Monster Cable Monster Inspiration Active Noise Canceling Over Ear Headphones – Titanium : Phenomenal Sounding Headphones, but unexpected issue month later.

Got it for a month, and the quality of the sound is perfect. Honestly, i really do not want to recommend it, because it is so great and if there is anyone wear the same headphone, i would be uncomfortable because i am not the best one with the gorgeous headphone. It is quite good at this price and i confirm that what i bought from amazon is totally the same item with what i expected to.

Was recommended these from dixons at the airport and found them cheaper on here. The cables supplied allow you to use them with your phone. Volume control on the cables to. Made my train journeys far less painful.

I bought these for my son, he is absolutely delighted with the look, the sound and the comfort.

I bought these headphones as a replacement for my old ones. They sound very good sound in my opinion really big bass (as expected) the mids are quite nice and great highs. The noise canceling is alright actually, yes i agree there is the tiniest of hiss but i think its very discrete (much much better than beats studio noise canceling), however, i noticed there is a big increase in overall volume, bass and highs when turned on. Some people might not like this but i think it really improves my listening experience. Also these would be perfect for long flights. Solid build quality, quite heavy when wearing though, but this only a small issue. Also thanks, monster for supplying batteries for the noise canceling. :)overall i would give these headphones my approval.

A bit pricey but definitely worth it: the noise cancellation is great for the gym to cover up back ground noise.

I like the sound quality very much but they are very tight and uncomfortable. I’m going to have to sell them on as i can’t use them for any longer than 10 to 15 minutes before feeling my head is trapped in a headlock.

As most people who are looking at this headphone, you are in the market for a new pair of headphones but you don’t know which one to go with but you what something with great design and great sound as did i when i was looking for a new pair of headphones. The first thing you want to know is what kind of sound you want, for me personally i knew i wanted; tight/controlled punchy bass with deep extension, neutral mids that are there but not forward nor recessed and slightly rolled off highs so that they are not bright or sharp. It took me months and months before i arrived at owning this set of headphones, i had gone through so many pairs of headphones and though each one was brilliant it did not sought my sound tastes but thankfully because i had so many pairs of headphones i knew what sound i wanted. Design:the design of these headphones is very good, the build quality and attention to detail is of high standard here. Monster really did put a lot of effort into the design of these headphones and also ensuring the build quality is high. Both the ear pads and headband are cushioned with synthetic leather, while the chassis of the headband and the cup holders are made from aluminium with the cup holders having a brushed aluminium style. The actual cups are made from plastic with a soft rubber texture to them. Overall the design of these headphones is really good but then this is not surprising considering monster have always done well in the design of their products. Sound:now the important part of this review, the sound. I have already detailed what i am looking for when it comes to sound and these meet my requirements exactly.

Needed a new pair of headphones as my bose ones broke at the plug which is the second pair to do so. Went out with an open mind and tried several pairs from all manufacturers and price rangesafter trying the inspirations, i didn’t go any furthur, nothing comparedalthough way more than i initially wanted to pay for a pair of cans, they are awesome,and enhanced every song i tried with them off my i phonei am amazed how different the music sounded with these on. Fantastic pay the price, you won’t regret it, after all, you get what you pay for .

  • Good value, surprisingly good sound
  • Brilliant Headphones!!!
  • Phenomenal Sounding Headphones, but unexpected issue month later.

Monster Inspiration Active Noise Canceling Over Ear Headphones – Titanium

Colour Name:Titanium
Product Description, Experience Monster’s legendary sound performance with a revolutionary pair of headphones that you can customise to suit your style. Crystal-clear highs, powerful-deep bass, and an incredibly detailed midrange brings your entire music library to life with impressive realism and without distortion. A full line of interchangeable headbands – available seperately – lets you express your individuality in ways you’ve never imagined.

Box Contains, Monster Headphones3.5mm Cable3.5mm ControlTalk Cable3.5mm ControlTalk Universal Cable2x Inspiration HeadbandsTravel PouchAntibacterial Cleaning Cloth2x AAA Batteries

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I bought these headphones in hopes that it would meet my expectations. I had tried them on at a shop a fews months ago and remember them being very comfortable as well as having good sound quality (bass, trebles and mids were balanced)item arrived earlier than estimated which is always nice. Cons:carry bag is low quality and not a hard case which worries me if i were to pack them in another bag. When connected to your ipod or computer or what have you, with no music playing, you can hear the “passive” noise canceling faintly. When i played classical music for example, or songs with only one or few instruments, i could hear the faint buzzing sound in the background. This was extremely annoying to me, since i noticed this faint noise canceling sound, i can’t help but hear it when the music permits it. I understand these are “passive noise canceling” headphones, but i didn’t realise that meant having the buzz constantly on. Of course with music loud enough you can’t hear it, or listening to music while on your commute won’t be a problem.

I cannot fault these headphones in any way. The noise cancelling is superb, the sound quality is extraordinary and they are comfortable enough to be used consistently for hours. The service i received for this product was also excellent; i received an e-mail saying when the order had been received and another when it was dispatched. In addition i received the product well before the postage specified, not something you get everydayoverall this is a truly great product and a fantastic upgrade for me from the monster diesel vektr headphones i had before.

Lovely headphones but poor cables. I had already tried lots of different types of ‘phones which did not match up to the monsters sound quality so i knew i was going to love the sound. However one thing i had not thought about was the cables. These come with a choice of cables and they are all really poor, and much too short to be of any use really. I have had to buy an extension cord to be able to just get far enough away from my hifi to sit on the sofa which is right next to it. The cables provided are also really weedy and when i tried a much more meaty 3. 5 mm jack cable from a different manufacturer it wouldn’t work with the monster’s. Very dissapointing when this is otherwise a lovely product.

The sound that these cans generate is simply beautiful, clear, crisp, balanced and precise. They’re a real pleasure to listen too and very comfortable to wear. They look great, feel really high quality and are exceptionally well made. Overall i’m thrilled by my purchase. The only weakness these headphone display, is the noise cancelling is not as effective as other products i’ve used (eg. Bose), there is also an audible buzz when the sound cancelling is active and no music is playing. The noise cancelling does work a bit, but doesn’t make a massive difference (although i was very impressed that duracell batteries were included with the headphones). These are the best headphones i’ve every owned or indeed used. And they’re so close to being flawless, it’s a real shame the noise cancelling is weak.

Love my headphones even though the wire can be a bit temperamental, they make my commute much more bearablegreat service, even though they had a long way to come.

The headphone it self built like a tank and it can last a decade i think. Sound is too good to be from monster and it look awesome and professional. It is very heavy and very uncomfortable for prolong use. The sound is good but comfy is not the best. The earpad is very hard and trust me on this. Don’t get it if u have glasses, it will be very uncomfortable. Good for compress music and fashion, not very good for hd sound and other stuff.

These are good good good but the noise cancelling inspirations model is one you want it’s awesome buy it now before the price goes up they put beats and bose firmly in their place . Go and have demo at john lewis but make sure the battery’s are good. This monster will blow you away fantastic .

Listened to these head phones in a shop first and was impressed by the sound and feel of them.

  • Good value, surprisingly good sound
  • Brilliant Headphones!!!
  • Phenomenal Sounding Headphones, but unexpected issue month later.

Monster Inspiration Active Noise Canceling Over Ear Headphones – Titanium

Good product and sound quality is great. Very stylish and comfortable to wear on ears. I would recommend to anyone.

Bit big and pretty pricey but well worth it. Fit over ear is really comfortable, much more so than beats. Would highly recommend them to anyone.

Little heavier than i would of thought but overall perfect to wear.

Very happy with the products 10/10.

Absolutely amazing sound quality.

Ok – i am not a fan of monster or beats – i had bought into the ‘they sound crap – all bass and no detail etc. ‘ and had previously been opting for the likes of sennheiser and denon etc. So i had a pair of denon bluetooth / noise cancelling etc. All singling £350 headphones that when i used them for a flight to the usa quickly discovered that they were the most damn uncomfortable things i had ever worn, putting pressure on my ears and causing actual pain after hours of use. Shopping around – yes you can spend loads on bose noise cancelling – but is it really worth it – thought i would give these a try. First impressions – nice build quality on the external surfaces – lots of metal and leather – feels premium for sure. Opened them to insert the batteries – hmm – cheap plastic in there – wonder if they will sound any good. Turned them on – instant silence (well there is a small hiss from the noise cancelling circuits but then you get this even with the £350 bose jobbies – not sure what everyone is complaining about – it’s a damn site quieter than it is with the noise cancelling turned off). Sound with the noise cancelling on – excellent – very surprised, lots of detail, mid range, loads of bass when it’s needed but not boomy – just present. They have quite a clinical and flat sound, which is good – very revealing of good and bad music. Sound with the noise cancelling turned off – again, excellent – a little more pushed back than with it on, but very listenable to, and not lacking any bass as i was expecting this to have been electronically produced rather than purely mechanical. Only area i would criticise the sound is that they don’t reproduce a soundstage well – but they are closed back headphones – so what do you expect. Would i pay the full price for them – you know – i might.

The last set of headphones i had hurt my ears so i figured i needed to get a comfier pair. I was at an airport one time trying every pair on, and stumbled across these. My first impressions were yep they are stylish, felt good in my hand, but when i put them on my ears. It was like having boom boxes made out of super soft leather pillows stuck to the sides of my head. These are by far the comfiest headphones i have ever tried on. I then turned on the music and and it was just incredible, decent bass too. I’m actually scared to turn up the volume to full because i’m afraid my head might explode. I can hardly hear anything when i’ve got my music on, and they dont emitt that much sound when your on the other side of things. I cant wait to take these bad boys on the next airplane.

These headphones are just great. One, huge improvement comparing to monster by dre is the ability to turn noise cancelation on/off. This is really something you want to pay attention to. If you run out of batteries – no worries. As of the noise cancelation and bass boost. Bass is great, deep, blows your head off. Noise cancelation – i hate it. When you try listen to some classical music, forget it. The noise produced by headphones is really frustrating. You can hear this slight sound (the noise) in background and this is something that kills the joy of peaceful music played by inspiration. In that case, i have to turn off the cancelation.

Quite good, but i was disappointed with the quality that i got for this price. I expected better and i have had better for lower price. Although these headphones are very comfortable and pretty good at noise cancelling. While the sound quality is good, i definitely expected better for such a price.

I’ve been after a set of these headphone for a long while, but i couldn’t justify their price tag. However, they seem to be coming down in price; i got mine (not through amazon) for £130, they are the white version though, the black ones were more expensive. In the early 80s i used to own a set of koss pro 4aaa headphones that were fantastic; these monster inspiration are the closest i’ve been able to get to the sound quality of those vintage koss phones. Nowadays of course i listen to music mostly on an mp3 player, as opposed to a big hifi unit and vinyl, also my hearing range will not be what it was, but these sound pretty fantastic to me. They are comfortable over the ears and i have worn them for a couple of hours without any major discomfort. The active sound cancellation works fine around the house, whether it is computer or washing machine noise, or my wife listening to the tv, the headphone do a good job blocking it out. They are easily driven by my sony walkman nwz-a866, in fact the volume level i use is the same for the in-ear headphones supplied with the walkman. They appear to be well made and feel like a quality item; even the packaging is well made, with a magnetic catch on the cardboard box. They come with a spare headband and 3 leads. I’ve not used either of the phone leads so cannot comment on them.

Great value for money for the quality of the product – great sound, really comfortable and don’t fall off when exercising.

I was bought these for my birthday present. I had read many different reviews for head phones before going for these. Very good sound quality, though not sure how it compares to all headphones in the price range. Only managed to test the ones that were in comet, but these stood out a mile. Also very solidly built, feel quality compared to some others i have tried.

Really nice compared to cheap cans i’ve had in the past. Can get a bit hot around the ears after an hour or so but that’s as much down to me as the headphones i suspect. Noise cancelling good, i can listen to something decent in the same room as my wife whilst she watches her soaps.

Clear sound comfy and great noise cancelling.

Finally a pair of headphones that don’t look oversized or ridiculous, and still function perfectly. Very pleased with this find, even for the price.

Base not as heavy as beats studio though but they generally sound betterbest headphones i have ever bought.

Four stars for sublime sound quality; the sound clarity are beyond expected and deep base without distorting sound quality and clarity. Very comfy headphones and not heavy or as large as they might seem in photos and sit perfectly over the ears and around the head. However i had discovered that the headphones have started to produce a persistent windy/static noise over and in the background of whatever you may be listening to. The noise is not overwhelming and depending of the recorded sound quality of the track/video i am listening to, i can not always hear it until the track changes and silence takes its place. Also when plugging in the headphone jack to the actual headphone unit; if i touch the plastic covering the area around the socket whilst the headphones are switched on and powered, the headset produce a constant whining sound (noticeable over sound) until finger has been removed. This is most likely my unfortunate luck to receive a faulty set and doubt the issue will occur among other units. Therefore despite my issue i highly recommend these headphones to any other silly fool; such as myself to spend at least £200 on headphones. If you love music and have the money, buy these headphones. All my friends are in awe of my sense prioritising my money and in the amazing sound that these headphones produce.

Features and Spesification

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  • Personalise your look through interchangeable headbands
  • Active noise cancelling so you hear only the music
  • Super-comfortable ear cushions for long trips
  • Includes bonus matching colour Raptor headband
  • Includes a ControlTalk cable for controlling music and phone calls from iPad, iPhone and iPod