Monster Inspiration Lite On Ear Headphones – : Good!

These headphones work wonders on your music but fail on comfort. The headband is seriously over-engineered. It’s heavy and clamps around your head until your ears cramp up and you get a headache. (fyi, i am a 29-year old female with small hair and a medium-sized head. ) had to return them and get a pair of sennheisers instead.

Sound quality and style are great but found, even though i have what i thought was a normal head size, that after a short time they were too tight to be comfortable.

Really love these headphones. The sound quality is exceptional for the price. As i write this review, i’m listening to a playlist with earth, wind and fire, two steps from hell, elo, jamiroquai and ian dury and the blockheads, among others. On tracks like boogie wonderland, the bass is wonderfully clear, with a definite presence and shape, but does not encroach on the mids, which are absolutely crystal clear, and melt into the highs, which are exquisite. Pieces like blackheart have full definition on the solos, whilst the moving background is emphasised and given space. The headphones are really comfortable, and have plenty of choices on how long you want the headband. The cushions are unbelievably nice and a pleasure to wear. The build quality is good on the headphones themselves, although the wire does seem a little fragile – i have had to get a bit of tape to cover a hole i made by pulling it against a zip, although it did take me around six months to achieve such a feat. The headphones come in a nice box and decent external packaging, with three wires; ios with controls, universal with controls, and universal without, alongside a moderately sturdy soft case which i immediately lost due to my completely incompetent organisation.

This is the best pair of headphones i’ve used so far, cancels most background noises which is really good 10/10 would recommend.

Bought it for noise cancellation function for travel. It is bulky and heavy and not comfortable on my ears after a while. Otherwise i think it is not bad if one doesn’t mind the weight.

I owned both inspiration and inspiration lite version so i know the different. However i must say, monster inspiration lite is very admirable work from monster. The improvement from the inspiration is noticable. It is much lighter and i have to save very comfortable with the weight. The sound is clear and very good. The build is still the same and the ear pad is much more breathable. However, it still have a little problem. The sound stage is smaller and the balance between the sound is a bit less than the inspiration but very fin to listen to. I’m no audiofile but it is noticable. The headband is much harder to change compare to the full size one and believe me or not it look somewhat less good in build qualitybottomline: it is lighter, more comforatble to wear and fun sound signature.

Coming to headphones, they are just a virtual world of music when played on. Rest depends upon everyone’s choice and perspective. For me it served the purpose very well as i am not too high bass lover, all the fine details count on.

A fantastic set of headphones. Some may consider the price to be high, but once you slip these phones onto your head and turn on your sounds, i guarantee that over 95% of audiophiles will be pleased with the sound waves that meet their ears. . I am sooooooooo pleased with my monsters, that i’m not sure where to begin in singing their praise/attributes. I shall refer to the quality of the sound again. Although my comments will not include ‘technical’ terminology/references, such as soundstage, treble, highs, lows and everything else that i often see mentioned in user reviews, what i can say is that the second i plugged these phones into my ipod, my first thoughts were. I could feel my face stretch as my smile broadened with every note that was played. The sound level/amplification of the monsters is so capable that every lyric and instrument can be heard at even the lowest volume. I don’t really listen to bass-heavy music, but i noticed the bass that was played did not dominate with these phones. There is no echo, weak or distant sound quality, that can occur with some phones, in any of the music i listened to with the monsters.

  • Sound quality is. Exquisite!!!
  • Big heads, beware
  • Good!

Monster Inspiration Lite On Ear Headphones – White

Product Description, Bring your music to life with legendary Monster sound performance while you customise your headphones to suit your style. Designed to match your song and your look, the revolutionary Inspiration On-Ears come with two stylish and interchangeable headbands.

Box Contains, Monster Headphones3.5mm Cable3.5mm ControlTalk Cable3.5mm ControlTalk Universal Cable2x Inspiration HeadbandsTravel PouchAntibacterial Cleaning Cloth

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A little heavy on the head in comparison to beats, but great sound.

Got them like almost year ago. Suddenly, they got a little bit broken. Soft parts started to go off from the headphones. Guess what, i got my headphones replaced with new ones – no question asked. After two weeks of terrible sound from stock iphone headphones i can listen to the music proper way again :)recommended for people who like strong, tasty bass. They are much better comparing to dre version – they can run without batteries.

I used to have beats by dre mixr model, those are much better, but i get good quality sound headphones owning this ones. The only complaining is about the bass the rest is good and the price is excellent.

The headphones arrived on time, and it was a christmas present. Even the packaging suggested quality. The sound through the headphones is amazing, even when listening to a podcast, it blocks the noise and the quality is amazing. When listening to music, the sound is clear and amazing, the headphones snuggles on the ear perfectly.

Cracking set of headphones – used on flights to/from uk – australia. Very lightweight and comfortable. Good sound and noise isolating capability.

Go very loud whilst still producing nice clean music with no distortion.

  • Sound quality is. Exquisite!!!
  • Big heads, beware
  • Good!

Monster Inspiration Lite On Ear Headphones – White

Features and Spesification

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  • Pillow soft noise isolation
  • Experience trademark Monster sound
  • Non-active
  • Personalise your look with fashionably interchangeable headbands
  • Sleek, modern on-ear design