Moccamaster Filter Coffee Machine KBG 741 AO-UK Plug : Simply the best filter machine there is

£180 for a drip coffee machine you gasp?. You can buy one of those from argos for £20 you rebuke?. The moccamaster isn’t just an expensive piece of kitchen design. It is solidly engineered – feeling sturdy and robust. Technivorm, it’s manufacturer, only makes coffee machines – like a dutch rancilio – and it’s dedication and craft shows in the product. The brew is pleasingly fast and the coffee it produces is a cut above. It is also super consistent – with little variance in temperature and brew times. Prior to buying the moccamaster i made pour over using a v60 – but as yet i haven’t even been tempted to fire up my hario kettle. A lot of money yes but not so bad when you compare it to a daily barista habit for a year (£2.

Arguably the best at-home filter coffee maker at this price range. I’ve used mine for a few months now, and i love it.

Excellent coffee machine, moccamaster is the only brand to get 🙂 also love the stone grey coloring.

Utterly dependable, pot after pot and it’s stunningly beautiful to boot. If you’re considering it, just buy it.

Brews a brilliant cup of coffee. Feel like a different drink to the one i’ve been having out of my old machine.

Great design and great tasting coffee.

The absolute best coffeemaker i have had.

After trying some bean to cup machines i was left disappointed with the quality of brew made by them. After reading multiple reviews i decided to take a punt on the moccamaster as an upgrade of a older filter machine. The quality of the coffee brewed from this is incredible. It has turned me into a filter coffee man and i now prefer to take a flask of the stuff to work rather than buy expensive coffees in the city. Machine looks great on the counter and is simple and easy to use and clean. Couldn’t be happier with the purchase.

  • Reliable coffee maker that makes excellent coffee
  • Trust the Techni[cal]vorms
  • coffee is at perfect temperature. Frankly the best filter coffee machine I

Moccamaster Filter Coffee Machine KBG 741 AO-UK Plug, 1.25 Litre, 1520 W, Turquoise

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Before purchasing a new filter coffee machine i checked out all the reviews. My conclusion, after reviewing all the reviews, is that it is a confusing choice. So, like most, i considered my needs. I basically want a reliable coffee maker that gives a good, honest cup of coffee. So this review is for people like methis isn’t the first machine i purchased. I originally went for a melitta machine – this i had to send back because it was either faulty or simply didn’t make nice coffee. That machine retails at £125so then i looked at the moccamaster. Firstly, it is expensive at £180-90 – i have to say this purchase was from amazon warehouse so i didn’t pay that. Secondly, there are two variants.

Exceptional machine really i never bother to write reviews but for this i will. Quite small and cute, coffee is at perfect temperature. Frankly the best filter coffee machine i own. (now i have to find the perfect beans to grind – with this machine, you get coffee’s real taste so differences between strength, grinding etc.

One of the best quality filter machines on the market.

Great machine, awesome coffee infusion.

Brilliant machine, best i have ever used. Made well and looks very stylish in my kitchen.

Although not extremely different from other filter coffee, the quality is recognizable by many details of fabrication (doesn’t drip when jar is taken off), and is best choice for filter coffee amateurs. Design is obviously nice, so could fit in a living room.

We previously had a multi-function coffee-maker but found we really only used the filter part. When it stopped working i didn’t want to go back to a cheap filter-coffee maker producing coffee of doubtful quality and lasting about 12 months. The moccamaster seemed to be the answer, and the reviews were encouraging. What i was not expecting was that it would make the coffee so much more quickly than a cheap machine, or that the coffee would be the best home brew i have ever had. It has been an excellent purchase and i am very pleased with it.

Handle on jug could be better designed to stop burning fingers when pouring.

  • Reliable coffee maker that makes excellent coffee
  • Trust the Techni[cal]vorms
  • coffee is at perfect temperature. Frankly the best filter coffee machine I

Moccamaster Filter Coffee Machine KBG 741 AO-UK Plug, 1.25 Litre, 1520 W, Turquoise

Easy too use, makes a great cup of coffee.

I’m not a coffee expert nor do i drink coffee throughout the day, i’m a tea person. However i do like a couple of cups of coffee first thing in the morning for a caffeine buzz to get my day started. I’m used to using coffee pods on a nescafe dolce gusto machine by krups. I used to think this machine was great but the taste of the coffee was wearing off – becoming yucky. Lots of people swear by real coffee machines, ground coffee, beans etc. So i decided to research good coffee machines and came across the moccamaster which i don’t think has one single bad review. I looked on youtube as well, and it looked great and straightforward to use. Upon receiving the product, i’ll admit, i didn’t know how to use it or how to even connect some of the parts so i again, resorted to youtube for help. After successfully putting the parts together, everything then made sense. A more experienced coffee drinker would connect the parts in seconds whereas i spent an hour researching but that’s just me and no reflection on this fantastic coffee machine.

This is quiet possibly the best coffee machine i have ever bought. It is very stylish, in my humble opinion, and looks great in my kitchen. Functionality – i love how it is so easy to fill with water. The cover comes off completely so there is no spillage. The coffee filter holder is easy to fill and again comes away completely so also easy to clean. There are no fancy gadget buttons just on and off half pot or full pot. Its very quiet when brewing and does make a really good pot of coffee. I am so please that i did my research around this device. And thanks to the amazon customers for their comments.

It was a lot more money than i wanted to pay for a coffee machine but was definitely worth every penny. I bought a cheaper one before this one (£60) that had got really good reviews but after having tried that for 3 months i gave up (coffee tasted horrible no matter how i tried) and invested in this moccamaster instead. It brews the coffee to a perfect temperature and takes only about 6 minutes to brew a full pot. You won’t regret investing in this.

Perfect tasting coffee flawlessly make. We’ve had about 8 different coffee machines in recent years. They all gave up the ghost eventually but this one is much more sturdy and seems like it will go on and on.

Easy to use and very well constructed. Looks classy and coffee is hot.

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