Monster DNA On Ear Headphones – Laser Pink : Awesome rich sound.

These are my favourite headphones right now, everything from metal to dance music theses are amazing, live and in you face with just enough bass to getting you thumping.

Fantastic headphones that sound great, fit comfortably and passively cancel out the background noise on my daily rail commute. I tried lots of headphones form various manufacturers including sony, sennheiser, akg, beats etc, etc, before deciding to purchase the monster dna’s and i’m really glad i did. The sound quality is so superior to a lot of the headphones on offer yet they still give you a dollop of good-old thumping bass if you play it. Personally i believe these are the among the best looking and sounding headphones available at the moment and i listen to every type of music from rock to drum and bass and they do not disappoint. They don’t sit over your ears but the the super soft pads mould to your ears so well that they block out unwanted sounds and keep leakage to a minimum so i don’t get any strange looks on the train. The inline remote is really good and the detachable cable feels really strong so i don’t expect it (or the headphones for that matter) to break any time soon. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a stylish set of headphones that sound amazing and have genuine all day comfort.

Great present for my son, arrived on time at local pickup point.

Brilliant headphones, most people know that beats by dre was founded by monster back in the day before they all brought it each other out and stitched each other up etc. And these provide just as good if not better quality then its beats rivals of the solo 2 and much cheaper.

The headphones are in great conditions but tje microphone won’t work on my phone or skype so i would like a refund or another pair of headphones.

I bought these for myself and was excited with the design and comfort of the headphone. The sound quality is brilliant and crisply clear.

The monster dna is very powerful to hear rock, hippop, pop music but not suitable to hear classic or light music. I love american music which can make me wake up when i tired.

Great quality audio and very durable, i used mine for 2000+ hours for playing competitive gaming and this was including anger and rage which damaged them so it is highly believable that they would last upwards of 3000 hours if taken good care of. Would advise for music and gaming uses, comfortable and lightweight. Highly favorable over beats or any similar products.

  • Monster DNA Teal
  • Very good sound and insulation from the outside.
  • Amazing Headphones

Monster DNA On Ear Headphones – Laser Pink

Colour Name:Laser Pink
Product Description, With DNA, you don’t have to choose between deep bass or crystal details. These headphones are tuned for a live music experience – it’s just like being there. The pillow-soft Advanced Noise Isolating cushions are comfortable for hours, keeping noise out and keeping your music from disturbing others. Whether stuffed in a bag or worn constantly, DNA headphones’ durable yet ultra-light materials help them withstand whatever your life throws at them. DNA headphones’ dual audio input jacks let you link your MusicShare headphones together and share the audio. Plug in and experience music and movies with your friends.

Box Contains, Monster HeadphonesPouch3.5mm Straight Through Cable3.5mm ControlTalk CableCloth

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Beautiful design, stunning colour, the music is crystal clear. The detachable leads are a wonderful idea so without a splitter i can share my music with my bestfriend by her plugging it in to the other socket on the headphones. I love the controls so i don’t have to faff about trying to take my phone out of my pocket to skip etc. The cables are awesome, strong and doesn’t get all tangled upthe cushions are soft and comfy. I make calls and played l4d2 with these and my friends/teammates can hear me perfectly and the scary zombie sounds on the left or right is pretty sharp. Overall, absolutely awesome headset.

Look better in person, the product feels strong and is well packaged. The sound quality is brilliant. I would recommend if you like to listen to rock, hip hop, and rnb. Would probably be good for other genres, but i don’t listen to them. These are comfortable, isolate sound well, and delivery came on time.

Very good quality headphones, excellent sound awesome bass.

Fantastic quality, amazing sound clarity.

Although delivery was about 2 weeks, the item delivered was in pristine condition, and is genuine. What can i say, the sound is much clearer and not muddy like beats. The sound is almost perfect with its clear highs and mids while pumping deep good bass. I prefer these more than my beats pro and solo hd’s. Cushion on these is the most comfortable ever and headphones feel extremely light you dont feel you got them onmuch thanks to thebookcommunity_fba.

Good sound , good depth of base nice stylish headphones a bit tight after about an hours use other than that good quailty.

Awesome rich sound from these. This is the second pair i’ve bought.

  • Monster DNA Teal
  • Very good sound and insulation from the outside.
  • Amazing Headphones

Monster DNA On Ear Headphones – Laser Pink

Really nice set of headphones crystal clear sound looks good lovely shape and really comfortable can wear them for long periods of time without your ears hurting which was the main issue with beats headphones and a really nice option if you don’t want to buy beats.

These headphones are brilliant. They’re small and light on your head (what i like) and look amazing. The sound quality is excellent for the highs mids and lows, but one thing is the bass isn’t as loud and punchy as beats, which is a good thing if you’re not a bass head. Any, great headphones, cheap for what they are, you should defenitely try them out.

I don’t leave home without em.

Had these for over a year now and although not the comfiest headphones, they are responsive and lively with a decent amount of tight bass, however a bit clouded in the lower mids.

I’ve had a pair of these for just under two years i don’t use them heavily but they are great for sound and feel comfortable enough for me. Nothing has broken as yet i keep them in their bag folded and the cable separate in the bag too when not in use.

On the first day that i had them the ear cushion broke and they can become extremely uncomfortable to use after a long period of time. Despite these issues the sound quality is great and they’re portable.

Fantastic headphones,the sound and design is truly amazing. Clean perfect bass and hearing things in records i never picked up on before.

I love these, these are the best things i have ever bought. The sound is amazing and is very loud.

These headphones look nice, and the sound is great ( so it should be having cost me £139 ), but what infuriates me is that the lead keeps coming out of headphone socket. I don’t know who designed the headphones but he must have thought he was being clever. In the 10 weeks i’ve had the headphones the lead must have come out about 50 or 60 times. If i’m on a bus, or in a café, or am carrying bags of shopping, it gets tangled up and the lead falls out. I’m thinking of buying some other headphones.

Excellent headphones from all aspects. Like someone mentioned before, this headphones are fantastic at handling bass without any distortion, even at full volume. Great for heavy bass music like hiphop, drum and bass, dubstep etc etc. I personally listen to a lot of hiphop, paired with my htc one m8, and its just super load. I like the fact that i don’t have to turn my volume to maximum for it to be very loud. I 100% agree that for the price point, these are great value, and much better than the beats solo 2. I tried these in john lewis beforehand against many other headphones and these hands down sounded the best.

I’ve spent quite some time listening to various headphones in several shops and for the money this one is very good overall. The sound is crisp an doesn’t give the impression that part of the spectrum is missing as it happened with some others (some quite more expensive than this). Bass frequencies are well present but rarely overwhelming. It performs well with a wide range of music and pretty decent for classical and jazz. It sparkles with pop, rock and disco. All of this while isolating pretty well from the outside. I use them on the tube notoriously noisy carriages, while keeping the volume to a comfortable level (i don’t like keeping the music too loud). If you don’t just blast hip-hop but want a good all rounder for the music and the comfort, this model fits the bill. Note that the volume keys work only with apple products. The microphone instead should work for most phones although given how well they isolate you may end up shouting like dom joly in trigger happy tv.

Great item, not ones my son originally wanted, but they were accepted greatfully after he ranted about the other set. That i could only find second hand.

Brilliant headphones and are comfortable to wear and can never be annoyedwith volume as its perfect get volume as loud as you could ever want. Headphones lookamazing as well.

Bought as christmas pressie.

Fantastic headphones – great value for money.

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  • Incredible Pure Monster Sound
  • Advanced Noise Isolation
  • Premium carbon fiber finish
  • Dual Audio Ports
  • Tangle-Free Cables