MLITER Juicer Machine 800W : It’s a good item

Must have if you follow a healthy lifestyle. Takes down easily apples, carrots, orange. 4 fruits make a glass of juicd usually so it is quite effective. Easy to clean except the pulp container which has a weird shape so harder to wash out, but it is a great kitchen equipment. Blends well, apples & oranges, take the skins off first and to be honest, you may have to shive a few times before drinking, you’ll see what i mean when you get one, other that, it does the job.

I had a more upmarket juicer before, but this one is much better. It is cheaper, more robust, easy to assemble, easier to clean (they are all tricky to clean, but this one is pretty easy), and quieter in its use. The only negative thing about it is that you would have to cut your fruits and vegis into small pieces. So a little more work in preparation – but it is a very handy juicer. Sadly, i lost a rubber element when cleaning – juicer still works, but the juice doesn’t come out as neatly as before. Is it possible to buy it separately?.

For lighter requirements and less than 2 minutes usage is absolutly fine. Very good and sturdy glass jar.

Very powerful and high quality glass jug. I had no problems crushing ice. Which my previous blender couldn’t handle.

I wasn’t sure if that will be good good product for thai price, but i must say it is fantastic juicer. Very easy to use, very quiet and even more easy to clean.

Love the machine and so easy to clean great price. I use the pulp in my food so no waste.

Excellent product does what it says on the box.

It’s a good item but can u get any parts for it.

  • Powerful blender
  • Excellent blender

MLITER Juicer Machine 800W White, 1.6L Glass Jug and 2 Speed with Pulse Function and 6 Sharp Stainless Steel Blades Juice Extractor for High Nutrient Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Features: 1.6-leaf SUS301 blade, high quality and strong, can break down ingredients easily into a silky smooth consistency, ideal for juices, smoothies, milkshakes and icy drinks. 2.Dual layer design makes blending more efficient. Baby food grade BPA free glass jug has 1.6L large capacity, durable & heat-resistance at the same time. The jug and lid are detachable for easy cleaning. 3.High-torque 800W power base provides max 18,400rpm speed. Breaks down fruits, vegetables and even ice. 4.3 optional speeds help you make different types of food. The low speed can be used for soft ingredients and the high speed can be used for the harder ingredients.PULSE momentary burst of high speed to ensure that you don’t over blend ingredients. 5.Interlock system and overload protection system provide more safety. There is Place the cup on the machine, and turn it clockwise to be locked, and then spin button, it will start to operate. This secured lock is safe design. The blades won’t start spinning unless jar is secured. Specification: Product Dimension:180*170*415mm/7.08*6.7*16.34in Product Weight:3.9kgs/8.59punds Glass Jar Dimension: 165*165*235mm/6.5*6.5*9.25in Glass Jar Capacity: 1.6L Voltage: AC 220-240V Currency: 50/60Hz Watt: 800W Speed: 18400±15% Noise Level: 85DBPacking List: 1*Mliter Stand Blender 1*User ManualNote: 1. Do not use the blender continuously more than 2 minutes. Let it cool down before next use. 2. When overloaded, motor will automatically stop, please unplug, empty the jar, wait for 15 minutes to cool down the motor before next use. 3. DO NOT wash the jar in the dishwasher

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I’ve had other bulky juicer’s.

Although the description says juicer, this is in fact a blender. I was impressed with the packaging and substantial weight or the glass jar it came with. The instructions were a little confusing as it suggests it comes in several different pieces that need to be screwed together, when in fact some looked to be already attached. When first switched on the blades hardly turned, my initial thought was it was faulty, but after my husband had a closer inspection it appeared that one of the base pieces, although looking as if it had already been screwed in, had not been. When switched on there was a faint smell of burning, but that disappeared after 3-4 uses -i think it was just the dust burning off. It is pretty noisy, but never on for any length of time to bother me. When i first tried it with liquid it rather caught me by surprise. I filled the jar a little less than half full, had my hand rested on the lid and switched on. The force of the liquid rising to the top pushed the lid off with some force causing the liquid to escape and go everywhere (took me 10 minutes to clean it up). I thought, ok, now i know what i have to do next time, make sure i have firm pressure on the lid so the liquid doesn’t escape – simple. – no – even though i have firm pressure on the lid liquid still manages to escape (just not so large quantities), i’m getting better at it and next time i might have to use my whole weight to stop this from happening. I have used the machine 4 times now and i still haven’t managed to make a mess free drink – i’m getting better though. I should point out that this only seems to happen on the initial switch on – once it gets going it doesn’t appear to be a problem. In summary, this is a strong, heavyweight and powerful blender that will do the job of blending (i’ve put in ice cubes and partially frozen avocado and spinach which it blended well).

Its easy to īss, easy to celam work perfect.

Amazing gift at a real cheap price.

It is very good product we are very happy with the purchase i highly recommend to any one.

The jug is heavy with a excellent glass build. Looks amazing and has two speed levels with a turbo button. Excellent blades that can cut any fruits hard or soft. Perfect for making juices, smoothies etc.

So much better than expensive ones from the tv which are upside down and come unscrewed making the juice go everywhere. I like the square jug on this blender and the fact that you can add things through the top. My friends were so impressed that they bought one. We use it to blend our vitamins with healthy juices daily. Another bonus is the fact that it is made of glass instead of toxic plastic.

For light duty use this seems an excellent blender. But thick heavy blending or prolonged use above the 2 minute warning, as written in the instruction booklet, will overburden the motor.

  • Powerful blender
  • Excellent blender

MLITER Juicer Machine 800W White, 1.6L Glass Jug and 2 Speed with Pulse Function and 6 Sharp Stainless Steel Blades Juice Extractor for High Nutrient Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Features and Spesification

  • 【Multi-Function Juicer】800W motor & 18, 400 RPM speed effortlessly pulverizes various of ingredients hard or soft, extracts nutritious drink containing vitamins and nutrients.Even can crush ice.
  • 【2-Speed with PULSE Function】Blend various foods just the way you like easily, the rotating dial speed control panel is designed to be easy to grip. Interlock system and overload protection system provide more safety.
  • 【High Quality Glass Jug】1.6L large capacity Jug meets whole family’s needs. High Quality Borosilicate glass is much more heat-resistant, break-resistant, anti-corrosion than other glasses. BPA free Jar helps to protect your health.
  • 【High Quality Blade】6-Leaf stainless steel blades break down whole foods, ice & seeds into silky smooth results in seconds, ideal for making smoothies, juices, milkshakes, sauces and ice crush.
  • 【Easy Cleaning】This juicer is easy to use, assemble, disassemble and clean.Perfect for soft fruits like oranges, apples, grapes, melons and tomatoes etc.