyard movie nights ,Bar , Restaurant and also can be used for a small conference ,classroom

Everything is perfect a part from the fact that it is 720p whats a pain however it still has a great look and it fits into anything to do with hdmi cables even my phone. It looks great on my plain wall what is a cream colour so i dont even need to get a screen.

Nicely surprised with this projector, easy to set up and use. Built in speakers still work with a sound bar attached. We use this with a 120′ screen and the kids love our weekly film night. Used with dvd player, usb sticks and streaming with a now tv box no problems with any of these devices.

I’ve had this item for 3 years now and it works perfectly. The resolution is only 720 but i hardly notice even watching at 7 feet wide at a distance of about 8 feet. I have watched videos from pc, laptop, usb and even watched tv through it with no issues, colours are spot on and vivid, sharpness is good with no signs of chromatic abberation even right out to the corners, i would buy again in a heartbeat if anything happened to this one.

I bought this projector to be able to both reminisce and to up-date my photo collection into compact storage. I was impressed by the claims and the style/design of this unit, when it arrived i was keen to try it out so out came the instruction booklet. I very soon realised that, as i have some knowledge of how they work, it would have been better to just dive in and guess. After this i went back to the manual and then i could extract the information i wanted. So, the unit did what i expected/wanted and the image quality was good enough for my purpose. The hight adjusting feet don’t allow my fat fingers to begin adjusting without lifting it first (i’ll probably make larger ones to press over the existing ones) so that’s a bit awkward. The build quality is not top grade but for the single user it will suffice. The multitude of inputs is useful as is the audio follow-through which can connect to an audio system.

Love this item but i,m having problems with getting the height right. Guess i,m going to need it wall mounted or ceiling. My room is an odd shape so fitting is going to be a problem but i’ll get it done. I,m more than happy with the purchase. Tested it out on my wall and it was great,just a tad low. Very easy just to connect the cables and hey presto everything is ready. Just a matter of placement for me.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I love this projector
  • Good 1st Projector

This projector really is plug and play. If you have a usb stick with a movie on it it works great on a plain magnolia wall. I also linked it up to my kodi box and it works perfectly. But don’t expect 1080p quality like your tv. But for a special movie night with the grandkids it’s great. The fan can be a bit noisy when you first turn it on but as soon as the movie starts you won’t hear it. I would also recommend getting a laptop stand otherwise you’ll struggle to set it up with table’s and boxes. I had a very slight mark on the projection and was going to send it back but it would have cost me postage. So after good communication with the seller i settled for a considerable amount knocked off.