Moccamaster Filter Coffee Machine KBG 741 AO-UK Plug : The best coffee maker!

One of the best quality filter machines on the market.

Although not extremely different from other filter coffee, the quality is recognizable by many details of fabrication (doesn’t drip when jar is taken off), and is best choice for filter coffee amateurs. Design is obviously nice, so could fit in a living room.

Utterly dependable, pot after pot and it’s stunningly beautiful to boot. If you’re considering it, just buy it.

We previously had a multi-function coffee-maker but found we really only used the filter part. When it stopped working i didn’t want to go back to a cheap filter-coffee maker producing coffee of doubtful quality and lasting about 12 months. The moccamaster seemed to be the answer, and the reviews were encouraging. What i was not expecting was that it would make the coffee so much more quickly than a cheap machine, or that the coffee would be the best home brew i have ever had. It has been an excellent purchase and i am very pleased with it.

The absolute best coffeemaker i have had.

This is quiet possibly the best coffee machine i have ever bought. It is very stylish, in my humble opinion, and looks great in my kitchen. Functionality – i love how it is so easy to fill with water. The cover comes off completely so there is no spillage. The coffee filter holder is easy to fill and again comes away completely so also easy to clean. There are no fancy gadget buttons just on and off half pot or full pot. Its very quiet when brewing and does make a really good pot of coffee. I am so please that i did my research around this device. And thanks to the amazon customers for their comments.

Excellent coffee machine, moccamaster is the only brand to get 🙂 also love the stone grey coloring.

I’ve used these coffee makers before they were even popular. In california , upscale stores were always boasting about them and so we took the plunge early on. All have been fantastic and not prone to any problems. This model however left me with annoyances like the auto-safety shut-off. Ultimately my fault for not paying attention to the details about this feature. Before you know it , its shut off.

  • Very well designed and made
  • Well built & makes excellent coffee quickly
  • The best coffee maker!

Moccamaster Filter Coffee Machine KBG 741 AO-UK Plug, 1.25 Litre, 1520 W, Yellow Pepper

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Arguably the best at-home filter coffee maker at this price range. I’ve used mine for a few months now, and i love it.

It is a little flimsier than i would have expected for the price and more significantly cannot be dishwashed. However it does make a decent cup of coffee and is very quick.

Brilliant machine, best i have ever used. Made well and looks very stylish in my kitchen.

Before purchasing a new filter coffee machine i checked out all the reviews. My conclusion, after reviewing all the reviews, is that it is a confusing choice. So, like most, i considered my needs. I basically want a reliable coffee maker that gives a good, honest cup of coffee. So this review is for people like methis isn’t the first machine i purchased. I originally went for a melitta machine – this i had to send back because it was either faulty or simply didn’t make nice coffee. That machine retails at £125so then i looked at the moccamaster. Firstly, it is expensive at £180-90 – i have to say this purchase was from amazon warehouse so i didn’t pay that. Secondly, there are two variants.

Perfect tasting coffee flawlessly make. We’ve had about 8 different coffee machines in recent years. They all gave up the ghost eventually but this one is much more sturdy and seems like it will go on and on.

Easy to use and very well constructed. Looks classy and coffee is hot.

It was a lot more money than i wanted to pay for a coffee machine but was definitely worth every penny. I bought a cheaper one before this one (£60) that had got really good reviews but after having tried that for 3 months i gave up (coffee tasted horrible no matter how i tried) and invested in this moccamaster instead. It brews the coffee to a perfect temperature and takes only about 6 minutes to brew a full pot. You won’t regret investing in this.

Handle on jug could be better designed to stop burning fingers when pouring.

  • Very well designed and made
  • Well built & makes excellent coffee quickly
  • The best coffee maker!

Moccamaster Filter Coffee Machine KBG 741 AO-UK Plug, 1.25 Litre, 1520 W, Yellow Pepper

Great machine – makes really wonderful and flavourful coffee in minutes. So much better and more consistent than my previous v60 efforts.

Easy too use, makes a great cup of coffee.

This is the rolls royce of coffee machines, simply amazing. The built quality is first class and customer service a one. I broke the glass carafe and moccamaster replaced without a charge.

Great design and great tasting coffee.

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